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TG vs. IV: Invasion of Snow Drift Results

On January 30, 2011, IV invaded Snow Drift, which belonged to TG. Click “Read More” to view the results of this battle.

Let’s take a look at some pictures, which were taken from both the IV and TG websites. Before we begin, who claimed to win?

TG’s say on the defense:

Well today we, Team Gold, successfully defended the server Snow Drift from the Ice Vikings.  It was a great battle.  TG had pretty good numbers.  The reasons we won are that IV logged off early, giving us time to reclaim most of the rooms.  Another reason is that IV spied as well.

IV’s opinion:

we won, it was a hard fought battle very very close battle, it also wwould have helped if people showed up! we didnt even get a full chat till 10 minutes into the battle, and almost no one was on the chat 30 minutes before, guys come on! we still had like 18 but STILL, a lot of people didnt come, and most didnt even come till right when the battle started. we were outnumbered 15-8 right before it started. We need work on getting more on faster.

We Log on to snow Drift 1 Hour 30 Minutes before the battle we had 18-25, we were very large then like 10 red bots ccame and started spamming and attacking us, we shrunk to 10-15 so we moved to snow globe, recruited at snow globe for about 20 mins with 10-20, then we found out that the bots had left so we returned to snow drift with 8-10. we stayed at 8-10 for like 20 minutes, then we started to grow, and the battle started.

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Solidarity Forever

My viewers, I feel I must adress something that does indeed bother me. I see time and time again, the explotation of the grunts, the footmen, the soldier. It seems a leader can say, “If you attend there will be promos!” and then later say, “Bah, I don’t feel like it right now” and end up never doing it. And it seems every single man in the army will just shrug and forget about.

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Nachos/Uma vs. Orange Alliance on Fjord/ War?

Hello, everyone! Becca here again with a review of an interesting battle: The Nachos and Underground Mafias Army vs. the Orange Alliance.

Yes, I know Godplayer already covered this. But I decided to post this anyway, because, since he was covering multiple subjects, he didn’t really delve into this topic. No offence to Godplayer, obviously, I know that since you were covering more than one subject, it would be hard to give a detailed analysis of each one, as it would be time-consuming and seem to drone on and on.

Now, a bit about all of the participating armies in this battle:

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KidKing here, with a generic post of genericness about…………………..TACTICS!!!

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Army of the Week 1/30/11

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The Invisible Tactic


Spying has been with Club Penguin armies since the beginning, and has become an even larger part of armies  through the  introduction of Xat chats. Spying used to be such a large part of Club Penguin armies, that armies would have entire branches dedicated to it. This tactic is the tactic that brings fairness to battles between unequal armies. It grants success to the more intelligent army who uses the information gathered from spying to their advantage. Spying levels the playing field in Club Penguin armies, yet it is being exterminated by quivering armies who are afraid of being “violated” by spying…

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The War on Terrorism – NW vs OA | Battle of Fjord | TG Surrenders! | Important Notes

No, it’s not the United States and NATO versus the Taliban, however, one could portray it as quite a funny allegory.

Anyway, the Night Warriors have declared war on the Doritos of Club Penguin, promising that if the Orange Alliance doesn’t drop them, they will feel the in-the-running-for-number-one-spot-army’s wrath. Now, the NW states that the reason for their war (not that they really need one) is that the DCP are calling them names and throwing slurs at them. Here are a few pictures from the Night Warriors website:

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DW vs. RT, The Practice Battle in Review.

Today, the Dark Warriors and Ranger Troops were to meet face to face on the server Mukluk, to give their all out in a Practice Battle. Continue reading to get an in-depth review on this event.

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Results (Applications/Raffle)

Hey everyone! Well, since not a lot of people decided to apply for a position, I pretty much made up my mind up my mind about who will be added. I kept in mind the suggestions about quality and the experience the new staff will have. So, with that being my main priority, the new staff are…

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Many Apologies, Friends

Blue2: I’m not sure who removed the Recent Comments, Authors, and Top Ten Armies RSS widgets, but I have re-added them. Also, I will be posting very soon. 😉

Kingfunks4: It is my day to post something, but I really can’t find anything to post about. If it is ok with you skloop, I will post Sunday or Monday.

This is not a rant.

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New Raffle System | Name That Army!

Edit: Guys, you’re not paying to enter the raffle. You’re paying for us to put your banner up on the site, the raffle is absolutely free. Comment here with your bid as well!

Hey everyone! Since I don’t really want to spend my own xats on the Name That Army! raffle, I came up with a new system to get xats for them. Many people wish to advertise via banners on the CPAC site. So, in order to use this as a resource, I have decide to sell adspace on the website. Between every Name That Army! raffle, people who wish to buy a widget on the website for xats, days, or powers will be entered into a bid. Those who win the (in order to win the bid you must be willing to pay the highest number of xats, days, or powers) will win the adspace and have their banner displayed for one week on CPAC. The money they payed will be used as the raffle prize. Here is where the ad will be placed: Click for full image

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CPAC Podcast Episode 2

I missed my post yesterday due to the snowstorm here, so this is another episode of the Podcast that we recorded right after the first one. Sriv and I talk about our history from 2006-2007. This is only one part of many more that will come (if you guys enjoy it, which I think you will). The audio is still messed up since I put this up in a hurry, so my apologies for that. Also, please give the video a thumbs up on the Youtube page to help the channel grow.

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Remember, if you would like us to cover your battle, clicking here is the best way for us to do it!

Becca please post by tonight to avoid a first strike.
Staff: Do not approve comments for this post that are not applications.

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U.N.W and OA

What are CP alliances? They are 2 or more allies having eachother’s backs during wars and whenever they need it. There can be alliances for defense or attack. Currently, an alliance war is going on between The UMA/Nachos/NW Alliance and the Orange Alliance (also including TG and DCP). These two alliances keep going back and forth at eachother nonstop with raids and/or invasions.

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