Top 10 Weekly Armies / UMA vs WW – You Decide!

This week has had one of the perhaps most arguable shifting positions on the Top 10 List. I’m sure that by next week this list will have changed, and I’m sure that lots of people will disagree with this list, but here it is:

  1. Nachos: Started off the week with the FW merging into them. Had a successful training session. Then went to war with SPAAF and SWAT – beat them. Pringle64 retired, leaving his position to Trickster.
  2. ACP: Scheduled a huge PB with ACP, Nachos, IW and UMA that never actually happened. Got in a little argument with UMA. Had a promotion day. Beat BP in a battle with only one of their divisions, Echo. Are at war with the “Ice Ninjas.”
  3. IW: Are defiantly at a steep incline and will soon be a World-Power. Started off the week with a promotion day. Had a fairly epic training session. Declared war on the RPF. Tied with the Nachos in an unscheduled PB.
  4. UMA: Have been at war the entire week and are definitely growing. Started off the week with a Promotion Day. Invaded Yeti and Summit and won. Got in an argument with ACP about the “World Wide PB.”  Defended Mittens from SWAT. Beat RPF at Yukon. Declared war on WW. Had a huge battle with WW.
  5. DT: Had recruiting session then defeated BP in a war. Had a large battle today that both sides think they won at.
  6. BP: Had an unscheduled victory against IMAF. Either lost of tied in a PB with the ACP Echo Division. Nothing much.
  7. IMAF: Have only had 3 posts the entire week. Actually did absolutely nothing really.
  8. ST: Got a couple of new owner ranks. Pretty much un-knowns. Nothing much really.
  9. Reds: The Golds/DW changed their name to SWAT due to their site being deleted at the beginning of the week and by the end of it had already changed/merged into the Reds. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.
  10. RPF: As you know, the RPF fell a bunch when Commando quit and then slowly rose a little bit. Due to their numerous defeats against by UMA this past week, they fell a bunch more.

Army of the Week

The Purple Heads


Today the WW and UMA engaged in an epic battle.

They charge our line but fails epicly :lol:

So the line got bored and we frenzy the whole Dock :P

Frenzy's are so good

Both armies regroup and you can tell UMA is way bigger!

We so own =P

Both armies say that they won and, judging by their pictures, it’s hard to tell who did.

Who do YOU think won the battle?

Who do YOU think won the WW vs UMA battle?
 I’m not sure…


Make sure to comment saying why you voted for what you did!

Coming up next – is IW a World Power?

BP v.s. ACP Results/Who do you think won?

Well here are the BP vs. ACP Results:
Well Both armies are unorganized so hard to tell in this pic lol Well Both armies are unorganized so hard to tell in this pic lol
Both Armies Charge Each Other Both Armies Charge Each Other
ACP=Unorganized BP=Makes a Curvy Line ACP=Unorganized BP=Makes a Curvy Line
Ugh  Idk whats going on here Ugh Idk whats going on here
BP has an ownage line, while ACP is just everywhere BP has an ownage line, while ACP is just everywhere
Both Armies Charge Epicly :cool: Both Armies Charge Epicly
ACP Fails To Charge Cause You Can't Go Under Chat Bar :lol: ACP Fails To Charge Cause You Can’t Go Under Chat Bar
Well both kind of unorganized, but atleast BP tried to make a line Well both kind of unorganized, but atleast BP tried to make a line
BP Charges with Epic! BP Charges with Epic!
ACP Fails To Charge Cause They Cannot Go Under Chat Bar :roll: ACP Fails To Charge Cause They Cannot Go Under Chat Bar:roll:

Well thats the end of this Pb. Even though both armies were pretty unorganized, BP did use more tactics than ACP did. They also were smarter and knew how to get around ACP. ACP was all over the place, they we unorganized, they barley used any Tactics. And this is only ACP Echo Division I think. But comment what you think. Also comment if you were there and have pictures. I’ll add some.

How to Declare a War!(Introducing Dount67890)

Hey guys well I am new to the team and I have a lot of experience in Club Penguin Armies. I have been in many armies also high ranked in- Nachos,ACP,TAGP,UMA,FW,IW,DW,IMAF and many many many more.

Now time for the news…

Somtimes people on chat PC (Private Chat) me on a Club Penguin armies chat linking me to their website and asking to join. I would always look at the site to check it out anyway even if I don’t join. But when I go to some of these sites some say this:

Title: War (PB) with ACP

Description: Today we will be have a war (PB) with ACP. I want us to try our hardest to defeat the ACP so I expect about 30 people at this event (usually only 3 come). So when we win I will give you all promotions.

Well when I look at the site a few days later I see that it says on their site we have defeated ACP time for promos or something random. Usually it is because the army is clueless that they have declared war on them.

Tips on how to declare a war:

  • Comment on the armies site
  • Talk to the leader on chat and arrange a time
  • Private chat a leader and say ”look at my website we are having a PB”

Its not really a fair war if you don’t tell the army about the event its most likely that the army would win. Please remember these tips if you are starting out in Club Penguin armies. They army leader wont just happen to come across you site and say. ”Oh they are having a war ok then”


CPA Central Staff

Raise Your Hand if You’re Imaature!

The last couple of posts have been about the UMA War and they will continue to be since that’s the main thing that’s going on in Club Penguin armies right now.

The focus of this post is the 4th largest army position.

I think that people are just blowing it off. You see, the 4th largest army spot is different than the 5th largest army spot and any spot after that. The 4th largest army spot is where you go from major army to major army with a lot of influence. Trust me. Having lead the FW and seen them risen from nowhere on the Top 10 List to the 3rd (then back to 4th) largest army position, I can tell you that there is a huge difference. And I feel that people aren’t taking it seriously.

Army rankings aren’t what they used to be. You used to have to work to get your army rank. They used to be something that symbolized your respect and power in the Club Penguin army community. Now all you have to do is post a picture on your site with you having 10+ people at a battle forming a line and suddenly you’re the 4th largest army in Club Penguin.

If you really want my opinion, I think WW deserve the position. They’re about the same size as UMA (don’t argue with me about this one:?) but they also have something that none of the other competing armies have. RESPECT. For the last couple of months they’ve sat at the 5th largest army spot keeping it warm but never really settling into it. They’ve been close behind FW, IW, ACP and Nachos for a while now so (even if UMA may be slightly larger) I honestly don’t think it’s anyone’s place to take the 4th largest army spot away from them just because they have a sudden (maybe temporary) growth spurt.

The other thing is that WW is completely mature, while (no offense) a lot of other armies have been being pretty immature. While UMA’s slightly harsh criticism may add fuel to the war and SWAT’s mostly unnecessarily harsh criticism may add fuel to UMA’s fire, the WW have remained calm and kept the fire from burning too much. They always have too. They aren’t jumping about trying to find new ways to criticize their enemy and promote themselves, they just know that (even if they lose a battle here and there) they’ll still around to tell the tale.

If I could have any advice for the armies right now. I’d tell WW to go put itself in it’s much deserved 4th largest army position, for UMA to wait it out in the 5th largest army position and for SWAT to try to see if it can hold onto it’s position on the Top 10 Army list altogether (they have Nachos and UMA at war with them and so far they haven’t even posted any evidence on their site that they’re still around).

We’ll definitely have to wait and see what happens!

Practice War Pre-Battle Report

Woton’s Edit: Naw, man. You did fine! I get plenty of criticism on my posts too. Actually, I think your post is great!

Nascar’s Edit: Wow sounds like I did horrible. Delete it if you want…

Hello, visitors. I’m 381nascar, secondary Pre-Battle-Reporter.

Battle Analysis:

After doing a little “site-surfing”, observating, and using my own knowledge, I have came up with a conclusion on who will win the Practice War and why. First of all, there is something a bit un-even about the 1st Largest army (The Nachos, in my opinion) and the 3rd largest army (IW) against the 2nd Largest army (ACP) and the 5th Largest army (UMA). IW and the Nachos have the advantage, but after looking through recent ACP battle pictures, I decided I wasn’t so sure of my guess on who would win, nor my 1st Largest Army opinion. Take a look at a few pictures from about a week ago copied from ACP site:




Quite large, I must say. I didn’t quite realize the ACP was that big.

Who will win:

Dispite the information that made me second guess myself, I still predict the IceWarriors and the Nachos will take the victory. Why you ask? Read on…

Reasons Why:

First of all, the IW can outnumber the UMA by a mile, and the Nachos and the ACP are normally around even, Nachos having a slight lead. Next, the Ice Warriors and the Nachos are pretty much sure to flow together. Where as the ACP and UMA may look like they are fightning against eachother if they can’t resolve things. Since IW and Nachos will flow well together, their tactics will be better. I look at tactics as one of the biggest factors of who wins a battle, along with number of troops. The ACP and UMA sites also look less organized, to me anyway. That could result in some troops missing the post with times and dates.


I believe the Ice Warriors and the Nachos will take the win over the UMA and the ACP for various reasons such as Tactics, Number of Troops, Organization, and Army Flow. That’s it for today,


This Sure is Some Sexy War!

There’s a ton of stuff going on right now in Club Penguin armies and most of it is exactly what we wanted! Everyone’s been saying that we need some sort of big war and that’s pretty much what we’ve got.  UMA, RPF, SWAT, WW and even ACP are all tangled up in this huge war. Here’s pretty much what’s happened:

  • RPF tries to take over the UMA Nation, but fails.
  • UMA invades RPF’s server, Tuxedo, and wins.
  • UMA invades RPF’s servers, Summit and Yeti, an wins.
  • UMA invades RPF’s server, Yukon and wins.
  • UMA criticizes ACP’s “War for Fun” thing and they both get really pissed.
  • Coming up soon: WW will try to invade UMA’s server, Tuxedo.
  • Coming up soon: SWAT will try to invade UMA’s server, Mittens.

Okay, so people aren’t exactly being super nice to each other, but what did you honestly expect? War isn’t about “fun.” It’s is in some ways, but it’s more about beating the crap out of another army. And the amazing thing is, people have pretty much kept this war to themselves! For the last while, every time we had even a minor war everyone had to get involved in it. It’s was really annoying.

This war has been really great though! Sure, some other armies are trying to invade UMA too, along with RPF, but it’s not like before. It’s not like all of the armies in Club Penguin are all piled on top of each other in two piles that try to battle it out in one single battle and both fail epically. RPF, WW and SWAT aren’t really ganging up on UMA. They all just have their own disagreements with it and are each fighting them in their own battle. It’s not like they’re all ganging together to fight UMA in one huge battle, so that UMA has to bring some allies in to support itself, which pretty much starts the entire bull-shit war scenario.

I think all of the armies are doing a fairly good job about not being immature about this and fighting fair, but I want to know YOUR opinion:

Do YOU think UMA will continue to prevail over WW and SWAT as it did over RPF?


Make sure to comment telling me why you voted for what you did! Let’s get the conversation flowing!

Who’s the Stubborn One – ACP or UMA?

This is going to be a fairly short post; all I want to do is present two sides of a situation and see what your opinion is:

So here’s pretty much what happened:

  • ACP schedules a “Practice War” pitting themselves and UMA vs Nachos and IW. Obviously, IW is larger than UMA, which means that (in ACP’s opinion) ACP is larger than the Nachos.
  • UMA gets upset because (in their opinions) the Nachos are larger than ACP and IW are larger than themselves. They write a post criticizing the ACP and demanding the teams to be switched.
  • ACP writes a post saying that they are larger than the Nachos and that they refuse to switch the teams.

So here’s my question: Who do YOU think is being the stubborn one?

ACP: Who refuse to switch the teams or admit that they are smaller than the Nachos.


UMA: Who want to switch the teams because they might lose to the Nachos and IW.

Who do YOU think is being the stubborn one?
Both of them…


(please note that none of the above accusations of stuborness reflect my opinion)

Make sure to comment saying WHY you voted for what you did!

RPF Territory Lost as UMA Invades Yeti and Summit

As you know, the Underground Mafias Army declared two days ago that they would invade two servers owned by Rebel Penguin Federation – Yeti and Summit. Both of these servers were considered by RPF as a potential capital server after UMA took Tuxedo, their former capital, away from them last Saturday. UMA clearly won yesterday’s invasion, as not a single member of RPF attempted to stop UMA.

Invasion of Yeti

They started their invasion at 3:00 PM PST, as planned, at Yeti, Town.

They then started to charge into the Dock, where they made a succesful line.

They went to the Beach afterward and crowded at the bottom left corner.

 What’s so confusing, PinkyP25?

Soon afterward, they put on angry emotes. Must have been because they finally realized I was putting a camera in front of their faces.

Fine, I’ll put the camera away.

Afterward, UMA moved on to the Ski Hill with their band of seemingly-angry penguins.

Due to the fact that there was no resistance from RPF, UMA decided that there was no further reason to stay on Yeti. They moved on to Summit at 3:20 PST, ten minutes earlier than they had planned. There was an even greater amount of UMA at Summit, as Yeti was full for many people.

Invasion of Summit

The invasion of Summit started off at the Town, where they asserted the fact that UMA owned Summit now. They also hung out there for a while.



After that UMA decided to relax a little in the pool.



They then moved upwards into the Forest, where they made a line near the left edge. It was a little funny, because they couldn’t all fit that well, and sort of bunched up at the bottom.


uma14 Angry at the lack of space?

They moved on to the Plaza, where they made a line across the chat bar.

uma15 Sheesh, at least there’s more room here.

Finally, they went into the Dock and made another impressive line.


After this, the invasion was pretty much over, and UMA trained a little around the server. RPF suffered a large defeat yesterday, and their leader Furbur27′s confidence earlier that day was no match for UMA’s large numbers. At this rate, unless RPF and UMA talk it out, all of RPF’s servers will be taken, and the entire nation and/or army of RPF destroyed.

After the invasion was over, when some RPF members actually got on to their chat, they decided to go to Tuxedo… even though it was now UMA territory. UMA responded by declaring that they would take another server owned by RPF: Yukon. RPF didn’t post anything on their site about the invasion of Summit and Yet, nor the fact that Yukon is getting invaded soon.

Just a Note: UMA had 15-20 people on during the invasion, and I think that they are really getting back on their feet.

– Amitc87

This post was originally from Gwami

Nachos or ACP? You Decide!

One of the biggest arguments in Club Penguin Armies always has been and always will be; do you think the Nachos or the ACP are larger?

As you know, I have recently been rating the Nachos as the most powerful army in Club Penguin, but let’s look at the facts. The following categories are pretty much the 5 main categories I rate armies under:


Average Comments:

  1. Nachos: 50 per post
  2. ACP: 35 per post


  1. ACP: Aprox. 1,850,000
  2. Nachos: Aprox. 1,150,000

Average online viewers:

  1. ACP: 10-15
  2. Nachos: 8 – 14


Average online from 6:00 AM pst – 9:00 AM pst:

  1. ACP: 14
  2. Nachos: 10

Average online from 9:00 AM pst – 7:00 PM pst:

  1. Nachos: 25
  2. ACP: 20

Average online – 7:00 PM pst – 3:00 AM pst:

  1. Nachos: 10
  2. ACP: 8


Average troops at latest battles:

  1. Nachos: 45
  2. ACP: 35


  1. Nachos: Commonly use basic tactics that are performed well, despite their large numbers. Also invented many of the basic tactics.
  2. ACP: Aren’t very good at performing many tactics besides charging and some formations, due to their large numbers.


  1. Nachos: Are fairly quiet on chat during battles and commands are quite clearly followed. Are also fairly good at following commands on Club Penguin.
  2. ACP: Are okay at following commands on chat, just not as well as the Nachos. Usually are not very clear in their commands on Club Penguin.


Latest active count:

  1. ACP: 439
  2. Nachos: 408

Ranked troops:

  1. ACP: Aprox. 4770
  2. Nachos: Aprox. 3220


Most elections:

  1. Nachos: Elect most of their owner ranks. Also ask the troops opinions on invasions of servers and other large events.
  2. ACP: Used to have more elections, but have barely any anymore. Usually don’t ask troops opinions on much.

Most servers:

  1. ACP: 7
  2. Nachos: 4

The final score for this is:

Nachos: 7

ACP: 6

However, some categories weigh in more than others. So I want YOUR opinion. Who do YOU think is the larger army of the two?

Update: Okay, something happened to the poll. The Nachos were outnumbering the ACP by like 4x. Hmm…

Who do YOU think is the largest army in Club Penguin?
Both are equal…


Make sure to comment WHY you think the army you voted for is larger!

More news coming soon!

CPA Weekly (Nachos vs Strikers, UMA vs RPF and ACP vs BP)

The last couple of posts we’ve put up on this site have been asking you what you think about certain issues and we got a very large respondence to those posts! I’ve decided to try to have almost all of our posts be asking YOU a question or for your opinion or having a poll of some sort. These posts have really gotten everyone arguing, in a good way! We’re really getting the conversation moving. Also, I would like to encourage the workers of this site to keep un-biased in their posts, but feel free to argue in the comments.

CPA Weekly

Last week I did a huge Top 10 army list, but this week I’m just doing a normal one. The big difference this week however, is that the FW are no longer on the list! The 4th – 7th largest army results are simply from the poll I put out yesterday:

  1. Nachos: This has been a big week for the Nachos! For the first part of the week they had a bunch of different events, including Shadow’s PB, which was scheduled and rescheduled a couple of times. Person1233 then retired, naming Zzztops as the new Nacho leader. After that, the FW merged into the Nachos, filling in a lot of their empty owner spots. Their toolbar was also hacked by #iamthewalrus so they made a new one. Some people were discussing that they may fall because of all their retirements but, also due to the merge with FW, they definitely are not.
  2. ACP: Nothing really much happened for them the last week. They had a couple of events here and there. Ogal also came back and demostated that he is now into graphics. Weird.
  3. IW: Started off the week by beating the Tacos. Decided to invade Tuxedo and Tundra, then backed out of both. Had a promotion day and are continuing a fairly successful active count.
  4. DW: Their site was deleted this week after they declared war on the FW. No one really knows how. They switched around to a couple of sites, but their final site doesn’t have any posts on it. This army may still be on it’s feet and be able to hold their new 4th largest army spot, maybe not.
  5. UMA: Due to their recruiting session that the Nachos helped them with, they are definitely (mostly) back on their feet, although some people are criticizing them for being too over-confident. They were at war with RPF most of the week and pretty much creamed them the entire time. My opinion if they should be the 4th largerst army? While they are back on their feet, they didn’t max much more than 10 troops at their battles, so no.
  6. WW: Didn’t really do too much. Beat the Tacos with an okay amount of troops and scheduled some stuff that I don’t think they did. This army might deserve to be higher on the list, but I’m just going by the poll results.
  7. BP: Didn’t do much this week. It sounds like they did pretty well in terms of people on chat, but only have a couple of comments on their site. That may have partially been due to that they had an Active Count up the entire week (actually longer). This army also might deserve to be higher on the list, but I’m just going by the poll results.
  8. IMAF: Only had 3 posts the entire week. And they wonder why their troops are getting inactive.  Apparently, they got beaten by UMA. Even though this army might still be young and learning, they still are fairly large.
  9. ST: I don’t really know what to say. They didn’t exactly do anything the entire week. They had a MEH amount of comments on their site. Bagel.
  10. RPF: They got beaten pretty badly by UMA the entire week and apparently a bunch of their soldiers went over to UMA. Commando717 also officially left Club Penguin Armies forever, as he announced on their site.

Army of the Week

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

United Rebel Alliance

The URA is a pretty small, yet very friendly seeming army. They have a really awesome CSS and Domain Name and an okay amount of troops and comments. Small chat. These guys might be a medium army sometime and maybe even major someday!


Nachos vs Strikers:

While they didn’t actually post about this battle, I was there, and the Nachos obviously won. I’m not really quite sure what happened but somehow the ACP ended up helping the Strikers and it just because another Nachos vs ACP battle.

Here are some pictures:



This was a last minute “Get on CP!” call on chat for both the Nachos and ACP. Even though the Nachos scheduled it, most people thought it was just cancelled.


This was probably one of the largest battles of the week. UMA obviously beat RPF, however only had a medium amount of troops.

Some pictures (thanks to UMA):




At some points of the battle UMA had a good amount of people, at some points only average. However, compared that they were recently not even on the Top 10 Army list, they’re doing pretty well. Obviously, most of this is thanks to the Nachos recruiting session for them.

BP vs ACP Echo

BP and the ACP Echo Division will be fighting it out in a couple of days and it will probably be a pretty close match. Let’s compare the two armies:

BP: Averaged around 15 troops at their last battle, however haven’t been doing quite as well as they were before.

ACP Echo: I’m not really sure about a single division, but have averaged around 40 people at their latest scheduled battles so I’d say they’re going to get at least 15 people at their battle, since a couple of non-Echo soldiers might come by accident.

Who do YOU think will win? Comment below!

4th Largest Spot Now Open for Buisness

As you probably know, the Fire Warriors recently merged into the Nachos.

I personally think that, out of all of the armies in Club Penguin, the FW are probably the best army to merge into the Nachos. The Nachos have maybe been doing a little worse than ussual lately, due to all of their retirements, however the FW have constantly proved that they are the 3rd or 4th largest army in Club Penguin and will most likely patch them up. This is probably good since the Nachos are the 1st most powerful army in Club Penguin so it’s not like merging two armies of the exact same size. Obviously, this will benefit the Nachos a lot, the FW are at least a half as large as the Nachos and almost all of their troops are willing to merge into them. The Nachos will probably see at least a 10 – 20 troops increase at their next battles.

Along with size, the Nachos and FW are easily compatible armies. They have never fought with each other and often assist each other in war. They share a couple of troops, however most of FW’s troops aren’t in the Nachos. The Nachos have often been known for having a hilarious, yet sometimes slightly perverted sense of humor, which the FW are also known for. A lot of their troops get along really well and share most of the same beliefs. One of the Nachos other problems lately is that they are fearing that some of their troops are n00bs. Being the 1st largest army in Club Penguin, this is obviously unavoidable. However, almost all of the troops in the FW are seasoned troops since the FW don’t really like to reach out to “n00bs” as much as other armies do.

These two armies are also probably the most compatible to merge because of their ranks. One of the largest issues in merges is leaders and owner ranks. All of the FW leaders are pretty easygoing and acceptable about not having as high ranks as they did in the Nachos. It is a big advantage because one of the FW leaders, Pringle64, was already a Nacho 3ic, which the other FW Leaders, Woton and Trickster, were made. The FW have buffed up the Nachos mod ranks a bunch with some really experienced and seasoned troops, along with adding a slew of loyal and active member ranks.

In conclusion: A lot of people are thinking that this is a really big deal; two of the largest armies in Club Penguin merging! As a leader of the FW and now a Nacho 3ic, let me tell you that it is in some ways, but not in some other ways. The Nachos and FW have actually been talking about this for a while. All this is really doing is making the Nachos much larger. The only really huge thing about this is that the FW won’t be around any longer. I wonder who will fill their spot? The 4th largest army army spot has been fought over for a LONG time.

Please take the time to vote in the following poll about which army YOU think is the 4th largest in Club Penguin:

Who do YOU think the 4th largest army spot should go to?


The results might affect my rankings in this weeks Top 10 Army List!

O.R. and NW PB(You Judge Who Won)

Ok guys, well these 2armies say they both won so you are going to decide who wins. Here are the pics from NW site:

Wow, in those pics NW sure was pwning lol. Lets see the pics from O.R site:




In those pics, I see NW, but in NW pics they’re getting pwned. And in O.R pics they’re pwning them. Also Black Troops of Cp were helping NW. But I don’t know whats going on here. So Comment what you think.

Pre-Battle Report

Tylo: I don’t know.  Personnally, I thought this post was really good, and I like this job.  We’d have to ask Wotonz, but how about I’m the Pre-Battle Reporter, and you’re the Post-Battle Reporter, since you can take pics of battles, and would probably be better at reporting what happened during them.

Kj: Tylo, if you want to, I would like to switch jobs with you. Im good a reporting battles, I can also take pics to show everyone. And you’re more accurate with the Top 10armies. Edit this post if you would like to switch jobs. (wary)

First, if you haven’t already, please read the post below.

Well, as the post below says, I’m TyloV5, and I’m now this site’s Pre-Battle Reporter.  So, since I don’t think the DW vs. ST Practice Battle is still happening tommorow, I will be posting about the IW and UMA vs. ACP PB that is going on tommorow.  Here’s my report:


As you all should know, The Ice Warriors and the UMA are having a Practice Battle with the ACP tommorow. At first glance, this may be considered an open-and-shut battle: The ACP are larger, and will dominate. But, I don’t think so. I’m going to look into the major aspects of this battle, and, based on the facts, pick who I think will win. Here I go:

First let’s talk about size. Normally, the ACP would have a size advantage. Though the Ice Warriors are large, they’re only about the size of two of ACP’s Divisions. And normally, the UMA are about the size of half of an ACP Division. But the UMA aren’t in a normal situation, are they? As you should know, the UMA are currently on a rise. They’ve doubled their troop count at battles, and are poised for a rise up the Army Ranks, and this makes things interesting.

Some people may say that this “rise” is a fluke, but I don’t think so. They’ve consistently had good numbers, and I don’t think this battle will be any different, especially considering that they’ll want to beat the ACP more than any other army they’ve recently faced. Their recent numbers, combined with the Ice Warriors already big numbers, should make them about as big as the ACP, taking away the ACP’s size advantage. The ACP are used to having size to their advantage, and without it, wont do as great in this battle.

Next, we talk about tactics. Now, saying that the UMA and Ice Warriors have better tactics than the ACP isn’t exactly true. Basically every army uses the same tactics: Joke charges and lines. However, I’m not finished yet.

What I believe people mean to say is this: The Ice Warriors and the UMA execute the tactics that armies use nowadays better than the ACP. And this statement is true. The ACP don’t make a lot of lines and charge a lot. They usually stand around, and charge only when charged. The UMA and the Ice Warriors are good at executing tactics, and this will definately give them an edge over the ACP in this battle. As many people believe, tactics, not size, win battles. If that’s the case, the Ice Warriors and the UMA are in a pretty good position coming into this battle.

Now for a point that will probably be over-looked by some people, but is equally important. The ACP is being lead by Dryvit. I’m not saying he’s a bad leader, but he hasn’t lead a lot of battles, and hasn’t been leader for very long. The UMA is being lead by a group of veteran soldiers, while the Ice Warriors are being lead by long-time leader, Iceyfeet, who’s had plenty of time to learn the ropes of leading battles. That gives the IW and UMA yet another advantage in this battle.

In conclusion: I’ve examined the facts, and looked at the big aspects of this battle. Now it’s time to make an educated guess. I believe that, while the ACP will put up a good fight, the Ice Warriors and the UMA will have the advantage in this battle, and they should come out on top.

I have one little thing for you all to think about though: If the UMA doesn’t have the numbers that they’ve had at recent battles, this will be a whole different playing field. The ACP will get the size advantage back, and I’m sure they’ll be able to use it. This could lead to the Ice Warriors and UMA’s tactics not being as effective, and ultimately, an ACP victory. You never know.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll see you next time on the next Pre-Battle Report!


New CPA Central Workers!

Sorry I haven’t posted the last couple of days, there’s been a lot going on. Anyway, after today I promise CPA Central will never have a single day without a post! The new CPA Central Workers are finally being announced!

Before I begin, I just want to say that it was REALLY hard to pick out the people that should get the jobs. There were so many great applications!

I have decided to accept two Pre-Battle Reporters.

The new CPA Central Workers are…

Main Pre-Battle Reporter: Tylov5 – Will follow this jobs instructions.

Secondary Pre-Battle Reporter: 381nascar – Will follow this jobs instructions BUT will post before every battle ONLY if Tylov5 forgets or is busy.

Cover Story Reporter: Kong236 – Will follow this jobs instructions.

Mid-Weekly Reporter: Kj Bulldogs1 – Will follow this jobs instructions.

If you didn’t get accepted – don’t worry! If one of these people is slacking off on their job a bunch I may have another thing like this to replace them. I also may decide to expand our team more later on. There will be PLENTY more opportunities to work for this site!

More news coming soon!

CPA Weekly-Army Report!

I’ve decided to give everyone an extra day to apply to become a CPA Central Worker.

This week I’ve decided to do things a little different for the Top 10 Armies List. Instead of posting this weeks news, I’m going to compare all of the armies sites and chats.

I think that by doing it this way I’ll be able to get the most accurate list possible:


  • Site: The Nachos’ site is really great, probably the best one in Club Penguin armies. Because of their theme, they can pretty much use any sort of font of pictures in their posts, which they do. Person tends to do a lot of funky formating stuff with his posts that end up making this site a really fun place to be. However, their theme is pretty boring compared to other armies, but they do have nice CSS. Without it, the theme would be almost worthless. Along with the CSS, they also have a couple of different .com site URLs. They also get a ton of comments, the most out of all Club Penguin armies.
  • Chat: The Nachos used to have an average on chat of almost as much as ACP, but they have definitely been declining on chat. They still have a really active chat, but whenever there aren’t any owners on it isn’t that great. In the mornings, there are usually less than 8 people online. They still have a full chat throughout most of the day, but it’s not quite what it used to be.


  • Site: The ACP site used to be pretty great, but it has fallen a lot lately. Since the new leadership, there have been WAY too many posts and because of that, a lack of comments. Most of their posts are also pretty unorganized and the site has partially turned into a big chat room for leaders. There are way too many edits on posts. They have a good ammount of comments, but still not as much as would be expected of an army of their size. Their .com site URL is too official, though, and they don’t have a CSS or good header.
  • Chat: The ACP almost always has the largest chat. It is always full and even late at night they have 10+ people online. However, their chat does have a lot of “dead” people on it, which means that a lot of their online chatters are just there to be there. They aren’t actually talking or anything. Another problem with their chat is that ALL of their owners have the “No PC” power, which makes it so that you can’t PC them. They also don’t really talk much on chat. ACP has also been criticized for having way too strict rules, which is definitely true, however they DO have younger audiences on their chat.


  • Site: The IW have a fairly organized site, in terms of their posts. The also have an good .com site URL and good CSS / header. They have had a decline of posts lately, however, and usually only have one ever 2 – 3 days. They almost only post about upcoming battles and battle results, which makes them have a fairly large amount of comments.
  • Chat: Their chat has fallen a lot the past week or two. They used to have an incredibly active chat, but not really so much anymore. Since a lot of people visit their chat from their WordPress site, it gives the illusion that they have a full chat when they only have 10 people. However, the IW don’t have that many owner ranks, which makes it harder to keep a chat active. Their chat is pretty even with the FW, maybe a little bit less active. They both have their ups and downs.


  • Site: The FW site has a lot going on. They almost always have 2+ posts a day, which makes their comments only at average. They have a lot of authors on their site and a lot of their 2ics and 3ics post way too much. They also probably have the best custom CSS in all of the Club Penguin armies. They also have a good .com URL.
  • Chat: The FW chat is pretty random, however almost always has a decent – great amount of people online. They can usually not be seen with less than 10 people after 10:00 AM. They do have a fairly large amount of owners and get kind of inactive without any of them online, but not as bad as the Nachos. They usually have more people online than the IW, but have their ups and downs. They are also known for having quite a few fights break out of their chat, usually only if certain combinations of owners are online.


  • Site: The WW used to not have enough posts at all, but they’ve gotten a little better about that. They still probably need more posts, however. They are the only Club Penguin army site that also posts Club Penguin cheats, which gives them a bit more activity, but doesn’t really do that much else.
  • Chat: Despite being the 5th largest army in Club Penguin, the WW have a pretty bad chat. They can often be found with only a couple of people online and rarely have full chats. When owners are online they do have more people online, but not that many. There is often very little conversation going on, even durning battles.


  • Site: The BP site has a good, average amount of posts per day. However, a lot of their posts are fairly pointless and are just messages from one leader to another. They have a little bit below average on comments. They are one of the only Club Penguin armies that has neither a .com site URL or a custom CSS.
  • Chat: The BP chat also definitely has it’s ups and downs. They usually have a decent amount of people online and sometimes even have a full chat, but also sometimes have only a couple of people on. They also have a lot of owner ranks and do rely a lot on owners to keep their chat active.


  • Site: The ST site doesn’t really have quite enough posts a day, but they are really good about only having posts that matter. They have a slight lack of comments on their site, but have a really organized site overall. They are one of the only Club Penguin armies that has neither a .com site URL or a custom CSS.
  • Chat: The ST chat is very good compared that they are only the 6th most powerful army in Club Penguin. They often have a decent amount of people online, not great, but decent. Sometimes they do rely on their owners to keep the chat active, but they also have some times when their chat is mostly members. During wars the almost always have a full or nearly-full chat. However, their owners are very unfriendly. I went on the chat this morning to check it out and I was banned because I was “with IMAF.” I’m not even in IMAF and it’s not like they’re at war or anything.


  • Site: Out of all of the armies in Club Penguin, DW’s site probably has the least amount of posts per day. Sometimes they can have a post sitting there for up to 5 days. Despite the fact that the longer a post is sitting there the more comments it should get, they don’t get very many comments.
  • Chat: The DW have a fairly large chat. Sometimes their chat is almost completely made up of owners, sometimes mostly members. They have a pretty good chat compared that they are the 8th most powerful army.

A Note to DW: For a while I thought that you guys were completely dead. While I still think that you guys aren’t as powerful as you used to be, I’d like to apologize for kind of underestimating you!


  • Site: The IMAF have a pretty good site, a lot like the Nachos – they do a lot of awesome stuff with formatting and text. Despite their usually-though-of-as-boring theme, they manage to keep their site bright and colorful. Sometimes they have a good amount of posts, in which case they have a really good amount of comments, but when they have too many daily posts, they start to really lack on comments. Overall, IMAF has a really great site compared that they aren’t very high up on the Top 10 list, however they are one of the only Club Penguin armies that has neither a .com site URL or a custom CSS.
  • Chat: The IMAF have a pretty decent chat, however they are really ridiculous about how many owners they have. They have some very loyal and committed owners, but the chat is mostly completely made up of them. They rarely have many members on, even during wars.


  • Site: The UMA site is pretty confusing and unorganized. Sometimes they post too much, sometimes they don’t post enough, however they usually have a slightly below average amount of comments. Some of their posts are kind of pointless, and they recently decided to start posting Club Penguin news – all they’re really doing is ripping of my ‘Weekly’ name and copying all of Bike Boy93′s info.
  • Chat: Usually have a pretty small amount of people on chat (2 – 5). Even durning battles they don’t have many people online. They do, however, have more people than RPF.


  • Site: The RPF site is pretty weird. They usually have a really good amount of posts, and an amazing amount of comments. However, most of their comments are either arguments or their Leader replying to peoples comments. They also have a couple of troops that just comment a ton on every single post. Overall, a really nice site though.
  • Chat: Almost never have anyone one, even with an owner on. They are obviously in a very, very large slump. During battles they still only have about 6 people online.

Top 10 Sites:

  1. Nachos
  2. ACP
  3. IW
  4. FW
  5. RPF
  6. WW
  7. IMAF
  8. BP
  9. ST
  10. UMA

Top 10 Chats:

  1. ACP
  2. Nachos
  3. IW/FW
  4. ST
  5. DW
  6. WW
  7. IMAF
  8. BP
  9. UMA
  10. RPF

Top 10 Armies:

  1. Nachos
  2. ACP
  3. IW
  4. FW
  5. WW
  6. BP
  7. DW
  8. IMAF
  9. ST
  10. UMA/RPF

Featured Army:

Orange Rebels: This army was created when the DPR and Orange Warriors merged the other day. DPR: Was an almost-major army, but was pretty much made up of a bunch of friends that were all owner ranks (no offense). OW: Was a small-medium army with a lot of those same people and was mostly made up of people from the FW. They are still only an almost-major army. Once again no offense, but this army needs to get more people in it’s lower ranks. Most of the active people are in the owner ranks. Also, most of these people are high ranks in other armies and just decided to join together and make a little group of friends. It may sound like I’m criticizing this army (and in some ways I am) but this is what Club Penguin armies need. They need little groups of buddies that decide to make their own little army an actually end up becoming a fair-sized army. Sure, most of these people are just from the FW, but some of them aren’t. This army needs some work done to it, but overall, it’s pretty nice.

Army of the Week

Aqua Warriors!

Want to have your army be the Army of the Week? Click here!

There’s a huge line-up for Army of the Week and it might even be a couple of months before some of you get to go! Remember that if you have CPA Central’s banner on your site, you will get priority over other armies!

The new CPA Central Workers will be released tomorrow!