Possible Armies on a Rise

Black Bandits

The Black Bandits are a legendary army that fought in the legendary dojo wars on Mammoth. Having been a threat in that time period, the BB have had a challenging time attempting to rise up since then. Led by Nich117 and Chrisi Blue, the Bandits are looking to rise up and achieve greatness. Having the site be un-active for quite a while, the army decided to restore its activeness. Many new 2ic’s have been appointed to help the BB in their time of restoration. An active count was posted on the 26th, and there are currently 15 active comments. The BB have also declared war on the Snow Warriors and are entered in an upcoming tournament to show the army community that they are back. An upcoming recruiting session is scheduled for the Black Bandits to help keep them active and gain new recruits.


Puffle Warriors

Yes, the Puffle Warriors are back in business. Kingfunks4 decided to merge his dyeing army, Elite Knights, into the Puffle Warriors and return as leader alongside Floppy. On the merge post, there are 17 comments, which is a good amount of troops for this army. Here’s an excerpt from Funk’s post “The Great Return”

This age will be different. We have had time to think about what we have done wrong. Our main problem was arguements, leading to loads of retirements. We need everyone who used to be in the PW to join. If your new, I’ll give you some history.

“Puffle Warriors were created on the date of February the 19th by Kingfunks4. The pages, posts and widgets took 5 days to do, and we were up and running by March. Floppy was the first person to join and he played a major role in leading the PW along side Kingfunks4 in Generation two onwards. He was the one who created generation 2, alongside Jjribcool. We have never moved sites, and we don’t intend to leave this amazing site. The PW went through 6 generations. In our 2nd generations we hit high for the first time. CPAC awarded us 13th largest army because we got 20+ against the Roman Fire Warriors and narrowly lost. After the 6th generation Kingfunks4 and floppy made an army called the Elite Knights, and from there on PW never existed.”

The PW have had an unscheduled event where they got great results for a newly restarted army.


What is YOUR opinion on these armies? How will they do?

Legends Cup I – The Final Record


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Tournaments-Good or Bad?||The Legends Cup II-From My Perspective

In light of the recent, ah, discussions about the Legends Cup, I will be taking a look at Tournaments in general, plus why they are good and bad.

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Legends Cup Day 8 Results

Today one army made it through to the final to go against the Army Of Clubpenguin.

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Global Defenders vs. Team Gold

Hello SMAC readers! On July 3rd Team Gold and Global Defenders will face off in a practice battle that could show the strengths (or weaknesses) of both army’s. Which ever army wins would probably be guaranteed a low spot in the top ten major. As for the loser, they will either stay in their current or by how much people the get at this event they will move down or up. Here is an interview with Pungy a leader in Global Defenders

Me: Pungy Mind if I interview you for your upcoming battle with Tg?

Pungy:Ok sure

Me: what do you think your chances of winning this pb are?

Pungy: pretty high, TG has just been nailed with their site being hacked.

Me: Do you think that if you win this that you will get a higher top ten rank?

Pungy: Mabye, Mabye not. there is a lot of factors that go into the top ten.

Me: Do you think that Global defenders has enough troops and potential to beat a higher rank army like.. Watex Warriors?

Pungy: to battle WW and win we will still need some work.

Me: About the past tournament. You faced Watex Warriors were you expecting it to be a close battle?

Pungy: Yes, however we were assigned to a bad room which made it confusing

Me: Thank you for your time

Pungy: no problem

My next interview will be with Lizz a Tg leader

Me: Lizz do you think that Tg is going to beat GD on Sunday?

Lizz: I don’t know, I think the battle will be very interesting and I’m very excited to see the turn out.

Me: Were you satisfied with the battle against Iw even though Tg didn’t win?

Lizz: Ohh yes I had a lot of fun and think TG did a great job, so did IW.

Me: If Tg did win this battle do you think that they’d receive a rank high

Lizz: Well, it would be able to show that we are able to battle with other top ten armies.

Me: Thanks for your time

Lizz: Sure

   You decide on who should win. Tg or GD?

SMAC Hamster Name Voting!

Hey SMAC Readers! A few days ago, we got a hamster! This little guy can be found on the right side of the blog, above the Months of SMAC widget. Please be kind to him.

In my last post, people recommended some names. Please vote for your favorite in this poll! The one that wins will be the official name of our hamster.

Vote now!

SMAC might have some big changes soon, so check the site daily. If Skloop transfers Main Admin to me, then we will purchase a CSS package. Skloop is never on anymore (some say he got into a car accident), but we have been trying to contact him.

If you know a way to get in touch with Skloop, please share it here! Thanks, and have a great day!

Sorry For Not Posting/Going on Vacation

Hey guys it’s Mini Buffalo here and I am very sorry for not posting my next post and this is because I am having a very busy summer, but I think I can find the time to post just that I didn’t find the time now. Also, I am going on vacation on saturday and I will be back in a week, so I will NOT BE POSTING UNTIL I GET BACK FROM VACATION.  I hope you guys understood why I didn’t post for a few days and tune in for my next post. See you guys when I get back from vacation.

-Mini Buffalo (This post is 110 words long.)

How Do We Determine Who WIns a Battle?

How do we actually determine the winner of a battle, there really isn’t a set system in place. Rather, we let a 3rd party, like CPAC, judge the battle or the army whose site is more popular or who has the better allies gets the win by brute force.

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Nachos and Global Defenders Host an Unscheduled Practice Battle

Today, two powerful armies, the Nachos and the Global Defenders, hosted an unscheduled practice battle with one another.

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RPF and DW: A Spot in the Top Tens?

Hello SMAC,

First off, let’s start with an introduction of the two armies I’m going to be talking about: the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors.

The RPF: First created to rebel against the UMA, became one of the most largest World Power armies, then fell drastically and are still trying to climb back up.

The DW: An army that died and restarted, got to the 2nd spot on the CPAC Top 10, then fell.

So they may not yet be back on CPAC’s top 10, but perhaps they deserve a spot in the Small Top 10 or the Medium Top 10? For example, RPF got quite good results in an unscheduled event:

Meanwhile, these were the results DW got in CPAC’s Legends Cup, first round:

So, what do you think? Do the DW and RPF deserve a spot in the medium or small top tens? Comment with your opinion!


P.S. Can someone update the Top 10 widgets? It still says that Ninjas are the 1st small army…

An Epic Idea For Future Tourneys (After SMAC Summer Smash)

I think that once every 6 months, we should start a CP Army Season. Any of you guys watch NBA, NFL, FIFA, or MLB? Most do. Well when a sport season comes up, armies battle eachother for seeds in a tournament. Each army would have 7 battles in the season, & whoever had the best record would go into the first seed in their division (small & medium conferences for armies only). Therefore, if Sky Troops had an amazing record of 6-1, & nobody else reached 6 wins, they would be the first seeded for the tourney. 

Then, the tournament.

All 24 armies would split into 3 divisions: Medium, Small, & Tiny. The will consist of the armies who failed to get in. The Tiny division will not be able to come to the finals, but they get to battle eachother to see which is the best tiny army, kind of like NCAA Basketball’s National Invitational Tournament, or as most know the NIT. The winners would be provided images of trophies with their armies name engraved above their appropriate position.

So, who’s ready for this idea?

My first post/ History of snowballs

Hi SMAC readers! Well, as you can see I’m new here and well, decided that my very first post should be about the history of snowballs. I have no idea if anyone ahs covered this yet. But here I go. Snowballs, Some might call them weapons of mass destruction others call them a way to piss noobs off.  But they are much more than just that.  Most army’s used to use snowballs as a tactic. Not much army’s use them anymore. Army’s have found other attacks then just snowballs like emotions. Snowballs used to be used very often and the emotions were very rare at that time. Why do you think snowballs aren’t being used that much? Comment with your guess. As for now this is shaneshane78 signing off ~shaneshane78

Legends Cup Day 7 Results

Today wasn’t as intense and close as Day six, but still had two good battles to put one army in the final.

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Dark Warriors, New beginning? New Spot In Cp Smac!

Dark Warriors is a very Ancient Club Penguin Army. They have been ruled by many leaders but now they are near their Bronze Age. Bronze Age stands for almost good, but they are still rotting. Ever since their old leaders Khimo and SaW retired and moved on, their size has been going down. They lost their spot in Top Ten Large Armies, people have been quitting, line formations in battles have been bad and need practice. New leadership is coming to their army so the people who will lead are: Phipy, Dr. Alb Coolio, and Pufpuf. Circa and Donut are just Temp leaders if you ask that. Phipy, Alb, and Pufpuf have been in Dark Warriors for quite a time now. Especically for Phipy, ever since I joined Dark Warriors in 2010 he has been there so he deserves this rank. With him and other leaders his destiny is not only to lead a big army it’s to be a legend in Cp Warfare and make Dark Warriors a terrific army as it was before. So, now Dark Warriors is stepping their game up to be in the Top 5 of Large Club Penguin Armies.  Today Dark Warriors improved in size and now they are 1st in Medium Armies! They had a Unscheduled event of the Recruiting but suprisingly, many people showed up!

¡Adios Mis Amigos!

Hey guys I am officially retiring from SMAC, for two main reasons, and one not being that im going to CPAE like most others. The first reason is that I’m very busy with my lacrosse but also that, no offense to any of you, but I have a life and I go to parties and hang out with friends a lot and just don’t have time to post anymore and feel that someone who will should take my place. The other reason being that I just feel Club Penguin to be a little childish now and I et no enjoyment out of it. So farewell and good luck to all of you!