Internet and Hacking Safety

Blue2: Staff-Hurricanex has asked me to notify all staff that he is working on the Leader Profiles page and to request that no one make any edits to the page, as this could mess up the format. Also, he has said he will take care of updating that page from now on. On an entirely unrelated note, great post Shab. 🙂

If you look at this and believe it, this post is for you…

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Hello guys. This is Riotors, the secondary head of site, and I would like to state just a few ideas I have for smac. I keep getting complaints and emails about authors not knowing what to post. Well that is what this post is here for.

*Note* Post will be short.

Here are a few ideas.

Army in focus: This is actually something Smac used to have. What you do is just post exciting facts about an upcoming army, army on the rise, army of interest, etc. One author can take over this and post once a week if desired.

Army of the week: This is more of a maybe idea. I believe Smac has had this before but never really enforced it. What you do is choose an army to be the army of the week. You will then post about the army, advertise the army, and post the armies banner with a link to the site and chat. It may help if a page is made for armies to sign up to be the army of the week.

Historical posts: I have received some complaints surprisingly about us having only recent news but not any major historical news. Every now and then it would be nice to touch up on some history right? Maybe compare and contrast then and now. This is another maybe.

That’s all I have for now. Any questions or ideas?

~Riotors (teh Devil)

Server Update

There are so many armies that grow each day, and get born. Not all of the are succesful but the main thing is to have fun in them. One thing I know my soldiers enjoy doing is raiding servers from other armies. So if you need to know what army owns which server you are reading the right post for you! This is the  June 14th, 2011 Server Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  By the way I decided to make this one colorful cause well I felt colorful and happy today since I’m on summer break 😀 😀 😀


  • Abominable – Expedition Army 2G
  • Adventure –
  • Alaska – Pink Ice
  • Alpine – Blue Sky Warriors
  • Altitude 
  • Antarctic 
  • Arctic – Sky Troops, Water Vikings, Blue Warriors, Light Troops
  • Ascent – Expedition Army of cp 2G
  • Aurora – Tacos
  • Avalanche 
  • Bean Bag 
  • Beanie – Army Republic
  • Belly Slide –
  • Below Zero – Ice Vikings
  • Berg 
  • Big Foot 
  • Big Snow – Light Troops, Tacos
  • Big Surf 
  • Blizzard –
  • Bobsled – Ice Vikings , Blue Sky Warriors
  • Bonza – Global Defenders
  • Boots 
  • Breeze – Expedition Army of CP 2G
  • Brumby 
  • Bubblegum 
  • Bunny Hill 
  • Cabin – Global Defenders
  • Canoe 
  • Caribou – Pink Ice
  • Chinook – Ninja Freedom Force
  • Christmas -Pink Ice
  • Cloudy – Ice Vikings, Army Republic, CP Green Team
  • Cold Front – Pink Ice
  • Cold Snap – Platinum Warriors, Impossible Mission Army Force, Mysterious Raiders
  • Cozy – Snow Warriors, Blue Sky Warriors
  • Cream Soda 
  • Crunch – Mysterious Raiders
  • Crystal –  Crystal Warrriors
  • Deep Freeze 
  • Deep Snow – Impossible Mission Army Force, Blue Warriors
  • Down Under – CP Green Team
  • Downhill 
  • Dry Ice – Army Republic
  • Elevation – Impossible Mission Army Force, CPFBI
  • Fiesta – CPFBI
  • Fjord 
  • Flippers – Global Defenders, Ice Vikings , Thunder Troops
  • Flurry – Blue Warriors
  • Fog – Blue Warriors
  • Freezer – Ice Vikings
  • Frostbite – Water Vikings
  • Frosty – Dark Warriors
  • Frozen – Blue Sky Warriors
    • Glacier 
    • Grasshopper 
    • Great White 
    • Grizzly 
    • Half Pipe – Tacos
    • Hibernate 
    • Hockey – CP Green Team, Water Vikings, Army Republic
    • Hot Chocolate 
    • Husky 
    • Hypothermia – CP Crew, CP Green Team
    • Ice Age –
    • Ice Berg – Army Republic, CPGT
    • Ice Box – Yellow Troops
    • Ice Breaker – Platinum Warriors
    • Ice Cave 
    • Ice Cold 
    • Ice Cream 
    • Ice Cube – Light Troops, CPFBI
    • Ice Pack 
    • Ice Palace 
    • Ice Pond – Sky Troops, Global Defenders
    • Ice Rink 
    • Ice Shelf – Ninja Freedom Force
    • Icebound 
    • Iceland – Water Vikings
    • Icicle 
    • Jack Frost – Light Troops
    • Jackhammer 
    • Klondike – Shared Server Project – Not Counted
    • Kosciuszko – Sky Troops
    • Mammoth – Free-Ground
    • Marshmallow – Oreos, Sky Troops
    • Matterhorn 
    • Migrator 
    • Misty – CPFBI
    • Mittens – Sky Troops
    • Mountain 
    • Mukluk – Ice Vikings
    • Mullet 
    • North Pole – Light Troops
    • Northern Lights 
    • Outback – Global Defenders
    • Oyster 
    • Parka – Light Troops
    • Patagonia 
    • Permafrost 
    • Pine Needles – Army Republic, Cheese Army
    • Polar 
    • Polar Bear – Light Troops, Ice Vikings
    • Powder Ball 
    • Puddle – Air Warriors
    • Rainbow 
    • Rocky Road 
    • Sabertooth 
    • Sardine – Air Warriors
    • Sasquatch – CP Green Team
    • Sherbet – Platinum Warriors, Cheese Army
    • Shiver – CP Green Team
    • Skates 
    • Sled 
    • Sleet 
    • Slippers – Sky Troops
    • Slushy 
    • Snow Angel 
    • Snow Ball 
    • Snow Bank – Ninja Freedom Force
    • Snow Board – Platinum Warriors
    • Snow Cone – Sky Troops
    • Snow Covered 
    • Snow Day – Platinum Warriors
    • Snow Drift – CP Crew, Ice Vikings
    • Snow Flake – Platinum Warriors
    • Snow Fort 
    • Snow Globe 
    • Snow Plow – Sky Troops, Ice Vikings
    • Snow Shoe – Army Republic
    • Snowbound – Tacos ( apparently are now back and running)
    • Snowcap – Water Vikings
    • Snowfall – Sky Troops
    • Snowmobile – Platinum Warriors
    • Snowy River 
    • South Pole – Platinum Warriors, Global Defenders
    • Southern Lights – Impossible Mission Army Force, Army Republic
    • Sparkle – Water Vikings
    • Sub Zero 
    • Summit – Water Vikings
    • Tea 
    • Thermal –
    • Toboggan 
    • Tundra 
    • Tuxedo – Platinum Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation
    • Vanilla – Sky Troops
    • Walrus – Ice Vikings
    • White House 
    • White Out 
    • Wind Chill – Platinum Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation
    • Winter Land – Platinum Warriors
    • Wool Socks – Light Troops
    • Yeti 
    • Yukon 
    • Zipline 
    I am sorry this was late but I do hope this comes in handy for new armies and existing armies!


Survival Guide to Warfare

Disclaimer: The following manual is meant solely for entertainment purposes. It is meant in no way to endorse any one way of battle or to shape opinions, though it can be taken as such if the reader pleases.

In Club Penguin, wars can be a brutal thing.  The pleasant Club Penguin we know can be a terrible, devastating place in war. If one is not properly prepared and has a fitting training, it will prove to be a fatal venture. This guide was created in order to educate the new soldier, as well as reconstruct the veteran soldier’s mind.

Part I: Preparation in the Field

The ready and skillful soldier is never unprepared for war. Such careless behaviour as forgetfulness is forbidden and can be fatal. The wise soldier always has all equipment when on duty. Their packs are always strapped on tight. Their snow rifles are clutched in ready position. All pieces of the uniform are on, nothing forgotten. The ideal troop is well-rested and well-fed and they are in proper physical shape. Troops late to wake and late to battle are seen as unprepared and lazy. An army is only as strong as its weakest link, so the weakest link is first to go.

Part II: One Among Many

Army Corps are corps because they are a mass of well-trained soldiers. They fight together. When a soldier is not in uniform and out of order with the rest his comrades, he will stand out. The worst thing that could happen in a battle is to stand out. When one is seen most easily, one is first to be aimed at, and first to eat snow. Short lives are those who do not see order. To prevent such a thing, always be in uniform. One wants to look like the rest of the crowd. Always be in the lines and performing the correct tactics. When in the mass, one is less likely to be aimed for and less likely to be hit.

Part III: Stealth & Espionage

The best of soldiers are those that can walk over dry leaves in bright daylight and not be noticed by he who walks on the side. Warfare requires stealth mainly in two parts: ambush and spying. Ambush is a modern and tactful method of attack. It is more and more commonly used today, but requires utter silence and stillness. Used to prevent this, as well as other things, random troops are often appointed to spy on the enemy and alert the main body where the enemy lurks. As one may imagine, espionage requires silence and stillness as well. All soldiers should be trained to creep along quietly and use their senses to full extent. Troops should be able to be observant, all-seeing and aware of everything. A failed spy attempt usually results in execution, and a failed ambush is just as deadly.

Part IV: Defensive Maneuvers

Defence is perhaps the most important element of war. Defending oneself, one’s army and one’s nation is of the highest importance. To protect oneself, one simply needs to be prepared. One’s uniform should be fitted and worn properly. One should defend all vital spots, and any openings in protective gear should be considered a vital spot. A square centimeter hole in one’s armour can be the Achilles’ Heel that ends oneself. One also needs to remain with the group. Keeping together will keep less open. In order to defend the army, one must be part of it. Tactics should be performed in sync and at the same time. A jumbled tactic is perilous and open to a counter-attack. Being part of the army, proper defence and performance will ultimately protect your nation as well.

Part V: Offensive Maneuvers

Offence is the best defence. The best protection is attack. A series of  well made attacks will lead to victory. All offensive tactics must be as proper as the defensive ones or else one’s attack is purposeless. A fit soldier can fight harder for longer as a fit runner can run faster for longer. Fitness is key to successful attacks. Attackers also need balance, agility and speed. The ideal soldier has the strength of two men, a well-balanced body and more speed than his enemy. Synchronization is important as well.

If you follow this guide, you are sure to be the best of all soldiers soon!

Redd Kool

Revival Of Armies

To most people , reviving armies is a great idea bu others think it’s just stupid. I have even heard some people saying ” When You Revive An Army It Just Means Your To Lazy To Make Your Own ” I am going to give you an  example of am army that has been revived and what happened to them.

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FW Change Name to Ninjas – Tapping Into Club Penguin’s Most Valuable Recruits?

The FW haven’t been on the Top 10 since January, but they seem to be fine with it. The FW will always be one of those armies that’s just around. Even if they don’t have much size at battles, they’ll always have a dedicated group of leaders and soldiers who will be a part of the army through good times and bad. With their new idea, they might be looking at a really good time. And what is this idea, you may ask?

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WW: Medium, or Large?


Today, I’m going to talk about the Watex Warriors, the army that has ‘fixed their site’ after closing it for 5 days and are rising back up.

As everyone knows, the Watex Warriors’ numbers had fallen drastically. Now, let’s not go into detail about that because this has already been covered by many posts already. But it seems like they are rising once again.

On May 15, this picture of a training session was posted on WW site:

Now… that probably would at its best get WW to around the middle of the Small Top 10. However, the WW are rising back up. Now, take a break and click read more.

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Scamming and Scamming Safety

Todays topic: scamming. It happens, people complain, but does much ever actually get done? Many people signed the anti-hacking bill, first created by Person1234 and then recently updated by myself, but is that actually followed?

I recently found 1 case in which it wasn’t and am sure there are many others. My reaction?

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Top Ten Medium

Alex: Sorry for editing this wonderful post Pungy. I am very sorry for my inactiveness lately. I have been spending time with family. The Small Top 10 will be out no later than Friday, but I hope to have it out befor then.

Hey SMAC Fans,

I’ve been really preoccupied lately with the SMAC-Down III tournament and all as well as some things in real life. I apologize for the lack of a top ten medium last week. To SMAC Staff: If there is anything I can do to make up for the lack of a top ten please notify me in a comment. Anyways, here are this week’s top ten medium armies.

The following armies have not been included due to given reasons:

  • Green Team: Moved Up to Large
  • Golden Troops: Moved Back to Large
  • United States: Merged into TG

1. Global Defenders (+3) – The Global Defenders are on quite a rise. They are entered in the SMAC-Down III and the CPAE Tournament (this is now tentative due to the merger between CPAE and CPAHO). They are currently in a “fun war” with CP Green Team, which has been postponed due to many tournaments. They are averaging about 15 at an event now and we could see them on CPAC soon. Good luck Global Defenders!

 2. Water Vikings (New!) – The Water Vikings haven’t been included for a while because I thought that they were large. Despite falling somewhat, the Water Vikings still have the power to rebuild and get back in this. They have dropped out of the Black Alliance war. Ajman has claimed control of WV and is whipping WV back into shape. I think we will see Water Vikings back at the top soon. Good luck!

3. Pink Ice (+4) – Pink Ice is currently doing quite well. They are entered in the SMAC-Down III. Although their creator, Hurricanex has temporarily retired, Pink Ice has made the best of things. They are scheduled to have a practice battle with Purple Heads. I think that they may make large if they step up their game a bit. Best of luck!

[Image Coming Soon]

4. Ice Vikings (+4) – Although they haven’t had many events recently, they have a TON of scheduled events that are to take place soon. They have had a few retirements here and there but other than that they have been healthy. I expect to see them back on CPAC, but they will need some work. I feel they can make it. Good luck IV!

5. Scouts of CP – The Scouts are in a rut, which isn’t really their fault. Their chat was hacked and this has caused the Scouts to slow down a bit. They recently had a practice battle with the Platinum Warriors in which they did quite well. Once they get out of this rut, they may rise. Good luck Scouts!

6. Hot Sauce Army (New!) – HSA is back in black (well more red). They have recently declared war on the Blue Sky Warriors and hope to defeat them. They have had great chat sizes recently despite not having an event. Being a legendary army, HSA can get back to being a great army with just a little work. Good luck HSA!


7. Blue Sky Warriors (+3) – BSW in my opinion deserved this spot. HSA has recently declared war on them and they are going to be fighting a David and Goliath battle. I think they can defeat HSA with some help from allies, but without help they are too weak. They are going to be assisted by the Global Defenders in hopes that they can win the war, or at least hold their own. Good luck BSW!

[No Picture Available]

8. Sky Troops (+1) – Sky Troops are really getting themselves into a deep war. They are currently decided which Major Army to declare war on. If they were to do this, it would really get them noticed by the CP Army World. The Sky Troops could advance in the top ten rapidly if they start this war. Good luck Sky Troops!

9. Platinum Warriors (New!) – PW has been rising quite a bit. Iceyfeet1234 is one of their leaders now and he may help them grow a bit. They defeated Global Defenders in a practice battle by default (GD didn’t show). I think that they will need some work before rising but I think they have a chance. Good luck PW!

[No Image Available]

10. Yellow Troops (New!) – Yellow Troops are a new army created by Spiderguy22. They are doing quite well and are currently defeating Light Troops in a war. They fought valiantly and definitely deserve this spot. They could easily get large if they continue to grow at the rate they are currently. Good luck Yellow Troops!

SMAC Down lll Predictions and Happy Memorial Day

Hey guys it’s Mini Buffalo here and I am going to tell you guys my predictions who is going to win the first round of the SMAC Tournament. Also, I wanted to say Happy Memorial Day. Here are my predictions.

Group 1

. Global Defenders

. Pink Ice

. Scouts

. Blue Sky Warriors

I think the Global Defenders are going to win the first round. I feel that the Global Defenders have a better size and better tactics.

Group 2

. Club Penguin Green Team

. Army Republic

. Thunder Troops

. United States of Cp

I think that the Club Penguin Green Team is going to win this round. Also, I think that the Club Penguin Green Team has better size and better tactics.

Group 3

. Fort Ghost Recon

. Black Dreams

. Platinum Warriors

. Sky Troops

I think that the Sky Troops will win that round. I think the Sky Troops have more troops active and have better tactics.

Group 4

. Blue Warriors

. Iron Fist Army

. Purple Heads


I think that the Blue Warriors will win this round. I think this because even though Blue Warriors hasn’t been active for a little bit, they have great tactics.

Group 5

. Junk Warriors

. Elites 7G (New Name for HSA)

. Black Panthers

. Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces (SPAAF)

I think that the Junk Warriors will win this round. The Junk Warriors have a decent size and great tactics.

Group 6

. Elite Knights

. Storm Warriors

. Water Raiders

. Dragons of Cp

I think that the Storm Warriors will win this round. The Storm Warriors have a great size and great tactics.

Group 7

. Cheese Army

. Electric Warriors

. Shark Menos

. Expedition Army of Cp 2G

I think that the Expedition Army of Cp 2G will win this round. The Expedition Army of Cp 2G have a great size and great tactics.

This is my SMAC Tournament Predictions. Also, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and Happy Memorial Day.

– Mini Buffalo (This post is 313 words long.)

What Army should I Post About?

I’ve been looking for some armies to post about and would like to hear your opinion. I’ve been thinking about the Reds, so if anyone put there is a former Red, or can provide me some information on them, that would be appreciated.

I’m more of a history guy. So no current armies.


1. Romans
2. Elites
3. BP

Also, if anyone has information on the beginning of the Doritos, that might make a good post.

To give you opinion on what army I should post about comment with the following:

1. What army?
2. What did they achieve?
3. Former site if still intact.


Sky Troops Erupt Into War

You are probably wondering: Didn’t Kool say he was on vacation? Well, I am, but I saw the last post written was my vacation post & it’s a free day off from school [Happy Memorial Day to Americans 😉 ] so I decided I’d write a report.

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Happy Memorial Day USA

Just a warning, if you’re not from the United States, you can ignore this and think about how you DIDN”T get a day off from school today 😛

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Going on a Small Vacation

Sorry guys, my time is not very efficient for SMAC posts right now. I plan to start posting again when summer starts. I leave Alex Cone in charge of the Small Top Tens until I return.

OABYA Invades Summit w/ Little Resistance – BA and the War Finished?

Etac: I’m leaving for vacation very early Monday morning, and I won’t be back till late (next) Sunday evening. I’ll be on xat whenever I’m doing nothing at the hotel, but other than that, I won’t be on the computer.

The recently formed OABYA, consisting of the NW, IW, and WW, recently invaded the server Summit. They were met with no resistance.

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