Welcome to the largest collection of armies compiled in our community. Here, you will learn all about the biggest, most relevant armies that this community has come across. To make it easier for you, this page is in alphabetical order and has been written following hours upon hours of research, in some cases – for each individual entry.

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* – Indicates Army Has Held A #1 Place Position on Top Ten Rankings


Ace of Spades

Creator: Blackx1

The Ace of Spades army was an army that wasn’t very consistent throughout generations, the generation before April 21st, 2013 is unknown due to a site deface caused by Samsung, a high rank personnel. The army; however, pulled through the deface and went for a second chance, but troop activity had fallen exponentially, and eventually closed their doors on April 27th, 2013.

The Ace of Spades originally aimed to return around June 1st, 2013; however, they came back much later on August 26 of the same year after being recreated by Blackx1 alongside Zyxwv124. This generation of the Ace of Spades seemed to be more successful than the previous one, gaining excellent sizes at their events.


This generation fell into inactivity and silence until it was reopened by Blackx1 around June 7th, 2014, almost a year after the death of their previous generation and they continued with good events, and during this generation, they did their best to stay alive even longer than the last two generations. On July 16, 2014, the Ace of Spades fell silent to this day.

Air Force

Creator: Db Penguin

The Air Force was created in 2007 by Db Penguin. The Air Force was, although smaller, one of the most pivotal armies in the history of warfare. Although there is an obvious lack of pictures of the 2007 Air Force, the history still lives on. Created in February 2007 by Army Legend Db Penguin, the Air Force began their journey as a smaller army. They grew at a consistent pace, slowly gaining themselves more recognition in the army community until, in May of that year, they were regarded by Oagalthorp as “the third largest army in warfare” and “nearly the size of ACP”.

That same Oagalthorp then sent the Air Force a request for them to ally with the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation against the Underground Mafias Army in WWIII, a war that had been dragging on for months. The Air Force then accepted, and they became the army that finally tipped the scales in ACP’s favor, effectively ending the war at the end of May 2007. Alongside the ACP and RPF, the Air Force delivered the Underground Mafias Army one final blow at the Battle of Breeze, a blow so devastating that it forced Pink Mafias into retirement and plunged UMA into chaos. Shortly after, they ceded victory to the ACP, RPF, and the Air Force.

After their monumental victory in WWIII, Db Penguin retired from the army for a few months due to her having to go to summer camp. Upon her return, she found the Air Force in shambles. She was left with no choice but to shut them down. Two revivals were attempted in 2008 and 2009, but neither were met with much success. In the present age of warfare, however, Seer brought back the Air Force, but in red as compared to blue and orange. They’ve achieved some success, reaching as high as 6th on CPA Central on several occasions, but they’ve yet to make even close to the historical imprint that Db Penguin’s Air Force of 2007 made, an imprint that likely will seldom ever be matched.

Air Warriors

Creator: Talex831

The Air Warriors army was revived by Talex831 around May 4th, 2013 after the Air Warriors fell into silence at a much earlier point in time, and where the information of the previous generation of the Air Warriors remains unknown to this day. Talex spent the beginning of the new generation preparing the Air Warriors for return; however, during the early stages of this new generation, Talex831 declared war upon the USSPA (United Server States Penguins of America) for committing several crimes, the most predominant one being raiding of servers without prior notice. After two unposted invasions against the aforementioned enemy, the war was called off via the USSPA forming a colony under the Air Warriors nation. Around June 20th, 2013, the Air Warriors fell inactive.

Two years later on February 25th, 2015, Talex831 attempted to recreate the Air Warriors for another generation, and they had only one event, maxing 6, during this short lived generation.


Creator: Anarchist4life/Riotors

The Anarchists were created by Anarchist4life, a mysterious figure in the army community, around October 16th, 2014. Later it was discovered ‘Anarchist4Life’ was Riotors in disguise. The army has been known for going to war and have had amazing sizes at almost all of their events. The Anarchists were known for being a very powerful army, and their first generation was the best they ever had achieving consistent sizes of 15+.

Their first generation was halted in its tracks on December 7th 2014 due to allegations of botting. A second generation was created by Carson on June 10th, 2015, and for weeks they spent time reorganizing and recruiting, in turn they got excellent sizes in events and their second generation lasted a good while until they announced lockdown around June 27th, 2015.

After suffering a deface which lost a lot of history, the army decided to enter permanent lockdown, never to be reopened under any circumstance.

Aqua Vikings

Creators: Antonio960, TondraX, and Lord Jay

Created in September 10th, 2015 by the trio Antonio960, TondraX, and Lord Jay, the Aqua Vikings began their road in becoming a successful major army in a short period of time. During this time Ant & Jay were USA division leaders in Water Vikings in which there was a war happening between WV against other strong armies, this sparked an idea for a revolutionary army between these two individuals to make it on a road to success in CPAC and soon enough came up with the name Aqua Vikings, mainly due to being in command in WV which became a useful brother ally along the way. Even though it was difficult to manage both armies and to hold not such an original idea, Ant contacted Tondrax to provide a website and other useful abilities to make AV an official major army making it the “Viking Era”. During these days while the army made progress, they invaded the server Glacier unexpectedly from any army who had control over it so it would become their first server, they hit sizes of 20 to 25 shouting “Aqua Grabber” at the ice berg, this caught the attention of armies who had targeted WV which started internal problems in the army. The Pretzels of CP took this chance to make friendship with AV and gave them a few servers which made Snow Plow the new capital of Aqua Vikings.

A massive leadership started forming quickly in the army which involved Orange, Gator, and Coqui to make a leadership of 6 experienced commanders for most of its first generation. The army kept maxing consistent sizes of 20 to 25 in regular events and battles against armies such as Nachos. Lord Jay had been forced to leave the leadership due to spending too much time between both armies, that’s why Troppy was selected to be a formidable replacement during that time. Jared soon joined the leadership after temporary leader, Popcorny5555, stepped down. AV continued to reach great heights but there was a certain moment in which the all the leaders had to step down one by one and it was ultimately decided to put the army on lock down state. It’s nation was transferred to it’s allies such as WV for safe keeping. The highest they achieved was 6th and 7th in the CP Army Central Top Ten with a strong score in consistency both those weeks.

Several months pass, in February 25th, 2016 a small group of people were given permission to bring back Aqua Vikings, the main leader was Cenafan for a few weeks along with a decent quantity of troops and leaders but sadly the army did not live long for that second generation. It was mostly considered a S/M army which is why there isn’t much record of it even happening, its sizes were decreased to 10 or 5 in event results. It was completely defaced by TyMatt and two other people which forced one of the creators of the army to remove everyone except the legends from power. The site was regained and years after they gave everything to support the Tacos army which somewhat carried the army’s legacy. From there on many attempts were made to bring back AV during the years but the dream never happened.

Arctic Ops

Creator: Starboi414

Arctic Ops were an army that was created on October 13, 2013 by Starboi414. Starboi was inactive during the first generation so he had someone else be leader, but they did a really bad job. They came back in January but it did not last long as Starboi decided to dedicate more time into RPF. The month of February was a month all about rising for Arctic Ops. Starboi restarted the army with determination this time. One of their allies sadly died in this month so they were able to actually have their servers without sharing them.  Tompenguin6 also came to Arctic Ops in February and had a duo leadership with Starboi. Together they fixed up the site and kept AO up and running.

In the month of March, Arctic Ops Generation 2 was a huge success. they progressed through the small medium army community and made it into many of the top tens. They even got to 15th on CPAC once. Arctic Ops got very far in a tournament (final 4) and just overall were a very good army at this time. Arctic Ops also had their best event where they maxed 15+ at one point.


In April 2014, Starboi had to retire, and he regretted it. The reason for why he did is that he got a job and was too busy to look after the army. Although the retired the army continued to do well from March into April. It was not until April 17 that the Arctic Ops 2nd and last generation started to fall. Tompenguin became inactive for unkown reasons. The Arctic Ops were a decent army. They died around April 25, 2014.

Army of Club Penguin*

Creator: Oagalthorp

The Army of Club Penguin was the first organized Club Penguin army ever created. When Oagalthorp started the ACP on September 29, 2006, the standard structure for all Club Penguin armies was established. The army was first based on the Miniclip forums with the mission of defending Club Penguin from their capital server, Mammoth. Since their birth, ACP has found itself at the center of nearly ever major conflict in Club Penguin armies, starting with a war against Explorer7777’s Romans. With the aid of the Vikings and the Nachos, they were able to declare victory, and the army began growing at an exponential rate. In December 2006, Oagalthorp discovered the Underground Mafias Army, learning that they were hacking the game and attacking ACP. Thus began WWIII, the conflict where ACP truly rose to become a world power. The fighting started in January 2007, and ACP employed a guerrilla style of fighting. Despite their best efforts, UMA was able to capture Mammoth in April 2007. The tables turned when ACP formed an alliance with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Club Penguin Air Force, and eventually Pink Mafias backed down. Peace was disturbed once again at the end of 2007. The largest armies at the time had agreed to splitting into their own nations of servers. Prior to this, almost all warfare was exclusively on Mammoth. ACP ran into trouble with the Golds, and decided they needed to liberate the Australian Club Penguin servers from the yellow army. After just one battle, they forced the Golds to surrender and agree to their terms.

Zippy500 wanted to expand the Nacho Empire, feeling that they had gotten the short end of the stick when the nations were divided among the top armies. He led the Nachos in several invasions of UMA territory, and ACP quickly responded. A new rivalry formed between ACP and the Nachos, which lasted several years and ended up becoming the most famous rivalry in Club Penguin army history. On April 1, 2008, Oagalthorp announced his official retirement from his army, passing the reigns to Fort57. During his leadership, Order 67 was established, and ACP was at the forefront of the movement to eliminate smaller armies. There were some breaks in their competition with the Nachos, but things came to a head in the breakout of WWIV, fought between ACP and the Great Alliance. Just a few months after Mammoth had been neutralized, ACP attempted to reclaim the server, and a massive coalition including the Nachos, UMA, RPF, Ice Warriors, and Watex Warriors, formed to stop them. Although they fought fiercely, ACP was unable to overcome the incredibly stacked odds against them. In 2011, the Night Warriors and Nachos began attacking the Doritos, ACP’s close ally, provoking another war. The conflict grew to a World War when ACP began helping the Doritos defend their servers. NW and their allies then turned their attention to ACP’s nation. Losing several servers at the start of WWV, ACP pulled through with a comeback victory against NW on Fog, reaching over 100 troops online. With the Dark Warriors switching to their side, they were able to march through the NW Empire and force NW’s surrender.

Throughout the years, ACP has experienced many dips in performance, but have often been dominant in CPAC’s Top Ten, particularly under the leadership of Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706. The army has produced some of Club Penguin armies’ finest legends, including Boomer 20, who led ACP to reach the largest size ever recorded in Club Penguin army history: During his retirement event , he rallied 175 troops. Under his leadership, ACP also had over 500 active troops according to their active count in May 2009. For many years, their Xat chat has been a hub for all members of the community to congregate. All throughout their history, the Army of Club Penguin has been an influential and powerful entity. Many would consider ACP to be the gold standard; the pinnacle of Club Penguin armies, which is why they placed first on the Greatest of all time list.

Army Republic*

Creator: 122344a

Created on August 18, 2007 by 122344a and Mr. Geggie, the Army Republic began its days as a relatively small army, having small wars with armies such as the Sun Clan and Snow Troops. With victories over these armies, the AR began to develop for itself an interesting reputation. With a number of small skirmishes and not many notable conflicts for the first few years, including battles with Fever’s Watex Warriors and the RPF, the AR never really gained relevance (and it’s true power) until they reached 2010, with leaders such as 122344a, BartSimp52, Juliansk8, Grand123tx, and TippyTyler. During this time, they had a small war with an army called The Squid, whose leader at the time was Buritodaily, and following the end of the war AR convinced Buritodaily to join AR, not knowing how much he would change their future. The Army Republic eventually reached the CPAC Top Ten and truly began to show their strength. Under the leadershit up Buritodaily, Grant42, and Austin, the army flourished and hit it’s peak in December of 2010. Only a month later, the army died, and it wasn’t until March 2011 that they came back with 122344a, Buritodaily, and Vinny at the helm. Reaching another great height over the summer, AR seemed to be on the right track, but they passed once more due to problems in the leadership.

It was then in 2012 when the AR had a true reboot, following “The Doctrine,” a new set of rules to bring about change in the army and the Army Republic truly began to soar, setting up a stable leadership and managing to reach the CPAC Top Ten once more. They continued on up until 2013, in which they were able to top the Top Ten on several occasions, as well as participate in several Black Alliance conflicts during their existence. Originally, they were on the side of the Black Alliance, playing a major role in attempting to eradicate the ACP. However, after deciding to side with the ACP, they were soon halted, with the consequences present today.

Despite spending a brief portion of their lifetime in a powerful prime, the Army Republic was still one of the strongest and most notable armies of all time. Without the AR, we’d be without many inspiring and crucial moments of many army’s histories.

Black Bandits

Creator: Snowy 559

Black Bandits use to be one of the most powerful armies in Club Penguin. When they first started out with Snowy 559 and Rudolf 23. They would rob in Tundra daily and get penguins to join. Once they got enough troops they formed an army called the Black Bandits. They would rob Tundra and destroy penguin’s hearts, and NO ONE could stop them. The Watex Warriors and Fort Ghost Reacon were mostly the armies concerned and affected by the Black Bandits. The two armies would chase the Black Bandits around on Club Penguin daily. But “BB” would easily crush them.

After about a month, the Black Bandits was one of the best armies out there with over 200 troops. WW and FGR could not take it anymore. The RPF, ACP, UMA, Nachos, and more set out to destroy the Black Bandits by creating Operation: Tundra Clearing. The battle ended up in the other armies favor.. BB had lost and had been kicked out of Tundra.. At that time, the Black Bandits started falling. They were loosing troops left and right… When Gambler21777, Co-Leader, quit, it seemed like that was the beginning of the end. The Black Bandits eventually lost some of their best troops.

But there was hope, Lordcody returned to the Black Bandits. They started getting people back and some legends returned. Their troops began getting active again and something that gave us a huge boost was the Hot Sauce Army that merged into the Black Bandits. They pretty much skipped small armies and straight to medium. They soon declared war on the Ice Warriors but failed to claim the server. In July, they claimed many servers and got an incredible amount of hits on their website. They are considered medium-major at this time with 40-42 active count. The Black Bandits slowly rose and their slogan was “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Black Panthers

Creator: Supperz1

Created on January 30th, 2009 by S/M Army Press Legend, Supperz1, the Black Panthers were known as a medium army powerhouse for well over a year. It all began with Supperz1 begging his friend in real life, UMA Legend Lots of Pie, to create an army with him. He cracked after some time, and so, the Black Panthers began. Supperz started with a recruiting session on what he thought was Mammoth, but he later found out it was White House, which was precious territory of the Nachos. At this recruiting session, Supperz reported a total size of over 30 troops. It seemed that the Black Panthers would become a force.

It took a while, but in July 2009, the Black Panthers received recognition for their efforts by placing in ACP’s Top Ten Armies (this was before CPAC formally established our now-famous Top Ten Armies) at 7th. From there, they continued to be a presence in the Major Army world. From tying with ACP’s Echo Division, which was a great accomplishment at that time, to defeating other armies such as the Shadow Troops or the Impossible Mission Army Force, they spread their influence far and wide. Throughout 2009, however, they were plagued with struggle and inner conflict, which nearly led to their closure several times. The Black Panthers, after falling, became a strong medium army presence from early 2010 until their death in mid-2011, marking the end of a more than 2 year run for the formidable Black Panthers.

Although the Black Panthers never achieved true army-wide dominance, they did indeed leave a footprint on warfare. They produced many influential figures such as the aforementioned Supperz1, Nachos Legend King Kinz 10, SWAT Creator Ganger90, and many more. Their atmosphere was always that of fun, as they rarely forced themselves to be more serious than necessary which, in this day and age, sure is hard to come by.

Blizzard Warriors

Creator: Blizzard880

The Blizzard Warriors were created on June 27, 2011 by Blizzard880. They were featured on both Small/Medium army sites and the CPAC. The Blizzard Warriors were able to take victories against the CP Flyers and the Ghost Vikings. The Blizzard Warriors gained a lot of attention when they reached a goal of 5th on the CPAC top ten on November 10, 2011. One of the Blizzard Warriors biggest achievements was getting 3rd in the 2011 CPAC Scary Showdown.

Despite their powerful beginning, the Blizzard Warrior’s sizes plummeted and therefore died in late 2011. Many people have tried to revive the Blizzard Warriors but Blizzard880 has declined their attempts. Huskers tried to bring back the Blizzard Warriors in 2013 but it failed.



Creator: Earthing

The Celts were founded on June 13th, 2014 under the leadership of Earthing & Bandage23, after the illegitimate return of PR choreographed by Earthing. The Celts scratched through the Top Tens in a small time frame. The Celts have been in war with the Flame Bandits and Lime Green Army, to name a few. The Celts were mainly led by Earthing in the later portion of their existence, along with others like King Mondo, Cpworld2001 and Popcorny5555.


The Celts also waged war against the Nachos, teaming with DCP, Elite Troopers, Waddle Force in a short war. Following this however, the Celts suffered setbacks, with Earthing getting usurped due to a picture-editing scandal and hence died in August 2o14.


Creators: Sapper and Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic and Sapper created the Chaos of CP back in June 25th 2012 and still runs successful to this day. Some people say that Hyper Sonic shouldn’t really be respected for his role as he decided to focus his attention on the Shadow Troops instead before moving away from Chaos. Sapper however stayed loyal with the army and in the process recruited a ton for the army too. The army was then led by 32op, Sapper, Sirlord1 and Unknown before the army fell in September of the same month as a result of Sapper’s leave. Luckily for Chaos, Sapper returned and put faith in Unknown who took over full control.

Chaos have had many successful weeks as seen by their constant CPAC/SMAP ranks in the respective Top Tens. The army has done very well in several tournaments such as the SMAP Halloween Bash 2014 in which the Chaos of CP dethroned Kingpin army Light Troops in a surprise victory. For a very long while in the Chaos Army, they’ve been plagued with the idea that they are the underdogs but have constantly proven that they are anything but.


The Chaos Army of CP get their spot on this list due to the fact that the army can always be counted on to be getting their names out there. They have shown heart that most armies simply don’t have. The army that is considered the underdog – but they are really successful in their own right.

Cloud Warriors

Creator: Sammie

The Cloud Warriors were formed in the summer of 2014 under the hands of Sammie and Matthew4901. At this time, competition was at a true high and the Cloud Warriors were determined to reach the top. Shortly after their first event, Luke was hired into the Cloud Warriors leadership and was believed to be one of the greatest leaders the army had. After completing multiple events, the army gained the attention of the S/M media, SM Army Press and SM Army Central, by placing ninth on the top ten. Proven to be a major success for the army, the Cloud Warriors continued to battle the hardships that small armies faced in this era.

Gordon Edwards, a former prominent figure in the medium Army world, had a stiff rivalry with the Cloud Warriors and used his army, the Pure Blood Killers, to finish off the Clouds. Under a motivated leadership, the Cloud Warriors achieved their first victories and was crowned the winners of this war. As the whole community stood in shock, the Cloud Warriors went on to beat many armies including the Heat Warriors and the Fire Dragons. With victories in many wars secured and a top three placement on the top ten, the army continued to show confidence and motivation.


After a initial golden generation, Luke retired and Sammie was banished from the leadership. The Army returned for a short second generation, causing more havoc in the community by achieving a top five placement on the SMAC top ten. But, after losing to Striking Raiders in a war, the Cloud Warriors came to a permanent end. The Cloud Warriors will always be remembered as an army that caused chaos. They proved to us that even small armies can achieve big things.

Club Penguin Aviators

Creator: Grant42

The Club Penguin Aviators were created by the former first head of SMAC, Grant42 on June 18, 2o1o. He originally led the army to roughly 10-12 soldiers in their first generation, before merging into the army into the Rebel Penguin Federation.


They quickly exited the merge, and Grant brought back the army. The second generation’s site is made private and is unavailable to view, but they were the number one medium army, and would get roughly 20 troops at events. The CP Aviators died in late 2010.

Club Penguin Clones

Creator: Blueswill

The CP Clones were founded by Blueswill in early 2007. They started off pretty small, and weren’t considered to be a big threat, until their first war, known as The Great Parka Wars. It was a huge war between the CPC and the Shadow Troops, and during this war both armies hit high points. More armies ended up getting involved, some siding with CPC, others with ST. Things changed when the Marines turned their site on Parka, and the Clones had to temporarily join forces with ST to fight off the then powerful Marines. Alliances were broken and reforged, but in the end Parka became CPC’s most important server, and they would fight tooth-and-nail to protect it. This was the beginning of CP Clones, but it was far from over. Following The Great Parka War, CPC stayed a steady medium army. Things started to change in late 2009 and early 2010, when Albaro Lord came into the picture. One of CPC’s leaders at the time, Dan 9765, had recruited Albaro earlier in 2008 into ACP, and now was bringing him to CPC. Albaro was still young, but he took power generally fast, and even though CPC was doing fairly well at the time, arguments were rampant and soon a civil war broke out against Albaro and Blueswill and several other CPC veterans. After many power grabs and slips from both sides, eventually Albaro settled down elsewhere and CP Clones was announced dead. This didn’t last though, soon under the leadership of Blueswill, Dan, and Xgthrecgtejm, CPC made a comeback. The remnants of the civil war were still clear, because CPC had to convince a clan of theirs to merge back into CPC. Soon, CPC was back and getting sizes of fifteen through twenty, and soon they found themselves in a war between the Nachos and ACP called the Mammoth Crusade. The Nachos formed an alliance called the Confederacy, which planned to take Mammoth from ACP. CP Clones ended up siding with the ACP in the end, and after several hours of fighting, they managed to win.

The next big move in CP Clones was in 2011. In the summer of 2011, Albaro came back and with him brought some new leaders alongside him, Swimmy Blue, Bluesockwa2, Motoxjohn, and Skyfish. In the end, this prompted many old veterans to come in and soon the army was starting to show promise. Soon the Legends Cup came around, and CPC managed to win in the first round against the Fire Nation Warriors, in which CPC maxed fifteen and FNW maxed five. It wasn’t until Round Two, that CPC truly shook the community for the first time since The Great Parka Wars. CPC faced off against the legendary Doritos, and what was called “the biggest shock of the Second Round and the entire tournament” by Iasage, CPC went and maxed out at thirty troops and defeated the Doritos. They would go on to Round Three, max about twenty, but lose to the legendary Night Warriors. After this golden age, they would go and die for what Albaro and Blueswill declared to be the last time. CP Clones were recreated shortly in 2013, but since then it has been quiet.

The CP Clones, they weren’t the most legendary army of all time, but they did manage to produce two S/M Army Legends, take part in a lot of wars, and piss off a decent amount of people. The Clones, in most cases, were just always there to back up an ally. They were loyal to a fault, and even though they had a lot of arguments amongst themselves, they ended up being a tight-knit family. Sadly, the original site has since been deleted, and all the records are from personal recounts and Blueswill’s saved history on CPC from 2007-2011, but they have been predominately gone for the past four years.

Club Penguin Crew

Creator: Jeepkid7

 Yet another army created in 2009, the Club Penguin Crew had a short run of absolute greatness. Created on September 11, 2009 by Jeepkid7, owner of a popular Club Penguin Cheats site, they did not even need a full 24 hours to rise to great heights, hitting close to 30 at their kickoff event. They continued to reach great sizes without any effort, quickly propelling themselves near the top of the theoretical food chain. However, with such a quick rise, they also made some very fast enemies. Army legends such as former ACP Leader, Boomer20, called the CP Crew out, saying that they lacked any respect for armies. With the force that they were building, armies knew that tackling them alone would be no easy task. An alliance, aptly named “Ze Alliance”, formed against the CP Crew that consisted of around eight armies. The CP Crew quickly surrendered to this alliance, and in response, Jeepkid7 left the army.

Jeepkid soon returned to the CP Crew, and after they were rebooted extremely quickly, decided to declare war on the entirety of the Top Ten. After threats from many leaders, Jeepkid reduced his declaration of war to only be aimed at numbers 6-10. However, this did not quell the rancor that many figures had towards the CP Crew, and thus, “Ze Alliance” was revived. This time, though, the alliance would grow to become the largest alliance of armies ever formed, consisting of over 50 armies. After the alliance split up and invaded the Crew’s two main servers, the CP Crew surrendered to Ze Alliance. Jeepkid7 retired soon after, taking the CP Crew with him.

After their initial 2-month run, the CP Crew was revived multiple times, each with varying levels of success. No generation, however, came close to touching what Jeepkid’s original run achieved. Although they were hated by many, their strength was undeniable, and they merited respect from any figure during that time period. In the end, the CP Crew stood for something that we all can agree with: fun.

Club Penguin DJ Army

Creators: Astro75114 and Abhirocks3

CP DJ Army was created Astro75114 and Abhirocks3 in October 2013. The first generation of the army was one of the least successful generations but showed promise with the army maxing 12+ in one event but the generation was short lived, lasting barely a month.  Generations 2 and 3 had successes with Astro and Abhi leading with influential S/M leaders of the time such as Brigade3 and Popcorny5555 leading them to the top of SMAC/SMAP.

The most successful generations from the DJ Army were 4 and 5. Both of these generations were led solely by Astro75114 and Abhirocks3. Generation 4 began in May 2016, after a two year closure from the army. The generation started strongly with DJ Army defeating Rainbow Warriors and Imperial Argonauts Empire in wars, consistently maxing 10+ in every event, which the army could not achieve in it’s previous generations. The 4th generation ended within two months due to both leaders needing to leave the army due to school.

The 5th and final generation was considered the best ever with the main achievement being that they achieved 4th on the CPAC Top Ten, which is monumental for a Ausia army. This generation also saw the continue the consistency of the 4th generation and was the longest of all 5 generations. For a while, they were raided by an unknown army but the DJ Army prevailed over these raiders during every single raid, causing the raiders to quit.  Eventually, on October 2nd 2016, Astro and Abhi closed the army for the final time leaving a legacy that CP DJ Army were one of the most successful Ausia armies in CPA history.

Club Penguin Federation

Creator: Andrewf2

The Federation Army was created on February 4th in 2009, by Andrewf2. The army in this generation was a smaller army, with few troops and sizes ranging around 5-7+ at times. There was little success and the Federation in generation one under the leadership of Andrewf2, Time689 and co-leaders Spartanite and Swimmerboy01. However, the army was known to be fun and enjoyable and there was a large family spirit within the army as a group of friends had a group called the Federation to enjoy CP Armies. The first generation sadly ended on March 31st, 2010.Screenshot_2

The second generation of Federation was much more successful. It was recreated by Kingfunks4, Former ACP Leader, in early May 2013. Early on in the recreation of the army, Funks appointed Max to the leadership and the army reached 11th on the first week of creation on the CP Army Central listings. Later, TacoDaily was appointed leader of the US division, with Benjarkin assisting him. While the army continued to grow, the Army of CP under the Leadership of Mchappy became annoyed as many former and current ACP troops joined the former ACP Leader, Funks, in the Federation Army.The Army of CP declared war on the Federation and across several battles our army came close, fighting on three fronts in the USA, UK and AUSIA divisions. The Federation came close in particular in UK battles, with The Federation having one of the strongest current UK divisions. While they lost the war, this was mainly down to the ACP’s strong AUSIA division, as the few servers CPF had were wiped out. In the final week of the generation the Federation were ranked an impressive 6th on the CPAC top ten, level with the historic Ice Warriors. As the war was surrendered, The Federation merged into the third placed Water Vikings.

The 3rd Generation was opened in late May by Max43810 who immediately brought the army success. During their first week they did well, reaching great sizes in all divisions. In the official Top Ten rankings, they achieved 1st in the official S/M army rankings, but they died off not too much later.

Club Penguin Fire Ducks/League of Lightning

Creator: Spade 13

The Club Penguin Fire Ducks were created in July 2007 by Spade 13. They were a successor of the Club Penguin Tropical Santas, but all history about the Tropical Santas is unknown. They went inactive after WWIII, but in November 2008 JK767 brought them back. They were mostly a small army battling along the side of ACP and RPF. You could see them in sizes of 2 – 8 during battles on Club Penguin. On June 27, 2009 JK767’s era of the Fire Ducks ended.

On the left you can see a small group of Fire Ducks fighting along the side of ACP. On the right you can see them as the League of Lightning maxing a size of 13.

On February 16, 2010 Turtleboy402 brought back the Club Penguin Fire Ducks. This generation was much more successful reaching sizes of 13. After 3 months they had a name change to the League of Lightning, this was influenced by a lot of the Club Penguin Army community making fun of their name. After the name change they continued success reaching 10th on the CPAC Top Ten. The first League of Lightning website was hacked and deleted so a lot of their history was lost. They died in April 2014.

Club Penguin Green Team

Creator: Keith09

Club Penguin Green Team was created when I (keith09) was ten years old, on September 22, 2010. My life has never been the same since, and I made some great friends I’ll never forget during my time leading it. I was always the sole leader of CPGT, but friends such as Chillie17, Kooldude247, and Wookieranger kept me going through it all. In its stride CPGT lasted for just around two years, and boy, was it a ride.

I find it hard to write about the army now though, looking back on it. CPGT cemented my position as a voice in CP armies that mattered, and it led to me leading a few other major and medium armies before ultimately retiring altogether. CPGT will always be the best thing I did in armies, and because of the perfectionist I am, it never lived up to what it should’ve been in my eyes. Despite this, watching its growth in such a unique community was still one of the fondest times of my life. CPGT first started seeing noticeable growth around May of 2011, after months of struggling to be noticed. A few good recruiting sessions and invasions, along with a powerful showing at the CPAC Spring Shindig finally got us on the map and it felt like things were beginning to pay off. We then proceeded to successfully defend our capital Shiver, win against our friends at the time the Global Defenders, and perform well at some tournaments. We were holding our numbers, but I wasn’t happy; I knew we could go farther, so I kept being a tough leader; demoting left and right and urging people to improve. This led to multiple shakeups in our higher ranks, despite our continued growth past this point. Things reached their climax when CPGT entered into CPAC’s Legends Cup 2, where we defeated the Platinum Warriors and Fort Ghost Recon, but were swiftly crushed by the Ninjas in the semi-finals.

Even with the ups and downs, all of that eventually led CPGT to peak at 9th in CPAC’s top ten midway through 2011. CPGT was doomed to ultimately shrink after this as our ranks fell apart, and we attempted multiple generations and reboots in 2012, but none brought CPGT back to its former glory. For a long time people reminisced about CPGT, attempted to reboot it, and asked me about its history, but all good things come to an end sooner or later, and so I decided to let it rest in peace. There was no other army that was as fun to lead as CPGT, because we were a bunch of really good friends, all in it together. All of our best members weren’t trying to get the highest rank or secure a top ten position; that was all an added bonus. It was a group of friends pushing each other to be better and striving to accomplish more while still having fun, and trying to make it anything more than that is what led to the inevitable downfall. I’ve looked back on CPGT and CP in general and reflected on the lessons it taught me and the friends and experiences it provided me with, and so it gives me a heavy heart just thinking about the fact that it’s closing down after all these years. 

Club Penguin Pink Alliance/Red Vikings

Creators: Lime Pumpkin and Morggg1234

Lime Pumpkin and Morggg1234 founded the CPPA on July 19, 2011. The army for it’s only generation was a relatively small army, maxing sizes of around 5-7 for the majority of the generation.  The main war of the CPPA was against Red Drillers. In a close war in October 2011, the CPPA edged out the Red Drillers and claimed their entire nation. The army slowly declined from this point, struggling to hold events and with Fusion Warriors, a medium army, declaring war on them, it spelled the end of CPPA.

After rebranding to Scouts due to Lime Pumpkin disliking the pink colour for a few months, they decided another re-branding was needed. Lime and Morgan chose the name Red Vikings and after a successful opening few days, they were instantly declared war on by Cold Warriors. The Red Vikings were very strong in this war and recruited a lot to cause a massive upset and defeat the Cold Warriors in a war maxing sizes of 12+. Red Vikings were mainly remembered for taking down Sky Troops in another upset victory. The war between these armies lasted nearly the whole summer with Red Vikings narrowly winning.  After winning another war against Shadow Warriors, Lime Pumpkin went inactive and with a lack of leadership, the armies first generation ended in September 2012.

The second and final generation, which started a month later, was nowhere near as good as the first generation. Lime Pumpkin began leading but then had an argument with co-leader Brain, a 2ic of the first generation, and quit after a day. This led Brain to lead by himself but he could not reach the heights that the first generation did and the generation died a month after it started.

Club Penguin Police Department

Creator: Superjay99

CPPD was created in March of 2012 under the leadership of Superjay99. CPPD remained a constant S/M army until they broke out in 2013 making it into CPAC. Shortly after making it into CPAC, UMA declared war and this war ultimately led to the first downfall of CPPD.

After the war with UMA, CPPD would move in and out of generations. Some generations getting small numbers at events while other got numbers of around 15. CPPD would go through a series of new leaders before finally entering their last generation where they were able to leave their mark on the CPA community.

In March 2016, CPPD made its final comeback under the leadership of Superjay99, Nick32228A, Ganger90, Wenny, Domsamillion and Flen. CPPD was able to reach sizes in one week that they struggled to achieve in years before. CPPD was able to be listed on the CPAC top ten and was an upcoming major force. However, CPPD experienced some controversy. The Golds army declared war on CPPD, accusing them of chat recruiting, multilogging, and defacing their site. The war would rage for a few weeks before peace was settled and CPPD died shortly after due to the resignation of multiple leaders.

Club Penguin Rangers

Creator: 321fishpop

Not to be confused with the Rangers of CP, the CP Rangers are completely different. The Club Penguin Rangers were started by 321fishpop in early 2008. It was then led by 321fishpop and Ktman. In the early days, the army had many battles with the Red Raiders and the Watex Warriors. Upon the army entering the Club Penguin United Nations, the Order 67 hit the army and they decided to face off with ANTA. When Order 67 had finally resolved, the army fell into inactivity. I’ve been asked to include this video of a CP Rangers vs. Army of CP battle which you can see below this writing.

In the official second generation, the army had changed its uniform to be darker meaning that they were now officially “Back N’ Black”. A vote was held within the army on what ERA they would be going to next and it was ‘The GTS Era’ – the era of Gostt, Term and Sky. The Rangers considered to be a thorn in the side of the Army of Club Penguin but tension was caused with the Underground Mafia Army as both armies had the same uniform.


Creator: Pirate Cody

The COBRA was created on April 1st by Pirate Cody. The army was largely irrelevant at the time of its creation but had a decent impact on the S/M community at the time. Due to a deface many archives were lost regarding the first generation but it managed to achieve around 5-10 on Club Penguin and trained some of the future leaders of the community, such as Kyle103.

The second generation was started by Brigade3 who took the helm of the army after emailing Pirate Cody to become the army’s new leader. Hiring old faces from previous armies he led, such as Llywelyn and Security, Brigade3 led COBRA to their most famous stint in the community. The army under the new leadership managed to make it multiple times to the CPAC Top Ten and managed to win multiple SMAC/SMAP awards including biggest army, biggest rise and most important war. After achieving sizes of 20+ at a CPAC tournament Brigade3 retired and the army closed down. The third generation was the work of Security who persuaded Brigade3 to return to the community. Following a failed revival of the Redemption Force the army reopened its doors and made the Top 5 of CPAC and over 30+. The shortest of the three generations the army soon closed down after a falling out between Llywelyn and Security.

The army will always be remember for its dominance of the S/M community, seen through its accolades, and for pionerring S/M army warfare under the leadership of Llywelyn, Security and Brigade3.

Crystal Warriors

Creators: Frostyeagle and Kenni Tram

Formerly known as the Frozen Strikers, the Crystal Warriors were created on October 19th 2009, with no exact date being known. They were well known in the community as being one of the biggest medium armies in 2010. The first generation was quite successful with them battling and defeating powerful armies such as Element Warriors under the leadership of FrostyEagle and Blackfalcon2.

The second generation proved to be the greatest under the leadership of JCM21, Ice, Danthemanr1 and Josephp. They waged war with Night Warriors and Team Gold, maxing sizes of 25-30 in some battles. Although losing both of the wars eventually, they made history in this generation by reaching the top 7 in the Top 10 armies. Slowly, the army became inactive and died out, leading to a relatively unsuccessful 3rd generation led by JCM21 which never got off the ground.

After the failure of the 3rd generation, Crystal Warriors changed their name to Orange Republic in the hope of more success.

Dark Bandits

Creator: Redduck35

The Dark Bandits were created by Redduck in 2012, but didn’t find success until 2014. They’ve been a well known army in the S/M and Major army communities. They also have reached high ranks in the SM Army Press top ten. They even went as far as to claim a spot in CPAC’s top ten for a few months, which their highest was fifth.

The Dark Bandit’s highest max was around 25+ and they won the SM Army Press Winter League in 2015. The Dark Bandits had their last official shutdown on September 12, 2015.

Dark Champions

Creators: Arceus1296 and James18120

Dark Champions were created in early 2013 by Arceus1296 and James18120. After suffering an early deface, Dark Champions bounced back strong, consistently maxing sizes of 10+ to earn them consistent Top 5 on SMAC. Around 1 month into the first generation, Orange Defenders declared war on the Dark Champions with the intention of taking all land. Luckily, Dark Champions were able to win all 3 defences, causing Orange Defenders to surrender the war. The first generation slowly died out to inactivity over time and finally died on June 5th 2013.

A second generation began once again under the same leadership of Arceus1296 and James18120, on February 1st 2014, but due to Arceus being unloyal, the generation failed to get properly started and the army has since has rested in peace.

Dark Knight Empire

Creator: Flame

Created on August 10th 2013, the Dark Knight Empire was created by stragglers of the recent death of Shadow Troops wanting to carry on the legacy. The early generations were successful, with DK defeating Ice Hounds and Soda Pop Army in various wars under the leadership of Flame and other influential leaders such as Rishron and Summit, achieving sizes of 15+. After achieving high positions on the SMAC Top Ten, they merged into Redemption Force, who were struggling to stay alive, to combine forces and become a powerhouse.

The Dark Knight Empire had a few short generations with Flame at the helm maxing sizes of around 10-15 and being a regular on the SMAC and SMAP Top Ten. After a short war with Teutons, Dark Knights closed for a year until the next generation and greatest generation. Led by Flame, Benimish and Popcorny5555, in the summer of 2015, The Dark Knight Empire had their most successful generation ever with high rankings on the CPAC Top Ten and consistent events of 15+. Unfortunately the army collapsed due to a month inactivity with Benimish leaving due to school and new leaders such as Shad and Benjarkin failing to have any impact. Although the generation being only 1 month long, it was considered to be the most successful generation.

One more generation was to take place after this under the leadership of Flame and Baby Flor but due to a site deface and arguments between leaders, the generation failed and set the end of The Dark Knight Empire.

Dark Lightning

Creators: Zoey554 and Foodboy679

Dark Lightning were created on the 2nd of January 2014. They were to be led by Foodboy679 and Zoey544. Events started swiftly for this army, maxing 6 in their opening event and 10 in the second event. Unfortunately, Dark Lightning were hacked twice in the space of a week and halted the rapid progress the army was making.  After a week of inactivity, they came back strong achieving sizes of 10 consistently and shocked many by reaching the finals of the CPWM Winter Tournament, defeating high profile armies such as Green Marines and Pizza Republic.

Later on into the first generation, Zoey hired several leaders after Foodboy left the army. One leader she hired was Madi, who helped the army achieve sizes of 12+ but soon quit due to Zoey being lazy. After Madi left, Zoey was left to lead the army by herself and slowly they became inactive and struggled to achieve sizes of previous months. After a while, Zoey closed the army permanently, and since then has never seen a revival.

Dark Warriors*

Creator: Ambrosha

Created on October 16, 2007 by Army Legend Ambrosha, the Dark Warriors have created a rich history for themselves with several periods of sustained dominance. During 2007 and 2008, they remained as a medium army at best, but during 2009, they strengthened under the leadership of current legend SaW/Feephill and became a legitimate power. During their time in 2009, the Dark Warriors were able to come considerably close to being recognized as a world power, and although they didn’t truly reach it, they did make a name for themselves with strong war efforts, such as the war against the Fire Warriors. They did, however, suffered a devastating hack close to the end of the year, one that put the army in shambles. This ended in 2010 when Videogamer57, Thekid18, and Donut67890 brought the Dark Warriors back into prominence, becoming a consistent presence among major armies. One thing that escaped them, though, was the ever-coveted 1st spot on the Top Ten. Although they had achieved success, they were never recognized as the most dominant army of all. This would change in 2011 when Khimo joined the Dark Warriors leadership. In 2011, the unquestionable power was ACP, but Khimo and the Dark Warriors threatened and, eventually, overcame them and held the title of 1st for the first time in history. They also engaged in several conflicts, most notably with the Underground Mafias Army. Their future looked bright, but one issue was that they faltered constantly. In 2012, however, they answered these concerns by posing their most dominant year yet, holding 1st several times and being recognized as a World Power for a good amount of the year. Their peak came in December of that year, where they rode the momentum of several 1st placements in a row to win the 2012 CPAC Christmas Chaos tournament. During this era, though, the Dark Warriors were widely recognized as a sort of “antagonist” due to the DDoS attacks that were executed by their leaders, namely SaW and xiUnknown, but this in no way overshadowed their leadership, as is evident by their inclusion on the Legends page.

Their journey was far from over, though. Their 2012 dominance leaked into 2013, where they would remain a top power for the first few months. The departures of prime figures such as SaW, xiUnknown, and Khimo then caused the army to hit a large bump in the road, faltering greatly. Figures such as Pufpuf103, Flo Rida, and Crazy186 kept the Dark Warriors on their feet for a time, but they remained inconsistent. Their status changed when Dxdzn joined the Dark Warriors leadership, taking momentum from his successful generation of the Hot Sauce Army and giving it to the Dark Warriors. Under him, the Dark Warriors once again reached success, but this quickly ended once both he and Bearsboy10, his successor, retired. The Dark Warriors quickly fell to extremely low points, points they hadn’t seen for some time. Then, the famed Freezie66 rejoined the Dark Warriors as leader alongside previous leader Donut67890. The two of them brought the Dark Warriors back into a position of influence, but it was not until Spi101 joined the army that the Dark Warriors truly began to make magic. Together, Spi and Freezie made the famous “Spreezie” duo, bringing the Dark Warriors into an era of prominence that compared fairly well with xiUnknown and SaW’s era during 2012. At times, it even surpassed this. While the Nachos were the dominant army for most of 2013, there was a clear passing of power to the Dark Warriors once the Spreezie duo formed.

This famous duo soon disbanded, however, leaving the Dark Warriors in a state of turmoil. 2014 looked to be the end of the Dark Warriors’ reign of power, but this would be far from the case. In the spring of that year, the infamous Elmikey, after being overthrown from the Rebel Penguin Federation, joined the Dark Warriors after periods within the Doritos, SWAT, and other armies. This would be the beginning of a new era for the Dark Warriors. After Elmikey joined, several other figures such as Xxtoysoldier, Vo Yo, and Silverburg joined the Dark Warriors leadership, making their era known as the “Agents” era. This era would turn out to be the most successful in their history, as throughout a large chunk of 2014 they were recognized as the most dominant army in warfare. Though largely disliked by others, the Dark Warriors successfully maintained the 1st spot for weeks, sometimes months at a time. After Elmikey was usurped from power, older Dark Warriors legends rejoined, and as this happened, the community expected them to falter. But falter they did not, as they sustained the same level of success as before, if not greater. By the end of the year, they had won both the 2014 Champions Cup and the 2014 Christmas Chaos, as well as being recognized as the largest army of 2014 and the largest risen army of 2014, making 2014 widely recognized as the best year in their history. Their success continued into the beginning of 2015, but they soon fell out of power and, eventually, were surprisingly shut down in March of 2015 by xiUnknown. Though they’ve been an antagonistic figure during a large part of their existence, there is no denying that they’ve been one of the most dominant armies in this modern era of Club Penguin warfare.

Defenders of Penguins

Creators: Zoomey and Wydd

The Defenders of Penguins is an army that officially opened its doors to the community on February 18, 2016 and was created by Zoomey and Wydd. Their first generation was decent, they reached first on a S/M Army Top Ten, but a lot of people found them questionable because some of their events had a lot of rogues. Their first generation included leaders such as: Security, Wenny, Lewis,  Zach 11, and Jodie. Although Zach 11 was kicked from the army even after everything he had done for them. The first generation died out near March 6th of 2016 in utter chaos.

Zoomey brought back the Defenders of Penguins not much later on March 13th of 2016. He initiated coup d’état on everyone in the army and claimed that he was the only sole leader of the army. Although he announced the return in March, he did not have any events until August of 2016. He held several events from August 23rd to August 25th. These events are very controversial due to the fact that the color of the penguins were black instead of green and all looked quite similar. He didn’t have any events after the 25th and the army died out for the final time.

Delta Troops

Creator: Tax1

Tax1 created the Delta Troops on June 10th, 2009. The Delta Troops at the time had little to nothing compared to today’s armies. They had no fancy graphics or domains like today. The Delta Troops was consisted of a minimal amount of people. The Delta Troops at the time were simply made up of Tax’s friends and other members in the Club Penguin community. The Delta Troops were unexpectedly growing to major sizes, and becoming major in the first few weeks. Sensei Dan3, one of Tax’s friends and an Ice Warrior 2ic joined during the birth of the Delta Troops as a second in command. Sensei Dan3 helped with the growth of the Delta Troops. Tax met Mach weeks later after the Delta Troops creation and he assisted Tax during the rise of the Delta Troops. It wasn’t until August the Delta Troops saw results. The Delta Troops hit sizes of 40+ on Club Penguin, from a small army to a major army. The Delta Troops went on to campaign and grasp several servers from different armies.

The most notable war of the Delta Troops was the war against the Black Panthers Army. The Delta Troops reached as high as fifth on CPA Central’s Top Ten. The Delta Troops were then were defaced by a hacker who accessed Tax’s WordPress account and deleted everything the Delta Troops had. All the information of the Delta Troops had been lost. The Delta Troops then started to die out due to Tax leaving and Mach’s busy schedule, in September and later disappeared from the community completely in November.

Delta troops 10

Approximately 4 years after the disappearance of the Delta Troops from the community, the Delta Troops were then brought back into existence. Loiy1 and Matt insisted on the rebirth of the Delta Troops. Matt and Loiy1 worked to form the Delta Troops into a S/M superpower. After a week of return the Delta Troops saw themselves on the Small-Medium Army Top Five. Rishron later joined the leadership and built the Delta Troops first ever AUSIA division. The Delta Troops went on to fight several armies. After a few weeks the Delta Troops then started to fall because of school beginning and the leave of Loiy1 in early August. Drmatt however rose the Delta Troops back and out of despair. During this part of the generation the Delta Troops rose to heights higher than seen before during Loiy’s leadership. The Delta Troops reached sizes of 30+ and over at this point, they then went on to defeat the Fire Warriors in a war. The Delta Troops then were eventually defaced a second time by a hacker named “Phantom” who was unhappy when the Delta Troops were significantly growing larger. He deleted nearly everything except for small event posts and the early 2009 archived posts. After Drmatt’s departure from the Delta Troops, the second generation then concluded. A third generation of the Delta Troops was attempted by Tax, but it failed and never took off.


Creator: WweBestfan

The Doritos of Club Penguin were founded in early February of 2010, by Wwebestfan. A quickly growing army, the DCP was able to hit 40+ within several days of their creation. While they had several small wars over the DCP name, they had several larger wars with armies including the Army of Club Penguin, the Elites, the League of Lightning and the Ice Warriors, and all within a couple months of their creation. Although the army was continuously “hacked”, they still maintained their position in the middle of the Top Ten. In the Summer of 2010, the army became looked at as a World Power by the community. Eventually, in October of 2010, they went to war with the Night Warriors for picking on small armies, this lasted for a little under a month, but eventually NW ended the war. With 2011 came the return of the Orange Alliance and a war with the UMA and Nachos which lasted a good three weeks.

They had a few other big wars, but things really began to change for the army in 2012. They managed to reach first on CPAC’s Top 10 in October, but two months later in November, Wwebestfan retired from armies permanently. At this point they pretty much died until January of 2013 where they start off with sizes of about twenty, but they quickly rose to the top again. Their most monumental most of 2013 was in August, when the DCP defeated the ACP in CPAC’s Legends Cup. Since 2013 they have consistently been a powerful presence in the community, breeding many famous leaders like Mustapha10 who is arguably about as influential to the army as it’s creator. Even though they do have a history of short temporary deaths, they would always come back with such an incredible vigor that it would surprise the community. With 2015 the Doritos have continued to be a constant overwhelming part of the community, having the largest war of the year against IW.

An enormous influence on the community since their creation, the Doritos have proven time and time again their power and persistence.

Dummy Suckers

Creator: Zing King To

The Dummy Suckers were created as a troll based army to combat the increasing decline of armies in the SM Army Community. While it was never formed with the intention of being big, it became much bigger than anyone, including the creator, had even anticipated. Evidence of this was the army becoming one of the only armies in the community’s history to receive a first place Top Ten ranking on the SMAP Top Ten for their first week. This wasn’t their only first place victory with the Dummy Suckers becoming a consistent mainstay at the top of many top tens within the SM Army Community.

As is usually the case with Zing King To’s armies, the Dummy Suckers had a rather dominating AUSIA division winning an AUSIA tournament and every AUSIA battle they were ever part of. The Dummy Suckers did become somewhat of a tournament army dominating such events as the SMAC Continental Cup II and more. Despite the army being riddled with controversy with many army leaders growing jealous of the success of the army, the Dummy Suckers did well and crowned its first two hall of fame inductees in Legofan and creator, Zing King To.


The Dummy Suckers have defeated several prominent armies in the SM Army Community, such as Chaos, Redemption Force, Smart Penguins and Striking Raiders. The victories segmented the Dummy Suckers as an ever dominant force, being a very close ally to their sponsor, the Nacho Army. The Dummy Suckers also took part in several of the Nacho Armies wars, coming to their aid managing to get victories against major armies such as the Doritos of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation in respective battles. At one point in 2015, the Dummy Suckers had the largest empire out of all the SM Armies.


Creator: 77 Ninja 77

Originally created by 77 Ninja 77 back in May 23, 2008. They rose in power swiftly, matching some of the greater armies of that time. This great power, didn’t last long, as Ninja retired and handed his leadership over, Elites fell hard and fast and then died. This continued for many generations, the next successful one being the third generation, which stayed strong for a summer under the leadership of Supperz1. The third generation didn’t see too many actual wars, mainly they just invaded servers that weren’t claimed, but in the end they were also crippled by the Elites’ curse to die, and ended as well.

It wasn’t until the sixth generation, created by 57to and Khimo, where the Elites truly exploded. Reaching second in the CPAC’s Top 10 and claiming the title of what was then known as “World Power Status”. They had a war with the Light Troops during the time which was fairly successful for them, maxing incredible sizes. Even though they reached huge heights, they would once again fall and then died. Since then they have had several other generations, presumably over ten at this point (some barely lasting a week), and have had many great leaders attempt to bring them back, but in the end it seems as if Elites are cursed to die every time around.

What the Elites have shown armies is this, don’t try to recreate the same army expecting the same success. Elites had three generations that could be considered outstanding, the rest were basically temporary fads that barely even worked. Even so, their influence on this community has earned them their spot on this list, and the Elites are a huge fan of the quote, “If at first you don’t succeed, just try and try again”, and oh boy, they just keep trying.

Fire Ninjas

Creator: Sonic 5200

The Fire Ninjas were created on January 1st, 2013 by Sonic 5200. They did not have their first event until February 13 where they maxed 3. They mostly had a lot of posts made by Sonic 5200 rather than many events. It would be ten days later until they had their second event maxing 5. The final event of Sonic 5200’s generation of the Fire Ninjas maxed 7. They were a small army but they did have a lot of fun and got along with each other. Sonic 5200 ended the Fire Ninjas on July 10, 2013, over the course of seven months they only held three events.


In 2015, Joshua and Cenafan01 brought back the Fire Ninjas under a new website. They showed up on some of the S/M Army top tens but never really accomplished much. Their website was taken over and turned into a different army without their permission, bringing the final death of the Fire Ninjas.

Fire Warriors/Ninjas

Creator: Wwe09

The Fire Warriors were originally created as a UK-based army in 2007 by Wwe09. The original army stayed in the small/medium size range, and did not have much influence in the wars of its time, having a few rouge battles with some of the armies of that time like the Golds, CP Clones, ACP, etc. Thus, this part of the Fire Warriors’ history is largely forgotten. The army closed in June 2008 when Wwe09 retired. Since then, a few brief generations of FW have existed and had temporary success.

The second generation of the army began under the re-branded name “Roman Fire Warriors” in 2009. Woton, Trickster, and Pringle64 brought together several armies to form a new world power. Despite its multiple merges and name changes, RFW was almost constantly at war with other armies. Their size often fluctuated, but at their peaks, RFW was one of the largest armies of its time. Pringle and Pochoma123 started designing better graphics for the army’s site and chat, and thus the army became the first to use “modern” graphics. Shortly after the original Doritos merged into RFW, the army seemed to start falling out of power and merged into the Nachos. This didn’t last long, and within a month the Fire Warriors were brought back by Pringle64. Several armies merged into them and their name fluctuated between “Fire Warriors” and “Roman Fire Warriors”.

Pochoma and Pringle decided that the army needed a change to the name once again in order to attract recruits. So, they started the Ninjas in May 2011, and immediately the army reached sizes of 35+ and even managed to take the 5th place in the CPAC Top Ten after their opening event. However, their success was rather short-lived, and over the next year they rose and fell several times and would eventually die. Since then, FW, RFW, and the Ninjas have been attempted at times to be brought back, but have all failed. Either way, they created an undeniable legacy, created new standards for graphics in CP Armies, and were really good at convincing armies to merge into them.

First Encounter Assault Recon

Creators: J55559 and Parry Man

Succeeding their recreation on May 23rd. 2014, the F.E.A.R. quickly rose to reach impressive sizes at Ausia, UK, and US events, eventually earning them 5th place in the top ten. With four new leaders and over 40 troops, the army seemed to have a bright future.

The army was brought to media attention when on May 26th they decided to get involved in the Black Alliance- League of Justice war, specifically helping out the Global Defenders and the Golds against the Light Troops. Following their declaration of war, F.E.A.R. experienced multiple leadership changes, with the hiring of a controversial leader, Super Brain6 to the proceeding retirement of Rishon, former leader. He states that this had to do with the hiring of the “immature” and “incapable” new leader.

Problems started to appear after LoJ’s unscheduled raid of Migrator, after which complaints of decreasing sizes and chat activity showed up in a post written by Miyls, UK leader. This was followed by a last stand: the 1 army rule was implemented to get the troops to be loyal and more active, which ultimately failed, making more troops leave for other armies.

Fort Ghost Reacon

Creator: Elitesof

Created in mid-2007 by CP Army Legend, Elitesof, also known as Korn, the army was a generally medium army through most of their time. They were well known as being one of the four main armies to participate in the Tundra Wars alongside RPF, BB, and WW. It was mainly a bunch of random skirmishes, but all these skirmishes led to more armies like the ACP and Nachos getting involved. Even though RPF was the largest army involved, FGR played an important part and had many battles when it was just them against one of the other armies.

It wasn’t until the summer 2011, their fourth generation, where they peaked under the leadership of Elitesof, Fido1625, Coolster114, and Shad. They maxed sizes of approximately 15-20 and even entered CPAC’s Top 10 at the time. Throughout 2011 they had a war with the Watex Warriors, were part of the Pink Alliance against PR, and even went to war with the Nachos. They stayed consistent for sometime, until they were announced dead by Chrisblule in 2012 and he stated that any attempt to recreate them would be invalid.

The FGR were never the largest army to wreak havoc, but they did participate in a good amount of wars in the early days and later on. On top of all that, they had some of the most influential members of the community be a part of the army. They evolved throughout the years and they were one of the armies that proved they could pull their weight when it was the right time.

Frost Squad

Creator: Blueink and Pequa6

The First Generation of the Frost Squad was founded by Blueink1 and Pequa6. The rush of hype came through when they reached 6 at their first event. At the next events, the Frost Squad got sizes of 7+. The Frost Squad then entered war with the Purple Dragon Defenders. They easily won this war maxing sizes of 9+ and took 2 servers from the Purple Dragon Defenders but Pequa decided to shut down the army after this to leave them on a high note.

After a deface by DPD in the second generation. The third generation was one of the most successful, with victories in wars against Cheetos and Water Ninjas. This generation also had the highest sizes of 12+ reached but the army was damaged when leader, Blueink retired. Some say if Blueink stayed to lead alongside Pequa they would of reached CPAC as they reached SMAP 2nd under their leadership. The generation ended with a merge into Dark Warriors with leader Pequa promising they would come back in the summer.

This promise was kept but the fourth and final generation was not successful and the army was left to rest in peace after.

Global Defenders

Creator: Pungy1234

The Global Defenders of CP were created on February 11th, 2011, originally named the Penguin Militia Army by Pungy1234. The Penguin Militia Army could not sustain themselves as a powerful army for many reasons. Most importantly the word “Militia” does not show on Club Penguin. While recruiting, only the words ” Penguin Army” could be seen. Also at this time, leaders were heavily inactive. After consulting on another chat, the leaders decided to change their name to Global Defenders.

On February 13th, 2011, the Golden Defenders were officially created. As a new army, Pungy and fellow leaders created a senate and a constitution. After completing this, the Global Defenders had their eyes set on claiming outback as the capital of the army. Believing the server was unowned, the Global Defenders went on to outback to find the owners of the server, the Fort Ghost Reacon army. GB successfully invaded outback and Bonza from FGR, resulting in the Global Defenders gaining 2 servers. With sizes around 4-7, GB landed in the S/M top 10’s.

Following the top 10 milestone, the Global Defenders continued to grow into a bigger army. The Global Defenders hitting in the top 5 in the top 10 and the senate activity increasing daily, the Global Defenders seemed “unstoppable.” At a tournament battle with the Cold Warriors, GD successfully managed to hit 20. A picture of this battle is shown above. Following this, GD became involved in many one day wars while gaining more servers. Global Defenders following the wars hit 1st on the  Medium top 10. For following years, Global Defenders continued to be a dominating army in the community, occasionally reached the major ranks. The Global Defenders were declared dead on July 5th, 2014.

Golden Troops*

Creators: Ganger90, Flipper7706, Saiyaman Xc, Sklooperis, and Rioters

Created by Ganger90, Flipper7706, Saiyaman Xc, Sklooperis, and Riotors after a merge between the Golden Warriors and the Sun Troops, both top ten armies at the time, in 2010. Only weeks after the merge, the Golden Troops placed second on the Top Ten. The army’s first big war came with the Ice Warriors. A massive war, both armies closely matched. It seemed to be in a standstill with neither getting the upper hand. The war went on until a peaceful solution was found by owners from each army. Following the war, the Golden Troops participated in a CPAC sponsored tournament. While they did not win, they went very far. Shortly after, Golden Troop’s creator, Saiyaman Xc retired. After this the army went on a slow decline and eventually died out. The second generation came and was almost as successful as the first. However, it was not until the third generation that the Golden Troops became dominant. During this generation, the army hit sizes of over 55 troops on Club Penguin. In the August of 2011, The army was able to grab the first spot on CPAC’s Top Ten. Due to their higher placement on the top Ten than the ACP, the ACP immediately declared war. Aside from the declaration of war from the ACP, many accusations were made against the GT ownership, most notably botting accusations. The matter was dismissed by CPAC because of no evident proof. This would eventually lead to the death of the third generation.

GT would then have several other attempted revivals, with several notable leaders and legends at the helm, but they would all wither out. The eighth generation would do better then the other attempts, they were able to reach 40+ troops and second on CPAC’s Top Ten, but would then also die out. Then came the Summer of 2014, under the leadership of Golden Troop Legends Jerry and Sercran, along with Tempah, Sidie, and Vivek, the army became a powerhouse in all three divisions. A top 3 contender throughout the Summer, at times rivaling the sizes of the dominant Dark Warriors. Then on August 31, the army was able to achieve first for the first time this generation. However, as the season of Fall would begin, and after several retirements of key leaders, the army came to a close.

The Golden Troops produced several army legends over the course of it’s history, and was able to continuously show their strength. This was only ever to be expected from such a legendary army that had a major influence on the community.


Creator: Johanwillfir

The Golds were created May 10, 2007, at a very precisely remembered time, of 10:30 EST by Johanwillfir. The Golds began to rise, and had several noteworthy troops amongst them including Lorenzo Bean and Shaboomboom. The Golds were mainly known for having random raids on armies such as the UMA and Vikings. Other then that they didn’t do much until August of 2007, when they declared war on the Gugu Pengu’s Romans alongside ACP. Turmoil followed later after, site “hackings”, new leaderships, but this didn’t stop the Golds. They helped the ACP in a war against the Nachos and would later to lose against the RPF. After the loss they started to fall again, announced a merge with the Nachos, and then three weeks later the Golds were reborn. This generation did not last long, and it soon looked like the Golds were doomed to die.

Everything changed April 2009. Lorenzo Bean came riding across the snowy fields of Club Penguin to save the Golds, and that he did. Bringing in many famous former troops, Lorenzo led the Golds in a rebellion against the Ice Warriors. It was the strongest generation the Golds would ever see, and largely thanks to the CP Flyers merging into the Golds. This brought in the legendary leader, Feephill aka SaW, and with a powerhouse of seven leaders, the Gold Rush returned. A great war raged on, the Golds against the Ice Warriors and Nachos, who were hellbent on making sure the Golds stayed dead. The war eventually ended, and the Golds stayed in power for some time, until August 2009, when they decided to become the Dark Warriors. They did not return again until 2012. They saw a great comeback, until they once again merged back into the Dark Warriors. They returned once more in September 2013, and so far since, have not merged into the Dark Warriors. They’ve seen fluctuating sizes, but overall they’ve been consistent since then.

They’ve bred some of the greatest leaders and members of this community, they’ve participated in countless wars, and on multiple occasions they have shown why you shouldn’t mess with the “Gold Rush”.

Green Marines

Creators: Popcorny5555 and Alicia Bella

Green Marines were created in September 2014 due to struggles with recruiting with the name Green Mercenaries. The name change helped the army significantly, with the army rising from small sizes of 5-9, to reaching sizes 10-14 because of the ability to recruit on Club Penguin easier. The first generation led by Popcorny5555, Alicia Bella and Sam21619 were successful in leading the army to the top of SMAP, coming 3rd in their first week of the creation of the army. Soon after their creation, Ice Hounds declared war on the Green Marines due to their affiliation with Green Mercenaries and defeated Green Marines causing an end to the first generation.

The second and final generation was short under the leadership of Brigade3, Popcorny5555, Verum and Astro75144. The first event went very well with sizes of 15+ being achieved but soon after Verum defaced the site alongside Badboy causing an abrupt and permanent end to the army.

Green Mercenaries

Creators: Popcorny5555 and SamsungyW

Created on the 27th September 2013 by Popcorny and SamsungW, GM were the first army ever to put mercenaries in their name. With the first event garnering great success, the army kept on gaining higher and higher sizes per event. Due to the fact Ice Hounds declared war on Green Mercenaries, GM had to take time out of events to sort out the war. Because of the recent rise, GM surrendered the war to focus on rising and attaining higher sizes although GM did contest many battles in the war, with it ending in a 4-2 victory for Ice Hounds.

The main problem was the US division with GM. They hired several leaders but the division could not seem to rise. Soon enough, Green Mercenaries found themselves in a war with Frozen Raiders. GM successfully won the war as Frozen Raiders surrendered. Soon they decided to merge into Water Vikings.

In the ‘4th Gen’ GM successfully got to the top of SMAC numerous times and nearer the end reached the middle of CPAC under the leadership of Popcorny5555, Samsungy, Wenny3 and Superhero123. This was the final generation for the army and lasted around a month, with consistent sizes of 20+ being attained in events. With the end of the summer drawing near, Popcorny and Samsung decided it was for the best to close the army on a high note.

Gugu Pengu’s Romans

Creator: Gu Gu Pengu

Created in 2006 by Gu Gu Pengu, the Gugu Pengus Romans became the largest UK Army of their time. GPR faced turmoil amongst their leadership, with leaders leaving and returning and this caused the army to constantly fluctuate in power. They managed to be stable for their first major war which was the GPR against the Vikings, who were also quite powerful at that time. The war went on for months, until eventually the Vikings surrendered to the GPR. After the main war ended, GPR still had to face multiple smaller wars against the Vikings. Things started to escalate when another large army at the time, the Black Dragons, began raiding them. Then, things truly started to escalate, as the largest army of that time, the Army of Club Penguin clashed against the GPR in a legendary battle. It was believed that over 100 troops showed up in total and the battle ensued for over three hours, and would result in a tie.

They continued to show dominance on the UK front and at one point were in an alliance with all the other world power armies of that time, but they broke this alliance due to them insulting the US, which led to the RPF, UMA, ACP, and Golds to all declare war on the GPR. This war didn’t last long though, due to the GPR surrendering since most of the battles were performed at US times and they couldn’t attend and battle at their full potential. This heavy loss didn’t go well for Gu Gu Pengu, and eventually he would retire, the GPR would fall, and then die. GPR was remade later in 2011 by Cassius Brutus, where they held medium army status for a little while, but they would then die again and since then GPR has stayed dead.

Sadly, the GPR is not able to be with us today, but their mark on history still echoes across the fields of Mammoth. They showed how powerful a real UK Powerhouse could truly be, and even though they met their match, they were an enemy to be reckoned with. With their everlasting mark on CP Army History, they earned this spot on the list of the Greatest Armies of all time.

Hawks/Arctic Eagles

Creators: Flumpboi, DarkLexicon, and Jd

Hawks were created on the 1st of July of 2015 by Flumpboi, Jd, and Lexicon. They were known to be a army that got consistent sizes weekly. Even though the Hawks had many leadership problems they did overcome that. They have had many wars with armies like Hippos and Rovers and have been victorious in many battles. They went into inactivity in late July.

On July 30 Flumpoi decided to create a new army called the Arctic Eagles due to the inactivity in the Hawks. This is considered as an army name change. The Arctic Eagles would max up to sizes of 11+, and show up on the S/M Army Top Tens. On September 17, 2015 the Arctic Eagles merged (basically went back to being the hawks) into the Hawks, which was what the army was named before.


Although the Arctic Eagles went back into being the Hawks, this did not last very long. It never took off and they didn’t hold any events in this last generation. This would bring the end of the Hawks/Arctic Eagles legacy.

Heat Warriors

Creators: Sonic, Pengton19, and Beat13

The Heat Warriors were created in the summer of 2013 by Pengton 19, Beat13, and Sonic. Starting off with relatively small sizes at first, they soon found themselves beginning to rise in the Top Ten rankings of SMAC and CPAF. Other key troops during this time were Posywillos, Jack Frenzy, and Tone. In their original era, the biggest size they ever achieved was 14. The first generation ended when a corrupt leader defaced the website and the chat. The Heat Warriors never returned to their first generation sizes.


Numerous attempts were made between 2014 and 2016 to revive the Heat Warirors, all ending unsuccessfully. The most well-known attempt at a revival was the 2016 revival, led by Connorness209, Emberlem, Keynikki, and Omega, with Sonic serving as an adviser and later as a leader. The return was covered by SMAP. This generation was also filled with controversy, as multiple troops were banished. Inactivity plagued the army and the army soon died out.

The latest and last generation of the Heat Warriors occurred in 2017. Sonic returned to the helm to lead, and was the sole leader of this generation. The sizes reached during this generation were almost equivalent to an average event from the first generation. The Heat Warriors closed on January 22, due to Sonic’s goal finally being achieved: to lead an army to the CPAC Top 10.

Hot Sauce Army

Creators: Lil Soulja and Hypermext

The Hot Sauce Army was founded in early Summer of 2009 by Lil Soulja and Hypermext, better known as Glass. Their first noticeable appearance was in a tournament for small and medium armies when they were under the leadership of Dudex and Glass. They stared making their mark and would eventually make it on to the CPAC’s Top 10 and by August they were battling it out for the Top 3 spot. Even through their success, which was greatly attributed to Dudex, the army were constantly changing owners on a weekly basis. There were constant small rebellions and civil wars amongst the ranks of the army, but none big enough to throw the army into complete chaos. During this time they had several remarkable battles and wars. The HSA went to war with the Club Penguin Crew, and seemingly won as the Crew was not stable at the time. They also clashed with other armies such as the Tacos during this time, and were highly successful.

As time passed, they consistently stayed as a Top 5 army until November of 2009, when an uprising amongst of the mods drove Glass to retirement. Even though the mods believed they had won, Dudex eventually retired and the HSA fell out of the Top 10 for the first time in months. Eventually new leaders were appointed and the HSA made it’s way back into the Top 10, but it didn’t take too long for them to hit rock bottom again, and finally they died. After this, they had multiple noticeable recreations, but none as good as the first generation.

The HSA proved their might, over and over again, and even though they didn’t last, they changed the face of the community. Their first generation was truly glorious, and the many generations afterwards were not just something to casually laugh off. They would return and hit Top 10 spots, and maybe die a little later, and not many armies can do that.

Ice Hounds

Creator: Son Nav

The Ice Hound Army Of Club Penguin was created on August 23rd 2013. Son Nav was an experienced blogger and a youtuber who was also popular in armies. The first generation was very successful with Ice Hounds waging war against many armies. Their first war was against Water Ninjas who easily defeated the relatively new army that was Ice Hounds but in the first generation they had victories in wars over other prominent S/M armies such as Green Mercenaries and Dark Knights. Their most memorable war of the first generation was against the Dark Knights. It was a long war with many battles going in both armies favour and with neither side willing to surrender, it went on for many weeks and months. Treaties were burned and agreements broken but in the end Ice Hounds prevailed.  The first generation was to be the most successful and only ended because leaders, Coolman and Son Nav, needed a break.

Image result for ice hounds of cp

The second generation was a good one with Son Nav and Wei Shue leading. Sizes of 15+ were reached and many wars were once again battled. Ice Hounds were part of the United Armies of Club Penguin, which was a group of S/M armies that took down multiple armies such as Earthing Warriors and also battled Nachos, the biggest army at the time, but unfortunately lost although the alliance had 30+ on CP.  The generation came to a slow end with seven weeks of inactivity and with that, Son Nav merged into Chaos.

The third generation was a quiet one with more emphasis put on winning tournaments rather than warring other armies.  Early on into the generation, a hacker caused a lot of disruption in the army and even led to a dispute between leaders Coolman and Son Nav. The hacker caused the death of the army, with the hackers identity to this day not being known. With this, the Ice Hounds ended with a strong legacy of being one of the feistiest in S/M army history.

Ice Vikings

Creators: Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy10

The Ice Vikings were created by Bobcatboy10 and Bottlefanta in June of 2008 when two good friends in real life decided to make their own army, after being in other club penguin armies. They both worked together and got a lot of new recruits. The new recruits made the Ice Vikings so magnificent. Ice Vikings had up to 26 active soldiers and had only a few battles. This went on until around summer of 2009, then high school hit Bobcatboy10 and Bottlefanta, and Ice Vikings slowly fell. So, Bobcatboy10 and Bottlefanta both went our separate ways. Bobcatboy10 went to ACP, and Bottlefanta went to IW.

The Ice Vikings’ second generation started off with a “big bang.”  This “big bang” only lasted a week though.  For that week, the Ice Vikings gained the 10th position on the Top Ten, but soon fell down for another inactive period.  By December 31st, 2010, the Ice Vikings reached number 5 in CPA Central’s Top Ten.  All through January and February, the Ice Vikings appeared on the CPA Central Top Ten.

The leadership problems and soldiers leaving led to the fall of the once Mighty Ice Vikings. Oagalthorp, the creator of the ACP, was brought in to help get us to the top 10 once more. But Oagalthorp, fell short of helping this army rise the ranks of the best armies of Club Penguin.  He was voted out of leadership by Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy10. Then, Bottlefanta returned to recreate the third generation of the Ice Vikings.

Ice Warriors*

Creator: Iceyfeet1234

Founded in June of 2007 by Iceyfeet1234 and his 2ic, Ice Burgh. They participated in some of the earlier wars against armies such as the GPR. They began to grow stronger in power, becoming one of the strongest armies of the early age. They participated in the Tundra Wars, which was basically all armies against the Watex Warriors. IW ended up hitting a huge height in December of 2007 when Ambrosha decided to merge the Dark Warriors into IW. The sizes were huge, and even though DW came back shortly after, many troops remained in IW, keeping the army powerful. Near the end of 2007 and early 2008 IW was part of “The Warriors Army”, which consisted of them and DW, FW, AW and the Romans. It ended due to feuding with IW and FW, but with January 2008 coming to a close, IW saw it’s first rebellion. Several high ranking IW troops rebelled against Icey due to him becoming inactive, and they seemed to be winning. Even though it seemed that the rebels had the upper hand, it soon ended and IW was restored to normal. Following this, IW’s next big move was in the legendary Order 67 on July 9, 2008 along with Nachos, ACP, RPF, and UMA. This led to the biggest unifcation of small and medium armies against armies considered as “world powers”. IW continued to thrive, their next large war being World War IV. IW joined in with the Nachos and just about half the army community against ACP. This led to a series of battles against ACP, including a two hour long battle for IW’s Capital of Sub Zero, in which they managed to pull off a win. The war eventually ended after several days of endless battling, with IW and all the other allies coming out victorious due to overwhelming sizes. With 2009 the Ice Warriors consistently stayed amongst the Top 3 armies and they had several wars through the year. With the year 2010 came more wars against RPF and the newly powerful GT in the summer of 2010. The war with GT ended peacefully as both armies didn’t seem to be gaining any leeway, but IW hit their max of over 80 troops that summer, it being the biggest sizes ever seen by IW to that date.

IW fell a little after their huge height in the summer, but they continued to be one of the strongest armies around. In the summer of 2011 they maxed out at over 80 troops once more, and even won the Second Annual Legends Cup. They were also constantly butting heads with the Night Warriors, the two armies were both fighting to take the number one spot on CPAC. IW saw one of their biggest changes in June of  2012, when after leading the army for about five years, Icey passed his leadership title to Albert417, thence making Albert the 2nd Leader of IW. Under Albert the army consistently had sizes of 50-60 troops through the rest of the summer through winter of that year. With 2013 IW started by winning a war against the Light Troops, beating the Pirates, and they were also part of the White Alliance. In the summer of 2013, Bearsboy10 became the 3rd IW Leader. They won the Legends Cup once again and later won the Army Warfare League Tournament against DW that year. When Bears retired a few months after becoming leader, Tes7 became IW Leader alongside Surferyboycs. Ben later retired in 2014, and Tes ran the army solo. At this time IW fell the most, and for the first time ever they fell out of CPAC’s Top 10. Then Kingfunks4 and Albcoolio became leader after Tes left. They would win the Legends Cup and another tournament. Once Funks retired, Gtudsd took his spot. IW went on to beat LT again at the end of 2014 and onto early 2015. IW would then go on and do something that shocked the community, they hired the “Drew Crew”, Andrew24, Spyguy202, Final Chaser, and Ghost into the army. Andrew and Spy became leaders while the rest were owner ranks. This led to the biggest war of 2015 to date against the Doritos. There was lots of controversy over this decision and the war with DCP, but since then, Spy has retired and Ghost has become leader, and only time will tell what happens next.

One of the original armies, and the first to use “Warriors” in their name, IW has planted their name in army history. Out of all the large armies, they have the shortest list of leaders – a truly remarkable showing of how much loyalty is valued within the army.

Imperial Argonauts Empire

Creator: Posywillos 

Imperial Argonauts Empire, better known as IAE, was an army created by Posywillos on July 15th 2013. The army has had a total of 5 generations and has been well renowned in the S/M community as an army who was always liked to maintain peace. As a colony of Army Republic, they were able to defend themselves with ease but also invade other armies with success.

Most generations were successful for the Empire. The first generation led mainly by Bluey and Posywillos was very successful, maxing consistent sizes of 10+ and achieving high ranks on the SMAC Top Ten for a lot of 2013.  Throughout all generations, they were led by well known S/M leaders like Sonic and Pengton19. One of the main wars IAE fought was against Lime Green Army, alongside AR. The war ended in a victory for AR and IAE, with LGA surrendering 3 battles in.

IAE also helped Army Republic in various other wars against large armies. They invaded Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation alongside AR in wars and helped them win many key battles. The only war IAE lost was against CP DJ Army but this was likely due to the differentiation in timezones with CP DJ Army being an Ausia Army. Overall, IAE will go down in S/M Army history as one of the most consistent armies.

Impossible Mission Army Force

Creators: Flipmoo/Slimball2007

Before being known as the Impossible Mission Army Force, Slimball2007 created an army called the T.I.B. on January 31st, 2007.  T.I.B standing for “Tom is Boss” showed how clueless Slimball was about Club Penguin armies at the time. As the first challenge for the T.I.B. army, the Reinforcing Blue Squad attacked the Tom is Boss army. After watching one of his favorite shows called “Mission Impossible”, Slim decided to change the army name to the Impossible Mission Army Force.

In the very beginning of the army’s existence, Impossible Mission Army Force became allies with an army called Club Penguin Air Force. As strong allies, both armies aided each other in war. Once reaching the medium stage of armies, IMAF also became close allies with Shadow Troops and Roman Fire Warriors. Following this, an army called CAMO merged with the IMAF resulted in IMAF sizes doubling. One of IMAF’s biggest events was their invasion of Ice Palace against Dark Bandits where they reached a peak sizes of 25 in August of 2008. Impossible Mission Army Force even created their own tactic called the “lightening charge.”

Around 2010, Impossible Mission Army Force founder, Slimball2007, retired from the army. This left the army vulnerable to other armies. Under Ground Mafias and Night Warriors quickly pounced on the server Ice Palace, pushing IMAF off the server. IMAF continued to struggle from this point on. The IMAF site was hacked leaving all history erased. Soon IMAF was incapable on staying in the community. On June 7th, 2012, the Impossible Mission Army Force was declared dead.

Lightning Strikers

Creator: Walf Six/Kreatos

The Lightning Strikers were originally created by Walf Six and led by him and Mkll2 in June of 2011, plagued early by a hack in August 2011 by a group called Ph3Nom. They had a brief return in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2013 they started experiencing success again, with sizes touching 15-20 under many leaderships which included Kreatos, Gar101, Taco, Smashmac and others. They also crushed Soda Pop Army in a huge war.

They showed up on a few CPAC Top tens, which their best ranking was 7th after only a week into one of their returns. They also participated in tournaments such as the Champions Cup.

They died again, but returned in January of 2014 under TondraX and Walf Six, with the same fate following shortly after, death. In June of 2014, they returned again, but it wasn’t until November 2014 that they hit their third Golden Age with sizes of 15+ and good rankings. They got into a war with the Nachos which they lost but maxed sizes of 18. They dropped down to the Small/Medium Top Tens for about a week and had their final death.

Light Troops*

Creator: Ioioluk

 The Light Troops were created January 10th, 2010, by CP Army Legend Ioioluk. They were originally called the Blue Miners Army, but Ioioluk wanted the army to rise from their medium army status, so the name “Light Troops” was coined. They continued to grow after this, and were soon showing great might. Following Ioioluk’s retirement it seemed that the Light Troops were bound to fall, but this was not the case.

Even though the Light Troops would face many scandals, exposing corruption, multilogging, hacking, defacing, and more, they bred many powerful leaders and showed their might over and over again. They reached the number one spot on the top 10, faced the ACP and nearly brought them down on multiple occasions. Under leaders like Waterkid and Roberto, the Light Troops proved absolutely relentless in the art of war. Even though they have given the ACP and other armies a run for their money, their own downfall would often tend to be internal struggles like mentioned before. Owners and leaders would change pretty often. At some points Waterkid shut down LT and basically merged them into the Pirates and then back again. Even still, since their creation, they have been a near constant force in the Top 10, showing that till the very end.

The Light Troops, one of the most controversial armies of all time, has bred power, hatred, and warped sense of unity that others often don’t understand. Either way, the army has shown power like no other in the face of adversity and are always willing to prove that they run the scene.


Creator: Sf1998

The Marines were founded in the forum-era of CP Armies in the fall of 2006 by CP Army Legend, Sf1998. Unlike most armies of that time, the Marines were arguably the first army to use WordPress for their site. At the time they were considered to be one of the largest armies in existence, rivaling the ACP and Romans. They were also a crucial ally to ACP during World War II, and helped ACP take the victory over the Romans. Other than this war, they were never truly part of any other major war. They would always be there to lend a hand to an ally or just simply raid. Even after their official death, the army had rouges long into 2008 and 2009.

Like all early armies, they spent most of their time on CP, battling any other armies they met. The Marines also had several of the first “merges”, where some of the early small/medium armies merged into them (ex. the below pic). Sf1998 also helped influence some of the biggest legends, like Oagalthorp, Tom Wolf, and Pringle64. The Marines WordPress site was considered to be the hub for all armies at that time, and several of Sf1998’s posts have hundreds of comments on them, the most being over 400.

Lasting in total, of less than a year in official terms, November 20, 2006 through June 10, 2007, the Marines left their mark on history. Even though very little is remembered about the mysterious army, and very few pictures actually still exist, it was without a doubt that they were one of the most influential armies in the early days and helped build the structure that we all rely on now.

Metal Warriors

Creators: Lenco and Pahi8

The Metal Warriors were created by Lenčo and Pahi8 on August 3rd, 2010. The creators agreed the army did not start off automatically with a big bang, but they agreed since the army was only open for 10 days, they should give it time to rise. The first official month of the Metal Warriors was September and it started out with a war with an army called the Finns. On the 10th of September, they had their first war battle with the Finns on Klondike. The two armies began to argue with each other because they were supposed to ally with each other and defeat the Army of Club Penguin. The most unique thing about the Metal Warriors is that they were from Croatia and spoke Croatian.

However, in the Winter of 2011/2012, the Metal Warriors suffered a massive fall following by a decline in troops. They had lost many soldiers and they were being threatened by hackers. After the time of the Metal Warriors’ fall and decline, they entered the CPAC Champions Cup and achieved fourth place losing to the Ninjas army. By this time, the Metal Warriors were rising and hoped to be noticed by the media sites in the future.

In the Winter of 2012/2013, the Metal Warriors were continuing their rise and they believed everything was going right for them and they thought it was perfect. They were reaching 18+ troops on Club Penguin constantly. But after December, the Metal Warriors’ pride went downhill. The Pirates army began taking away their servers making them earn them all over again. By March, they entered SMAC’s tournament and stayed towards the top of the Top Ten.


Creator: Jamesbond1

Undoubtedly one of the most important armies in warfare history, the Nachos rightly place inside the Top 3 of the Greatest Armies of all Time list, barely missing out for 1st. Created in the early ages of armies, specifically during WWII, by Jamesbond1, the Nachos’ earliest history is widely unknown. It wasn’t until Tom Wolf founded the Nachos’ first website that they began recording their history. Known as a warmonger, the Nachos got their start by going to war with the upstart Underground Mafias Army. After a long, drawn out conflict, the two armies agreed on a treaty and became close allies, which became important later in their history. Their lack of involvement in WWIII, however, brought upon a depression due to a general lack of interest. Their lack of involvement was mainly due to them being allies with both the ACP and the UMA, the former of which would soon become their rival. After the retirement of Tom Wolf, Zippy500 took the throne of the Nachos, beginning an era that would reach higher heights than its predecessor. It didn’t take long for Zippy to make a large impact, as not long into his term, he started the conflict with ACP that would last for ages. The first war between the two was over a dispute in the terms of an alliance, which was later agreed upon. This would come into question later, as the Nachos’ questionable decision to remain uninvolved in a conflict against the Gugu Pengu Romans made Oagalthorp and the ACP angry with the Nachos. After a conflict with the Golds, the Nachos found themselves at war with ACP again, this time over Oagalthorp’s leadership. ACP and UMA began fighting again, causing the Nachos to side with the ACP. After a treaty was decided between the two, Akabob22 began an unofficial “cold war” between the ACP and Nachos, sending flame posts back and forth. This soon elevated into another war, one that ended with the Nachos claiming victory. They once again met in conflict in WWIV, as the ACP went up against the famed “Great Alliance”. Although the war appeared even at first, a rebellion inside the ACP would spark a victory for the Nachos and the Great Alliance in the end.

After a period of time, the leadership changed a couple of times, with important figures such as Shadow2446 holding office. Soon, though, one of, if not the, best leaders in Nachos history would come to power. Near the end of 2008, Person1233 became the Nachos leader, sparking an undeniable golden age. Beside him was Puckley, who would go on to gain his own fame in the future. The Nachos grew through the end of 2008, but in 2009, they reached their pinnacle in the Winter Fiesta party. On the night that the party began, the Nachos rushed on Club Penguin to buy their sombreros and ponchos, and afterwards, began recruiting. After all was said and done, they recorded an absolutely astounding number of 150+ on Club Penguin, which is still a record for the Nachos. This would spark an age of dominance for the Nachos, one that would continue for quite some time. The retirement of Person1233 brought about sudden change to the Nachos, but they were fully prepared to handle it. Under leaders like Ads354 and King Kinz 10, the Nachos were able to maintain a level of dominance throughout 2010, one that went on for years. In this era of success, they won the first ever CPAC Legends’ Cup. They were highly involved in the heated WWV, siding with the Night Warriors in a war they would go on to lose. In 2011, they went back to war with the ACP more than once, but failed to secure a true victory. Despite this, the Nachos remained a large force throughout CP armies.

Once 2012 came, the Nachos would begin one of its greatest ages under the leadership of figures such as Puckley, King Kinz 10, Chrisi Blule, and Dashing Snow. 2012 was truly when ACP began to show cracks, and this could be somewhat attributed to the dominance of the Nachos from 2012-2013. This was epitomized in the summer of 2012 when the Nachos went up against the ACP yet again. This time, however, would prove to be different. After struggling to begin the war, the Nachos overpowered the ACP, and after some time, the Nachos were met with a swift victory over the ACP. During this time, they also were involved in the famous WWVI, fighting alongside their long-term rival, the ACP, against the Black Alliance. They also won their second Legends Cup in 2012 in a spectacular showing. 2013 proved to be an even more dominant year, as the Nachos won the CPAC March Madness tournament to begin the year. As time went on, their dominance proved to be rarely matched, being overtaken only by a few armies during a large part of 2013. During the summer of 2013, the famous Nachos/RPF war began, as Puckley and the Nachos went head to head with Elmikey’s infamous RPF generation. There would be several instances of this war throughout 2013 and 2014. At the end of 2013, the Nachos’ dominance would be reaffirmed, as they won the award for the largest army of 2013, as well as Puckley winning the leader of the year award. After Puckley’s retirement, however, the Nachos would fall out of power and into a depression, which they have been in and out of since the end of 2013. Though they were not at their most powerful, the Nachos still have made strides from time to time, winning the March Madness II tournament in 2014 and coming very close in March Madness III. They’ve also done consistently well during conflicts, gaining a multitude of victories during this time.

Night Divers

Creator: Totidile/Revan

The Night Divers were created on April 2nd, 2012 by Totidile. During April they started out by recruiting, eventually getting their name first published in SMAC’s small army Top Ten a month later. They were the basic small army, scheduling skirmishes, PB’s and training, rising to 7+ soldiers. With a few set-backs, they managed to take 3rd place in Spooky SMAC down tourney. Unfortunately, their glory began to go down the drain. The Night Diver’s sizes of 10 fell to 5, ending in the death of the generation (they ended up merging into the Marines).B8

After a quiet return somewhere in February 2013, the Night Divers took a big jump during March, averaging 8 and maxing over 10 in many events. During spring they had a few ups and downs, however they never truly made it to a a true-medium army other than a few sharp rises. They had a generation in 2014 but all history of it is lost.

Their final generation took place on April 9, 2015. Totidile had brought them back and had good intentions. They only managed to max 7 during this generation and only lasted until April 19. The Night Divers will be remembered as a very successful S/M Army that many will not forget.

Night Rebels

Creators: Haroonniaz and Wozza

The Night Rebels were created on December 30th, 2015 just right before New Years Eve. They were being created by Wozza, Tirodragon, Misty and Haroon. When the Dark Warriors were being shut down by XxToysoldier alongside with Freezie66, the DW troops were shocked and decided to join other armies. Misty came up the idea and redirected her troops to a separate chat. Then Misty and Tirodragon brought the idea forward. Then Wozza, Haroon, Jack, Perry and Red, came along to help the army rise after the shut down of DW. The Night Rebels first event was “Back to School Army Clash” on January 3rd, 2016 against legendary armies, such as Army of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and Nachos. RPF, who hosted the battle, said that its not decided on the sizes, but decided who stayed on Club Penguin the longest, and claimed victory. The NR were also in a tournament called Winter League on January 8, 2016, after the active count was being held, and declared victory by maxing 14+ against the small Imperial Argonaut Empire, and moved on to the next round.

The Night Rebels had their first UK event on January 14th, 2016 which maxed 14+, but had the same size since the Winter League tournament. The Night Rebels won the 2nd Winter League Tournament round against the Shadow Reacon Army, and won the the Tournament against the Time Lords. The Night Rebels had their first Practice Battle with the Army of Club Penguin and Fire Warriors, maxing 25 troops on Ice Berg and claimed victory. The Night Warriors were at war against the Army Republic, fighting them a lot of times and won multiple times, then made a peace treaty of ending the war. The Night Rebels finally waited so long after a week of Winter League Tournament Semi-Finals, and battled against the Star Wars Army. The SWA were a no-show during this battle; then the Night Rebels moved on to the Finals round of the Winter League. After having so many events practicing, the Night Rebels had their last chance of fighting an army in the tournament, against the Fire Warriors. The finals battle was a bit tricky for NR and they were unsure if they could secure a victory. The shocking news of this battle, is that they won the battle against the Fire Warriors, the FW were exposed of using multilogs, maxing 26+ and averaged 24. The Night Rebels continued to rise, and got 3rd in the CPAC top ten. The NR also had a Practice Battle with the Night Warriors, maxing 13-14+ on Club Penguin and lost the battle.


It seems that some of the Night Rebel’s history may have been lost due to a deface. It is believed that they ended some time in the Summer of 2016. They reached good sizes during their existence and made themselves known.

Night Shadows

Creators: Brain and 32op

Night Shadows was officially created on September 20th 2012 by 32op and Brain. It was an army which was determined and always pushing itself to reach the Small Medium Army Top Ten and historically did in the 1st generation, getting 6th in the 1st week and a grand position of 1st place in the 2nd week. With them maxing sizes of 20+ within 2 weeks, they attracted attention from a rising army called Tuxedos. A bitter war was battled between the two with troop stealing and hacking happening during the war. Eventually the war ended with Night Shadows losing and Tuxedos claiming all their land. This ended the golden era and the army died.

The second and final generation started almost two years later under the leadership of Brain and iSam. The armies main successes in this generation was reaching the semi finals of both SMAP and SMAC’s summer tournaments. The army ended due to inactivity, with Brain blaming iSam for betraying the army for other armies. With the closure of the second generation, Brain decided that the army should never be reopened and this declaration has been up kept to this very day.

Night Warriors

Creator: Cowboysfan13

Created by Cowboysfan13, the Night Warriors started off as a fairly moderate army that, according to a submission by the Night Warriors, had been formed by old armies and groups coming together in July of 2009. The NW, however, didn’t reach their main potential, sadly, under their creator or his immediate successors. It wasn’t too long after though when the Night Warriors began their truly revolutionary age under the leadership of the revered Tomb147 and Vendetta.

In a true story of making something from nothing, Tomb and Vendetta built a powerful empire that, during its peak, was one of the largest armies of all time, strong enough to challenge the also intensely powerful ACP in a series of extremely close battles, representing the ideas that the ACP wasn’t undefeatable, and that all it took was enough courage to overcome them. This era of strength, along with implementing ideas like the “one-army rule,” met an unfortunate demise as they were eventually beaten by the ACP, their chief adversary. In the years to come, the Night Warriors never again did return to their spot of former glory, but did have a continued presence throughout the history of our community. Under the leadership of people such as Dj Slides and the infamous “Drew Crew,” the Night Warriors were met with brief stints of stability, followed by a quick following death, quite unfortunate for any army to suffer from.

As it lived off the last of its days in peace, bands of “army hoppers” and “career leaders” straggled to save the legendary army and preserve it’s legacy. But over the past few months, it has become clear that some things put to rest are best kept at rest. This has come clear with the recent failure of the 12th Generation revival of the army, led by Verum, Step, Bigmail, and Meta.


Creator: Ballion54

The Oreos are a very old Club Penguin Army, created by Ballion54, although he just created them, and nothing else. Nothing else is known about the first generation and the only known event by the first generation was the raid of Snow Day, which became the capital of the first generation.
Eventually, the Oreos were recreated by Khimo98. They were recreated in around March 2o12 and quickly rose to the top of SMAC with consistent events of 10+. The main highlights of the second generation came under the leadership of Bepboy9 and Khimo. With competition being high at the time, they made it onto several CPAC Top Tens and waged war with many top armies of the time such as Ice Vikings, who they defeated in a war , and ACP who they had several close battles against.  The second generation came to an end in the back end of July 2012 with a lot of owners and leaders going inactive.

Since then a few generations of Oreos have been started under different leaderships but none have reached the heights the second generation did.


Creator: Vetsd

The Club Penguin Parkas was created by Vetsd the same month that he joined Club Penguin Warfare; January 2009. Due to many posts of the Club Penguin Parkas being deleted on their official blog, there is a lot of lost history from the army. The Parkas of Club Penguin saw many generations in their time which was one of the main things that have led to them being on this historic list; the fact that they are simply a known name within the community whether it be 2009, 2012 or even now, where they’ve been 1st in the Top Ten.

Image result for club penguin parkas army

The CP Parkas had been run by Lord Zenith, who has attempted to revive the army before. This time; however, Lord Zenith had been very successful in doing so as the CP Parkas held the top spot on the SM Army Press Top Ten for a while and for all of their existence, held possession of their historical server that takes the exact same name as them, which was Parka. Parka, a server that the army has made their capital, has seen the presence of the CP Parkas several times.

People’s Republic Army

Creator: Collinzfresh

Founded October 6, 2007, by Collinzfresh, the army came to power on the Australian servers of Club Penguin. They first started in the war against the Gugu Penguin Romans, and falling GPR’s death, PRA came to power. They later allied again with the ACP and IW and fought alongside them in a war against Golds. After this, PRA grew rapidly and reached major army status, but most importantly they had one of the most well organized government any army has ever had.

Collin became known as a “military mastermind”, by Legends such as Oagalthorp, and it is believed that without him armies might have never had their Golden Age. Even though they were very isolated from armies, due to their occupations of the Australian servers, they did play their part amongst armies and did follow with the early day “rouge warfare”. They also participated in a war against UMA, even though which war it was is still very sketchy and uncertain and there is the possibility of other unknown wars they took part in.

Following Collin’s retirement on February 20, 2008, the PRA fell into a depression and began to struggle and after several years of struggle, they would die away. They were recreated a few times with medium army success, but outside of this, there are little to no pictures of the original army (the picture above is from a 2013 remake). Even though they aren’t here today, Collin and the PRA set a new standard for armies to follow and changed the course of army history as we know it.

Pink Ice

Creators: Hurricanex1, Monster57345, Cheeze Nacho, and Andre9765

The Pink Ice of Club Penguin was created on May 13th, 2011. There were four creators in the army, Hurricanex1, Monster57345, Cheeze Nacho, and Andre9765. Unfortunately for this four man leadership – Hurricane decided to temporarily retire from the army after only five days of it being made. The army then started to fall before Hurricane returned once more in June, only to leave again six days later with Monster leaving the army solely in the hands of Zak-Cheeze-Nacho. Several people wondered why the Pink Ice were created with one of the more popular reasons being that they wanted to attract more female recruits into the island.


The Pink Ice army didn’t shy away from much bigger armies than them despite them being considered medium, as they would often take the fight straight to armies such as ACP, the Nachos, and most commonly the Global Defenders. The army was; however, allies with the Global Defenders, so the majority of their battles were just for fun and for training purposes. The Pink Ice was never cold-hearted nor was it as rude and corrupt as most wars and battles are in the community nowadays.

Pink Ninjas

Creator: Queensplend1

The Pink Ninjas Army was created some time around May 2015 whose creator was a fairly newcomer to the Army Community, Queensplend1 decided to form the army from nothing. The Pink Ninjas quickly became a prominent army appearing on the CPA Central Top Ten and news stories as a regular appearance taking part in several wars and conflicts with several armies. Queensplend served as the only creator in the army and by far, the most prominent and important member of the Pink Ninjas Army.


The army suffered a death at the hands of inactivity after a defacement of the site from Greeny, who wiped away much of the momentum that the army had. While the army did manage to rebuild following the deface, the army remained rather small and obsolete before eventually disappearing. Questions as to whether Queensplend1 was a different army troop is disguise were always looming due to her rather quick rise to the top of the SM Army Community as a leader, and a good one at that, despite being unknown. It’s rumored by some that she could have been Crysthalia, a former Dark Warriors owner.


Creator: Bid Now

The Pirates were created in the spring of 2007 by Bid Now. It started off as a fairly small army, as you will be able to see in the picture below. One of the troops, was a fairly good recruiter so he eventually became leader, Whaleoil, and under his leadership the Pirates approximately doubled in size and went from being a tiny army maxing 5 at best, to a medium army maxing around 10. They then fell again and then eventually they grew back to sizes of about 13, and managed to even defeat the Golds in a war. After this, Pirates Creator, Bid Now, left the Pirates for the Golds which led to a huge argument and a defacing of the site. The army was recreated under a new leadership and stayed medium, had a short war with the Ice Warriors and some other small armies, but overall didn’t last long and eventually died in mid-2008.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that the Pirates started to show true potential. With the permission of former Pirates, the Water Vikings under the leadership of Zakdude and Jedpen changed their name to Pirates. They maxed great sizes of 25 and even reached the Top 5 on CPAC’s Top 10. The summer passed though, and the Pirates died with it. September came along, and a new name, Waterkid101, recreated the Pirates. They managed to reach sizes of 20, but in April of 2012 they went to war with the ACP and Nachos and faced a devastating loss and would die out after that. The Pirates would then make several noticeable returns, the most notable was in late 2013 during the war between the Black Alliance and the League of Justice. Waterkid had hired what was then and now known as “The Drew Crew”, and together the Pirates flourished to new heights and became a true world power and even reached 2nd on CPAC’s Top 10. Even though the future seemed bright at the time, it didn’t last due to disagreements between Waterkid and Andrew24, and he banished the them from the army and the Pirates merged into the Light Troops again, as they had done several times before.

After their Golden Age in 2013, the Pirates did see several other rebirths in the past year or so, but none as major as the previous ones. They didn’t start off as the biggest army, but many of the people involved in the army have left HUGE marks on this community. Bid Now with the creation of the Pirates created a chain of events that I doubt he could have ever foreseen. The people that the Pirates have given birth to have impacted this community in various ways, and the army itself, well, they kicked butt and looted Rockhopper.

Pizza Republic

Creator: Legozacc 

Pizza Republic were created in September 2013 by Legozacc. Their first generation was quite rough, they struggled to consistently hit sizes of 8+ and soon died out due to being defeated by Rockstars in a war. The second and “golden generation” was opened under the leadership of Sam21619, Arceus1296, Jayden and Garrett101. This leadership proved to be formidable with Pizza Republic dominating SMAC for a matter of months, defeating Guardian Penguins in an Ashes Series war 3-2. The army lasted for a while until Jayden had an argument with Sam over merging into Redemption Force. This argument led to the end of the second generation and could possibly stopped them reaching large army status.

The third and final generation was led by Sam21619 and Arceus1296 but it failed to reach the standards of the second generation with sizes of only 6+ being hit but the generation had a nice ending with a Ausia PB win over Nachos.


Creators: Albcoolio and Madi

The Pookies Army was a short-lived medium army that took the community by storm in summer 2014. This was a time were the community was very active and with two relatively inexperienced leaders, a lot of people were surprised by them. Led by Albcoolio, the then IW 2ic and Madi, and banking on a good AUSIA and USA force, they reached CPAC rankings in good fashion. Contrary to their name, the Pookies proved to be considerably powerful with them throughout the summer in their first and only generation, maxing sizes of 15+.

They died after Albc’s retirement, with the army preferring to not carry on without him and also due to the fact Apollo, the newly appointed leader, had some disputes with Madi and other members of the army.


Creator: Braveboy

The Pretzels of Club Penguin were one of the most famous orange medium armies as they followed on the history of food armies such as the Nachos or the Doritos of CP. The Pretzels became an army in late 2009 but really found dominance in sizes in the early 2010 before falling and dying not long after their conception. This of cause, prompted a second generation for the army in which they got the biggest size they ever had while facing off with the UMA before merging into the Watex Warriors. When they returned, the army had many more generations.

The Pretzels saw themselves rise and also managed to get into the Top 5; something that many armies wish to do. The army has had many different leaders but some of the most notable would have to be Lord Pain and Braveboy; two people who did so much for the Pretzels Army.

The Pretzels have a place in this list as a result of their constant rises and influence in the community’s top ten. Upon being born, the UMA noticed that this army would develop as a threat and made an attempt to neutralise them. The Pretzels have been through the top ten over at CP Army Central. They’ve had a big legacy in the community and have always made their presence felt.

Purple Heads

Creators: Harvin13 and M2Rocks

The Purple Heads of Club Penguin were created by Harvin13 and M2Rocks on January 24, 2009, who had had multiple previous successes with other armies earlier. The Purple Heads were an army known for having high profile leaders, including M2Rocks, Linkin55, Batista1822, Riotors, and Tap Dancer36.

The PH immediately got involved in a war with the Vikings after creation, and captured Ice Palace from them. The PH then hit a little bit of a depression until Riotors joined as a leader. The PH were one of the most feared medium armies at the time. The PH have had wars with the Sky Troops, Striking Raiders and several other armies. The biggest war Purple Heads fought was against IMAF. During this difficult war, Purple Heads managed to attain sizes of 20+ which for a period of time, elevated them into large army status. There was no victor in this war and the armies became close allies as a result of many ties in battles. After this war the army slowly became inactive and sadly the PH fell and died in the middle of 2011.

In 2014, PH was brought to life by Andy, but the army failed to get started properly, resulting in a quick death.

Purple Republic

Creator: Violentantaletta

One of the most present armies in the community’s history is that of the Purple Republic. The Purple Republic is a group originating on 4chan’s /v/ board dedicated to raiding Club Penguin Servers. It was rumoured that they took their influence from the Pool’s Closed phenomenon associated with Habbo Hotel, another virtual world. The members of the Purple Republic raid Club Penguin servers and army events with purple-coloured penguins wearing Miner Helmets, used with the dance function in order to drill. The army served to be the first big notable example of Penguin Racism with them believing any penguin not in purple, was simply inferior and should be wiped out.

The army gained notoriety from their use of repetitive tactics. The UNDERSTAND x4 bomb and Praise Shalom were among the best examples of this. They influenced the community by making the Understand Bomb a widely used tactic with some armies still choosing to use the move today as a variation onto the Joke bomb. Above all else though, the Purple Republic wished for a long time to be recognised as a Club Penguin Army, despite several attempts to make sure they did not conform. Instead of the standard army practices, such as using XAT to communicate, they preferred using sites such as Steam to handle their internal communications.


The army was also associated with major scandals and hacking such as when the Purple Republic managed to take over the CPA Central twitter, but the period was brief as Zing King To and Albarolord were able to quickly neutralise the situation and take back the twitter account with relative ease. The army targeted the Army of Club Penguin mostly in the first instance, but as time went on, the army did get less and less inclusive about who they attacked and everyone, was fair game.

Ranger Troops

Creator: Jordi

The Rangers Troops (not to be confused with the Club Penguin Rangers, which is a different army) were created on August 25, 2010 by Jordi and his sister Nicole. They started out as the color green which was similar to ACP. They would fight armies sizes 5 to 9 and were not very well know. They soon changed to the color red and would show up on many small army top tens maxing with sizes 10 to 13. They also started many wars with many armies such as the Warriors, Black Panthers, and Army Republic.

The Ranger Troops would go on to max 25 and show up on many CPAC Top Tens. They also participated in many CPAC Tournaments.

All of the Ranger Troops websites have been defaced and deleted so it is very hard to recover their history. The Ranger Troops would soon end, with the last recorded generation happening in 2013.

Rebel Penguin Federation*

Creator: Commando717

The RPF was founded on May 8th, 2007, when Commando717, a UMA 2ic, rebelled from the army with a few other troops. Commando became the leader of the army with Elmikey as his 2ic, and one of their first acts was to aid ACP in a war against UMA. The combined forces of ACP and RPF led to the defeat of the UMA. The time following this event is still considered the Golden Age of RPF. Following Commando’s first retirement, RPF went through a string of leaders, including legends like Kg 007, but they didn’t see the heights they had previously seen and would eventually die and didn’t return until Commando came back in December of 2008. After Commando retires again, many troops went with him, but this time RPF slowly began to rise again thanks to the help of Furbur27. Soon a very hostile war with UMA began, and it didn’t help that ironically there was a rebellion occurring in the RPF. This hurt the army and resulted that through most of 2009 RPF stayed a medium army. The army didn’t start to make a real comeback until November of 2010, under the leadership of Cewan. The RPF destroyed the Tacos and several other prominent armies at the time, and things were starting to look good for them. After this they stayed steady for quite some time until late 2011 when they started to fall. Things didn’t truly begin to look good for RPF until May 2013, when Elmikey returned.

Elmikey’s return brought the Club Penguin Army Community to a halt as jaws dropped and all eyes turned to RPF. The army that had been trying to make a comeback for over half a decade was now hitting more than 80 troops on CP! They went on to win several CPAC tournaments such as the Legends Cup and went on to win several major wars against armies such as the Dark Warriors, the Ice Warriors, Nachos, and more. This insane rise was believed to be because of the “autotyping revolution” that Elmikey began, which brought in countless of new troops to the community. This began to end when Elmikey was exiled from RPF, due to some believing he had become too extreme. This, though, led to a fall in RPF. Elmikey didn’t return to RPF until March of 2015, and RPF has worked their way from medium army size to the back end of the Top 10. Even though it is dubious if RPF will ever see sizes like before, Elmikey gained the title of CP Army Legend due to his work in RPF.

An army true to their name, they have been proving that they will never back down since day one. They will “Fight The Good Fight” until the day they die, and then they’ll just come back and try even harder. Even though their lows put them as a medium army, their peak was beyond incredible.

Redemption Force

Creators: Blaze and Reacon

On August 14th, 2013, Blaze and Reacon decided to create the Redemption Force due to Reacon feeling nostalgic of their old army. When they thought of the idea of the Redemption Force, Blaze made the website and the surrounding GFX while Reacon recruited new recruits into the newly created army. As this army progressed into a small army, people were being recruited here and there. Darkeh and Icey were the first troops recruited and nominated for the 2nd in Command and the 3rd in Command ranks. This progressed the army even further. As a small army, the Redemption Force grew into an impressive chat size and decided to go onto Club Penguin:

Between September 7th and September 10th, 2013, the Redemption decided to go to war with the Water Ninjas. Their reason for this was because they needed more servers. On the day of RF’s invasion of WN’s capital, Cold Front, RF lost to the WN by one troop because troops “had gotten lazy that day.” The RF’s allies, the Lightning Strikers, eventually joined the war by giving the RF partial ownership of their servers so the invasions could be valid. The war then ended as 2-2 having both armies tie.


The Redemption Force then hit a huge depression weeks after Operation: Lights Out against the Water Ninjas. The Redemption Force leadership has decided to set the Redemption Force into isolationism, therefore cutting off all contact with foreign armies. In that time frame, the Redemption Force got a higher count in commanders, troops, and loyalty. It was a 5 day event that took a full scale recruiting to the next level.


Creators: K0rn aka Elitesof

Reds were created in 2009 mainly by Elitesof but also aided by SaW, Godplaya and Dream.  The army was very successful in its first generation, maxing sizes of 20+ and taking many armies down in wars. Unfortunately, a deface happened and took away all of the history on their original site.  The third generation was one of the most successful under the leadership of   Hurricanex1, Spyguy202, Braveboy, TacoDaily, and TyMatt. The generation was short lived but in terms of sizes was the biggest ever, with the Reds maxing 35+ at events but yet another deface took place leaving photos and posts lost.

Image result for reds of club penguin

Their have been many attempts to replicate the success of generation three.  Generation four was led by Tacodaily and Subz11 with a lot of consistency in maxing 20-25 at events but never quite reached the 30+ mark. They lasted for around two months with Subz11 retiring from the army halfway through the generation, leaving Tacodaily to lead by himself. He impressed many people by keeping the army stable with sizes of 15-20 but around a month after Subz’s retirement, he decided to shut down the army.

There were three more generations after this. The fifth being a short generation with Reds Legend, Tacodaily leading with Cbass and Spyguy202. The army only lasted a few weeks and was considered one of the worse generations in the armies history. The sixth saw a completely new leadership of Ryan, Mars and Lights717 take command but this generation is considered the worst with sizes of only 10-12 being hit and it only lasting two weeks.

The final generation saw the return of Elitesof. He hired Konrad and Tony, the former Soda Pop Army leaders, to lead alongside him. The army declared war on UMA pretty quickly but were defeated in the war, leading to Reds permanent closure.


Creators: Doctor Mine Turtle and Strika

On August 11th, 2011, the Rockstars we’re made by Doctor Mine Turtle and Strika, as a rebellion against a army that Strika got overthrown at. Rockstars lost, and ended up dying.

On the 9th July 2013, Turtle decided to recreate Rockstars as a army alongside Flame.  They instantly declared war on Striking Raiders, an army bigger than them at the time, and lost 6-2 in battles but Doctor Mine Turtle saw this as a learning curve for the army as they had little to lose in the war. Later on in the generation they had a “friendly” war with Lime Green Army. However, this war soon turned ugly with insults being thrown from either side but their wishes of getting high positions on the SMAC Top Ten was granted as their positions skyrocketed. Rockstars edged out Lime Green Army 4-3 in this war but it is a debatable subject on who won some battles. After the war ended, Rockstars slowly faded due to inactivity and Doctor Mine Turtle closed the army on January 19th.

The fourth generation was the final and most memorable of them all.  It started in December 2014 where Turtle, Jacori, and Jonathan formed Majori to rise the Rockstars.  Although Jacori retired after a few weeks, Turtle and Jon made a dream team leadership that very much resembled the leadership of Turtle and Flame. This generation was supreme as they won wars against Soda Pop Army and Lime Green Army. Reaching the highest sizes in history, they were temporarily hit by the stepping down of Jonathanitti but 2ic Luck Andy stepped up and kept the army stable. The final war Rockstars entered was against Shadow Reacon. This war was the most hatred filled war in Rockstar history, battles were disputed, arguments boiled, pressure was at an all time high.  Unfortunately, the Rockstars snapped. They lost the majority of battles in a 5-3 loss. This spelled the end for the Rockstars with Doctor Mine Turtle closing down the army due to the loss.


Creator: Explorer7777

The Romans, when they first started had no formal leader of any sort. They were a huge rouge clan that would wreak havoc on Mammoth, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2006 that they became an organized army under the leadership of Explorer7777 on the Miniclip Forums. Amongst some problems on the Forums, this did not stop the Romans from reaching great heights. Oagal stated that they beat the ACP in size by “4:3” and of course, in October of 2006, World War II came and the ACP and Romans clashed. Oagal created new styles of tactics, and using these, he was able to defeat the larger Romans army. In December, the war died down and the Romans lost and fell apart. Rogue Romans still existed throughout the servers, but they were no longer organized as they were before.

After nearly half a year of being considered a dead army officially, and a living army in rouge manners, the Romans finally saw a rebirth as Djgtjvgyhxgy created the first website for the Romans on June 11, 2007. Their first order of business was to ally  with their former enemy, the ACP, and fight against the UMA in World War III. Their next important battle, and when they would next peak, wasn’t until January 2008 when they declared war on the SSACP, a subdivision of the ACP. The ACP pulled in to help, and even though the Romans were defeated, it was a battle of Legends. Oagalthorp, Fort57, Mazachster, Cooltiger413, Lucario98765, Shadow2446, Batista1822, Djgtjvgyhxgy, and even Iceyfeet1234 were involved in the battle. After this loss, the Romans fell and remained a medium-army for the next three years. They eventually saw the CPAC Top 10 within reach in February 2014, but this didn’t last long and they died out.

Royal Penguins

Creator: Cheedu1

Often referred to as Royale Penguins too, the RP was created by Cheedu1 some time in 2014 with the 3rd June 2014 being the earliest recorded date for the Royale Penguins. The army quickly became one of the most important faces in the SM Army Community taking part in multiple wars and changing the face of several armies for the better, including major armies such as Purple Republic and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Hosting the ability to boast the fact that they have never lost a war, the Royal Penguins took part in some legendary fights such as the R^3 Alliance under the leadership of Tobercold and Zing King To in which they helped to oust Mr Waffles45 from his dictatorship in the RPF, to one of the shortest wars in history forcing the Dark Knights to surrender only seven minutes after declaring war.

The army, despite being an SM Army, has undisputed wins against many major armies, including the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nacho Army, both former first place ranking armies among the Top Ten. The army was first closed down following a period of inactivity after establishing themselves as statistically, the greatest SM AUSIA Army of the recent years, getting the highest sizes in that division consistently. It was then brought back by Tobercold and Zing King To as a way of combating the oppression and injustice being felt in the RPF’s ranks and while it was here, it performed legendary feats such as helping to get the Purple Republic recognised as an official Club Penguin Army.


It was brought back again in July 2015 upon the creation of the Small Medium Defence Legion. It became a heavily debated point of view that the SMDL wanted to control the community, not protect them – with the Army Republic exercising control of the SMDL. The war was largely viewed as a no contest, but as the SMDL eventually closed down, many, including Royal Penguins see this as a victory for them in the war as that was the aim of the war in the first instance.


Creator: Sledderboy

They Scouts were created by Sledderboy on the 25th Feb 2011. The Scouts are remembered for being one of the friendliest and biggest medium armies in 2011. The reason for creation was that Phoenix Bandits, Sledderboy’s former army, had died and he wanted to make a new one. Scouts were led by many famous leaders such as Pengton19 and Turm and were very consistently having events and practice battles. Scouts fought many battles against many armies and defeated top armies of the time including Platinum Warriors and Nachos. They were known as a friendly army as they never declared war on anyone and solely were around to provide troops with a fun, friendly place to hangout.

Near the end of their story, Scouts joined the Black Alliance and participated in battles under the Black Alliance flag.

Their adventure ended on June 4th 2011 when Sledderboy decided to merge Scouts into Global Defenders and since then, no revival of Scouts has been approved and will ever be approved.

Shadow Penguin Force

Creators: Brigade3 and Superhero123

The Shadow Penguin Force was an army created by Superhero123 and Brigade3 on June 1st 2015. The army had a good start due to having troops from Teutons, as the SPF were already an army known as Teutons before creation but had a name change to make recruiting easier. In their first event they maxed 10+, which showed they had a lot of promise and potential to be a powerful medium army. SPF quickly reached the CPAC Top Ten due to them having divisional leaders in all 3 timezones with Superhero123 leading Ausia, Brigade3 leading UK and Xenon leading US.

The main war for the SPF was against Marines. Marines had declared war on SPF on June 10th 2015 due to claiming a server they thought was their’s. The war was short with Marines winning two battles compared to SPF who only won one battle. Five days later, the war was ended, resulting in a Marines victory. The first generation ended around two weeks later, the first generation of SPF came to an end with the army deciding to merge into Ice Warriors.

The second and final gen was quite a failure under the leadership of King Brad. The army only maxed sizes of 4 and due to it tarnishing the armies legacy, Fear, who was a former leader, put an end to the generation and in effect the end to the army.

Shadow Reacon Army

Creator: Delirious

The Shadow Reacon Army was created by Delirious some time in late September of 2014. He wanted to fix the lack of Club Penguin armies so he started a project of which he could not predict the amazing outcome. He created Shadow Reacon, along with Kwi and Piggy who were the first troops and leaders in the SRA. They would start carving the path for generations to come. They held a few events maxing around 6-7, but it didn’t last long as the army came to a close a few weeks later. In October 2014 Delirious didn’t want to give up on the SRA just yet. So he brought the army back with Kwi and Piggy and would be bringing in some new additions, such as Benimish. Delirious saw potential and asked Benimish would like to help lead an army he was bringing back. Benimish said, “Yes,” and he became the new 2ic of SRA. Along with many others hired, this generation of Shadow Reacon was looking to be historic. The Shadow Reacon had their first war with the Raily Penguins and won. During this war they had their best event ever maxing 18. Not too long after this war they would come to a close again.

Benimish, the former 2ic, was longing to see the SRA comeback. Rumors of its return sparked in December but were false. So instead of waiting for someone to attempt to open it he asked permission from Delirious to reopen it. Delirious was busy with Striking Raiders so he agreed to be a “Godfather” to the army. So under the new found leadership of Benimish, the SRA reopened. In their first event they maxed and averaged 4, which was not as big as the previous generation, but nobody had any idea what the future would hold. They would continue to grow into sizes of 10 to 15. They also had a war with Rockstars which they won. After much success, the troops of SRA became arrogant and some of the leaders as well. Constant arguing and trolling was growing and troops began to quit SRA. Eventually Benimish and Alexandrovna had enough. Chat was reset and ranks cleared. This is what became known as Operation Blackout. Each troop of SRA was evaluated for loyalty, past service to the army, and recent behavior. Many troops were demoted, but those who proved their worthiness were promoted highly. Even Blases the current leader was demoted. Three troops alone had quit because of him. Blases was furious and and declared war with an army he had just made called the Water Mafias Army. They raided Shadow Reacon once then disappeared never to be seen again. Shadow Reacon declared war on the corrupt and dying Takis for insulting and threatening them repeatedly. To crush them as fast as possible they held 3 invasions a day all for the US division. They never showed to a single event. Shadow Reacon maxed and averaged around 8-10 every invasion. After 2 days of 6 invasions Takis closed and surrendered and the SRA took all their servers, for a grand total of 26 servers. The SRA had turned into a major superpower to be reckoned with. After months of hard work the Shadow Reacon Army had reached 8th on the CPAC Top Ten. Sadly not much later Benimish had hired Badboy as leader and he defaced the SRA Chat and Website. SRA would come back from this deface and continue on. They had many tensions with large armies that had threatened them, but they showed what they were made of.

Invasion of Thermal 13

The Shadow Reacon Army would go onto be known as a S/M Army power house and major army. They won tournaments and won wars. Many leaders were born out of SRA, such as Benimish, Alexandrovna, Rocks, Cirby, Josh, Piggy, Kwi and Rey. They will always be remembered in the CPA community.

Shadow Troops

Creator: Commando993

Founded by Commando993 (not to be confused with RPF’s Commando717) August 3, 2008, ST started out it’s early days mainly occupying Parka and Tundra. Their first major war was what was known as “The Great Parka War”, which involved armies such as the ACP, the CP Clones, the Red-Blue Alliance, and multiple rouges. It was a long term old school war of rouge battles between armies that simply started as a conflict between ST and CPC and then escalated to involve several other armies. Even though there was a war going on, this didn’t stop the Shadow Troops from having inner turmoil. Rampant coups of leaders and random acts of rebellion were common for ST even during wartime. This particular war raged on for quite some time, but eventually ST managed to hold on and keep Parka as their Capital Server and continued to do so throughout their history.

The Shadow Troops continued to grow, but would eventually die and come back several times. In 2011, under the leaderships of SaW, xiUnknown, and Flare, they allied with the Nachos and LT against ACP and helped bring the ACP closer to death than it had ever been. Later, in November of 2012, the Shadow Troops, under the leadership of Veolata, went neck-to-neck in a war against the Ice Warriors.

The Shadow Troops, a worthy enemy in most cases, proved their worth just about every generation they had. They produced several legends throughout their time and participated in many battles and wars from the early days, and were still making noise in 2017.

Silver Surfers

Creator: Omega39

The history of the Silver Surfers is a scrambled one due to the deletion of a Silver Surfers site. No one officially knows the date that the Silver Surfers opened. On August 31st 2007, Club Penguin released a new hidden item and that item was the Silver Surfboard. From that day, a presence in the Mammoth Dojo was soon created as there would nearly always be a group of penguins sporting the Silver Surfboard provoking attacks on all armies that dared enter the Dojo. With the Silver Surfers going increasingly popular, ACP creator Oagalthorp declared war on September 3rd 2007.

There are several known Silver Surfer websites which has really clouded the history of this army. In one of the sites, Omega39 is credited as the official Silver Surfers original leader and creator. Omega39 was seen in the earliest picture ever of the Silver Surfers so he definitely involved in them at the start. The first fall of the Silver Surfers took place in March 2008 but was then brought back by the trio of Hattrick, Ganger90 and Saiyaman Xc. Overlapping with this, yet another site was made – this time by the original Omega39 who took over the army.

The Silver Surfers are an army who certainly managed to make their presence felt in the Mammoth Dojo like none other. One of the major reasons for them being on this list is not because they achieved lots, or lived for so many years – but the fact that they influenced the fighting that happened in the Mammoth Dojo. Only days after being born out of a bunch of penguins who discovered a hidden item, they managed to attract so many more recruits to armies in order to fight and stand up against the superpower that was at the time, the Army of Club Penguin.

Sky Troops

Creators: Alex Cone and Roxas89

The Sky Troops were created in September 2010.  Their original name was the Club Penguin Elite Defenders. CPED’s phrases would not show on Club Penguin, so the name was quickly changed to ST.  While their name was CPED, the army fought in their first war against the Snow Fighters, with the Club Penguin Ultimate Defenders as CPED’s ally. Soon after this under the name of Sky Troops, ST declared war on Purple Heads, but were swiftly defeated by Purple Heads but they were shown mercy and allowed to retain all of their servers.

In early 2011, they entered a war with Parkas, due to Parkas declaring war on the alliance ST was a part of.  Sky Troops eventually prevailed in this war due to receiving outside help from Light Troops. Sky Troops never showed any fear in war either, battling SWAT, Doritos and ACP in wars and never surrendering, which set an example for all S/M armies at the time. Sky Troops in their first generation showed incredible consistency by lasting until the near end of 2012.

2012 was a successful year for the Sky Troops as they won two SMAC tournaments, most notably the SMAC Down IV. Near the end of 2012, they died due to inactivity but went down in history as one of the most consistent S/M armies in history, with creator Alex Cone receiving legend status. The second generation was a lot smaller than the first, only lasting a few weeks in 2013. The third and final generation was bigger than the second but still came nowhere near the legendary status of the first.

Smart Penguins

Creator: Vivek

SP was established as ‘Smarty Penguins’ by Vivek and his counterparts, converted from a tracking chat into an army. With the help of his classmate Dinesh, the SP was officially opened on September 19th, 2013. Throughout the month of September, the Smart Penguins had an average size of 5-10, primarily consisting of AUSIA events tuned to Indian times. By now, the Smart Penguins’ creator, Vivek, hopes his army becomes very popular and his dream became a reality.

In October of 2013, the Smart Penguins grew in size. They started maxing sizes 8-12 in almost every event. Then they started a war, their first war. It was against the Ice Hounds, an army created by Son Nav. This war ended in a tie. In November 2013, the Smart Penguins continued rising. They reached 14-18 in every event. They also had a battle against the Green Mercenaries. At the beginning of the month, Max, known as Cassiusbrutus in ACP, tried to trick the Smart Penguins and make them a new generation of the Club Penguin Empire but he failed miserably.


In January of 2014, the Smart Penguins reached its best sizes ever. This was due to the new partnership of leadership consisting of Vivek, Dinesh, Superhero, and Rishron. The Smart Penguins started maxing 16-19 in every event. At this point in time, the Smart Penguins’ faith in the new leadership grew and solidified. The Smart Penguins tried very hard to keep their troops by having fun events and hosting chat parties. The Smart Penguins are still known today because of their legacy.

Snow Blizzard Army

Creators: Martin and Rockyiceman1

The Snow Blizzard Army was created on 25th August 2013 by Rockyiceman1 and Martin who were good friends and used to work in the Nacho army together, on 24th August 2013 they went on to creating their own army which they named the Snow Blizzard Army. In their first few events, they maxed consistent sizes of 6-8 and showed promise for a new army. For a few months they were consistently in the top 5 of the SMAC Top Ten, proving themselves as a dominant S/M army. Nearer the end of their first generation, they decided to merge with Green Mercenaries to become Blizzard Mercenaries. This newly formed army led by Rockyiceman1, Summit, Pride and Popcorny5555, was successful for a few weeks achieving Top 3 on SMAC for 2 weeks straight but in December 2013, the leaders agreed it would be for the best to split back up.

The army also helped elevate the status of Rockyiceman and Martin as SMAC awarded Rockyiceman1 the 2nd best soldier of 2013 and the best rising star of 2013 and Martin was given the best co-leader award by SMAC for the year 2013. The first generation ended in early 2014. The second generation took place in April 2014, but no events took place and due to deface of the site, the army was shut again. The third generation and final was created in the summer of 2014, under the leadership of Arceus1296, Sam21619, Humza and Zambi. The generation started off really well, maxing 8+ in all timezones and defeating Guardian Penguins in a war, but the generation lost steam once school restarted for most leaders and died out in September 2014.

Since then the army has never been reopened and the website has been taken down by WordPress itself.

Special Weapons and Tactics*

Creator: Godplayer123

Founded by Godplayer123 when he changed the name of the Dark Warriors to SWAT, although the name was changed back to DW later. Ganger90 resurrected the SWAT army in 2009. While not much is known about the army from 2009-2011, it is known that they participated in several large wars, and hung around the bottom of the top Ten. Their hatred for the Army of club Penguin was alive in the army’s early days. The modern era of SWAT took off in 2012, where they frequently were placed in the middle of the top Ten. This era of SWAT was led by Cargo2 and Cul8rsl,without the help of Ganger90. They challenged the ACP successfully for the control of Mammoth, and were able to hit the second spot on the top Ten, with sizes of 35+.

In 2013, SWAT made history after gaining the first spot on the Top Ten. SWAT also took place in the Black Alliance Vs. White Alliance war in 2013. This makes sense as the Black Alliance’s goal was to kill ACP, and SWAT and ACP have been enemies since their creations. SWAT tumbled around in the top Ten for the majority of 2013, falling out and then returning to the top 3 was common for the army. While the army has not been wildly successful since then, they were able to max their largest sizes in their history in the Legends Cup. Under the leadership of Ganger90, Tacodaily, Reacon, Paco, and Badboy, SWAT was able to max 45+ in the legends cup.

The SWAT army has shown it’s dominance numerous times, they have been placed in the CPAC top Ten 1-3 spot 15-20 times, and have been placed number one several other times. While recently the army has been looked at as a joke, after several lousy generations, one can not deny their overall size and influence.

Striking Raiders

Creator: Benten16250

The Striking Raiders, founded by Benten15260 & Nikky14 on August 17th, 2010 built up early and became a formidable army which got 10+ sizes in 2010. The leadership gradually shifted to Bigmail and Bingoradar in 2011, followed by the SR surrendering to the likes of Purple Heads and Sky Troops in war. In the Dark Ages of 2012, SR went through many near-death experiences, specially in the summer, until they were consolidated by Red Gush 24, Bigmail and Bill’s generation in late 2012.

Obama81000 and Benten15260 took over the leadership in 2013, and SR started cruising under a new generation of leaders that included Delirious, Midnightwave, Kirby Warrior, and extending to 2014 under prominent figures like Rocky24568, Doctor Mine Turtle and Popcorny5555. SR fought armies like the Soda Pop Army, Dark Lightning, and the Lime Green Army.


The Striking Raiders had a generations during 2015 and 2016. They had mediocre sizes but nothing from what they had before. They officially ended for the last time on July 26, 2016.

Sun Troops

Creators: Sklooperis and Hampton4life

The Club Penguin Sun Troops were created in 2010 by Sklooperis and Hampton4life. The Sun Troops first generation held many high positions in the weekly top 10 and many now powerful leaders in the army. Some leaders from the CPST first generation include Ganger90, Chuckisthe2, and Jerry2cool. Following this in march of 2010, the Sun Troops and Golden Warriors merged to create the Golden Troops. This merge lasted a month until Wwebestfan returned Sun Troops in the summer of 2011. In the second generation of the army, Sun Troops sizes rose above 20+ consistently.

Following the merge of the two armies, tensions soon rose between Golden Troops and Sun Troops. The tensions resulted in a war issued by Golden Troops leader, Jerry. The war only lasted one battle which GT maxed 25 and Sun Troops maxed 20. The Sun Troops surrendered the war to the Golden Troops. After the war, the Sun Troops faced the Ninjas in this controversial battle in the 2011 CP Legends Cup. In the final months of 2011, the Sun Troops fell in a slump with many leaders leaving the army, notably Wenny123abc retired.

In December of 2011, Sun Troops held invasions against Night Warriors  due to NW invading CPST territory. However, Night Warriors soon died after the declaration of war. Now on December 27th, Wennyabc123 returned to CPST with newer faces such as Ajman9011 and Teal Violin. This generation proved to be unsuccessful as the Sun Troops stayed near the bottom of the top 10. By the end of January, the 3rd generation was concluded. Further generations were attempted but none were able to reach former heights. The Sun Troops unable to escape death, died soon after.


Creators: Pringle64 and Pdiddyguin

Our 27th best army of all time was one that showed the true influence of Club Penguin Cheat Sites on armies. While figures from these cheat sites, like Thumbee and Jeepkid7, went on to provide extreme sparks in any army they created or joined, it was not until Riffy8888 revived the Tacos in (surprise surprise) 2009 that they were able to make a mark. Though they were initially created in 2007 by Army Legend Pringle64 and Pdiddyguin, Riffy8888’s revival of the Tacos is what truly made them famous. Created in April of 2009, the Tacos were able to take off relatively fast, hitting 25 at their first event. They did not find true consistency until late July, however, where they began to have events more often. At the end of August, they found themselves in conflict with the Underground Mafias Army, marking the first war that the Tacos had ever held.

Some weeks after this, however, tensions arose between the Tacos and Jeepkid7’s Club Penguin Crew, which eventually led to them being included in the alliance against the aforementioned CP Crew. After their victory against them, they moved on into the year and finished 2009 strong. 2010 brought promise, as the Tacos started the year with a bang. As the year progressed, however, the Tacos suffered a devastating blow with the loss of their creator, Riffy8888, as he was removed from power by several owners in the army. His animosity towards his former creation resulted in a defacing of the Tacos site, which wiped out all posts from January to June 2010. The Tacos had hope to remain strong, but after the usurping of Riffy8888, the army became a lost cause.

After the Tacos’ death in November 2010, several revivals were attempted, the most notable of them being Mount Rainy’s revival in 2011, which reached 9th on CPA Central, and Np3000’s revival in 2011-2012, which reached as high as 4th and maintained itself as a prominent power for several months. However, these generations were unable to match Riffy’s Tacos, who, for a while, seemed to be one of the strongest forces in warfare, a title that was well deserved.


Creators: Earthing and Brigade

The Teutons were created in August 2014 by Earthing and Brigade3, both well known people in the community. The Teutons of Club Penguin were considered a dominant force amongst major armies. Their AUSIA division was feared and used to consistently max sizes between 15-20. Their first appearance in the SMAC Top Ten got them placed at the 9th spot. In the following weeks they pulled themselves up to 4th, and then successfully achieved a consistent rank of 6-7th on the CPAC Top Ten. Their unique recruiting styles of having their own Club Penguin Private Server and getting Twitter recruits worked successfully. Their chat size was usually full and alive before and after events. Teutons also used to a lot of fun events that kept the troops happy.

The First Generation of Teutons declared war on Toast Army and eliminated them from existence. They regularly organized practice battles with the AUSIA division against armies such as Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, and Rebel Penguin Federation. They had a solid AUSIA division lead by Earthing, and a well developed UK division lead by Brigade3. Both the AUSIA and UK division maxed and averaged sizes of 15-20, while their US division lead by Bobrules101 and Carson maxed sizes of 10-15. The Teutons were involved in many wars with major armies most notably the Golds and Teutons war against Nachos and New Penguin Republic, and the Teutons and Vikings war against the Chaos. Teutons and their allies succeeded in winning both the wars, but due to the Retirement of Leaders such as Earthing,Brigade3 and Llewelyn and a bitter conflict with the Light Troops, the First Generation of Teutons merged into Rebel Penguin Federation.


Creator: Poseidon112

The Thugs of CP rocketed their way into this community in late 2016 around the beginning of October. Starting off as a mere SMAP/SMAC army they had numerous conflicts and wars with surrounding armies quickly earning respect among the small/medium army community. Their creator Poisdon112, a revered Nacho Veteran along with many more glorified veterans of the community that have since lead have pushed Thugs from just being a small army contender into as of 2017 a true Top Ten Contender. Thugs kept on gradually increasing hold in CPAC’s Top Tens since just around the end of 2016 and 2017.

Ranging from sizes of hitting 5 to steadily rising to getting sizes coming near even 20 the thugs were remarkable for their steady Ausia force and extremely active night chats. They also had proven themselves in tournaments making it to numerous quarter finals and constantly beating the odds. They also had many flame wars against other armies & the media (CPAC).

While some may argue that Thugs were merely just a troll army, this can be seen other wise with their constant activity. Nearly always maxing out their event quality. What is definitely most interesting is the Thugs had always pushed to always speak out against those who they believe had wronged them, no matter who it was. People who have been hit by these posts include CPAC, Zing King To, Blue Warriors, Army Republic, ACP and numerous others. The Thugs will always be seen as one of the last active armies nearing Club Penguin’s end.

The Thugs caused a huge upset in the final stages of CP Army history by reaching the Legends Cup Final. Unfortunately, they could not win as LT had superior sizes which swayed the judges vote in their favour.

Team Gold

Creators: Spice Ice116 and Ice Mixed

In a time where many new armies were popping up, Team Gold was able to say that they made it big. They were first created on May 7th, 2009, and from there they managed to grow, albeit at a slow rate. Their creators, Spice Ice116 and Ice Mixed, the latter of which retired not even two months into its existence, had the goal of becoming a dominant army. While they never managed to reach first, they did indeed make their presence known.

After about six months, Team Gold was able to hit the ground running in November of 2009 by provoking war with the Watex Warriors. Although they had yet to reach higher sizes to close out 2009, they were able to find consistency in 2010. They became a consistent Top Ten contender in CPAC, finding themselves inside the Top 3 several times. They also found themselves in conflict with the indisputable Number 1 army, ACP, several times, as well as other armies, such as the Crystal Warriors or the Night Warriors. They reached sizes as high as 35, which at the time was a bigger accomplishment than it seems to be today. As the year turned, Team Gold joined in what would become WWV, facing the Nachos and Night Warriors in several battles. A grudge with the Ice Vikings spurred a war between the two that ended in a stalemate.

Their combative nature continued, as they sparked wars with the Underground Mafias Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and many others, as well as joining the first Black Alliance formed against the ACP. Although they maintained a presence in 2011, they did not match their overall performance from 2010. However, 2012 brought hope to Team Gold, and they cashed in on that hope to start the year. However, 2012 would be their final year, as the army unofficially ended that May. Several revivals were attempted, but none came close to the dominance that Team Gold had from 2009-2012. Team Gold was known for their pugnacious attitude, and although that made them not a popular army amongst the community, they embodied the war hawk spirit that is seldom seen today.

Underground Mafias Army*

Creator: Pink Mafias

Created by the legendary Pink Mafias and his trusty sidekick, Jtrotter, the Underground Mafias Army started out their controversial reign of terror on January 6, 2007 as they challenged the authority of the then sole dominant power, the Army of Club Penguin. Proclaimed as hackers and cheaters, the UMA were met with the difficult task of battling the ACP, something they were able to successfully do until being faced with a strong division from Commando’s Rebel Penguin Federation.

After many years of being frowned upon, the UMA made a striking return in 2009 under the leadership of figures like Trickster and Batista, who returned the army to a solid state, and defeated their former enemies; the Rebel Penguin Federation. With even more turmoil within the army, RUMA spun the UMA to a point of weakness they’d seen before. However, there was a much more immediate relief, with the assumption of power from yet another legendary, controversial, figure, Wgfv. Under both Wgfv’s leadership and resulting dynasty, the Underground Mafias Army regained world power status and maintained a presence for much longer than it ever had before, along with being the first communist army, along with colonizing the Doritos (among many other armies.) Following all this, nearly five years later and with countless leaders and legends, the UMA, though never truly regaining its stable place, was able to remain relevant and also make impressive returns over the summers that followed. There is no forgetting the Red Summer, led by Coolster, Derek, and Zak, or the NP3000 eras, which were decently strong, or even the UMA’s Great Revival in 2013, where they reached the top 2 and defeated the Doritos and ACP in respective wars.

Arguably one of the most revolutionary and influential armies of all time, the Underground Mafias Army, after shutting down in October of 2014, have found themselves on the receiving end of several attempted comebacks which former UMA legends have come out to discourage and claim to be invalid.

United Countries of Club Penguin

Creators: Yey and Leon

Yey and Leon both created UCCP on July 7, 2012. It started out when Yey made a chat to hang out with his friend, and he invited Leon. Leon asked if the chat was an army chat, and that inspired the idea for them to create their first army. Therefore UCCP was created. With the help of Yey and Leon the army quickly took off. Within a couple of weeks Yey and Leon had led the army into the CPAC Top 10 armies.

TXtDTu4 (1)

UCCP was mostly Ausia. They were usually on the S/M Army Top Tens, but did make it into the CPAC Top Ten a few times. They were around from 2012 – 2015. They ended sometime in late July of 2015.


Creators: King Blooy and Mrnooner

The Vikings started off as a clan in the Summer of 2007, it was led on the server Deep Freeze by Mrnooner and King Blooy on the server Mammoth. The clan battled armies such as Ice Warriors, ACP and the Underground Mafia Army regulary. They consider their first official generation to have started on February 16th, 2008 by King Blooy, Mrnooner and Bobcatboy10. Due to the Order 67, an order that large armies used to try to kill off smaller armies, the Vikings of CP often found themselves as the underdogs going against bigger armies before their war with the rogue army of the RPA and then shortly after that, the United Warriors.

After the retirement of Mrnooner on November 28th 2009, King Blooy took control of the army completely until Early 2011. Under King Blooy, the Vikings had several tasks such as taking on the ORCP Army. A second Vikings of CP army was then made but soon after it’s creation, it merged into King Blooy’s original army. After that, there were several more generations of the army but none as notable as the first two which really made the history for the Vikings of CP.

The Vikings of Club Penguin may have started off as just a clan between friends that would attract the occasional rogue but it soon developed into the ultimate underdog army that would take the fight straight to the larger armies like the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors as a result of the Order 67. Many have argued that this army was let down in the end by the numerous short and uneventful generations that followed the first two.


Creator: Hero12985

The Club Penguin Warriors were created sometime in 2007, they were created by Hero12985. They took the Club Penguin community by storm. At one time, the Warriors were perhaps one of the most influential forces out there. In fact, they played a major part in wars such as World War 3, Order 67, and the Invasion of the ACP in 2008. Under esteemed leaders like Hero12985, Hidude45 and Mo Mo1357, they always maintained a respectable and dignified rank in the community, such to the extent can be argued that they were viewed as one of the greatest medium armies of the era that preceded the founding of CPAC.

CPW Legacy 1

Warriors had generations leading up to 2013. These generations included leaders such as Sonic and Jack Frenzy. The Warriors will always be known as the original Warriors army.

Water Bandits

Creators: Maria and Livvie

Maria and Livvie created Water Bandits in February-April 2010. The first generation was quite short, ending due to Livvie being unable to come on xat and help Maria lead.  The second generation was led once again by Maria and several other renowned leaders such as Sercan and Bob Rocks joined during the generation. The army was quite inconsistent throughout early 2011, with many active counts. Their greatest battle of the second generation was a practice battle win over Dark Warriors which shocked the community and made many think they were destined for greatness at the top of CPA but they died 4 days later.

They returned for their third and final generation two years later, under the leadership of Maria and LilD423. Their first event of the generation was the best, maxing 20+ for the first and only time in their history. They went inactive for most of the generation and one month later, died for the last time.

Water Ninjas

Creator: Jayden1092

The Water Ninjas were created on July 3rd, 2012 by Jayden1092 (also known as Jai) and his friend Mario, but Mario left the army just a day later. Their first generation had conflicts with the Club Penguin Warriors and the Chiliteckers. They were forced to merge due to a deface. Soon they would return again for a second generation, bringing in a new leader Angel, who was a former Hot Sauce Army leader. They also had conflicts with the Global Defenders and Snowball Warriors. They defeated the Snowball Warriors, which was their first war win ever. A third generation was brought back by lego, but Jai decided he would take over. After their first week of arrival they took a spot of 10th on CPAC. During this generation the Water Ninjas had ups and downs between the CPAC and S/M Army Top Tens. They had very many wars with many armies, these armies include: Brownies, Chaos Army, Light Troops, Watex Warriors, Lime Green Army, Ice Hounds, Redemption Force, the Underground Mafias Army, Greek Sheeps, and the Frost Squad. The Water Ninjas would introduce many leaders into this generation as well, such as Bluex, Bobrules107, Epicorange1 and Son Nav. The third generation ended on August 14, 2014.

The Water Ninjas’s fourth generation was short lived but was some-what successful. It started on September 20, 2014 and included a new leader named Atticus. They were consistently getting sizes of 10+ and getting first on the S/M Army top tens, but it ended not long after it began.


A fifth generation of the Water Ninjas began on February 20, 2015. It was started up by Angel, and was soon joined by Gator and Jai. This would be the Water Ninja’s golden generation being the most successful. They started out maxing sizes of 15+ and kept growing. They were getting 5th on the CPAC top ten. They eventually reached sizes of 20-25+ and maxing 30. After reaching their height of the generation Jodie joined the Water Ninjas. The Water Ninjas continued to be successful and reach even 2nd on the CPAC Top Ten. Jodie hurt the Water Ninja’s legacy after she got caught for multilogging, she was multilogging six penguins for the Water Ninjas and she was fired instantly, because of her multilogging the Water Ninjas were subtracted 4 points off of the Top Ten, if this would have not happened they would’ve taken the 1st spot on the Top Ten. The Water Ninjas continued to do well, but not as good as they were doing before. They had CSY assist them with their Ausia and had LordNinja help them with their UK division, he was later promoted to leader. Sadly the Water Ninjas suffered yet another deface, this deface was done by Max43810. Following the defacement Atticus rejoined. The Water Ninjas final generation would come to a close on April 15, 2016. Many times they tried to come back but it was never successful, the Water Ninjas had their official closure on February 23, 2017.

Water Vikings*

Creator: Zakster/Jed Pen

Created by a merge between Zakster’s Water Troops and Jed Pen’s Masked Vikings in December 2010, the Water Vikings started off as a small/medium army.  It was not until mid January 2011 when they first gained attention, after placing third on SMAC. Later, they made more of a mark by forming the Blue Taco Alliance, along with the Tacos. Their goals was to defeat the Team Gold. Their first generation came to an abrupt end after their site was mysteriously deleted. It did not take long for the army to come back, however, as after only three days, the second generation started. The Water Vikings propelled into CPAC’s lower top ten, hitting sizes of 25. However, after time, WV fell back into the middle of SMAC’s top ten. After being inspired by the Fire Warriors recent name change to the Ninjas, which brought great heights for the army, Zakster and Jed Pen changed their armies name to the “Pirates,” hiring Bepboy, as well as Skyfish, to lead alongside them. This change did indeed increase their sizes, and WV saw a rise to the tenth spot on CPAC’s top ten. This was short lived, however, as they ended up merging into the Sun Troops.

After a couple more generations, the Water Vikings became the army it is known today as. Brought back by Bepboy9 in November 2012, and later joined by Zakster and Brash Ass Dash, led WV to their best sizes yet. After several wars and bit of a decline, Bluesockwa1 joined as leader and gained the army a lot of popularity. As time moved on, the Water Vikings quickly earned a reputation as a strong army. As the summer of 2013 approached, the Water Vikings climbed into the Top 5, where they became a constant presence until the end of that summer, reaching as high as 2nd in the Top Ten. During that time, they established their dominance by matching the Dark Warriors blow-for-blow in a malicious war between the two. After the “Blue Summer”, as the Water Vikings named it, they fell out of power and soon died. They were revived again in late 2013, though, where they quickly became a strong army once again after only a few weeks, topped off by a short war against the strong Doritos in which they claim to be undefeated in. After a long-term fall, the Water Vikings returned to power slowly throughout the latter part of 2014, battling with armies such as the Special Weapons & Tactics and the Golds. They rose into the Top 5 again in late November, maintaining a place inside the Top 5 for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015. During this time, they reached 1st for the first time in their history. They also revived their conflict with the Doritos in a series of well-fought battles and close finishes.

The Water Vikings, after placing in the collective Top Ten Armies of 2013 and of 2014, were then primed to be their highest spot yet in this same list at the end of the year as they’ve established themselves as one of the only consistent powers of 2015. They are also the first army to be born as a colony of another army and grow to surpass that army in magnitude, that army being the Ice Vikings. They embody the message that anyone, if determined enough, can make an army succeed from nothing.

Watex Warriors

Creator: Fever (Watex)

Created in late 2007 by famous Club Penguin cheats blogger, Watex AKA Fever. The army started as a party on the server of Tundra, and then later turned into a battle once Club Penguin Armies began to show up. Watex’s large fan base quickly requested more battles,  and soon began to defend Tundra in their orange uniforms. Several armies at the time also wanted more battles with the Watex Warriors, so the RPF, ACP, Nachos, UMA, IW, and the Golds created a plan to fight the huge army known as the Watex Warriors. This created one of the largest wars known to armies this day, the first day of battle saw a variety of armies fighting for almost the entire day. The first Tundra War was resolved after the second day, no winner was ever decided. Tundra continued to be a hub for armies, with wars breaking out daily. Another war soon broke out when the Fort Ghost Recon and the Black Bandits.

While, Watex created the Watex Warriors, the first leader of the army was Dialga80, the army continued to maintain massive sizes under him. After Dialga’s reign was over, a new leadership came into place consisting of  Wii Mountain, Spaceybirdy, and Lucario564. This leadership saved the army from a large decline. since then, the army has had several generations, but none coming close to the early days of the Watex Warriors.

Their influence on the landscape of armies is undeniable. Watex brought hundreds of recruits into armies via his cheats websites, and pathed the road for relationships between armies and other Club Penguin websites.

Wild Ninjas

Creators: Alex42152, Legiso, Felixstuard, Mythes, and Danpengui

Wild Ninjas were created the 12th of February of 2016 by Alex42152, Legiso, Felixstuard, Mythes (Mysyery89) and Danpengui. The idea of creating this army was when Alex42152 (main Supreme Leader) joined Ice Warriors in 2015, from there got his experience to become 2nd command, it took 6 months to get this important position, in December of 2015 with the change of leadership of IW, for unknown reasons Alex was removed from IW (possibly for being Spanish-speaking) in early 2016. Alex proposed to make an army of Club Penguin in Spanish, in order to carry out this project he worked with some prominent bloggers in the community to join the CPA community and prove that Spanish speakers can lead an army and make it more stable that one of English-speaking.

February 12, 2016 is given to be known as the start of the army project called “Wild Ninjas,” the name drift in the relationship of the ranges that exist on the Ninjas and the armies of CP, the first day only show the project, while the second day (13 February) was held the first training conducted by Alex42152. With the passage of time the Wild Ninjas got more members and greater participation by the community with Wild Ninjas. In March of 2016, they participated in their first tournament of CPAC called “March Madsess” against Night Rebels, It was  well for their first tournament event but unfortunately lost by the participation of Bots. In June 2016 they started their first Wild Ninjas internal crisis, with the decline of Ninjas and so as the absence of Supreme leaders, in mid-June the leader “Mariobrus 1” made a great conversation for the position of Supreme Leader Interino (Interino = Temporary) leader Supreme interim term, started the project of maps CPA, with the invasions of their enemy “Army Republic, as well as invasions of armies ghosts (Scientific Army or Puffle Attack); also established the European division called “Spain events” in which all Spanish members, members may attend Latin American that they can not go on the 5 PM HOCP events or you can attend by his schedule.

In the tournament of Legends Cup VII, obtained the event with more assistance from the 2016, that was with about 32 people in semi-final against RPF (unfortunately lost by use of bots). In the time of Christmas, had a great growth in assistance by day, arriving to sizes of 15 ninjas each day, in addition to make Igloos in the week of Christmas in which all of the members could enjoy visiting igloos with several activities. For 2017, the Wild Ninjas focused on improving the design of the blog, completely redesigning the template of the website to provide a better quality and a better ordering of the publications of the blog. It wasn’t too long from the 1st anniversary of the Wild Ninjas in which were 35 people on for the anniversary, with the assistance of most of the supreme leaders.


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