Note: Before you say “NONONONO DON’T RETIRE” Read the gosh darn post.

Hello and for the last time.
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Ninjas- Recent Rise

Hello CPAC Readers,

In recent weeks, the Club Penguin Ninjas have risen significantly.

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DCP Scandal – Resolved

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Top Ten Armies: 27/02/12

In an amazing week for armies, the push for a top ten place has increased with low placings for a lot of armies exceptions but great improvements for others.

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GD lose to S.W.A.T and lose Outback

Tomato 8883: I added a read more.

Yesterday, S.W.A.T demolished GD in the battle for outback. This is how the battle went: Continue reading

Are We Too Frightening?

If you were living under a rock, you should have known the two incidents that happened to CPAC last month:

The LT Revolt and Wwe’s Hacking of CPAC.

(Note that DCP’s Scandal is vague at some perspectives such as mine)

After the Golden Ages has ended, we’ve been revolutionized and changed. A lot. Since then, we have been turning a friendly game into a barbaric, threatening war. Less soldiers are joining armies that allow swearing and things that shouldn’t even be done in teenhood (or childhood). We even forget that we’re dealing with an outside-of-CP game.

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The DCP Scandal

Bluesockwa2: It seems Wwe retired, and has now unretired? If he has retired, punishments against DCP will be voided.

Kingfunks4: I have added a poll to the bottom of the post and will ask all top ten leaders (including LT) if DCP should be banned. You may comment on the post for this.

Hello CPAC,

On the night of Feb. 25-26, Wwebestfan was suspended because of actions falling under the Anti-Hacking Bill. DCP has revolted by no longer following the AHB and CPAC. I have made a response to the following actions HERE. If you can not view it there, than here is what I’ve said (note because I created this content, there will be no need to source it. It will end at the word “post”.):  Continue reading

Reform, Restoration, Recovery

Wwebestfan has been fired from CPAC for defacing the site. 

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World Divisions Vs. Army Divisions

     Since my first post after coming back was cleared and my second post (as a draft) was deleted because of the incident, this is my third attempt. Please do not fire me as to this was just incidents that happened on the way. Starting today, I will remain on my normal expectations that I should be doing as a philosopher. Also, thank you Blue2 and Funks for rehiring me!


❗ Warning: Contains Bias. Do not read if you take bias seriously ❗

     Divisions are used to divide an army and create a more fun way to create events. They provide opportunities for soldiers who couldn’t come to regular events. In the army community, there are two types: world divisions and army divisions.

World divisions are divisions that are divided by where which the soldiers live. Usually, they have special events that some soldiers can’t attend (because of the times). Army divisions are when divisions where the army is divided no matter where they live or their rank.

So, which has a better effect for armies?

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Light Troops reprieved.

Urgent meeting needed with blue2 on Saturday 

We are pleased to announce the Light Troops have been re-added to CPAC’s day to day news. They have said sorry and removed the header, anti-CPAC banner and propaganda pictures which may be offensive. We thank the LT for this and all the people who were patient in the wait for this to be finished. I would also like to say I have one prime suspect for the person who hacked CPAC. This could lead into something bigger so watch out. If you do anymore hackings within this week you will be confirmed as our hacker.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

 ♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

P.S. Thanks Poch for helping out and this is why LT were in the new header. We knew it would end eventually. 

CPAC Posts…

Blue2: Well Done, Poch. You’ve contained the damage and acted accordingly. If you, Funks and I wish to start restoring posts, that’s fine. Staff, post as usual. I will issue a larger statement when I return home tonight. I’m sure Funks will have something to say too.

Edit: For the record, I did not “hack” CPAC, as rumors have been saying.

Hola folks. As I was just enjoying my time on Ninja’s chat, Gord comes on and tells me that CPAC’s posts were being deleted. So I got on and tried to save as many posts as I could. But.
All the posts from February have been deleted. Along with all the pages.

I have made everyone on CPAC a contributor until further notice.

What We Teach YOU.

Funks and Blue2: I’d much rather be a philosopher than a regular reporter. If you could change my position, that would be great.

Hello. I’ve decided to come to you with a topic that is buried among mainstream talk and clichés. This HAS been talked about before, but not in a while. This is about what WE, the CP Warfare Community, teaches YOU, the troop.

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Moving On

Hey guys, possibly for the last time, I’m leaving CPAC. I just don’t find fun in reporting anymore. I achieved Head Reporter here once, an achievement I’m proud of, and I’ll still view CPAC. I just find it more stressful to find time to report. With some big tests coming up, it would be easier to cut this out too. It was a pleasure reporting here. I would like to thank Woton for giving me a chance to report here back in the summer, thanks to Kingfunks for offering me a job here again and being kind and considerate. I would also like to thank Blue1 & Blue2 for letting me back and opening the welcome wagon, and I’d like to thank everyone at the CPAC staff for working hard.

Thank you,


Top Ten Armies: 20/02/12

Kingfunks4: Thanks for the new, epic header, Poch!

Due to debate, the LT have been removed from this top ten list and we have replaced them with a different army at 10th in this list. Click ‘Read More’ to view it!

Top Ten Armies: 20/02/12

1. Army of CP [+0][77.38]

2=. Ice Warriors [+2][68.90]

2=. Nachos [+0][68.90]

4. Ninjas [+1][63.19]

5. Underground Mafia Army [+4][60.89]

6. Doritos [+4][53.40]

7. Dark Warriors [+1][49.32]

8. Shadow Troops [-2][46.98]

9. Global Defenders [NEW!][43.77]

10. Pirates [NEW!][40.87]

Armies Close to Top Ten:

  • CP Crew [11th]
  • Golden Troops [12th]

     Yet again the Army of CP stay top of the top ten. The ACP have had growing support from some of the top ten armies; with the IW and DCP helping the ACP against the LT, Nachos, DW and GD. The ACP won Fjord against the Nachos but had a debatable result during the defence of Mammoth. ACP averaged 35 – 40+ during the week and had decent tactics to once again claim first.

The IW have had a sharp rise after taking part in the recent world war. The IW have been averaging 30+ and their tactics have only been on the up during the IW events. They have returned to the top 3 but couldn’t hold off the Nachos to have a solid 2nd spot by themselves. They have sided with the ACP in the recent war and have held sizes of 25 – 30+ with good tactics to get 2nd.

The Nachos have had an improved week and have had decent results against the ACP and IW with sizes of 25 – 30+ with good tactics. They done enough to gain 2nd alongside the IW but need better results than they did this week to keep 2nd ahead of the IW next week. Nachos legend, Ads, retired from the Nachos and Dash was promoted to leader to replace him.

Due to the fact the LT have been removed from the top ten, the Ninjas have moved up to 4th after keeping up sizes of 25+ sided with good tactics. The Ninjas have announced they will stay neutral in the war and will not side with either alliance.  There isn’t much else to say about the Ninjas’ week apart from the fact they provided good battle tips for the new and learning soldiers!

The UMA have had a sudden rise from 10th to 5th in the top ten due to constant 20 – 25+ results under the new leadership of the UMA. The UMA have also had good tactics at their events and have had great results in what they describe as the “road back to world power”. The UMA are on a big rise and they still look like rising further than they have in their recent history.

Despite having a small decline in size, the DCP have removed rouges at their events and have had an up-rise in tactics after siding with the ACP in the recent war. The DCP have been at war with the Dark Warriors and it has been fairly even so far despite what the top ten rankings suggest. They have been averaging sizes of 20+ and have been on a sharp rise during the last week.

The DW have gone up a place since last week, but haven’t really improved throughout the week and only managed sizes of 15+. The Dark Warriors have improved on tactics, however, and have sided with the Nachos and LT against the ACP. They have mainly been battling the DCP during this war and are on fairly even terms due to their top ten rankings this week.

The ST have had a large fall during the past week and only managed sizes of 12+ during the past week. During the month of February ST moved to, a site used by a lot of former top ten armies. The ST had decent sizes but the tactics were not good enough to go above the DW in this top ten list. Will the ST be able to come back and take 6th place back?

Despite not providing amazing results, the GD continue to cement a top ten spot with sizes of 13+ and very good tactics to provide a good position at 7th. Like the DW, the GD have sided with the Nachos in the current war after disappointing results in the SMAC tournament. They have put this down to focus on the war and say this doesn’t show their true size or performance.

The pirates are back in the top ten once again, just getting a spot before the GT and CP Crew. The pirates are looking to reach their height again, the last time they reached 10th was under Skyfish and Zakdude. The pirates averaged 10 – 15+ with decent tactics to take 10th in this list and are looking to keep it again with more great results like they did during this one.

 Thanks for reading another top ten!

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

CP Army Fourm

Recently, several people have shown me a forum created for armies to communicate on. Funks and I have decided to partner with this forum to help it rise.

The army community on forumotion is a great site that would help us to become more of a community. It would be an interesting way to have discussions about armies and collaborate on large projects.

We are encouraging soldiers to join the forum, and we will also be sponsoring it (and maybe doing some contests on it) here at CPAC.

The fourm can be found here.

● ||»Sιя.Bℓυєsσ¢кωa.тнє.2η∂«||●