Top Ten Armies: 08/31/14

UPDATE 9:41AM EST: One ACP event neglected consideration; updates have been made accordingly. 

We see some major changes throughout the landscape of the Top Ten this week, with many wars raging throughout the community and multiple armies rising and falling.  Continue reading

Declassified: ACP’s Operation Double F

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Back in the spring of 2013, the Nachos had smashed the ACP in a huge war that saw the army drop from 2nd on the top ten to an, at the time, record-low 9th placement on the top ten. The leadership was getting desperate and the Nachos had demanded that I were to be removed from the army. This is when Operation Double F was put into place.

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Summer @ CPAC: CP Army Awards Results

Almost two hundred members of the army community came out over the past week to participate in the Summer @ CPAC Awards, casting their votes on all sorts of different categories as we reminisce over the first half of the year. The results of those many polls are now in, and we are here to present many individuals, armies, and organizations with trophies.  Continue reading

Dark Warriors Put an End to the Agents Era

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – With all of the chaos that has happened within the Dark Warriors army throughout the last month, the Dark Warriors finally put an official end to their “Agents Era”.

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CPAC Invasions Review: 08/30/2014

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – This week the attention falls of the conflict between the Ice Warriors and the Light Troops, while the other major war ended at the beginning of the week.

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Ice Warriors vs. Light Troops — The War So Far

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – Following the retirements of Roberto and Waterkid the Light Troops have been on a steady decline illustrated by their fall to 10th in this weeks Top 10. These retirements have also been coupled with a declaration of war from the Legends Cup Champions the Ice Warriors, in this post I will take a look at how the war has panned out so far.

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Elmikey To Retire From Armies Following DoS Concerns || Mr. Waffle45 Also Leaves RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Empire — In what is Elmikey’s fifth retirement from Club Penguin Armies, he has lengthened his “temporary retirement” due to DoS concerns into a final leave from the community.  Continue reading

Zakster Appointed Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, GT Empire – Following Tempah’s return to the army, former Nachos and WV Leader, Zak has joined the Golden Troops leadership as they aim to get to the top spot on the top ten for the first time since they were recreated. This came two days after Zak left the Water Vikings.

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Zakster, WV Creator Retires from the Army

FROSTBITE, WV Capital – With the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] war ending yesterday, a new report has arose from WV with the retirement of their creator and now former leader, Zakster.  Continue reading

Mach Investigates || Hacking and Common Sense


KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ, Mach’s Office, Fish and computer Chips – Club Penguin Armies, a place where children and teens come together to simulate war “strategically” using a childhood game, in which you “waddle around and meet new friends”. You’d think that this place would be the last place for hacking of such intensity would occur. Before I begin, this post won’t be talking about DDOSing as that is NOT hacking. If you want to know what they are, look it up. Read onward to see some information that everyone should be in the loop of.

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SWAT/WV War Ends || WV Issues Threats

MAMMOTH, SWAT Capital – After a semi-short war between the Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics army the 2 armies have agreed to a treaty and a ceasefire lasting until November 24th.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors vs. Light Troops: Battles of Hockey and Outback

HOCKEY, LT Empire – Today the conflict between the Ice Warriors and the Light Troops continued with two invasions of the Light Troops Empire. The war score coming into today is 1-0, in favor of the Ice Warriors.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors Site Defaced

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire — Last night, an editor account on the Ice Warriors site was compromised, leading for approximately a week of posts to be deleted. The posts were soon restored following the defacing and the account situation was resolved.  Continue reading

Legends Cup V: Finals Results

lc logo

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Although notably late, we now bring you the results of the fifth annual Legends Cup, which pitted the Ice Warriors, who have dominated their bracket, against the Nachos, the clear underdog after upsetting two armies in a row.

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Ice Warriors Declare War on Light Troops

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – With Ice Warriors’s latest win in the Legends Cup, the day after they declare war on the Light Troops for the fact of Light Troops harassing Ice Warriors in multiple ways. What does this mean for the Light Troops?  Continue reading