This Week’s Top 10! || A Few Ideas

GPMobile: Ok, now, I’m getting pissed off. Team Gold, SHUT YOUR MOUTHS. I already said I’m sorry, and you keep complaining. I’m human, and I make mistakes, I’m not some kind of robot who always has in the back of his head: “REMEMBER TG, REMEMBER TG.” I’ll be remaking the Top 10 whenever I can find the time for it. Also, I included you in the upcoming tourney, so what the hell are you talking about when you say i forgot you again?

GP: My sincerest apologies to Team Gold and Doritos; I was rushing when I did this, and I forgot you guys. I will make sure to put you in the next Top 10, once again, I’m really, really sorry.

Hey everyone, it’s Playa here with the new Top 10! I know it’s a day late, but I think it’s ok .

  1. Army of Club Penguin – The ACP has not had such a busy week, but either way, they retain their spot as number one. They are undergoing a few changes though; for example, they’re having site problems because all the text in the posts is not showing. In addition, Leader Shaboomboom left his spot temporarily to Shadow, former Nacho leader and current advisor.
  2. Golden Troops – Quite a lot of drama this week. Besides pulling out of the war (as well as Elites), leader Ganger was overthrown, Jerry retired, and ally relations being strained, GT did not do much this week.
  3. Nachos – Well, it seems that the Nachos are once again starting to prove themselves worthy of a higher rank. They are one of the main components in the UAF, and lately, have been battling the hardest. In the recent triumph over Parka, the Nachos came out like this:
  4. Ice Warriors – The Ice Warriors have been under fire this whole week. Starting with WWX, they had GT and Team Gold as allies. However, since yesterday, they stand alone against the massive force of the United Army Force: ACP, Nachos, NW, WW, Tacos, HSA, and BOCP. Now, the world is waiting to see how they hold up against them.
  5. Night Warriors – Well, I have to say I’m sorry I overlooked this army before. The Night Warriors, led by former Nacho leader Tomb and Vendetta, are a great success and also a big part of the UAF. They rose quickly, and have had tremendous scheduled as well as unscheduled turnouts.
  6. 6. Elites – The Elites have a busy week ahead of them, and have moved one spot up. Recently, they made up another large portion of the UAF, however pulled out for unstated reasons. Here is a recent picture in which they just about match the NW’s size.

    7. Tacos – The Tacos have not been busy lately, but have been a not-so-major part of the UAF. In a recent raid on IW’s servers, they appeared to drop in size despite their resources, i.e. Riffy as leader.
    8. Black Ops of Club Penguin – Also a new army, the BOCP make up a fine portion of the UAF, and have gotten 50 people at one recruiting session. I hope to see more of them in their pictures to get a feel for their size, and they are led by pretty experienced people.
    9. Hot Sauce Army – The HSA are a well-known army but for lack of a better number 9 army, I decided to include them in the Top 10.

    10. Watex Warriors – The WW, who are as well in the UAF, are hanging on by a thread. Ever since leader Luc left them for ACP, they have decreased in size rapidly and are pretty much tiny.

Now, for a quick conclusion, I have a few ideas. First of all, I would like to start a contributor program so people can be on the site temporarily. Secondly, I’d also like to give this site a new feel, so I’ll be starting a campaign for a new page or something like that. Have fun!