CP Army Election: Primaries

Blue2 [2]: Ioioluk has dropped out as he is still leader of the Light Troops. All persons having voted for him can either reply to their original voting comment and change the vote or it will be counted as an abstention.

Blue2: Voting for the primaries will remain on CPAC, however henceforth all election processes and news will be found at cparmyelection.wordpress.com .

As I said in a previous edit, after speaking with my constituents we have decided that the secret ballot was not the best method, so we will instead be having a normal primary election to narrow the field. In addition, the previously scheduled debate is cancelled and will be rescheduled after the primaries.

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Army Histories Revealed

Hello CPAC. Many of you might be asking where hace I been, and I hope many of you already know. I broke my arm in PE while doing pyramids (acrobatics) so it isn’t very easy to make a proper post with one arm. However, since most of the pain is gone, I have decided to begin posting a little again, even with one arm. Continue reading

CP Army Election: Primary Debate

Blue2: After speaking with several of my consitituents, we have decided to hold a regular primary election to narrow the field as opposed to the secret ballot. Please be on the lookout for the to be released post on the matter. THIS DEBATE WILL BE CANCELLED AND RESCHEDULED ONCE THE FINAL FIVE HAVE BEEN DETERMINED AFTER THE PRIMARIES.

And so, with the nominees for election chosen through a secret polling of important figures from both in the former council and outside, the voting for the army elections will now commence.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

BREEZE — After months of Black Alliance siege, ACP Leader Kingfunks4 submits to the demands of the newly formed Black Legion, ending the Black Wars and restoring peace to the world.

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CPAC March Madness Tournament!


UPDATE:  CP Empire have dropped from they tourney, Heroes will face Tacos and Pretzels will face ACP in round 1 and SWAT will face DW as well!

EDIT: Saturday Judges will be Garrett, and Flo and BrassAssDash. Sunday judges will be Freezie, Davik, and Superoo13 ALL SPOTS FILLED, Paco, aka Me, will be monitoring and making sure all judges remain unbias.

In tradition, the NCAA have a March Madness tournament that lasts all month, so as an idea, I thought “Hey! Lets CP Army-ize this and create our own March Madness.” Although there aren’t 32 armies in the CP army world, there are enough to start the tourney with a Sweet 16 and go down from there. There will be match every weekend with 4 of them total, lasting every week until the last week of March


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Breaking News: Ninjas Deceased

As it appears this bit of news kept itself hidden under all the recent updates on new wars and such, it has been found that a once powerful army has died.  The Ninjas have been announced to be dead.

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Black Alliance Burnout

MIGRATOR — The Black Alliance has begun transformation from a loose confederation of allied armies to a new, unified power named the Black Legion.

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CPAC’s Survey!

Well this is gonna be a short typed post but CPAC has served the CP Army community for quite sometime and we would like, you, the reader to tell us what you think and what is missing, what CPAC needs more of, and the personal ratings you give to the reporters and post quality. It would be greatly appreciated if you would take time to answer the polls and see CPAC revolutionize to something bigger and better, that’s the goal after all. Click “read more” to take part in our survey!

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Breaking News:LT Declare War on DW

Icebox-LT have declared war on DW but DW are making the first move as they have scheduled an invasion of LTs capital, Icebox that is to scheduled to take place tomorrow.

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CPAC Spring Bloomer Round 1 – RESULTS [Day2]

Pretzels vs. Light Troops

This had to be one of the closest battles of this tourney. The Pretzels had an advantage at the first 15 minutes, however the Light Troops got their edge at the end of the 15 minutes. In the last minutes, the Pretzels managed to pull away with bigger sizes and tactics.

SWAT vs. Hot Sauce Army

The S.W.A.T returned and replaced the dead Shadow Troops to battle the Hot Sauce Army. SWAT was the favourites for this battle, and indeed won with an amazing size of 30. The Hot Sauce Army only got around 8 – 10 people on Club Penguin. SWAT had a total of 25 points, while the HSA had 3.

Pirates vs. Metal Warriors

The Metal Warriors were unable to attend this battle due it clashing with a SMAC tourney. Lenco then came unto Pirates chat and surrendered the battle.

Dark Warriors vs. CP Ice

The Dark Warriors were the favourites for this battle, and of course, they won. The CP Ice had about 6 or 7 on Club Penguin while the Dark Warriors maxed 25+. This also goes to show the Dark Warriors does not depend on SaW to get big sizes.

Round 2 will be announced on Monday with the updated bracket.

Just wanted to show everyone how much of a noob this kid is.

News: To Live and Die in CP Armies; LT – DW Conflict

ICE BOX — Following yesterday’s events, two prominent superpowers aim their sights toward each other

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Top Ten Armies: 24/02/13

In a busy week for CP Armies, the sizes were not at there best as many armies had a bad week compared to the past weeks this month. There are also some new armies in the “close to top ten section” while one army makes a huge jump from the bottom five to the top five. This is a must not miss top ten, with many changes included.

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AR vs HSA War Ends || HSA Target ACP

As another war bites the dust, HSA now attempt to spice things up with their latest declaration of war on ACP.

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The First Ever Club Penguin Army Election

Thomas More, a prominent English lawyer, social philosopher, author, and statesmen, published the novel Utopia in 1516, at the helm of the renaissance. The term would go on to be the prominent focus of such books like 1984, by George Orwell, and The Giver, by Lois Lowry. It describes a perfect society in which the economy, political system, and culture all work together in unfaltering harmony. Now, why am I talking to you about this? Because the CP Army Council is returning. And this time, there are going to be elections. Continue reading

GT Closed Down II SWAT Returns

Mammoth – The Golden Troops have officially shut down and along with that, SWAT has returned from the death.

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