Christmas Chaos: Shadow Troops vs. United Countries of CP

Probably the most irritating, confusing, most unreal event in this tournament, the battle for the next spot in the Christmas Chaos had more errors than a jumping bean on it’s side. Let’s take a look at the results.

Shadow Troops 27

United Countries of Club Penguin 6

Now, the battle was short-lasted, with UCCP logging off and maxing around 6. However, the judges originally declared that ST had cheated, with using SWAT and DW members. This has been proven somewhat false. UCCP then was told they cheated by going to SWAT Chat and asking for help. SWAT seems to be a big role in this battle, if you couldn’t tell before.

Now, UCCP was originally declared the winner, but it was then proven that the Shadow Troops did not in fact cheat, giving them the edge and letting them move on. The winner? Shadow Troops.


Moving along quite nicely, the judges, a bit confused, postponed the vote leaving many people banned and left as guests while they decided. Confusing, yes, but ST was finally declared the winner and giving a final warning from violating the Code of Conduct.

Now, because Tomato, Vetsd, and several others asked me to do this, here is the Basic Rules from

The Tournament Code of Conduct

1. No Chat Recruiting one hour before the battle/tourney begins

2. No using allies (unless told so by Bluesockwa) or any other army 

3. No rouges will be counted as soldiers

4. No CP Recruiting one hour before the battle/tourney begins

5. No Fake Pictures/”Proof/Evidence” that would put down the other army.

6. No Banning/kicking/zapping/guesting/bribing Judges AT ALL

7. No “Begging”

8. No Hacking/Threatening opposite forces (aka the other army)



Congrats to Shadow Troops on winning. Have a nice day.

12 Responses

  1. can u recruit on cp hour and 1 min before?


  2. Shut up kid. Also Congrats Shadow Troops 😀


  3. 11. The word of the Head Judge is final and absolute.

    12. No raging/insulting/arguing/belittling of the judges will be tolerated and can result in disqualification.

    13. The above rules are subject to change at anytime at the Head Judge’s discretion.

    I will be amending your ‘rules’ when I get home Riot. I ask that you do not do this again without my permission.


  4. I actually thought posting the rules was a good idea, not making them up, and changing them as you go. I also just lolled at “The word of the Head Judge is final and absolute” , “The above rules are subject to change at anytime at the Head Judge’s discretion.” Why have multiple judges if you or Funks could make a possible bias decision?


  5. Here’s a video in the Judges’ perspective. 40 mins long.


  6. an ST troop PC’d me on IW chat and asked me to go to their chat


  7. Clear bias against ST by Riot. This video made me want to throw up, especially considering ST didn’t use SWAT or DW. Our troops were just on SWAT and DW chat.


  8. […] to confusion at the other battle today, I will post the rules as guided for this […]


  9. oh and one more thing, i just had a quite interesting conversation with my friend whos an ACP 3ic, he said UCCP tried to get ACP to help, but my friend said no and banned them… just putting that out there for yall’s 😉


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