Fire Warriors Declare War On Light Troops

Recently, Fire Warriors have declared war on, Light Troops. Who will prevail to be the winner?

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The Importance of our Creators

Evening all. I got bored so I decided to write a post on something that I thought of a while ago. How important are our Creators to us and how have they influenced armies since?

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Partnership with SMAC | CPAC Evaluation Week | Staff Site

The only interesting part of this post for the readers is the partnership with SMAC, which I have put at the top so that you don’t have to scroll down to find; if you are a staff member, however, please read the whole post.
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A Mchappier Start For ACP?

Read on to learn about ACP’s possible return to glory with the introduction of one of their historic leaders, IceyCold 27 also known as Mchappy! 

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Top Ten Armies: 04/28/13

UPDATED 6:36 PM EST: Switched Romans and CPPA.

UPDATED 5:55 PM EST: SWAT, similarly to what DCP did a few weeks ago, has been shown to have attempted to pass off two events that date to before the dates they are alleged to be from at legitimate. Thus, they receive a two-week banishment from the Top Ten. Thank you and good night. 

We’ve seen retirements, wars, treaties, and enough negotiation to last a lifetime in the course of the last week, and as we begin anew, here is another edition of the CPAC Top Ten Armies. Sorry about the shortened descriptions, the author kept changing this week and I only got word very late that I was to write this, so I kept things short. To make things simple, I listed the 5 (if there were that many) best event sizes of each army, along with a brief summary of their week. Continue reading

Ice Warriors and Water Vikings in a Practice Battle

PARKA — As the war between the Army of Club Penguin, Hot Sauce Army, and Nachos end, Ice Warriors continue their week with more practice battles; their most recent opponent being Water Vikings.

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The Tragedy of Swimmerboy01

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Welcome to a special edition of CPAC news. Another leadership tragedy shrouds the shaken Army of CP following the retirement of Kingfunks4 and the war with the Nachos. However, this one hits ACP the hardest, in it’s most vulernable spot, where there is not much depth; the leadership. Yes, the sole leader of ACP, Swimmerboy01 has retired. While it was not very evident, the personal life of the ACP leader has made leading his army difficult. He attempted to revive the ACP’s broken US divison, and while he was criticized for it, he tried the best his real life allowed him to. Though he was encased in the Kingfunks coup d’etat scandal, the ACP troops will miss him, along with all of ACP allies and armies that have been affiliated with ACP. At the end of the day, however, a new ACP generation has risen from the old and continues moving on.

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The Importance of The (wary) Emoticon In Armies

We use Xat every day, and Xat provides a variety of emoticons that we use to convey our emotions. However, there is one emote that we use too much than the others: the (wary) emote.

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End of the War Between Army Republic and Light Troops?

HUSKY — as Army Republic claims the war is over with their victory, Light Troops continue to invade back their lost servers.  This post was updated around 9:21 pm Central Standard Time.  Information found at the bottom of the post.

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ACP: The Beginning of the End?

BREEZE – ACP are on the downfall, and very recently Kingfunks4 retired from the army, but can they recover and gain sizes of 30-40 again?  In this post, we talk about the current happenings in ACP, and also get soldiers opinions on the armies current state.

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Philosophy – Being A Good Diplomat


Why hello, CPAC! I’m 6789cool and I’m writing here for a philosophy post today.

I’m feeling PHILOSOPHIC-y today, so I’m going to write a post on something that I’ve learned quite a bit about recently, and about how it can help YOU, improve YOUR Army, for the better.

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Servers; a massive mess.

The laziness and greed of some armies leaves some servers claimed by many armies.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why are servers claimed by so many armies?
  2. What can we do to make them more accurate and prevent them from getting even worse?

*This post contains some of my opinions and is not completely free of bias*

Why are servers claimed by so many armies?

Servers. A vital part of CP warfare. Without them armies wouldn’t have land to defend, armies wouldn’t have anything to invade and CP Armies would for sure be a lot less fun if we were only able to play on 1 server. Yet servers are currently in a mess of epic proportions. I’ll use Mammoth as an example. Mammoth has historically been owned by the ACP, this server was shared with the Pirates according to the Pirates nation page. Then SWAT invaded Mammoth and made the server their own. Mammoth was then lost by SWAT to the Nachos following a treaty. Therefore you’d think that Mammoth belonged to the Nachos and only the Nachos would have Mammoth on their nation page?

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Elite Penguin Troops Launch – Accused of Bot Use

Hello everyone! Sorry for my temporary absence from reporting, but I had other thing’s going on. In this article you will see how the EPF’s EPT’s first event went, and the controversial claim they used bots. To read more, stay tuned for more!

Note: This post contains no bias, and was intended to contain no bias.

However, this does contain controversial content. Read at your own discretion, and comment your opinion.

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Follow Up: Army Republic and Light Troops Outbreak of War

MUKLUK — this post was created for the sole purpose of bringing updated news to those who are following the ongoing war between the Army Republic and Light Troops.

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The Retirement of Kingfunks4

Kingfunks4, Former CPAC Head and ACP Leader, has retired as of about five minutes ago. While Funks was one of the most controversial of his generation, he was a great friend, mentor, and, for one reason or another, will be greatly remembered by this community. At the end of last year, Funks was named the 2nd Most Influential Person of the 2012 year, second only to Waterkid100, his greatest rival. Funks’s retirement post is below. From myself, and all of us here at CPAC, here’s to you, Funks. You will be missed. Continue reading