Trampled Underfoot

SUMMIT – A predictable turn of events for the Doritos.

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BREAKING NEWS: SWAT Declares War on Nachos!

MAMMOTH– Today, Ganger announced his declaration of war against the Nachos.

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The Fall Of The Army Republic – From 2nd to 12th

After the Army Repubic recovered from a fall, leading to what they called “isolation”, they have yet again fallen down the top ten rankings and this time they have broken the CPAC Top Ten record, by going from 2nd to out of the top ten completely. The AR barely managed 15 during the week and it was suggested that this was down to Buritodaily, AR leader, going on vacation for a week. He said “I am furious at those who let AR crumble. We were an army looking so fine, then, for the first time in almost a year I take a break and this happens? This is how all of my continuous hard work is rewarded? I was so close to accomplishing my major goals, it looked as if I may be able to retire in peace”.   There was also a rare post from retired creator, 122344a, as he said “Since Burr has gone on his vacation I have noticed a significant change among the AR soldiers. Most of you are beginning to lack discipline, and have developed a vacuous and rebellious attitude towards the leaders.”. As Bur returns, he said he may retire if AR does not hit “solid 30+” in the coming events.

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UK / USA divisions – How do they help an army?

Recently, many armies have been attempting to broaden their horizons with regards to the diversity of their troops, and have tried to draw in troops of different nationality, so as to bring them more power, and flexibility. Some armies are solely UK armies and need to branch out into the USA, and for other armies, it is the opposite. But the question is this – is it really worth it?

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Top 10 Armies: 3/31/2013

Happy Easter everyone and good day to you all! As the Easter Bunny brought chocolates, CPAC has brought you the weekly top 10 to behold upon as this time, Funks and I have made up this top 10 in the absence of the Bluesockwas as they have gone on vacation. The order was done in a joint effort by the both of us, with the descriptions being written by Funks. Hope you enjoy this top 10 and please feel free to click the read more button to continue on to read the top 10!

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Reviving ‘YouWrite’

Today we’re going to be reviving the forgotten YouWrite system. Continue reading

Lextro Preview

Hia everyone,

If you’re a fan of K Productions then continue reading this post!

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The Hot Sauce Army battle Light Troops for Parka

The latest battle in the war between The Hot Sauce Army and The Light Troops; but who came out on top?

The war between these two armies rages on, the latest battle HSA’s invasion of Parka. After losing Freezer to the Light Troops earlier on in the day HSA were keen to end the day with 2 victories to 1 over the Light Troops for the day, but could they beat the Light Troops?

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Pirates on the Edge of Shutting Down

After recently dropping out of the top ten, The Pirates have been having trouble getting good sizes at events.  Their recent practice battle with IW lead to a warning from Waterkid100 stating that he may shut down the Pirates.

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The April 2013 Legends Inductions

We have worked out yet another induction system, and so we greet you with another shot at an unbiased Legends Induction. Continue reading

What our Creators Really mean to Us.

Army founders have been returning to their creations left and right in this era of CP Armies. We all know that the founders of armies such as ACP or Nachos are immensely respected by their creation, and what’s become of it.

But do they really deserve to take all the credit for what their soldiers have worked for 1-5 years to achieve, when they really came up of the idea of the army, have they actually doing much for the army in retrospect?

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BREAKING NEWS: A Super Merge In The Works?

CPA Central Chatroom – History is in the making, as the leaders of multiple armies speak about the forming of a new “World Power”.

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Editorial: The Great Perversion of Our Hall of Fame and Why It Matters

 KLONDIKE- A debate breaks out among the current and retired owners of the ACP, along with the troops themselves, as to ACP’s medal system.

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Comparing the Cp Army Community to the Real World

We’re a community, right? We all know the important armies, the news, and each other. But have you imagined if the Club Penguin Army community transformed into a community in real life? Like … school?


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 UPDATE 10:41AM EST: Qwerty admits defacing the Water Vikings site. 

MITTENS– Today, the Water Vikings site was defaced, but the question is; by who?


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