Question About Anti-Hacking Bill

My apologies, the anti-hacking bill is HERE

After hearing about Hades and his destruction of some of the Nacho site’s pages, I thought about if the anti-hacking bill was even enforced anymore or if anyone realized that their army was still bound by it. Thus I have created a few polls and posted a few ideas. I’d appreciate any and all input I can get, especially by current major army leaders.

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Fallen Armies- Part 3

Happy Halloween!

I’ve decided to make a third part because of so many more falling armies.  If you haven’t read the other two parts yet, click here for part one and click here for part two.

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Happy Halloween CPAC

Its Halloween Mwahahahahaha

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October/Halloween Round Up || A look To The Future

This October has been incredibly special to people all around CP warfare. With so many contest, and so many battles people from all nations have truly joined together to form a real community. We have taken some childish game and turned it into our own territory. Look at us. We are a bunch of 7-16 year olds practically owning our own world. Without us CP would not be what it is today. We are all connected. We are the rulers of the future. We are CP citizens. And we all count.  So now you’re asking ” Deli, What was the point of this post?” Well I wanted to look back on how much fun we had throughout this October.

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Underground Mafias Army Invades Flippers From SWAT

The two armies at the bottom of the top ten recently had a battle with good sizes.  Click “Read More” to view the outcome of the battle.

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Scary Showdown – The Final

❗ The British clocks have gone backwards an hour ❗

The Army of CP and Nachos took each other on in the final of the Scary Showdown. One army claimed the victory of the Scary Showdown, but who did win?

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BW Take Third In The CPAC Scary Showdown!

Congratulations Blizzard Warriors; you have won 3rd place in CPAC’s Scary Showdown. You put up an amazing fight all the way here. Now you can finally rest and claim your rightful spot as 3rd. Good Job.

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The Necessity of Change

Has your army ever been just – let’s hope- perfect? The leadership is noncorrupted, the mods enforce the rules with clear efficiency, and the members adequately follow orders and often attend events? This state marks an army’s peak years/months/weeks/days/hours/seconds/moments. But most commonly, this state is often temporary, when you’re not talking about ACP. Your army can fall due to internal corruption, hax, rank change, and troop inactivity. There are ways to prolong your army’s peak state and/or prevent corruption and inactivity. Onward, brave readers. Let us explore the void that is knowledge, and question the necessity of change.

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Topic: What We Fail to Realize

“IT’S A GAME,” I’ve been told.

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Nachos vs ACP: Information || CPAC Event Reminders

Congratulations to the winners of Funk’s Halloween party. Make sure to catch mine today at 7 est, 6 cst, 5 mst, 4 pst, and 3 UK at CPAC chat Here


❗ Click HERE for the CPAC chat ❗

Deli: Funks if you are giving me 100 xats I’ll need to see you on chat for payment. If for some reason i do not show up at the haloween party please give the xats to someone trust worthy that will hand them over to me. Don’t forget to write who you give them over to. Thanks

P.S. Poch if you have free time please make a Chat BG for Funks to upload to the chat and make sure you put “Deli’s Xat Haloween Contest.” Thanks

As the Nachos take on the ACP in the scary showdown Finals, CPAC have tons of events over the weekend for you to go to. Click ‘Read more’ for more information.

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A message to those who believe Pink Mafias/Compwiz is still here

Paco Edit: Sorry for the lack of words, it was just a big news flash I got to witness personally

Now I know this has nothing to do with Historian duty but I find this a grade A+ scoop and I have posting abilities so I was asked by Compwiz to tell CP Army people about him and Pink Mafias.

He told me and other UMA to tell anyone to read this:


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The Founding Fathers of the CP Army Community: People and Ideas

A subject not touched on, or even spoken about for many years. No one person can explain all the ideas, all the work, and all the time that was put into a simple idea that soon took an action. This idea was created by many members of our community, but one put it to the test. This idea was the creation of the very first, organized, Club Penguin Army.

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World of CP Armies: Uprisings

Uprisings, rebellions, coup d’ état, whatever you call them, these kinds of happenings are some of the most driving changes in armies. From the famous rebellion from UMA, which sparked RPF, one of the greatest armies of all time, or Boomer20’s famous coup d’ état during the leadership of Meat. These have sparked dramatic changes in armies, but which have been worth it? Continue reading

The New and Improved Legends Page?

Blue2: Tempahh has been removed from the site for his inappropriate post content and for several other reasons.

Boomer’s Edit: Staff members who post inappropriate or irrelevant things will result in you being made a Contributor. This will ensure that an Editor or Admin will be able to look over your posts before they are published. Editors and Admins keep an eye out for “Pending” posts. Try to stagger their releases so they are not all published at once.

So, after announcing the Legends Votings to ACP chat, I was greeted by a massive, furious outcry. No one liked the votings; no one deserved legend; the page had too many people on it already, etc. So, Funks and I sat down with Flipper and Oberst, and together we have drawn up an entirely new system for the Legends Page and Legend nominees.

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