WW vs. GW Results

Watex Warriors battled against Golden Warriors on October 31, as a battle for Fifth Largest Army position! I have a video of the battle, in case you’re interested!


Note: I had to speed up the video, so that it would fit under YouTube’s 10 minute video limit.

Clearly, Golden Warriors had more soldiers throughout, and won. Looks like WW has to stay where they are for now!

– Amitc87, CPA Central Secondary Head of Site

Happy Halloween!

Update: For those of you that have been wondering what I use for my graphics, I actually use a variety of really crappy programs. Including PowerPoint, Scratch and Paint. I have a graphics upgrade thing for PowerPoint that lets me do a lot of awesome effects and make my backgrounds transparent, but for a lot of my pictures, I first have to put them through Scratch to just edit them. Sometimes I’ll also put in, say a green background on pictures in Scratch so that I can choose that as the transparent color for the image in PowerPoint. I use Paint for various other little things.

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s time for CPA Central’s 2009 Halloween Event!


Make sure to check out the entire site, it’s completely re-done with a spooky Halloween theme! Make sure to check out all of the pages, along with the CPA Central Twitter and YouTube! These decorations will be up for a couple of days, so make sure to check them out while they last!

Also, the following surprises and events will be released over the next couple of days as a part of the CPA Central Halloween Event:

  • A spooky contest!
  • The V.I.P Page!
  • The CPA Forums!

Make sure to check back all this next week for those awesome projects!

Comment with what YOU think of the Halloween Event! Do you like it or not? Suggestions are always welcome, too!

Greetings from Iceyfeet1234!

Well, I really dont have much to say, lol.. Well im Iceyfeet1234 as most of you know. Im the new head reporter on CPA central. Soooo ya…. XD. Anyways, I will be posting some war info every few days.

For right now, I need to ask everyone a favor.

Ever sence Gjh took away the IW site domain and changed it to a rickroll site, we have lost many hits and recruits. So I am asking you, the CPA central readers to help IW out.

Theres only 4 things you can do to help!

1. Visit http://iwicewarriorsiw.wordpress.com/ (The IW site without the domain)

2. Join IW if you want to.

3. Spread the word that the IW site is now http://iwicewarriorsiw.wordpress.com/

4. Go to http://xat.com/icewarriors and make it less… boring XD lol.

Well, I hope people can help IW so it dosnt fall.

Infact, each week I will be posting a different army that needs the most help. The army can be small, medium, large, or any size! Just comment your army + army site.

Lets do it together

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Which World Power is Right for YOU? / Which One do YOU Think is the Best!

I noticed that, which CPA Central is still a great site for experienced people in Club Penguin Armies to visit, there are also some new people coming to our site that are looking for an army. Obviously, the three most common armies for “n00bs” to join are the ACP, Nachos or IW – the three World Powers. The three armies are all very different and may appeal to some, not to others. I’ve made a guide for new people to Club Penguin Armies to decide which army is right for THEM, along with more experienced people who may be looking for a new army to join.

Army of Club Penguin

The ACP is a great starter army for people new to Club Penguin Armies. Over 50% of people that are in Club Penguin Armies today started in the ACP, including Woton! The ACP is always safe and moderated, especially on it’s chat, which usually has many moderators at once online. Many of the ACP’s active troops are lower ranks and you can often find younger soldiers looking up to older and higher ranked ones. The ACP does a great job of recognizing their troops; if you’re doing a good job being active, they’ll see you and promote you. You can even run for some government positions at a low rank. Sometimes, the ACP can be quite demanding. Every once in a while they go through a week or so when there are simply to many events, posts and updates. However, the ACP usually is known for remaining calm even while they’re in the middle of all of the action, which they usually are. The ACP also manages to keep a massive size, although it goes up and down.

There are only a few disadvantages to the ACP. One of the major ones is that the ACP can be a little over-strict at times, so you might not want to join them if you just want to go wild. Another one is that one of the big rules in ACP is that if you snooze, you lose. If you go inactive for over a week at once, it is often hard to catch up and you will most likely not be promoted that month. Another disadvantage is that some other armies don’t like the ACP very much, and if you do want to leave the ACP and join a new army it may be difficult. Also, every once in a while the ACP has some leadership issues and things are a little crazy for a while. The ACP’s leadership also is fairly new usually and their leaders don’t have a ton of expirience. The ACP is a great starter army, if you’re brand new to Club Penguin Armies, there’s a fairly good chance this is the army for you.


The Nachos aren’t quite as good as a starting army as the ACP, but if you have some experience in Club Penguin Armies and are looking for a new army to join, the Nachos are probably a good one for you. The Nachos are known as a fun loving army, their site usually has a lot of jokes on it and their leaders are good humored. Their chat is often pretty wild and fun, although it does get over the top sometimes. One of the big advantages about the Nachos is that their leaders are a group of very experienced people that have come from all over. However, they do sometimes have some leadership issues, and sometimes their leaders can really just get away with whatever they want. You can usually be easily promoted simply if you go on their chat a lot of attend the majority of the events. One of the big advantages about the Nachos is that it’s quite a bit easier to get a high rank in the Nachos and the high ranks get a lot more responsibility and attention than in other armies. Sometimes the Nachos go a little inactive, but they are usually at the center of much of the action. The Nachos often go up and down in their size, but the manage to keep at least a fairly large size and rank.

There are a couple disadvantages to the Nachos. Probably the biggest one is that this is really not a good army for people that are brand new to Club Penguin Armies. The Nachos can often be found making fun of “n00bs,” which is another one of their disadvantages, they can be mean sometimes. However, if you really understand what’s going on in the Nachos, you can really be welcomed into them. The Nachos also have leadership issues more often than other armies. Usually they are resolved, but sometimes it does cost the army. While the Nachos are usually in the middle of all of the action, they sometimes aren’t in a very good place, and it’s a little hard to be in them at one of those points. The Nachos also sometimes go through a little while when they really just don’t have anything going on, in which case it can be a little boaring. The Nachos sometimes are a strange army, but if you find a place in them, they can be a great army for you.

Ice Warriors

The IW are a great army for you that’s just in between the ACP and Nachos. They’re well mannered while also fun loving. It’s a good starter army, but is also a good army to join even if you’ve already had a ton of experience in Club Penguin Armies. The IW chat is well moderated but not too strict. They also make it easy to have a lot of fun on their chat. It’s fairly easy to move up the ranks in the IW, but sometimes it can be difficult. The IW always have a stable leadership, which is one of the things they are known for. If you go on their chat at least fairly often and attend most of their events, there’s a good chance you’ll be promoted. Sometimes the IW can be a little demanding, but usually they don’t have too much work for you to do. While the IW can be found fairly often at the center of events, they are always very calm and controlled. They also are good about staying of some battles where they really aren’t needed. The IW also have a very good size at battles, although it does go up and down.

The IW don’t really have many disadvantages or issues, which in someway can be an issue itself. It can sometimes get a little boring with the IW, as their chat usually isn’t all that incredibly full and they have a very minimal amount of posts on their site. The IW also have never switched their leadership before, which makes it a little dull, but Iceyfeet1234 is one of the absolute best army leaders in all of Club Penguin Armies history. It also makes it so that there are rarely any leadership issues. However, the IW are still an exciting army to be in and are great if your just looking for a nice, fairly simple and fun army to be in.

All of the three World Powers have their advantages and disadvantages, but I want to know which one YOU think is the best!

Also, make sure to remember the site as it is today! Tommorow it will be completely different and changed with the CPA Central Halloween Event!


Comment saying why you voted for what you did!

Are the FW Back – YOU Decide!

A while ago I wrote a short post wondering if the FW were really back or not. After some of their recent action, it looks like they could easily be on the Top 10 Armies list! A lot of their army seems to be centered a lot on the owner ranks, and they still seem to be a lot of just a hang out group for the people from the old FW, but they still are seeming to have a large turnout at battles. They also are apperantly declaring war on Gwami’s new army, which should be their first actual war since they were made.

As always, I want to know YOUR opinion!

In other news, I’m having some more issues with Gwami. Apperantly, he released a commercial about how much better Gwami was then CPA Central. For some reason, he thinks that our two sites have some sort of rivalry, even though they don’t even post about the same thing. Read the full story here.

I know this post was a little short, but I’ve been working hard on the Halloween Event, along with the rest of the team! Make sure to check back this Saturday (Halloween) for an all new CPA Central!

Make sure to comment saying if you think the FW are back or not!

CPA Central Halloween Event Sneak Peek / CPA Cental YouTube and Email!

There’s a ton of new projects and surprises in this post! First of all, here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming Halloween Event this weekend!

Starting on Halloween CPA Central will be completely re-done with a spooky theme! The entire site will be tricked out, including the Twitter, YouTube and Toolbar! There will also be an awesome contest and a ton of other fun events!

Make sure to check out CPA Central this weekend, as the event will only last for a couple of days!

New Projects:

There are also a couple of awesome new projects I’ve been working on for CPA Central!

First, a brand new CPA Central YouTube! I’ll be uploading all of the CPA Central videos to it, so make sure to subscribe!



Second of all, the new CPA Central support  email! You can email any questions, ideas, complains, suggestions or ideas to this email and I will respond ASAP! Don’t be afraid to email us, we’ll always respond!


Make sure to check back on Halloween for the CPA Central Halloween Event!

Make sure to leave a comment with YOUR Top 10 Armies list, real or fake, as I will be finally doing this weeks list tomorrow!