Army Republic, Nachos and RPF Clash on Cozy

COZY, Rebel Penguin Federation Nation – Today, the Army Republic and RPF battled once again, this time on the server Cozy. The Nachos joined the battle, and the Night Warriors also occupied the server during the raid. Read more for the full report. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 1/31/2k16

Klondike, CPA Central HQ – A single point separates three armies. Do I need to say anymore to entice you to click the Read More button?  Continue reading

Special Weapons And Tactics Shutdown

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Nation – In a unscheduled turn of events Badboy, former SWAT leader and legend, has decided to shut down the army after reaching second on CPA Central Top Ten.

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Shadow Troops Shut Down and Merge into Army Republic

BERG, Army Republic Empire – The Shadow Troops have recently re-entered the Top Ten listings and were preparing themselves for a long and successfully generation. However, things have taken a much darker turn, as they have now been shut down and merged into the Army Republic.

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Silverburg Announces his Return to the RPF Leadership

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – With continual modifications throughout the RPF leadership, from various usurps, to bountiful retirements and promotions; we see former RPF leader, Silverburg, take the throne once again.

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Shadow Troops: The Journey So Far

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ –  Over the past week, we saw a familiar army return. The Shadow Troops have returned and are ready to dominate. Click read more to continue.

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Elmikey Mass Removes RPF Leaders From Power

UPDATE: Drake has been welcomed back into the RPF leadership. 

Tuxedo, RPF Nation – The Rebel Penguin Federation has proven them to be fast paced and highly unpredictable. They have once again solidified that statement with an entire leadership restructure.

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The Formal Retirement of Mach

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Earlier this month, and at the end of December, I made the community known of my imminent farewell from the position of CPAC CEO, and the passing of this position to Goblin, the current acting CEO. I believe; however, that it is unfair to leave everyone without a complete retirement post. When I was in the process of writing my original retirement post, I simply couldn’t, it was the strongest writers block I’ve ever gotten, and the emotion that each letter I attempted to conjure up made me shy away from even continuing. It’s time to tell my perspective from those several months as one of this site’s leader, and make known the truth behind my career.

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RPF vs Nachos: Battle of Cloudy

CLOUDY, RPF Nation – The Nachos, now formally backed by the Water Vikings and Army Republic, attempted to invade Cloudy today and clashed with RPF troops. Read more for the full report.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 1/24/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week has brought us four former World Powers make their way back into the spotlight, and we see the effects of many ongoing wars reflect on the Top Ten standings.

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TACO Alliance Align To Declare War On Rebel Penguin Federation

In an unpredictable turn of events, yet another Anti-cheating alliance was formed to combat multilogging. However, one of the most vocal armies in alliances with similar goals in the past has now found itself sitting on the opposite side of the table.

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RPF: How They Fell And Rose

TUXEDO, RPF Capital –  Over the past few months, we saw the RPF on the brink of death. But recently with the forces of powerful leaders joining the RPF are back on their feet once again. Will they become the greatest army of 2016? Click read more to follow on.

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Shadow Troops Return

PARKA, Shadow Troops Territory – A once legendary army has made its return to the CP army community once again, but with many failed recreations, will the Shadow Troops be able to survive and have success in this new run?
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UMA Returns || Releases Ultimatum To SWAT

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, UMA Empire – After being recreated by Bam117 on September, many former UMA leaders and legends have united to recreate the legendary army and get it to unseen heights since 2014. UMA also offered an ultimatum to SWAT, and if SWAT does not meet up the demands, war will be declared by the Underground Mafias Army.
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Beginning of a New Era: The SMAC-SMAP Merger

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