CPAC Special Report: SWAT’s Great Gambit

NOTE: Sunday’s Top Ten will be released later than usual. We apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: A confessional/apology has been released on the SWAT site, along with a notice that SWAT will be shutting down permanently. 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After a couple of weeks of accusations thrown towards the upstart Special Weapons & Tactics army, the claims have been thoroughly investigated and a decision has been made. Read on to see the results of our investigation.

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A Look Back Over The Water Vikings Week: Their Journey to 1st

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – In the most recent edition of the Top Ten Armies, the Water Vikings were placed 1st for the first time since August 30th. In this post I will be looking over their action-packed week, filled with many events and vast amounts drama, that allowed them to reclaim the title of ‘biggest army’.

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Invasion Review: Water Vikings VS Doritos of Club Penguin

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters- Yesterday saw the Water Vikings take another server from the Doritos. This server was Powder Ball and even though Doritos failed to turn up, One army proved dominant. Let’s see how the Water Vikings performed during the invasion.

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Verum Retires From SWAT

Mammoth, SWAT Nation – Following a massive leap to claim the second position in the latest Top Ten, SWAT now has to face a departure of a leader. Verum, former SWAT leader, has just announced his retirement.

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Robot Inducted as Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Two days ago, Robot was once again inducted as RPF leader, this time alongside Lady Clout, with the hopes of maintaining RPF’s success from the former leadership of Elmikey and Silverburg.

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Champions Cup IV: Semi-Final Information

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After three intense battles and one automatic win, we are now down to four armies – all of whom will hold hopes of winning the tournament in its fourth year.

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Do You Need A Script to Succeed?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central – In a community full of people taking advantage of their coding skills and people using their scripts to bot recruit for their army, is it possible to succeed without a script. Very little armies have gotten into the Top 3 this year without the use of bot recruiting. Bot recruiting is a way for armies to grow, but is it able to succeed without bot recruiting?

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Freezie66 Returns To Lead Dark Warriors Alongside Toysoldier

Frosty, DW Nation – After falling to ninth in the Top Ten succeeding Jack/Donuts temporary leave of absence, the future of the Dark Warriors was rendered uncertain. However, that may all be subject to change. Two Dark Warrior legends have officially announced their return to the power.

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Tensions Between ACP and SWAT Rise, Multilogging Scandals Emerge

Klondike, CPA Headquarters – For the past week, we have seen a lot of tension rise between most armies. We’ve seen armies go to war with each other, and we’ve seen an unexpected surrender. But no tension has been as crazy as SWAT with ACP. Could we see another war coming?

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Editorial: The Roblox Concept

Klondike, CPA Central – After writing this post during the summer, I have finally decided to post it to CPAC. This is about the future of Club Penguin. I hope you all enjoy the post as I put a lot of effort into this post. Please, I’m not jumping to conclusions but this is an idea for the future of CP armies.

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Water Vikings, Light Troops, and Ice Warriors Declare War on Doritos

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – Today the Water Vikings declared war on the Doritos, re-igniting the flames of the NDA war, and are being backed up by the Light Troops and the Ice Warriors.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 10/25/15

As we move deeper into the Champion’s Cup, we see a complete shake-up in the Top Five, as well as two new entries to the Top Ten. We apologize, as the Top Ten is currently without descriptions or the weekly poll. Both, however, will be added later today.

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Champions Cup IV: Quarter-Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Champions Cup IV was narrowed down to eight armies after last week’s battles, bringing the tournament into the quarter-final stage. Today, four armies battled to stay in it. Continue reading

CPAWM Halloween Movie Marathon

KLONDIKE, CP Army World Media Headquarters – The month of Halloween is upon is which means CPAC will be hosting a Halloween Movie Marathon. Horror movies have been associated with Halloween for a long time, so there will be a movie marathon consisting of famous horror movies.

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Champions Cup IV: Quarter Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Last weekend was the final battles of the group stages, and it saw just 8 armies prevail and move forward into the upcoming Quarter Finals this weekend. But as the tournament continues to progress, which 4 armies will stand to battle in the Semi-Finals?

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