The Retirement of Buritodaily // Gannon

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — Today the longtime leader of the Army Republic, Buritodaily, has retired. To view the original post click here.

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Editorial: Why the Chaos of 2012 Really Happened and What Could Have Been Done to Prevent It

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — While the year of 2012 may have been a high point for some armies here and there, 2012 will be forever remembered in our history as one of the most chaotic times. The Black Wars raged on for months at a time, and armies at the top held sizes of 30 or 35. The chaos of 2012 has, no doubt, brought prosperity to armies this year, but this editorial will take a look at why 2012 could have been avoided, and why that one simple fix could have also averted some of the major issues we now face. As always, all views in this post are mine and mine alone.  Continue reading

What is a Legend?

MAMMOTH, CPAC Philosophy Desk – The word “legend” gets thrown around a lot in CP armies, but what does it really mean? Who deserves to be called a “legend”? What does it take to reach legendary status? We explore the answers to these questions and more at the philosophy corner.

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ACP vs Nachos: Practice Battle

Breeze- The Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin had an interesting practice battle with some ups and downs here and there, but the victor is yet to be decided.

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Doritos and Ice Warriors Duel in a Practice Battle

CHINOOK- As the Doritos continue to rise while the Ice Warriors have appeared to have fallen, the two brother allies fought in a practice battle.  The battle was also the final battle fought by IW leader Albert417.

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Introducing the CPAC Training Center | Reporter Application Results

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Tensions Rise in the Army of CP

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Just as the ACP makes a move into the Top Five once again, a leadership issue rises as sources report to CPAC that Flipmoo, currently 2ic in the army, is demanding the leadership rank from Tori and Casius Brutus — the two incumbent leaders.  Continue reading

Through the Looking Glass: Army Republic

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — The Army Republic has held a position as a top army for many months now, due to catalysts like Buritodaily, Vinny, and their creator 122344a. However, as Vinny and Burito’s respective retirements approach, can the army stay afloat? In the debut of Through the Looking Glass, I’ll take a look at just how stable the Army Republic is, and exactly where I believe they will be one year from now, in August of 2014.  Continue reading

The Retirement of Pungy1234

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — Today, Pungy1234, kingpin of Small of Medium Army Central and one of the longest-serving heads of CPAC’s small and medium army partner, retires armies. The original post can be read here.  Continue reading

The Problem With Armies #1: Sportsmanship

Hello CPAC readers!

Welcome to a new CPAC column about the problems we as an army community tackle throughout our army careers. A new edition will be posted every Friday, so prepare for The Problem With Armies!

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Hacking For Dummies


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Army Dedication: Why Do We Stay?

Hello readers of CPAC, your newest reporter Wolfie here. This post today is not about any army directly, but rather the entire Club Penguin army community. Today’s post is about why exactly our troops remain so dedicated to their army, and why so many stick around and treat this commitment with such devotion and faith…

 Warning: this post is deep, and will make you question your entire existence, or perhaps seek psychotherapy

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Practice Battle- Nachos vs. Ice Warriors

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following a recent shift of events, the Nachos faced off against the Ice Warriors in what seemed to be an even match, when looking at the photographs.

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Mach Investigates: RPF Dying?

Satire is MY category, you’ve been warned.

Watch this video, I guarantee you will be hysterical. Then read the post.

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Army Republic Claims Victory in War Against Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 2:54 PM EST, 8/28/13: Information regarding Buritodaily’s interviews with Top Ten Army leaders has been added to the post.

BERG, AR Empire- The controversial war between the Army Republic and the Rebel Penguin Federation has been raging on for the past week and a half.  However, a bold statement by AR leader Buritodaily claimed victory for his army in the war, while the RPF begs to differ.

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