Small Army Legends

Welcome to the Small and Medium Army legends page. Listed on this page are numerous people who are true legends to the small and medium army community, who haven’t just led a few armies but have made a notable impact in the community and that’s why they are remembered to this day and have a special place on this page. Enjoy.

Club Penguin Small and Medium Army Legends


Icy Fresh 2 is the original founder of the Club Penguin Army which was created only three days after the creation of the Army of Club Penguin. Icy Fresh 2 also led the revolution of armies using WordPress as he was the first to ever use the web hosting site. Icy also enjoyed success as a Club Penguin cheats blogger and while his army didn’t necessarily survive as long as he had hoped under his leadership, it did certainly have a significant early impact on the community and the army continued on without him for years leaving a legacy behind it.


Blueswill joined armies in late 2006, starting like many people back then, in the Army of Club Penguin. Blueswill himself was a natural born leader, and instead of staying in the ACP, he left in early 2007 to create the CP Clones, which would turn out to be one of the longest lasting medium armies to come out of that time period. Blueswill took the CP Clones and rose them to a decent size and always kept them at medium power throughout most of their history and as more leaders came and went, he stayed. CP Clones ended up landing CPAC Top 10 sizes from time to time with Blueswill by their side and he didn’t officially retire from armies until the summer of 2011 after CP Clone’s largest size where they maxed over 35. Throughout his time, Blueswill was in 3 armies, ACP to start, CP Clones for life, and a brief stint as AR leader.

Coolster114, a Color Wars veteran and well-known army leader, has lead multiple armies throughout his numerous years here and brought many of those armies to glory. This includes FGR, UMA, Pirates, and many other significant armies. Coolster is a well-respected individual who has devoted much of his time to armies, where he has made a great name for himself. In the summer of 2012, he led the UMA to the Top Five for several weeks and carried them into a new golden age with his two co-leaders. This brought the army into a new era of prosperity and greatness. Without Coolster, armies such as UMA and FGR may never have risen as greatly as they did.

King Blooy is known as the founder of the Vikings Clan in 2007. Blooy started off simply leading the army as a clan that occupied the server of Mammoth and they participated in many wars against many powerful armies such as the ACP, IW, and UMA. It was officially organised by Blooy, and co-leaders Mrnooner, & Bobcatboy10. He led the Vikings through Order 67. He became a constant presence in the army and led them through the good and bad. He didn’t officially retire from them until 2013, nearly 6 years with the Vikings. One of the creators of one of the early armies, Blooy left a legacy and inspired many future great leaders and armies.

Wtex, owner of one of the most popular Club Penguin cheats websites of all time, created the army the Watex Warriors using his personal power as a blogger and fans from his site. Not only did this bring hundreds of new recruits to Club Penguin Armies  and create a series of excellent wars, but it demonstrated the idea that Club Penguin armies and other websites, such as cheat sites and forums, can be intertwined. The idea that recruits could enter Club Penguin Armies from cheat sites brought new hope for the size this community could reach. This idea later influenced much expansion among Club Penguin Armies.


Bottlefanta is the creator of the Ice Vikings, alongside Bobcatboy10. The army was created in 2008, and Bottlefanta helped lead them to great success. After the Ice Vikings died in 2009, Bottlefanta brought them back on his own in 2010 and led them to great heights, reaching the Top 5 in CPAC and at that time they were a major army. Even though they fell and died, Bottlefanta took a medium army, rose it to the top, didn’t give up when it fell, and for that, he made a name for himself.

Commando993 is well known for founding the legendary Shadow Troops in August of 2008. He led the army through The Great Parka Wars against the ACP, CP Clones, and Red-Blue Alliance. He managed to continue to maintain leadership and win a war through great inner turmoil. Other ST leaders and owners were constantly plotting against one another, but Commando993 held his ground and because of this ST managed to become a greater army than their rival and would reach great heights.

Hero12985 is arguably the most influential medium army leader of 2008. He was the founder of the Club Penguin Warriors which was closely allied with Ice Warriors and the Underground Mafia Army. He played an important role in the small and medium army community’s resistance to Order 67 which threatened the community as well as World War IV Against the Army of CP. Hero was very involved as a community presence around this time, speaking to his experience as a leader of CPW. He went on to have a successful career in UMA where he achieved the rank of Leader. CPW continued to live on after he retired, most notably led by Coolster114.

Ktman is best known for being the founders of the legendary Club Penguin Rangers which was one of the biggest medium armies of 2008. It was the army that helped team with the Red Raiders to fight back against Order 67 that threatened all medium and small armies. Ktman then went on to have a successful career in the Army of Club Penguin in which he achieved the rank of Co-Leader. Ktman also held an important role in the well-regarded Club Penguin United Nations. Since Ktman’s retirement, the Club Penguin Rangers have lived on spawning numerous generations that survived until as recently as May 2014.

Itachi6dark is best known for being the founder of the Red Raiders which served to be one of the strongest medium armies of 2008. Regularly, the army took on the Army of Club Penguin head to head. It soon decided to make a memorable alliance with Ktman in order to lead the resistance against Order 67, a military action by the large armies against the small and medium armies. Itachi is credited by some as one of the main reasons for Order 67 not being successful. Itachi then joined the Underground Mafia Army in which he retrieved the rank of leader.

Klimster is recognised as the creator of the Black Bandits. A prominent army in 2008 and 2009, the Black Bandits got their start as a rogue group on Club Penguin, robbing the Pizza Parlor and running from the PSA (which is now known as EPF, the Club Penguin moderating task force). Since migrating to a WordPress site, Klimster played a major role in both the founding and rise of the army. The Black Bandits were heavily involved in the Tundra Wars against Rebel Penguin Federation, the Watex Warriors, and Fort Ghost Recon, fighting for control of Tundra on countless occasions. Eventually, as the Tundra Wars came to an end, the Black Bandits would die out.


77Ninja77 is known for creating Elites and leading them to be one of the top S/M armies during 2008. He created Elites during 2008 and led them to become a successful army even rivaling ACP at one point. He led them for less than a year, before he left armies due to his Club Penguin membership not getting renewed. 77Ninja77 is responsible for the success of Elites in later generations and making them one of the strongest S/M armies of all time. Ninja is regarded as one of the best SM Army leaders of 2008 and also of all time as he paved the way for the Elites of Club Penguin to become an SM Army Superpower.

Mr. Deedledoo founded the Club Penguin United Nations, one of the first Club Penguin Army-related organisations. During the large-army plan of Order 66, Mr. Deedledoo united small and medium armies using the CPUN and paved the way for the idea of uniting bodies and forums in the community. The allegiance would go on to act as the core middle ground, or alliance, of small and medium armies. Considered a sort of founder of the small and medium community, Deedledoo will be forever remembered for his work in uniting armies as we know it. He paved the way for sites like CPA Central while giving a voice to tonnes of small armies who did not have one. CPUN use to be active up until about a year or more ago, still having some people post on the website from time to time.


Braveboy is probably most known for his huge success in the Pretzels army of CP. Braveboy created the Pretzels on the 15th September 2009 and the army started off pretty small, averaging 4 at events. However, when 2010 came around they saw a rise thanks to Braveboy but eventually fell and died. The rise of the first generation would prove to not be much compared to rises that would happen in later generations when Braveboy led the Pretzels to the top spot in the SMAC Top Ten numerous times with sizes upwards to 20 as well as reaching major standards a few times. Braveboy is considered one of the main factors for the Pretzel’s successful history.

Slimball2007, better known as Flipmoo, started his career as a Club Penguin cheats blogger in 2007, whilst briefly holding an interest towards CP armies. Upon being a rogue for a while and leading a premature IMAF for some time, he decided to move on from cheats to armies in 2009. The Impossible Mission Army Force had thus started to grow and had bonded with many medium and major armies existing during that time. Their reign continued, reaching as high as #4 on the major army top ten at one point. Their impact aided the growth of other medium armies and had become an influential army until Flipmoo retired from armies in 2010. IMAF had since then gradually started to decline, though was still well known by the community, especially because of its top-notch graphics. They were eventually declared dead in 2012, but their legacy remains untainted and cherished since all recreations have been declared invalid. Flipmoo later returned to armies in 2013 and eventually achieved Person of the Year 2014.

Spice Ice116 joined CP Armies and created Team Gold on the same day, March 9th, 2009. He led the army to great heights in the following years, being a constant presence in the CPAC Top 10. It wasn’t easy for Spice, he was still a young leader leading a big army, and during the golden era of army hopping. Many big name members of the community would simply join Team Gold for owner rank just to improve their portfolio, but nevertheless, Spice persevered and Team Gold would stay in power and Spice’s efforts inspired generations of leaders.

Harvin13 is well known for being a leader of the UMA, but he also created the Purple Heads in 2009. Both armies under his leadership were medium at the time, but the Purple Heads were a consistent medium army under his leadership even though UMA was at one of it’s weakest points. Even still, he persevered and pushed both armies. The Purple Heads would hit their golden age under the leadership of Riotors, but he was by their side guiding them the right way. He created a legacy in medium armies with the Purple Heads and proved his determination with them over and over again.

Kingfunks4, perhaps most known for leading the army Puffle Warriors, was a very successful small and medium army leader. During their time, the Puffle Warriors were considered one of the most powerful small and medium armies out there, normally hitting high medium army positions and sometimes low CPAC Top Ten places. He can be considered one of the main factors in Puffle Warriors’ success over their three year life time. Kingfunks4 was also eventually SMAC Secondary Head and led other medium armies like the Federation, Pretzels and the Water Vikings.


Tax has been a well-known figure in the community for years. He has played the role in leading major rises of small armies. He is known for creating the Delta Troops and leading them to great heights during the summer of 2009. He is most recognized in the small and medium army community for his work in the Golds. At the time the Golds were barely maxing five. When Tax led the Golds, he met Lorenzo Bean, which both of them soon became one of the best duos in the Golds history. During his rise to power, the Golds became a great success and reached a new golden age. The Golds then reached the major army portal and took a spot in the Major Army top ten in just two weeks and has been continuously placed on it for several weeks in a row, with the Golds eventually reaching the top spot. Tax is known as one of the pioneers of the Small and Medium army community paving the way for future generations with his philosophy and expansion tactics.


Alex Cone has enjoyed success in many small and medium armies, most notably the Sky Troops and Snow Warriors. His hard work and continuous dedication that he performed whilst leading the Sky Troops paid off when they reached the top of the SMAC Top Ten. During their lifetime, they stayed among the top ranks in the SMAC Top Ten and many people would say that this is because of Alex Cone and the work he did with them. He led the Sky Troops through many wars and won some big SMAC tournaments. He is also known for leading the Cone Heads, another successful small and medium army, and for his work in SM Army Central. The Snow Warriors had great success in the small and medium army community, and Alex became a very influential figure during his leadership. His work in small and medium armies gave him a name that the community knew during his time, and his legacy still stands today.

Sensei Dan3 was one of the most prestigious leaders of the 2010 era. Sensei Dan3 was one of the few who highly emphasized the expansion of recruiting beyond Club Penguin. Sensei Dan3 reimbursed the recruiting tactics involving youtubers, cheat sites, and trackers. He was able to lure in several recruits in his army where he founded the Lightning Strikers alongside Walf Six. However, his real breakthrough was with the Delta Troops where he has led them beyond and into the major army top ten. He spearheaded the Army Alliance Pact that was used to prevent smaller armies from being crushed by bigger armies. Sensei Dan3 also assisted in developing new tactics such as the “scatter bomb” and “side rakes” which are still used to this day. Without Sensei Dan3, the community would’ve never been the same.

Rishron is most known for revolutionizing AUSIA divisions in the small & medium army community. He first joined armies in 2012 and after some hard work, he was given the chance to lead AR’s AUSIA, getting a name for himself. Later on, he created he created his own army, the Red Strikers, which saw moderate success especially in AUSIA and he experienced even better success when he re-created the Elites. Rishron’s real breakthrough came when he led the Delta Troops alongside Sensei Dan3 and created the most powerful AUSIA division in the S/M community at its time. Rishron also led Redemption Force to amazing sizes in all three divisions and is currently retired after serving as an Editor in Chief at SMA Central.

Supperz1 is mostly known for his founding of the Black Panthers, and his recreation of the Elites. The Black Panthers were a powerful medium army, who were normally 1st in the S/M Top Ten during it’s reign. Not only that, but his Elites were regularly on the bottom of CPAC’s top 10 and the top of the S/M Top Ten. His Elites came out victorious in many wars, including an early Doritos army and Icy Troops, two massive medium armies of it’s time. Despite having one too many recreations, the Elites under the Supperz was their golden era, frequenting as a dominating power that would leave behind a strong legacy.

Though retired, Riotors is still remembered by many in this community for what he has done. He created and lead numerous armies to success in the SMAC Top Ten rankings, his first army being CPSS who reached the top of the medium Top Ten. He led many armies through their golden ages, such as Team Gold, Brownies, Cowboys, Pretzels, UMA and not to forget the Golden Troops who he led through a World War. Not only this, but he was also recognised as being one of the first ever leaders to create a legacy news site, known as CPA Insider, but he later joined SM Army Central and managed to work his way up to CEO. Riotors still remains a very respected person in this army community.

Sklooperis didn’t lead very many small and medium armies in his time but he did however still change the small and medium army community. Sklooperis created SM Army Central in 2010 and although he did not create any of the pages or do any of the work in building the site, with the exception of hiring the first group of staff, he deserves small and medium army legend status simply for founding SMAC who were, and still are, the most successful small and medium army news site of all time, changing the small and medium army community.


During his time, Pungy1234 was one of the faces of the small and medium army community. He created the Global Defenders, the army which he is most known for leading, in February 2011 originally under the name of Penguin Militia, however, their name soon changed due to it being blocked by CP’s filters. The GD started off as a rather small army, but eventually grew into the reason that Pungy is a legend today. Global Defenders were one of the most known medium armies at the time, and they even managed to reach the CPAC top ten on a few occasions. One thing that made the Global Defenders so unique was their complicated, but successful, government that proved small and medium armies really can be professional. Apart from his role in the GD, Pungy was also CEO of SMAC for quite some time.

Zakster is very popular in the small and medium army community and is most known for creating the Water Vikings after a merge between his army, the Water Troops, and Jed Pen’s Masked Vikings. He led the Water Vikings to #1 in the Medium Top Ten in the course of just one month and to the CPAC Top Ten in the course of just two. He is one of the main reasons that the Water Vikings were seen as one of the most dominant small/medium armies, winning numerous wars and going far in tournaments. He is also known for his work in the media, being an administrator in CPAC and being CEO of CP Army Express once, as well as serving in the Nachos and Underground Mafias Army.


Bepboy9 is most known in the small and medium community for his dominant success in the Water Vikings. Before WV reached major standards, in their early generations, Bep was able to keep them at the top of the SMAC Top Ten and win numerous wars against fierce competitors. If not for Bepboy, WV may not have their known dominance in the small and medium community that they have today. Bepboy9 was also well known for being one of the most successful CEOs at SM Army Central at two different points, most notably when hard competition against SMAP came along as well as being Secondary Head at a once popular CPAE news site. Before WV, Bepboy9 led the Oreos who reached the top of the S/M community at one stage.

Grant42 was the original SMAC Head of Site, though he didn’t create the site. Sklooperis created SM Army Central but decided that he didn’t have enough time to run the site so he posted applications for someone to take over the site and after Grant commented with an impressive application, he was given the job. Grant was one of the most successful CEOs that Small and Medium Army Central have ever seen, as well as the small and medium community as a whole. Not only did he have success in SMAC, but he also led a high-ranking S/M army called the CP Aviators that reached amazing heights until they merged into the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Jayden is most known for creating and leading the former legendary medium army, Water Ninjas, to successful heights. He created the army in July 2012 and over the next while the Water Ninjas impressed the small & medium army community, most notably when they enjoyed success in wars against armies like the Brownies, Chaos and Light Troops and maxed sizes of 20+. They died in the summer of 2014 only to return a few months later and dominate the SMAC top ten before moving on to major standards for a while.

Khimo has been a well-known figure in the community for years, with his work in major armies, and for his work in small and medium armies. Known well for his leadership in the Dark Warriors, and ownership in the ACP and IW, Khimo is a decorated veteran. His medium army ties stretch to the Elites, for he took the then medium army and rose it to great heights in the summer of 2012. He would then lead them multiple other times, even if they weren’t at the same strength as before. Khimo showed devotion, and his name became known throughout the community, and all he has done still can be seen today.

Lenco is most known as the creator and leader of the Croatian army, the Metal Warriors. In Metal Warriors’ golden age they reached the CPA Central Top Ten numerous times. Most known for rising during tournaments, have been invited to several CPA Central Tournaments but have not yet won any. They have, however, won many tournaments leaving behind many memorable marks in the S/M media. Lenco is not only remembered for his  great good sportsmanship and kindness towards troops, but also as the face of the Metal Warriors. What started as a small idea turned into one of the largest medium armies of all time, and for that, Lenco is remembered for his contribution to the S/M community.

Owlcity207 is most known for her success in the Chaos army, starting in June 2013 when she first received leader and immediately helped Chaos boost their sizes and Top Ten score. Along with Micro, Owlcity207 led Chaos to their second golden age during the summer of 2013 when they reached sizes of 20+ on numerous occasions and Chaos enjoyed a third golden age in the summer of 2014 under her leadership when they achieved sizes of 30 once. Owlcity brought consistency to Chaos and made them into one of the biggest ever medium armies and is arguably one of the most successful female small & medium army leaders ever.

Sidie9 is most known for being the creator of the “Ausia” division; this is because he was able to create the first AUSIA army which was the Army Of Darkness. After this, Sidie went on to lead the first ausia divisions throughout the year of 2012 such as army union, an army participating in many SMAC tournaments despite time disadvantages. In the armies which he owned, he managed to train Ausia soldiers – like Superaalden – to become an extremely successful leader. After being considered as one of the best Ausia leaders, he was made the Ausia leader of the GT and the ACP. Sidie is one of the main Ausia leaders and is very successful at leading armies, as seen when leading the ACP’s Ausia division.

Vivek is well known for a majority of reasons. One of those is for creating the Smart Penguins of Club Penguin leading it’s AUSIA to a major standard before the army merged into the Golden Troops. Vivek then continued to help the Golden Troops advance in size, leading an AUSIA division that rivalled ACP. He is one of the main players in the AUSIA Division of Armies and to his name, he holds magnificent sizes that he has managed to get for events.

Wyoskguy experienced his first taste of success way back in 2010 when his army Elite Marine’s ranked 7th in SMAC’s Top Ten and later maxing 20 however this achievement would be insignificant to what Wyo would go on to achieve in later years. One of his most notable armies was Team Blue, which he led  in 2013 and within the first month of bringing the dead army back from the grave, they became a prominent figure in SMAC’s Top Tens continuously placing in the top three. Wyoskguy also led Chaos in the summer of 2014, leading them to their biggest ever sizes and helping them to become a consistent medium army, even beating SWAT in a war.


Blaze was one of the most important members of 2014 S/M Armies. Before this year, he was an active member of the community at CP Army Focus, helping to bring the site to more viewers than it had previously reached. Because of this, it reached the attention of Bluesockwa1 at CPAC, who brokered a deal with Blaze to form SM Army Press. Around this time, Blaze was leading the Redemption Force into greater heights, sometimes even breaking into the CPA Central Top Ten. Blaze, perhaps, will be remembered as the single most effective person of 2014, leading the Redemption Force to dominance and bringing SMAP to be a #1 SM Army News Site as its first CEO.

Superaalden, the Fluffy Sheep, is a very notable figure of the AUSIA community who served and led the earliest AUSIA armies known to the community. He became the AUSIA leader of the Army Republic during its golden age, an army which he dedicated his time and loyalty to throughout his career, thus eventually bestowing him the esteemed title of Legend in the Army Republic. On October 2013, he formed the Greek Sheeps, an army inspired by Greek mythology. It remained a close ally of the AR, aiding it in numerous wars, including a salient World War between the New Dawn Alliance and the Justice League Alliance, which was the most significant war of 2013. Fluffy Sheep’s influence in the AUSIA community served as a leverage in AUSIA invasions, beating even major armies such as the RPF and Water Ninjas even in their prime. As part of the JLA during the World War, GS served as JLA’s only AUSIA force, hence playing a critical role in JLA’s victory. The Greek Sheeps managed to consistently be in the upper echelons of the SMAP Top 10 as well as enter the CPAC Top 10 on numerous occasions despite being a solely AUSIA army, and the CPA community still having minimal AUSIA members in the year 2013. The Greek Sheeps was awarded “Fastest Rise”. He was later conferred the title “Person Of The Year” by SMAP in 2014.


Joining armies in late 2008/early 2009, he started his career in the Black Panthers alongside numerous friends that he regularly played Club Penguin with. Eventually, he came to lead armies such as the Dark Warriors and S.W.A.T. Reacon created two armies, Pwnage Warriors and Stealth Warriors. In 2011, Reacon retired and stayed away from the community until 2013, when he was originally just visiting. After being challenged by a rival, Reacon went on to create the Redemption Force alongside Blaze during August of 2013. Entering into 8th position during their first week and eventually reaching outstanding major standards by April of 2014. After taking a brief leave from the community during the summer of 2015, Reacon returned to find the RF in a state of inactivity. Deciding to revive the army in January 2015, Reacon continued to lead the army until his retirement later on in the year.

Zing King To joined the community in 2008 as a high member in the Watex Warriors, he stayed with the army for a bit receiving moderator before moving onto the Ice Warriors in which he received moderator rank. Zing King To retired from armies in 2010 before returning in December 2013 to the Nacho Army – an army that Zing King To rapidly became UK Leader in achieving memorable moments. As part of the Nacho Army, he also had stints as Nacho AUS Leader as well as Nacho SS UK and AUS Leader. Zing King To also led the First Encounter Assault Reacon, Royale Penguins and Fish Warriors. Zing has also held notable ranks in several armies such as 3ic in the RPF. Zing King To retired from armies in 2015 focusing his attention on continuing to make a name for himself in the media.

Orange was one of the first leaders of the Chaos army, being a part of the army for the majority of his career. He helped the army to their first ever taste of being on the CPA Central Top Ten, as well as leading them alongside Sapper in 2013 – reaching the same heights. Other great things he’s done are leading Since then, Orange has gone on to do great things such as lead Golds and continues his career in CPA to this day.

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