How the New Top Ten Time Ranges Work and Why They Were Needed

Among the changes that were made to the Top Ten formula was a procedural adjustment to how division events are scored. As a result of armies taking advantage of a lack of regulation on what constitutes events of certain divisions, we have set parameters on when division events can occur in order to receive the corresponding curve. For armies that correctly report division events, you will not experience any changes, however the addition of a UK curve to the formula encouraged us to make sure the curves are not abused. Read more to better understand how these time ranges work.

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ACP, IW vs LT, Pirates: Battle of Breeze

Breeze, ACP Nation – Today the alliance of the Light Troops and Pirates invaded ACP’s capital, Breeze. The Ice Warriors joined the fray on ACP’s side. At this point, both sides have claimed victory at every previous battle. The battle for Breeze began at 3:00pm EST at the Cove, where LT had approximately 21 troops online. ACP and IW charged in with a joke bomb. ACP’s troop count was around 12, and IW hovered around 14. LT attempted to circle the room while IW made a vertical line.

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CPAC Christmas Chaos IV || First Round Times

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Winter Troops have been proven guilty of bot usage. Due to this, they’ve been banned indefinitely from anything CPAC related, such as tournaments and top tens. As such, the Pirates will be replacing the Winter Troops in the Christmas Chaos, and although they will not be removed from this weeks’ top ten, they will no longer be included in CPAC’s or SMAP’s top tens going forward.

Percy, former Winter Troops leader, admitting that Xmen, Winter Troops leader, used and still uses bots for the Winter Troops’ events.

Note: A bracket has now been added at the bottom of the post.

Note: Make sure to read about the changes to the Top Ten formula HERE.


It’s that time of year again. The temperatures start to drop, the presents are beginning to be purchased, and mall santas are riddled across every city. That can only mean one thing, and that’s Christmas and, in accordance, CPAC’s annual Christmas Chaos tournament.

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Top Ten Armies: 11/30/14 || Top Ten Formula Official Changes

NOTE: Edits have been made due to a mistake in ACP’s event quality. The Top Ten has been changed accordingly.

As Christmas draws near, we see three new entries into the Top Ten, as well as another army rising back into the Top 5. After reading the Top Ten, the official edits to the Top Ten formula are announced below the Top Ten itself.

NOTE: Also, starting this week, scores next to an army’s name will be colored red or green depending on whether their number became larger or smaller than the previous week’s number. For new armies, their number will remain black.

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The Coup d’état of Antonio and Johnnyroger From Golds

FLIPPERS, Golds Capital – With the Golds, a current rising army which has been in the Top 5 for a few weeks now, Whats Up 11 and Dom5110, both current Golds leaders has couped Johnnyroger and Antonio from the Golds Leadership.  Continue reading

The Leaders’ Lounge With Silverburg – Mrtchy

Klondike – CPAC HQ – Welcome to the fourth edition of “Leaders Lounge”, this time with a new host! In this edition, we will be focusing on the leader of the prominent AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin, and also the successor of Flipmoo/Slimball2007, Mrtchy.

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Water Vikings, Golds, and Chaos Declare War on Lightning Strikers

White Out, LS Empire- An interesting, and unexpected war, broke out Friday, November 28 with the Golds, Chaos, and Water viking declaring war on the Lightning Strikers.  Continue reading

ACP, DW, IW vs LT: Invasion of Sleet

Sleet, Light Troops Nation- The war that began with just ACP and the Light Troops continues this weekend with some changes. The Shadow Troops have merged into the Light Troops, making this war a 3v1 between ACP, Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, and the Light Troops.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors Declare War on Light Troops & Shadow Troops

ICE BOX, Light Troops Nation – The Light Troops and Shadow Troops’ have been dealt a blow in a war that threatens to escalate as the Ice Warriors join the Army of CP to battle the Light Troops, while the Dark Warriors declare war on the Shadow Troops.

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Editorial – The Predictable War

BREAKING NEWS – The Ice Warriors have declared war on the Light Troops and Shadow Troops. A full CPAC Report will be out soon.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Following the recent war decleration of the ACP upon arch enemies the Light Troops, we yet again see two of the biggest armies of the modern era face each-other in potentially an exciting war. But is it that exciting?

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Army of Club Penguin Declares War on Light Troops

BREEZE, ACP Capital – After a great deal of commotion between the two armies over the past few weeks, action has finally been taken as the Army of Club Penguin have declared war on the Light Troops.

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Theories – The End of Armies

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters- It’s been an on-going theory from the start of this all. Will CP Armies cease to exist? CP armies have been going up and down in sizes, some leading to their death. One by one armies are going down, could this be the end? Read more to find out the rest!

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Doritos Shut Down

SUMMIT, Doritoss Capital – One of the most legendary Club Penguin Armies of all time recently shut down. After a hard fall, the Doritos were shut down by their legend Bam117 following a tumultuous spell under the leadership of Sci and Alfrondo.

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WaterKid Retires From Light Troops

ICEBOX Light Troops Capital – The Light Troops, who have been consistently in the top three for the past month or so, have suffered a  small blow as long time leader Waterkid retires from the army suddenly, leaving questions about the internal stability of the Light Troops.

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Top Ten Armies: 11/23/14

EDIT: An error was made which saw the Nachos only have 13 event points instead of the actual 15. With 2 extra points, the Nachos move up a spot to 7th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A very slow week for armies with only four armies above 60 points. A former CPAC army makes its appearance in this week’s Top Ten after being declared dead for months, leading to many changes in the lower rankings.

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