Reformation Meeting Results || Establishment of the Club Penguin Army Legends Council

As you may have heard, CPAC hosted a meeting on Friday for which a number of veterans and army legends were invited to discuss a means of handling future Legends inductions. We had solid turnout, and got a number of things done, which I will outline briefly in this post.

I.    Required Retirement Period
II.   Creation of Club Penguin Army Legends Council
III.  Establishment of Legends Standards
IV.  Re-Evaluation of Current Legends (Pending)
V.   System for Nominations

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What's Really Wrong With the ACP

This morning, retired ACP Leader Flipper made a post explicitly detailing the “14 Things Wrong With ACP”- of course, CPAC did not go unmentioned. Because of that and because of the fact that this has gone on long enough, I’ve decided to make my own post. The top five things that are wrong with ACP.

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Top Ten Armies: 09/29/12

It’s Sunday, and from now on, that means another Top Ten. This week has been interesting as armies see no shortage of falls. We’ll also see how this huge war, perhaps even an up-and-coming World War, has affected army’s performance. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

LT and DCP Battle on Outback, Half Pipe, and Snow Fort

As the latest in a series of battles in the LT/DCP war (which yesterday saw the development of a massive alliance), the two armies faced off on 3 servers today, but only actually battled on one. LT claimed victory on both Half Pipe and Snow Fort, saying DCP were ‘no-shows’, however DCP responded with this edit earlier:

To the LT: You do NOT own Snow Fort, nor Half Pipe. The Half Pipe invasion was invalid due to no 24 hour notice, it was switched instead of you invading Fjord. SNOW FORT was given to the Ice Warriors, get your facts right.

Either way, LT posted pics on both servers, claiming ownership of each.


Earlier today, the armies finally met in battle on the DCP server Outback. As the first actual battle of the war, this is expected to set the tone for the rest of the battles. Note that because only LT posted results, all pictures will be from their site.

Below, LT bombs with suns while DCP counters with hearts.

Here, LT is using sad faces while DCP lines up on the chatbar below.

Following the battle, LT leader Ioioluk had this to say:

We won once again against the DCP. This time they actually showed up, but we still defeated them. DCP claims we used allies (Pirates) because Waterkid was there. When will all those idiots understand that Waterkid is our3ic? Anyways, i’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. It’s a clear LT victory.

When asked for comment, Wwebestfan, DCP leader, had this to say:

LT brought Pirates. We have proof. DCP won Outback, but lost on North Pole.

Again, another disputed battle. Both armies claimed to win, for different reasons. But what do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion! 


CPA Central CEO

Definition of Political Categories in CP Infantries

Quote of The Post:

Yet another person trying to tarnish my career by tossing some serious political <word deleted by the amish>


A couple weeks ago, Tap tried to make me look by a fool by listing my CP Political Views. Before anyone else decides to climb into my Philosophical Views, I’m gonna try to make somewhat of an Intelligent Fool before anyone else can.

Politics in Armies has been brought up several times in the past few days. Now, I have split CP Armies into eight separate groups, defined by what they think of Politics in our fair world of online gaming wars and battles. Rage all you want, its called Philosophy for a reason.

This post may not make since, since I came up with the titles, but if you do respect philosophy, you should be able to understand the jest of the names. Now, this post I expect to get some hate, because, well, I admit it makes little since. However, now you can actually say what the heck you are when you think about CP Politics.

1. Senatists.

Take a look around the ACP Site, kids. Senatists believe in a strong central government in CP Armies for the people, representing the people, having equal elections and the preservation of free speech. They do hold it to a law, however, that free speech on CP Armies can be somewhat vague. Rules are firmly set in stone, and the traditional CP Recruiting is fresh and still alive. Training Camps are necessary, if not required. Senatists, in a certain sense, do believe strongly in CPAC, and hold the news worthy to them.

2. Politicalists.

Politicalists believe that CP Armies need to be states instead of countries, with CPAC as somewhat of a capital. Most people disagree with this ideal, thinking CPAC has too much power anyways. However, they do not, I can tell you that. Politicalists are somewhat scattered throughout armies, and no army I see so far is strongly based on it.

3. Believists.

Believists are that annoying group of people that read CPAC once a week for the Top Ten. They are 90% of the ragers on the average Post, and can be seen EVERYWHERE. Every army has a few of these guys. Believists somewhat disagree with the entire “CP Army” Ideals, believing firmly in just what CPAC freaking tells them to believe off the Top Tens. These morons, erm I mean people, can be just about anywhere you look.

4. DisBelievists.

The group of disbelieving. These guys don’t agree that politics are needed in armies at all. They hate politics all together, saying they are unneeded and a burden to the actual game. Most of you guys are probably in this category. They are the “Non Believers in CP Politics”, most of which are legends who also fall into the next category.

5. Originalists.

A dying “political” group on CPAC, Originalists are the remainders of the 2006 players in CP Armies. These guys believe today’s CP Army Warfare is all wrong, and wish for The Original Warfare to come back. The Elder Players are either retired or on a limb, army hopping all over the place. These guys believe gaming is futile, at some point, and want to preserve our way of cp armies.

6. Anti-Originalists.

Just the opposite of Originalists, mostly filled with new recruits and a few medium aged players. They believe that the old ways of playing are over, and that wars are needed to progress further into our Gaming World. Chat Recruiting. These guys are found just about anywhere, believing in little to no government, and the fact that they are everywhere can be a huge threat to CP Armies in the future.

7. Motinists.

 These guys are a lower form of Politics, who believe that CP Armies have their low points, but will always go right back up through change and continuity. These guys focus mainly on the philosophy of  armies, believing in pure bias formatting and that all armies need to give opinion with fact. These guys believe that big armies are a shame to CP Armies, and prefer the minor armies. They, too, believe that world wars on Club Penguin are necessary to propel forwards.

8. Republicrats.

These guys focus mostly on politics in general in the game. They believe politics are behind every motion in the armies themselves, believing in the conspiratorial desires behind average promotions and biased elections. They always seem to ignore the fact that armies are on a steady fall. They are somewhat around, even if you don’t seem to notice them.

I’ve defined the basic political groups in CP Armies, or at least how I view them. If you can think of another group, go ahead and leave it in the comments.


Associate Producer of CPAC.

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The Friday Night Massacre

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Army of the Week: Pretzels

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on a once powerful army that is now rebuilding.  The Pretzels recently finished their war with DCP and are now trying to rebuild and rise.  Hanging on to the top ten by only a little, can the Pretzels rise to be a strong large army?  Or will they fall like many other armies have?  And are their regular recruiting sessions enough to make them rise, or should they go to war?

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The Pretzels were first created in late 2009 by Braveboy124, who led the first seven generations and then the current ninth generation.  The Pretzels started as a small army that averaged four at events.  At the start of 2010, they began to get more troops, and their sizes shot up to large numbers.  This didn’t last to long, and the army soon died.  After that, the second generation was created.  They were soon getting 10 unscheduled and 14 at scheduled events.  The Pretzels soon earned themselves a place in CPA Central’s medium top five.  They had a big war with UMA, but eventually died and merged with WW.  In their third generation, the Pretzels did not do to well with little sizes at events.  After retiring from armies due to computer problems, Pretzels creator Braveboy124 returned and started the fourth generation.  This generation was a success, and the Pretzels were soon getting 20+ soldiers at events and stayed in CPAC’s top ten armies for four straight weeks.  Soon after that, they died.  The fifth and sixth generations of the Pretzels failed, they came back with their seventh generation and reached sizes of 15+ at events.  The army died, but soon came back with their eighth generation.

Current Leadership:

The Pretzels are currently led by Braveboy124, Subz11, Tymatt, and Benjarkin.  The army seems to have a strong leadership, so for now their most likely shouldn’t be any leadership problems.

Recent Events:

The Pretzels recently had a practice battle with the Rainbow Chargers.  The Pretzels averaged around 15 and had pretty good tactics.  Below are some of the event’s highlights:

More recently the Pretzels had a training session.  They had sizes of around 10-12 and maxed 15 with great tactics.  Below are some pictures from the event:


I think that if the Pretzels get a little more active, they’ll have what it takes to rise in the top ten.  Also, if their troops get more active, I think they can secure a good spot in the top ten for a while.  If they don’t, however, there’s a chance that they will fall, and judging by past events, their current generation won’t last for a long time and they’ll probably die and start another generation before spring of next year.

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How do you think the Pretzels have been doing?  Can they rise in the top ten?  Or will they fall?  Is there a possibility of war coming soon for the Pretzels?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

LT Declares War on DCP || IW, AR, and DCP Declare War on Pirates and LT

As wars all over the army world rage on, here’s a breif wrap up of some of the more recent developments.

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Medals, Clovers, Snow Flakes & Badges: Are They Beneficial?

Medals,Clovers,Snow Flakes, & Badges

What is this  boy scouts?

If you haven’t noticed since the beginning of Summer armies have been dishing out what is basically currency. Medals,clovers,Snow Flakes,Badges whatever you want to call them they are a basic form of reward to a soldier who attends a battle/invasion or a session of any kind. Now the question is:

Are they really beneficial to the army?

So far in most armies who use this technique exchange this “currency” for a promotion,which they most likely do not deserve. Before this to get a promotion in any army you would have to WORK for it,not just go to a battle and expect something in return. And at the end of the month you would or would not get a promotion for your work,but that is okay. That drives you to do a BETTER job the next month and hope to get what you really deserve. What this new generation of troops recruits deserve is a brick to the head, it is a shame how easy it is to get moderator on chat now a days. And how so many of those moderators can’t even formally lead like the famed veterans of armies,


Also,since leaders never truly keep track of how many medals a soldier earns they expect them to be honest enough to say how many they really earned. Bull! Example:

Reality: NoobSoldier1234_I_like_Pies_Snowflakes:2

Fiction: Noobsoldier1234_I like_Pies_Snowflakes:56

This system is an abomination,a mockery to the veterans who built up these armies,leaving the ignorant leaders to create something ridiculous as, this leaving those who worked for a their rank far below their deserved rank. While the lazy,foolish soldier who claims that he earned these badges sit at the top trying to lead when he/she is the reason everyone refuses to come BACK!

Is this how you want your army to fall?

Take ACP for example 70% of the troops rarely attend unless they gain clovers but rush up the ranks faster than anyone else. The 30% that attends the battle actually participates and doesn’t get what they deserve or detests this type of practice.

The greed of the soldiers is what causes them to become the high nobles who eventually fall to the pits of hell.

Will more of the Top 10 Armies give into the pressure and resort to this disease? You decide in the comments below.

I Bid You Adieu


P.S.: Fellow Reporters and Philosophers START POSTING DAMN IT!

Army of Club Penguin and Pirates Battle for Klondike | Pirates Leader Tired of War?

On the 23rd of September, 2012, ACP defended their important server Klondike from the Pirates.  ACP and the Pirates have been in a raging war for a while now, and there have been many intense battles, including the ones leading up to a Saturday full of battles.  Who won the battle of Klondike?  How will it affect the war?

This was a heated and intense battle between ACP and the Pirates.  At the end of the battle, the Pirates claimed to have won the battle, while ACP claimed the battle was a draw, so the battle remains somewhat disputed.

Below, ACP does the heart emote while the Pirates begin to do the mad face emote in the Town.


Below, the Pirates do mad faces while ACP does the ice cream emote in the Mine.


After the battle, Ek, ACP leader stated the battle was a draw in a post on the ACP site:

The event ended in a draw after we weren’t so awake in the second half. The sizes were not very good today though they were an improvement from yesterday. We wont be getting a good spot in the top ten so we need everyone on chat to get recruiting.

The Pirates claimed to have won the battle, stated by Pirates leader iwaterkid100 in a post on the Pirates site:

Hey Pirates, today we DOMINATED on Klondike. I didn’t expect us to be THIS fantastic. We maxed around 31 people and averaged from 20 – 25. I will like to welcome all the new recruits to the pirates army, I hope you guys enjoyed that wonderful battle :D

ACP claimed this was a ”draw”. ACP maxed 17 people while we maxed 31, they averaged around 14 – 16 and we averaged 20 – 25 and they call it a draw? we absolutely won on Klondike server, and it’s still shared by our 5 allies :D

Today, iwaterkid100 made a post on the Pirates site.  The post stated that he was bored with the war with ACP.  The following was taken from the post:

I am getting bored with acp, specially when they think they win all the time when they clearly lost. I am thinking of ending this war because it’s getting boring invading them again and again, IT’S NOT OVER THOUGH, I’m just THINKING of ending the war because it’s just boring, comment if you think we should continue the war with ACP or we should go to war with another army, and comment saying what army we should go war with

*we’re still at war with ACP and we’re still invading*

It appears that he would rather go to war with a different army, probably because the two armies have been at war for a while now.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  Did the Pirates win, or was it a draw?  Do you think the Pirates will end the war?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

Top Ten Armies: 9/24/12

Welcome one and all to the 2nd Top Ten ever written by yours truly, Blue2. This week we’ve had some small movements, but only one really noticable rise in the upper rankings, and a few armies slipping closer and closer to their fall. Once again, there was very little for the lower Top Ten section, so numbers 14 and 15 have been omitted. If you have a rising army, please comment it on this post or show it to Blue1 or I on chat so we can review your army next week.

In addition, the Top Ten will now be released on Saturdays, with all events Saturday – Friday counting towards it. This starts next week. For this reason, I have published this Top Ten slightly early.

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The Reformation


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Behind Behind IW: Unmasking the Unmasking

Two posts have been made voicing Ioio’s accusation of IW using Riffy888’s twitter and chat to gain recruits. It remains unknown whether or not Riot was influenced to make these posts under a bribe. But until we find out, here is what CPAC didn’t tell you, mainly because Riot isn’t in IW. Continue reading

Recruiting: How It Is Used

Most people know that armies have been on the last thread for gaining troops. CP is recruiting is almost gone due to the minimum recruiting phrases. Most armies are looking for other ways to recruit in order to survive, but are we allowed to?

Over the past few months, or even years, armies have been attempting to recruit in order to survive the slow downfall. Some armies use tracking chats to recruit, others post recruitment videos on Youtube. Some people even ask their friends, or siblings, but are we allowed to?




Although some recruiting methods are only for minimal gains for a single battle, others are used to gain loyal troops. If you look into 2 different recruiting methods, you will see that there are some similarities, but many differences. Although both are attacked for being lazy ways of recruiting, 1 takes more than just a few clicks of the mouse.

 The 2 ways of recruiting are chat recruiting and Twitter recruiting. Both can be used as “easy” methods of recruiting, but there are much more differences that people don’t understand. But first, let’s look at the similarities.

  • Both are relatively easy to use.
  • Both show fast results when they used correctly.
  • Both  are able to give a good amount of recruits.
Both have some good similarities for recruiting troops for the army, but there is a major downside that armies face as an aftermath of the easy-to-use methods. Before we skip to that, let’s take a look at the differences between Chat recruiting and Twitter recruiting.
  • Chat recruiting recruits people that you don’t know, while Twitter recruiting recruits your friends.
  • Chat recruiting has random CP players that can be of almost any age, while Twitter recruiting has a much smaller age gap.
  • Chat recruiting requires no knowledge or work beforehand, while Twitter recruiting requires the ability to meet new people, make new friends, and have popularity to gain more followers faster.
Now do you see the picture? Twitter recruiting requires FAR more work beforehand in order to gain any recruits whatsoever. On top of that, gaining appropriate followers that CAN be used for recruiting requires popularity, which is gained through hard work over time.
But although both methods can give armies an advantage, they have the downside. If chat recruiting is abused during the tracking season, then the army will have a HUGE downfall within the following weeks of the party. If Twitter recruiting is abused with random people that you don’t even know, then the outcome will be even worse, because all of those people will leave after the first battle, creating an even BIGGER downfall.
Overall, although both of these 2 key recruiting tactics can be used for good, they can be the worst thing that happens to an army in almost all cases. The best way to recruit loyal and active recruits is through CP recruiting. Although it may sound like a lot of work, it can be very profitable. Using the right servers and recruiting phrases can gain the army a good amount of active and loyal recruits after just a few sessions.
bye for now,
~ Iceyfeet1234

Behind IW: Scandals in The Snow Part Two

More updates have unearthed from the gravelly gates of Journalism in the past 24 hours on the Scandal inside of Ice Warriors. Read on in this updates special to Behind IW, Part Two.

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