CPA Central Interview With Tori’s Mom

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — One of the most involved adults in the history of CP Armies, and the parent responsible for the pep talk to the Army of CP last December, CPAC had the chance to chat with Tori’s mother for a very interesting interview.  Continue reading

Why Do Retirees Return?

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – Hello CPAC viewers.  We have all seen at least one person retire from the CP Army Community, but rarely do they leave permanently.  Those who retire, typically still remain on xat, and still have a prominent amount of influence in their respective army.  In more cases than not, those who retire, end up returning.  So we ask the question, “Why Do Retirees Return?”  Puckley sums this up well,

It’s amazing to think how many people come out of retirement.  I’m pretty sure everyone does at least once.  – Puckley

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2014 Countdown – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Like we did last year, we have decided to do a countdown to 2014 for you at CPAC to get into the new year spirit. We have countries from across the globe with the time next to them stating how long it is until they are in 2014. From Kiribati to Hawaii, we have them listed bellow the ‘Read More’. Continue reading

ACP Releases Ultimatum to Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 2: Further plans have been detailed here. 

UPDATE: Responses from Elmikey and Puckley have been added near the bottom of the post. -Zak

BREEZE, ACP Capital- In a shocking turn of events, one of warfare’s most influential alliances, ACP and RPF, could be split apart and, possibly, even go to war.

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CPAC Invasions Review 30/12/13

CPAC Headquarters- As the year comes to a close and numerous wars this week were raging on I’ll be looking at the invasion results of this week and it was surely an exciting week worth taking a look at. Continue reading

CPAC Special Bulletin: Club Penguin Falls Victim to DDOS Attack

Club Penguin, along with other games including World of Warcraft and League of Legends, as well as the Electronic Arts site and several others are currently or were being DDoSed by a Hacker Group calling themselves DERP during a daylong rampage.

The attacks seem to be related or possibly even in conjunction with game streamer phantoml0rd, who has been communicating with the hackers and has now been called away in some sort of police incident.

Link to stream (still some active discussion and possibility streamer will return).

Link to Kotaku article.

Link to Reddit thread trying to figure out what happened.

As of right now there is a lot of confusion, rumors about possible zombie servers on League of Legends that take credit card numbers are spreading, and the stream has been taken down as a precaution. Club Penguin itself appears to be fine, but the status remains unknown at this time.

EDIT: Additional rumors are now stating that another hacking group has begun DOXing the DERP hackers.

EDIT 2: Some forums on Reddit are having difficulties, DERP rumored as the culprit.

EDIT 3: PhantomL0rd has stated that he had an automatic weapon pointed at him by police, was handcuffed, and his house was searched in response to an alleged call about a hostage situation.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more details. 

Army Republic Declares War on RPF

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire – the Army Republic has issued a declaration of war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, adding another challenge to their growing war with the Nachos.

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2013 List of Dates

We attempted to do a similar project last year, but due to the scale of the project and the lack of people investing time into it, we could not finish it. This year, CPAC has made sure that we would provide a day by day guide to all the main events that have occurred over this amazing and revolutionary year for CP Armies. Any events or news related incidents happening across our community were included in this guide, as we looked to record the important information that occurred in an easy to read and understandable format. This post will be made into a page once it is destickied, so you can look at it as you please. 

Project Leaders: Kingfunks4, Bluesockwa1

Project Contributors: Bepboy9,  Slippykicky, Zakdude, Stephanie, Max

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Ending of the War Against LT

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom- On December 28th 2013, after 3 days of war, the war of the coalition of various armies warring against Light Troops officially came to an end.

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Club Penguin Armies: The Year That Was

Greetings CPAC viewers and members of the Club Penguin Army community. I would like to present to you this compilation of data detailing every facet of army performance throughout the course of 2013.

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Top Ten Armies: 12/29/13 || The Top Ten Armies of 2013

Along with the weekly Top Ten, today CPA Central commemorates the Top Ten Armies of 2013 with a whole range of statistics put together over the past couple of weeks.  Continue reading

Introducing Reporter Editorials

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters- As a new dimension to CPAC, we’re going to be introducing reporter-written opinion pieces and editorials. Continue reading

Dark Warriors Declare War on Doritos

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Territory- Amidst a large brewing conflict between the Light Troops and many other factions, the Dark Warriors ally with the Water Vikings to face the Doritos.

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DCP/WV War- Raids

While the “Anti-Light Troop” Alliance vs Light Troops war has captured everyone’s imagination, another war is just heating up between the Doritos and Water Vikings. This war is no side-show to the LT war.

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RPF Declares War on Nachos

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – RPF, though seemingly unprovoked, has issued a declaration of war on the Nachos.

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