TUXEDO, United States of the Rebel Penguin Federation  — Full of tension, the forces of the Army of the Republic and Nacho Empire attack the RPF stronghold of Tuxedo in a daring late-night raid.

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Hi || The Game of Color

 Greetings, Friends.

Well, where do I begin? I am usually a reserved person, one who prefers to drift away from any center of attention and observe situations from a distance; a corner I considered security. For many years, I never, ever imagined myself ever getting onto the coveted website of a great online community, CPAC. But I did look to it constantly, and I felt I’d be better off that way. But over times, things have changed, and I’ve felt compelled to share what I know, what I’ve learned, what I feel, and what I feel should be said.

I’m SirProditor, also known as Xgthrecgtejm, and I have been invited, kindly, by my old acquaintance, Bluesockwa1, to begin a new career and journey, here at the heart of CP Warfare. I felt some uneasiness and uncertainty about what it could bring, but with hope towards the future, I quickly accepted his invitation, and here I stand now, introducing myself as CPAC’s newest philosopher (and perhaps a backup reporter too). Today, my career in CPAC has begun!

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Editorial: What Would it be like Without Small Armies?

Small armies are generally described as armies of which have a size maximum of less than 10, or an army that is not on CPAC. So what would it be like without them? Some may say that small armies are a nuisance and should be ridded of, and other’s say that they are vital to CP Armies survival.

So are they important, or not?

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Back To Business

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Bluesockwa2: “We can do little to stop bots.”

VANILLA – ACP’s UK event was disrupted today as bots yet again disrupted a top ten armies event. Despite when moving to the server Breeze when it looked like they had left, they reappeared once again to harm the event. Two sets of bots ended up at this event, with blue ones also coming along. This was two days after the Nachos event was disrupted and the day after RPF and WV were affected. Questions are being asked to if there is one person raiding all of the events, or if multiple people have grabbed at the opportunity to use the reintroduced followbot.

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Parting With Parka

BERG, Water Viking Territories — As the storied Rebel Penguin Federation begins to regain the hype it had in it’s heyday, they seek to show others what it means to be a legendary army.

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Iceyfeet1234 Returns to Ice Warriors: Preparing for Next IW Generation

SUB ZERO — On May 26, 2013, a legendary figurehead by the name of Iceyfeet1234 returned to his creation: the Ice Warriors, who have been under Albert417’s leadership for almost a year now.

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I’m Right, He’s Wrong: An Observation on the Rules

Hello CPAC,

This is Weatherboy1 once again back with CPAC to bring you content on the amazing world of philosophy. I’ll skip the introduction and let you the reader construct my own introduction based on the stories I tell you, but today I’ll discuss a massive issue in CP armies today, the issues of rules and battle conduct. It’s been a surprisingly underplayed issue which is bound to tear us apart our fragile system we have today.
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Army Warfare League: Week 2 Battle Times

Zak: The Dark Champions will replace the dead Storm Warriors in the tournament, and the Dolphins will replace the nonresponsive Light Troops.

Hello! Week 1 had some ups and downs, and we here at CPAC are developing our rules accordingly. I have also completed the Week 2 Schedule. Clicking Read More will show you this new schedule as well as the updated rules.

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Bots Disrupt Nachos Event

EDIT: The bots are now banned. Hooray!

NOTE: The same bots attacked a battle between CPND and DC a few minutes later.

NOTE 2: The programme used to make the bots is Follow Bot, which returned on Saturday.

AURORA – Bots, created by an unknown player, attack the Nachos at a recruiting event, vastly outnumbering them! Press read more to discover what happened.

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The Long-Lost History of Explorer7777

Given that CPAC has now outed Djgtjvgyhxgy, it seemed time that a post was made regarding the real Explorer7777.
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Tap Vs. Card Jitsu Party 2013

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CPAC Special Report: Djgtjvgyhxgy – A Farce All Along?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The long-running tale of the great Explorer7777, creator of the Romans, who is said to have returned as Djgtjvgyhxgy to lead the once glorious army back to victory has finally been brought to a close, as new evidence comes to light regarding what really happened to the creator of the Romans.

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CPAC Weekly

With CPACs social media growing we decided to start our Youtube account back up, starting with a weekly overview video of the week. Please read on..

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And I’m Proud To Be An OOHMA, Where At Least I Know I’m Free

This post has been made as a dedication to the great OOHMA army. This banner was an idea thought up by myself and Burito, and put together by yours truly. I hope you enjoy.

Pink would be proud. 


CPA Central CEO