Happy Halloween from CPA Central

From all of us here at CPAC, we wish you a safe and spooky Halloween.

Don’t forget that our October Scavenger Hunt wraps up today, and Movie Night 5 is coming up in a few days. Tap Dancer36, our CP Correspondent, has also published his review of the CP Halloween Party 2013.

Have a good time Trick-or-Treating tonight, and army leaders, hope that come tomorrow your troops aren’t all passed out from a sugar high.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣ 

CPA Central CEO

Into Week Three – The Battle Cycle

FJORD, Nachos Empire – As we enter the third week of the Nachos vs ACP war, a constant trend has started to appear week in, week out. The ACP used to have the strongest USA division, but in modern times are known for this to be the weakest in the top ten. However, they also have the strongest AUSIA division. This has caused a trend to occur in the war between the two armies.

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The Halloween Party 2013


Should have worn my green cap and brought a vacuum cleaner.

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Waterkid And Bidnow Banished From The Pirates As The Rebellion Goes On

MIGRATOR, Pirates Empire – The army that always used to make the headlines for the wrong reasons, have been thrown back into the spotlight by banning their creator and recreator admits their Light Troops’ rebellion. Following his banning, Waterkid wrote a controversial post on the old Pirates site.

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CPAC Champions Cup II – Quarter Finals 3 & 4 // Semi-Final Information

See the action as it happened

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Following yesterdays close battle, there was an even closer battle as the Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors battled in a heavy-weight clash, while there was the small ally-battle between Dark Warriors and Golds. Today was another day of drama and huge battles, wrapped up by the Semi-Final draw live on the CPAC Chat.

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Champions Cup Quarter-Final Livestream

Status: Ended

Champions Cup Quarter-Finals 3&4 Livestream!

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Top Ten Armies: 10/27/13

As the the NDA War winds down, it’s been a fairly slow week in armies, and now we’re here with another Top Ten. 

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Ioioluk Banished from Light Troops || LT-Pirates Rebellion

ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital- Ioioluk, Light Troops Creator, has been banished from the Light Troops. Continue reading

Dark Warriors Declare War on Ice Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors’ Empire – Following some weeks of rebuilding and peaceful events from both the Dark Warriors’ and Ice Warriors side, the DW faithfully decided to declare war upon the IW, disrupting their placid/isolationism ways but rejoicing them with brotherly war.

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Hey Guys. Surprise, it’s me, Burr, and yes I am actually blowing some time making a post on CPAC. Now, don’t pop a full on rager just yet, this probably won’t be my best and most thought out post, but I’ve got some time and I haven’t posted in a few months, so why not? Read on if you actually care what in the world I think about the hot topic of “bringing armies back a few years.”

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Elmikey Retires After Azis Attack

TUXEDO, RPF Empire- Famed leader Elmikey has retired following the linking of a Bulgarian music video on ACP chat.  Continue reading

Champions Cup II – Quarter-Finals 1 & 2 Results.

See the action as it happened.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Today was another day of drama, as the Light Troops and Doritos. clashed in the battle between the pre-tournament tournament favorites and pre-tournament underdogs. Also, we had long standing rivals the Army of CP and Nachos battle in the closest battle of the tournament to date. As usual, this is a must-see results post.

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Champions Cup Livestream: Quarter-Finals

Status: Ended

[With British Commentary] 

Welcome back to the CPAC Champions Cup! We are here to provide you with a livestream for the Quarter-Finals! Stay tuned!

[If you experience lag, please refresh the stream or contact Superoo13 on CPAC Chat]

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The Importance of 2ics/3ics

CPAC Philosophy Desk– One pressing issue that has come to my mind as of late is the true “importance” of two army ranks that not too many people pay attention to- the 2ics and the 3ics. Continue reading

CPA Central Invasions Review — 10/25/13

CPAC Headquarters – With several wars including the Nachos vs. NDA war, LS vs. Golds war, and AR vs. LT war in full swing, we have the latest on invasions and defenses here at CPAC.

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