Nachos vs RPF: “You Can’t Admit Defeat”

FJORD and TUXEDO – In a war that has now lasted since June 28th, there has been little agreement on any of the battles to who won what. Both armies have claimed that the other army cannot admit defeat, simply claiming that they won to make their army seem better than they actually are. Large parts of the Nacho nation are found on the RPF empire page and vica-versa for the RPF. Both armies have also been fighting for the top spot, so the main questions are: who really can’t admit defeat and what is the point in this war?

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Nachos & RPF Battle Over Blizzard as Purple Republic Raids

BLIZZARD – Being the birth server of the Nachos, the Rebel Penguin Federation would not get this server without a fight. Also, both armies had to face multiple rooms being full while the Purple Republic raids their battle. Continue reading

Another Addition to the Rebel Penguin Federation Leadership

TUXEDO, RPF HEADQUARTERS – Only a day after Flappy had been appointed as RPF Leader, Snaily5 is announced as a new leader within the Rebel Penguin Federation.

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Rumors Confirmed: Purple Republic Has Returned

ARCTIC- Earlier rumors and reports of the return of the Purple Republic has been confirmed with their attack on the server Arctic. Continue reading

Nachos and RPF War: Deep Snow

DEEP SNOW – The Rebel Penguin Federation try to fight off the furious Nachos from their server of Deep Snow.

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Flappy: New Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

TUXEDO, RPF HEADQUARTERS– After reclaiming the Number 1 spot in the Top 10, the Rebel Penguin Federation have appointed a new leader.

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The Black Rebels Shut Down

BIG SNOW – Just as soon as it started, the rising Black Rebels have temporarily shut down.

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Legends Cup IV – Quarter-Finals In Review

[CLICK HERE for the Updated Legends Cup Brackets]

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – As a defeat now means that you are now not automatically knocked out of the competition, with the new redemption rounds, the stakes have risen as 9 armies fight for a place in the Semi-Finals. There are some shocks and surprises and very close battles. Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.

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Doritos Receiving Multiple DDoS Attacks

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – After being ranked 2nd in this week’s Top 10, the Doritos experienced multiple DDoS attacks on many different troops. Who could it be the one hacking in this situation?

Note: This is a developing story. More information will be added as it is given.

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Legends Cup IV: Semi-Finals Times || The Road to Redemption Times

Funks: CLICK HERE for the Quarter-Finals Review.

For those of you who are already guaranteed a spot in the Semi-Finals, good luck. For those of you who have already been knocked out of the Quarter Finals, you’ve got a chance at redemption.  Continue reading

CPAC Special Report: Elmikey Unmasked?

Proof that Elmikey is who he says he is can be found in an IP-trace conducted by Boomer20 here.

Blue1: After a compelling discusion with Fiasco and the recent comments from Kyle Cease, we have come to the conclusion that somewhere along the line that eventually led to this being re-posted here, a certain amount of information was faked. Let me be clear; we do not apologize for this post as we reported the news — the news simply turned out to be incorrect. Once again, this post is factually incorrect. Kyle Cease is not Elmikey. 

This post was originally written by Daniel/Eyes521, and has been re-published here on CPAC per his request. CPAC does not confirm nor deny the allegations expressed in the following post.

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Top Ten Armies: 07/28/13

BLUE1 EDIT: This Top Ten has been given at edit to the top three due to some major discrepancies and skipped events in the RPF rankings. The revised Top Ten is below. 

As the month of July comes to a close and we see a few major upsets in CPAC’s Legends Cup IV, another Sunday comes around. The ACP/AR war is currently at ceasefire due to the Legends Cup IV, but the Nachos v. RPF war rages on full force. Let’s see how armies stack up.

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Four Years of CPA Central

Wow. It’s been four years.  Continue reading

Retirements in S.W.A.T. and the Army of Club Penguin

ICICLE and AVALANCHE – As a Leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics and a 3rd in Command from the Army of Club Penguin retire, may those retirements bring down either army in the Top 10 rankings?

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Nachos and RPF War: Tundra

FJORD – Another battle takes place again in this war with the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation but over the server of Tundra, which is a very important server to the Rebel Penguin Federation. After loosing on the server of Fog yesterday, can the Nachos step up their game to defeat their rival?

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