Club Penguin Cutouts — Armies Section

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — As a result of a conversation between Elitesof and CP Cutouts, we have broken ground in an agreement that could impact armies’ graphics forever. If you’re the leader of a major army, historically significant army or major news site and would like to get in on the process, there’s more below.  Continue reading

Doritos and Nachos Battle For Slushy & Celts Declare War On Nachos

SLUSHY, Doritos Empire – Yesterday the Nachos and Doritos had their first battle of the war on Slushy and it ended in a disputed result with both armies claiming victory. On the same day the Celts, a mainly AUSIA army, declared war on the Nachos.

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Light Troops Declare War On The Army of Club Penguin

ICE BOX, LT Capital – With the Army of Club Penguin losing one of their top leaders, Flipmoo, and the Light Troops rising incredibly, the ACP is subject to a declaration of war from their old rival, the Light Troops.

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Night Warriors Legends Denounce Recreation as Invalid

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – As reported by CPA Central earlier today, Waterkid100, creator of the Pirates, shut down the army and retook control of the Pirates site, firing the leadership and redirecting the former Pirates site to the Light Troops. The remnants of the Pirates announced that they planned to recreate the Night Warriors, sparking debate across the community as to the army’s legitimacy. Now both Vendetta, arguably the Night Warriors’ greatest leader, and NW Creator Cowboysfan13, have returned and denounced the recreated army.

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Practice Battle Review: IW vs. GT

HALF PIPE, Battle Territory – On Wednesday, July 30th, 2014, the Ice Warriors battled Golden Troops into a bright and very close practice battle. Continue reading

Pirates to Become the Night Warriors

Migrator, Pirates Capital– The Pirates of Club Penguin are no more as Ghost, Andrew24, Spy, and Final Chaser have all left the Pirates after reports of a deal with Waterkid was not met and Waterkid has now merged Pirates into the Light Troops. The ex-Pirate leaders have now taken a different approach by moving armies and becoming the Night Warriors leaders. Continue reading for more details.

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Nachos Declare War on Doritos

BLIZZARD, Nachos Capital – With the Doritos rising back into the Top 10 this week they have been the subject of a declaration of war from the Nachos with the Nachos stating they do not have fun wars.

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Elitesof Named RPF Leader || RPF Rebellion Disbands

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital– You read correctly, the RPF drama continues The RPF have gone from the glorious rebellion to a decent army, to almost non-existent, to a shockingly large army back to almost non-existent. The past few months have been complete chaos in the Rebel Penguin Federation and one must begin to get confused with what is going on. Can Elitesof turn the RPF around? Continue reading for further clarifications on what has occurred.

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Legends Cup V: Qualifiers Review

lc logo

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The Fifth Annual Legends Cup kicked off over the weekend with eight qualifying battles. Who will move on, and whose chances at victory are lost?

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Five Years of Club Penguin Army Central


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — Very few groups in this community, be they armies or organizations, are able to celebrate five straight years as a part of the army world. Here at CPA Central, I am proud to announce that we have reached our five-year anniversary.  Continue reading

Legends Cup V: Second Round Times

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Legends Cup V – The Editors Predict #2

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KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – As the qualifiers have now finished, we look forward to seeing what will happen in the first round of the Legends Cup V. The qualifiers saw some upsets and amazing sizes and the editors will give their opinion on what will happen in the next round and who will move onto the Quarter-Finals.

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CPAC Gossip Column: Live Blog on the Albaro Intercourse Crisis

BREEZE, REAL LIFE — An anonymous source went on the record with CPA Central earlier today when noting that Albaro Lord, in celebration of Flipmoo’s recent retirement from armies and searching for a consolation prize following not receiving the leadership, sought out an female. We here at CPA Central bring you all the details.  Continue reading

Retirement of SWAT Leader/Legend, Tacodaily

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons and Tactics Capital – After Tacodaily’s in and outs of SWAT, he has temporarily retired from the army. This happened just after their first battle of CPA Central’s Legends Cup V. Continue reading

The July 2014 Legends Inductions Results

After more than a week of voting among the public and of deliberation among the Legends Committee, we are here to induct three members of the community to Legend Status as a result of this July’s vote.  Continue reading