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CPA Central is always looking for new, capable reporters. We try our best to hire only the best reporters and our site has a reputation for posting only the highest quality writing. If you feel like you have what it takes to work here, we encourage you to apply on this page, using the below Application Form. Read the rest of this page for more information about being a reporter.

Your Responsibilities

  • Get set up: After you’re first accepted as a reporter, you’ll be added to the CPA Central Staff Site. On this site, there are a few pages set up with guides to becoming a successful reporter and philosopher. You’ll be expected to fully read carefully through all of these guides and take them to heart, following all of the guidelines that are set out for your and the guides that are created for on how write high quality posts. These guides are fairly lengthy, so be prepared to do some reading.
  • Post once a week: Your primary responsibility will be to write a report about either a battle or army event at least once a week. These posts will be expected to be high quality and conform to the guidelines that we set out for you. We’ll give you all the necessary guides and help so you can learn how to write these posts quickly and efficiently, so these posts should only take you about 20 – 30 minutes. Although spending a half hour a week writing a post doesn’t seem like much, it has seemed to be difficult for reporter in the past to stay active, so the one major question you have to ask yourself before applying is if you can keep up with this one post a week guideline. If not, then this job really isn’t for you. Also, keep in mind that the guideline is one post a week minimum; we fully expect you to post more often and will definitely take notice and reward you if you take the initiative to work harder.
  • Check on the Message Board: The CPA Central Staff Site includes a Message Board, where staff members can communicate with one another. You’ll be expected to check this page every day, to see if any other staff members have important messages to share. You will be able to use this page to talk to other staff members.
  • Stay active and work hard: In the long run, you’ll be expected to simply stay active on the site. As you continue work hard, we’ll open up more opportunities for you. If you don’t, we’ll have to let you go.

What You’ll Get

  • Work on this site: As a reporter, you’ll get the chance to be a part of the most advanced organization in Club Penguin Armies. You’ll get to be a part of a staff that has a reputation for upholding quality.
  • Chance to work way up: Although we’ll start you as a reporter, if you work hard and stay active, you’ll have a chance to work your way up to higher positions such as Associate Producer, Editor in Chief, Vice President, Executive Producer and Chief Executive Officer. Of course, these positions come with an even higher position and more power in Club Penguin Armies.
  • Added to Staff Site: You’ll be added to the protected CPA Central Staff Site, which will let you in on all of the behind-the-scenes actions of CPA Central and will allow you to communicate with all of the other staff members.
  • Media experience: CPA Central provides the best media experience you will get in armies.
  • Writing practice: Writing is a highly important skill in today’s world. CPA Central will allow you to enhance your writing abilities greatly.
  • Payments: Since the CPA Central team makes money from the website, we decide to pay our hard-working reporters who meet our criteria.

Submission Form

To apply to work at CPA Central, fill out the following form in a comment on this post (a copiable version of the form is at the bottom of the page):

  • Name: The name you best go by. This can be your Club Penguin or Xat name.
  • WordPress email: If you don’t have a WordPress account, you likely don’t have enough experience to be working here.
  • Past experience: Write about any experience you have writing / reporting, in real life, or in Club
  • Penguin Armies. Writing about media positions you have held will help.
  • Post: Write a post, approximately 400 words, about a recent event in Club Penguin Armies, such as a battle or other event (like a leader retiring or a declaration of war). Try to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If you feel like pictures could be added to your post, add links to them (be sure to include captions!). Of course, use your best spelling and grammar.
  • Why you’d be active: Write a paragraph simply about why you have the mindset to be an active reporter and what you’ll do to stay active. We want to know what it is about you that says you’ll be a hard working member of this site.

Any other comments: Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to say regarding your Reporter Application.
Here’s a copy of the form to paste into a comment:

WordPress Email:
Past experience:
Example Post:
Why you’d be active:
Any other comments:

Good luck with your application!

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  1. I heard you created a new news site. Message me on kik @ xingbinghoe


  2. Send me another invite. it expired


  3. sorry didnt mean to do 2 comments


  4. are y’all still hiring?


  5. are u still hiring


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