Redemption Force and Chaos Agree To Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – After fighting an endless war between the Redemption Force and the Chaos, both sides have finally come to an agreement on a treaty and a ceasefire lasting until April 1st 2015. What will this mean for the two opposing armies?

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March Madness 2015 Livestream

Status: Offline

Come and check out the live stream in which you can watch all the amazing battles for the March Madness.

My Experience with BurritoDaily, AR Leader.

I would like to congratulate UMA on their recent win against the pay2win army -Elmikey

My name is Elmikey and this is an experience with the Army Republic leader, Burritodaily. Please don’t insult me in the comment section, you’re just jealous that I am the chosen one and you’re banal and covered with bees.

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UMA vs. Ice Warriors: Battle of Mammoth

MAMMOTH, Battle Venue – The Underground Mafia Army shocked the entire community recently by announcing their return to community. They then challenged all armies to come to the popular server Mammoth and see who truly owns it, unfortunately – only two armies showed up.


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Golds Launches A New Beginning

Update #1: Antonio960 and Trader has returned to the Golds Leadership.

Flippers, Golds Capital – This week we have the Golds army who had occurred some major changes in the Golds Leaderships due to the resignation of two golden veterans. Whats Up11 and Flamez64 has made the final decision to move on. And as for Whats Up11, he has rejoined the Dark Warriors as a 2nd-in-Command.  Continue reading

Jessie Inaugurated As Light Troops Leader

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – Recently with Light Troops having their conflicts with the Water Vikings and the  Ice Warriors and mostly being part in the war, the Light Troops have pronounced a new UK leader, Jessie. To mainly uplift their UK division in the army, Especially with the March Madness around the corner.

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The Daniel Triage Test: Morally Obliged to Respect Opinions?

I use Waterkid and some other people as examples.

If someone whom you consider your epistemic peer (that is, you think that this soldier/retiree/leader/leader is usually correct in their judgments – not some wacko), if you have a disagreement, you ought at least initially to give their view the same weight as yours. The reasoning behind this goes something like: It’s irrational for you to consider someone a reasonable epistemic person in other cases, yet when they disagree with you, down-value their judgment if you don’t have any independent reason to do so. You ought always to respect someone’s opinion. You cannot know that it’s “terrible” as some other poster implied just from the fact that you disagree with it. This is surely placing your own epistemic judgment way higher than you have justification for.

My interpretation of this is some peoples articles on respect is that the person writing it is addressing the issue of saying “I’m entitled to my opinion” specifically as a way to avoid new information or having to support their claim in a disagreement. It’s a bad practice, and I think it’s good for people to look at the ways in which they avoid questioning themselves.

Read on before B2 kicks my ass for posting too long of an intro.

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March Madness: Round One Predictions

March Madness is right around the corner, so for all the people wondering how these battles might unfold, here are the preliminary predictions!

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New Social Media Managers

CPA Central has picked three new social media managers who will recreate the social media department of the organisation. In this post also includes information on what their role is.

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Philosophy’s Importance

KLONDIKE, Philosophy Desk – Philosophy is everywhere, it’s in the real world and you’re reading a philosophy right now, many individuals think of a philosophical post as just a post for the purpose to provide a boring lecture, many of those opinions are about to change.

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Leadership Change in the Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – After a downfall in the Dark Warriors army from their number 1 streak in the summer and just continuing to be one of the major powers of the CP Army Community, they took a downfall but now with a leadership change we can already see improving.  Continue reading

CPA Central March Madness III


After a hiatus in tournaments for nearly two months, CPA Central returns with the third installment of our March Madness tournament. This year, we’ve changed the format of both the seeding and the matchups from last year’s March Madness in an effort to create a more compelling landscape throughout the tournament. For two years in a row now, the Nachos have come out on top in our March Madness tournament, topping the Ice Warriors in 2013 and the Army of Club Penguin in 2014. With the way this year has been shaping up, this could be a prime opportunity for a new champion to win it all, perhaps one that has yet to win a CPAC Tournament. Read on for the matchups, rules, and times.

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Top Ten Armies: 02/22/15

In an extraordinary top ten, several armies take huge strides up the top ten and one top three army tumbles to the bottom of the top ten – while one misses out all together due to technicalities. This week also sees a large improvement in top ten scores with five points separating 5th to 10th.

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Magnifying Modern Day Army Leaders

Suggestions for my next post would be greatly appreciated

*Thanks to my good friend Chrisi Blule for suggesting this post idea, greatly appreciate the suggestion buddy*

This post won’t be relatively long and will contain less “college level” words, as Badboy so eloquently (might want to google the definition of this Badboy) put it. In this installment, I will be covering egotism and a bunch of other stuff so take a seat and get some popcorn

Leadership(s) should flow naturally once the pill has been swallowed. Swallowing the pill just simply kills your alter-ego.

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Water Vikings vs Doritos vs Ice Warriors vs Nachos: Battle of Jackhammer

JACKHAMMER, Water Vikings Empire – The first week of the WV/DCP war came to a close today with the Doritos’ invasion of Jackhammer from the Water Vikings. The battle was raided by the Ice Warriors and the Nachos, creating a large, 4-way rumble. Continue reading