ACP Found Using Allies After Berating LT For Same “Offense”

BREEZE, ACP Empire — As the Watex Warriors surrender the war to ACP, new information surfaces regarding ACP’s use of UMA as allies during the war.

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ACP and LT Battle for Fiesta and Caribou || Watex Warriors Surrender to Army of Club Penguin

FIESTA, CARIBOU- The intense and heated war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Light Troops continues while the Watex Warriors, who were also at war with ACP, have surrendered their servers to ACP.

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ACP and LT Continue to Clash

SNOW GLOBE- The Light Troops continue their invasions of the ACP Empire, this time clashing with them on Vanilla and Snow Globe.  Continue reading

Ads354 Retires “For The Last Time”

FJORD, Nachos Empire – Following the retirement of Puckley last week, Ads, who has been leader of the Nachos for a record five times, has announced that he to is retiring from armies. Ads was part of the Nacho Leadership during 2013 that dominated the top 10 and so often took the top position, while also helping the Nachos to success in multiple other years.

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Top Ten Armies: 09/29/13

As September comes to an end, the war between ACP, the Watex Warriors and the Light Troops rages full force — and a new army makes it into the Top Five.  Continue reading

CPAC Champions Cup II – Battle One

As every army has accepted, with the Golds replacing the apparently dead Hot Sauce Army, meaning the tournament is ready to start. This weekend, all armies in Group A and B have their matches on a Saturday, with all armies in Group C and D having their matches the following day. The same rules of past tournaments apply to this tournament.

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The ACP vs LT-WW War Begins to Rage

BREEZE, ACP Empire- The war starts in a predictable fashion as all armies claim victory on all battles. Continue reading

Watex Warriors Declare War on Army of Club Penguin

BREEZE- While it was only recently that the Army of Club Penguin found themselves locked in a war against the Light Troops, they have gained the attention of another invading army, the Watex Warriors.

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Graphics: Are They Really Necessary?

     Graphics today can be an essential part of armies, but are they really necessary? An army veteran may recall the time when blurry chat backgrounds from Google were used and site headers had just plain words. Nowadays, more people are concerned about getting “the perfect gfx” in hopes that people would join their army.

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The ACP Controversy

BREEZE, ACP Empire- As things begin to heat up between CPAC and ACP, due to the latest ‘CPAC Special Report’, Cassius Brutus has issued a response with his views on the matter. CPAC CEO, Bluesockwa1 also had something to say in this post.

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CPAC Champions Cup II

The Champions Cup was the first tournament hosted by CPAC that included a group stage. Many people said at the time that this was a great idea and CPAC has decided to bring back the Champions Cup for a second time. Every army is seeded at this tournament, meaning the top 4 armies cannot go against each-other and the next group of 4. All armies in the CPAC top ten and SMAC top five are invited to this tournament and we would like as many competitors to accept as possible.

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Light Troops Declare War on ACP

ICE BOX, CPAC Newsroom-  When the newly revived Light Troops said that they might declare war on the Army of Club Penguin, much of the Club Penguin army community focused their eyes on what could be a major contender for the top army in weeks to come. Now it seems that the Light Troops have kept their word, declaring war on the ACP today, September 26th, 2013… Continue reading

Ice Warriors: A Look Into the First Weeks Under Bearsboy10

SUB ZERO – The Ice Warriors, sometime ago, saw the retirement of Albert417, the successor of Iceyfeet1234. While some may have questioned this new leadership’s influence on the troops and how it might affect the army as a whole, we’ve seen the IW army perform well over these past few weeks.

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Mrgpv Appointed Nacho Army Leader

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire — Following the retirement of CP Army Legend Puckley, Mrgpv is chosen in a close battle for the leadership spot.  Continue reading

CPAC Special Report: The ACP Enigma

UPDATE: New details regarding Tori’s thoughts on the issue have been added. 

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — Only days ago, one of the final blows leading to this post was made as Tori was overthrown from the Army of CP. Here at CPAC, we will take a special look into the puzzle that is the ACP, its leader Cassius Brutus, and what has happened in the past few weeks — and whose secret agendas are succeeding. And finally, a bombshell in the chronicles of this ACP Administration is uncovered by the CPAC Team.  Continue reading