Waterkid100 Betrayed? — A Whole New Collaboration on the Six-Month War

MIGRATOR — Today on my half birthday, January 31, 2013, a spiral of events have occurred in the past twenty-four hours.  It all comes down to the construction of the Black Alliance.

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Editorial by Ioioluk: Behind the Army Republic

Forward: This is an edited version of the editorial Ioioluk posted yesterday about Corruption in AR. While the original made some good points, it was deemed to unprofessional for posting. Ioio has rewritten the editorial in order to get it reposted, so without further adieu:

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Coming Soon: Hollywood Party, Card Jitsu snow, Puffles.

Wait a minute, I have to write about this stuff? Oh well, here we go!

End of the month, and a ton of stuff has been announced. We got the Hollywood party, Card Jitsu Snow, The EPF is being rebuilt and Puffles are part of the next operation. What’s the deal Disney? Old names to boring? We’ll find out what I mean in a moment.

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News: Pirates Reclaiming Lost Land

MIGRATOR — The Pirates are not declaring war on ACP this time; they intend to retake servers Pirate Captain Waterkid100 deems important.

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Army Republic and Light Troops Battles Escalate — Climax at Toboggan

FLURRY- as the war continues, the Army Republic seems to be taking a hard hitting.  Especially with a recent loss of their capital, Toboggan, which was invaded on January 28, 2013.  Light Troops still seem confident in their winnings, claiming to win almost every battle since the war has started.

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News: Black Wars Far From Over — Controversy About AR’s History — UMA

BREEZE — The Army of Club Penguin considers it’s options as the surging Dark Warriors challenge them for their servers. AR’s history is attacked by several critics. The UMA has another coup.

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Is Chrisdog93 Really in Armies?


As you have seen in Mchappy’s post, he states that the famous Chrisdog93 has joined Club Penguin Armies, and that he picked the Army Republic. In this post, I am going to prove that this is a total scam by the Army Republic in order to win the war against the Light Troops, will you agree with my points? 

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Chrisdog93 Really Joining Club Penguin Armies?

SLEET- It seems to appear that we have a new legend on our hands.  Although this time, a blogging legend.  It seems to be that Chrisdog93 has joined our warfare community, specifically the Army Republic.  This could change the whole playing field for AR’s war against Light Troops.  Maybe even change a new recruiting tone in all armies.

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Council Updates!

Visit the Council HERE!

We have some official updates to make!

  1. Post War Meeting
  2. Join the Army Council
  3. Removal of the Reformation Bill
  4. Anti-Hacking Bill Council now part of the Army Council

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Boomer 20’s Retirement.

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Top Ten Armies: 1/27/13

As the war known as the “Six-Month War” begins to fall out of context, we here at CPAC bring you this week’s Top Ten Armies.

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There’s No Point In This Path

This will be a short post, but I think it will be a meaningful one. Armies are headed to a dark and horrible age and the saddest part is it is all our faults. Armies need war and it is what keeps us going, but there is no point to war if the only goal of the army is to kill the other army. It turns it from fun, to a death race and a fight for survival. Armies were never supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be to prove superiority, not to prove total domination. I wanted to say this quick message in hope it got through to some people and made them open their eyes. Thank you.

[BREAKING NEWS]: Black Alliance Staging a Comeback

MAMMOTH- The Black Alliance, an alliance to take down the Army of Club Penguin and any of their allies, is staging a comeback by next week (sources say).  As predicted by a many in the army community, this six-month war is still not over with.  Few have had suspicions of the BA, saying that they’re plan all along was to invade the White Alliance separately.  Could this be a plan coming all together?

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Light Troops Declare War on Army Republic — When Can We Move on?

TOBOGGAN– The Light Troops of CP have had two wars in the past week.  Disregarding their war against Chaos, they have moved onto a rather old rival of theirs.  Their act of war against the Army Republic was declared today, January 27, 2013.  AR has yet to respond with their own invasions, although Buritodaily, AR leader, commented on Ioioluk’s post in disappointment.

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News: Pirates Seek Peace; Refuse To Fight

MIGRATOR — After making amends with his soldiers and re-establishing the government, Pirate Captain Waterkid100 changes his army’s course away from ACP,

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