CP Army Census Results

Though these were announced at yesterday’s party, I figured I might as well post them on the site as well. Also, to those who were at the party, now you know why Funks usually does the special events, and not me. 😛

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COBRA Unmasked- Secrets and Lies of the RPF

The Rebel Penguin Federation was once one of the greatest armies of all time, but now, as the are seemingly fading away, new information is uncovered about the secrets, lies, and grand espionage that is COBRA, a secret organization inside RPF, designed as a safety net for the army incase it collapses, but all do not see it as so… Continue reading

What Do You Think: The Snowball Battle Challenge

Iceyfeet Edit: To addon to one of your options Shab: Instead of people having a dance party at every single battle, we should make throwing snowballs a tactic. It may sound kind of stupid to make THAT a tactic, but people in this generation of CP armies wont listen to the use of snowballs. Hopefully we can make this a rule in upcoming tournaments so that people will HAVE to throw snowballs, and will eventualy get used to it. But for now we will have to wait and see which option goes through and then have a meeting with the top 10 leaders to decide if we can all have our troops throw snowballs at upcoming events.

Snowballs, something you may have heard me preach about numerous times, and something that is slowly disappearing from armies. Thus, I challenge you to all to the Snowball Battle Challenge, something I made up :D. There are two different ways to go around doing it.

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The Famed SWAT vs. ACP Battle Approaches

Hi everyone, it looks like there’s been a slow news day today, eh? But this is BIG. It is the Special Weapon And Tactics versus Army of Club Penguin in the battle of Breeze. It may not be too famed, but it seems like a future big battle event. A lot of questions come to mind here: Is SWAT in over their heads? Will ACP lose their capital, again? This post will help shed some light on this situation. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies – 8/29/11

I made a comment asking anyone if they’d like to know why Elites or LT are not in, but I guess no one saw it. Here are the explanations:

Have you seen the Elites site recently? Basically dead.

http://i.imm.io/8Eku.png – Self explanatory. 

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Top Ten armies. 🙂

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Nachos defeat the Golden Troops/Light Troops In Danger?

Zak: Someone start approving comments. There are 14 pending comments for god sakes.

In what was supposed to be a close battle, and what was supposed to be seen as an extremely large battle, was far from what was expected. With Hurricane Irene on the East Coast, many EST troops were unable to make it, and with GT having some problems with their owners, it’s no surprise that the battle was nothing close to a hard-to-judge battle. Read on to find out what, and HOW, this all went down.

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The Mystery Invasion

The Golden Troops declared just yesterday that they will be invading an army that they have not yet disclosed. ACP believes that they are the prime target, and are preparing to fight. On Friday, the name of the army being invaded will be released on GT‘s site 24 hours in advance. When the grand invasion takes place on Saturday, whatever army ends up being GT‘s target will have to be prepared to defend against the number one army, the Golden Troops….. Continue reading

The End of Summer Bash

Blue2: Forgot to put what chat… :mrgreen: I have added it.

That’s right, the day has come. Very soon summer will end for all of us. So, we here at CPAC want to make sure to end this summer with a bang.

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CPAC Biased Towards Larger Armies?

I apologize for the length of this post, I would have made it longer but what else is there to say?

Last time [about a month ago] I posted on the topic of bias I postedIs CPAC Biased Towards ACP so I figured its time to post about another topic I’ve heard about, is CPAC biased towards larger armies. My opinion?

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Abbreviations, Do they really matter?

Shab: Try to avoid the sexual orientation insults on posts, look a little professional. Also saying that you’re forced to write this post to appear not inactive doesn’t really help your case….you should put work into posts because you want them to be good, not because you have to.

Hey everyone,

So I am back from my long Vacation, and I have been thinking of a topic to write about, so I finally decided to do the topic about Abbreviations for my first post here on CPAC.

An Abbreviation is A shortened form of a word or phrase (e.g. ACP – Army of Club Penguin).

97% of the Armies in CP all have abbreviations because it can be used to help recruit through the CP Filters, the other 3% don’t need abbreviations because they have a word which CP would not matter if it is advertised. Now, for the topic:

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My Excuse *To Blue2*/Golden Troops: Risen from the Ashes


Kool: Blue, I could make a few updates, just not the lengthy post. I will earn my spot back though.

Blue2: Kooldude, I understand you were unable to post, but seeing as you were still able to comment extensively on this site, post on your cheats site, and post on your army’s site, I believe you would have been able to give us an update on where you had been for the past month. As Head Reporter, you cannot just disappear for a month without a notification. I understand you posted at the beginning of the month that you were grounded, but seeing as you were able to do quite a few other things while still being grounded, that isn’t enough. You are going to have to earn you position back and prove to me that you have the activity to be head Reporter, and that you are dedicated  enough to the site to stay active and help keep it running smoothly.

Hi guys, I know this is cliche, but I’ve been grounded indefinitely to 30m-1hour a day on the computer. I try to work on drafts but whenever I do one someone posts on the same topic afterwards. And Irene topped it off, making it even harder with power outages galore. This is why I could not post Blue2, please understand my difficulties.


Now onto the topic:

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The Army Republic run out as the winners in a tight Practice Battle with the Pretzels

After calling of their invasion and becoming allies, the Army Republic had a practice battle with the 9th ranked army the Pretzels, it was a good battle and the AR and Pretzels leaders won’t be too displeased by their performance.

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The Ninjas come out on top against the Night Warriors in a practice battle

Yesterday the 4th placed army, the Ninjas faced the Night Warriors who were back after some site trouble in a practice battle. With their site trouble the Night Warriors had fallen, a far cry away from the Night Warriors we saw last summer. The Ninjas have been in a well recorded ‘slump’.

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We Fight For . . . Well, We Fight!

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The Ice Warriors defend Frozen from the Underground Mafias Army

With the UMA on a massive fall and the Ice Warriors in an unfamiliar 9th position  this invasion was going to mean a lot to both armies, with good size’s likely to take them back to where they belong.

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