Top Ten Armies (Subject to Change)

Hey Everyone. It’s been exactly 2 weeks since our last Top 10, so, time for the next one. Hopefully I’ll do as good as last time. Wish me luck


Top 10 Armies: 9/30/2010


  1. ACP(+0): ACP had another very successful week. They celebrated their 4th Birthday this week (9/29) and are working on getting their Alpha Division more active. They are currently at war with the Ice Warriors, who are being assisted by Team Gold, and are doing very well for themselves, considering they’re up against two top armies. Also, retired ACP Leader and Vice President, Dryvit, has left armies forever.
  2. IW(+1): Although the Ice Warriors haven’t been posting a lot, anyone that has seen the pictures from their recent invasions and defenses against ACP, it is obvious that they are still very large. Since the last Top 10 (9/16), they’ve neared our surpassed a size of 40 on Club Penguin multiple times. They are ACP’s main opponents in the current war.
  3. TG(+2): TG, similarly to Ice Warriors, were a bit harder to find info on, but after everything was taken in to consideration, they are doing excellent. Their chat is nearly always full, sometimes reaching ridiculous sizes (triple full chat). They have been succeeding sizes of 30 for the wars against ACP, and have been posting a good amount. Otherwise- they’ve been active everywhere. They are currently invading RPF servers.
  4. NW(-2): NW has fallen a bit, mainly for their inactivity. Although they have recruiting sessions every day, they have only posted twice since my last Top 10. However, they still are doing fairly well with size, with some pics showing them at sizes around 30 troops. Chat, isn’t bad, either, just not as full as it was before.
  5. Nachos(-1): The Nachos have been on quite a fall, recently. One of their leaders, Pie, retired (9/27), and the new leaders cabinet revealed that Billy Mays is a Nacho Leader once again. They aren’t lacking in posts so much as they are in size. They aren’t dead, though, and can still get a decent amount on Club Penguin.
  6. WW(+3): I’m impressed with WW. There’s no doubt about it, they have really stepped up their game, and can constantly get about 20 on Club Penguin. This is most likely due to the recent return of their old leader, Lucario. His retirement a few months ago was the reason they fell for the first time in a while. Either way, they are doing great.
  7. UMA(+1): UMA are at about the same position as last week. They are currently in a big war with GT, and have already invaded multiple GT servers with ease. The war, though it seems to be dwindling down, has been great for UMA to show their true colors. They’ve been nearing 2o for the past couple weeks, and show no signs of stopping. They are calling it, rightfully, their “Second Rise”.
  8. DCP(N/A): This is DCP’s first reappearance in the Top 10 since all of the hacking started taking place. With Brandon leading the way, DCP has grown a ridiculous amount, getting on average 20-30 troops per battle. They currently are planning to invade Snowbound, WW’s Capital, and are defending Fjord from NW this Saturday.
  9. RPF(-2): RPF has been doing on when it comes to site activity, however there aren’t a ton of pictures to support their spot. They have been posting quite frequently on their site, and are involved in multiple wars, the main one being against TG, and there is a possibility they will declare war against GT on UMA’s side soon.
  10. RFW(-4): It’s pretty hard to judge RFW right now. They are completely re-doing their site, so they have no posts up, and I can’t see any pics of them recently. I believe they are probably still pretty big, so until I find a picture of them from before the posts were taken down, they will be here. Their position is subject to change, and in turn some of the other Top 10 armies’ positions.


There we go :mrgreen:

Sorry about the whole “subject to change”, thing, it just isn’t fair for RFW to get that spot if in reality, they are much larger than that.

Comment with your opinion on the Top 10!

– Sklooperis: Head of Site

UMA v.s. GT

Currently, there has been lots of fighting between UMA and GT. There have been 3 battles. The first was won by UMA, for the server Flippers. The 2nd battle, also won by UMA, was for the server Half-pipe. The 3rd battle was controversial, and was won by GT. UMA complained  that GT had lots of UK soldiers, and that the battle was held early, so no UMA could get on. They also said the server was full and couldn’t get on. GT however said UMA should have just gotten on earlier. I’m putting up a poll to see what you think is right.

Did GT make a legit move?

Yes, UMA should have gotten on earlier
No, They should have moved servers
VoteView Results
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UMA is invading Snowplow at these times:

7:00 EST

6:00 CST

5:00 MST

4:00 PST

Come support UMA, come support GT, or just come and watch.

This will be a great battle, as UMA is trying to claw up the ranks. GT is also trying to get into the top 10. I talked with Berat, as to why UMA is attacking GT (In case you didn’t notice, UMA’s victories have come of invasions, and GT’s win came off an invasion from them.) He said quote ” After we defeated DCP, we just wanted to add GT to our defeated armies list.” So yeah, this war is being fought over nothing, but it sure is fun, eh? ;). Anyway, don’t say this post is too short, because after their next battle, I’m adding more to it.

CPSMAC Workers Cabinet + Note to Nathan + New CPA Central Staff Member

Well, after careful consideration, it’s come down to this. Believe me, I didn’t make these decisions easily. So before you all rush to click “Read More”, please take this in to account: If you didn’t get a position, and you leave a flame comment, it will be deleted. Just because you think you did amazing means nothing- it’s mydecision, not yours.

Here we go… :mrgreen:

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ACP v.s. IW: The Battle for Sub Zero

Skloop: At Boomer’s request, as well as with many other follow up positive comments, here is  ”Ekpenguin”‘s comment on the situation, which is very insightful:

I never new about this “cheating” until I read the ACP post. This as Boomer said “takes the fun away”. I mean were club penguin armies not made for fun? To be honest I think if this carries on there may be no fun at all left in cp armies. There would just be politics arguments and lying. I would say this is coming pretty soon unless we just have war for the fun of it. I would say IW won but I now saw ACP clearly one if Icey resorts to cheating.

Blue2 Edit 2: Full chat tonight!

Blue2: Ok, Albaro Lord and I made a CPAC event/party/hangout chat. I’m posting it here as a trial run. If its popular, maybe CPAC will bring back its chat page. Skloop, also, I have to talk to you about this and a few other things.

The chat is:

Today,  the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors faced of in what I consider a truly magnificent battle for IW’s former capital server of Sub Zero. The battle was held on Klondike, due to Sub Zero being full. I came on 30 minutes before the battle, and already both sides had begun fighting. This battle was looking like a massive fight, but the outcome was entirely unexpected.

Now, unfortunately, I can’t post all of the pics I took, since my computer froze periodically throughout the battle, and I have lost some of them. I’ll try to fill in the gaps as best I can.

30 min. Before

ACP launches an “EMP” bomb at IW.

ACP “Hello” bombs IW.

ACP shows off incredible size, as does IW.

Battle begins

ACP charges IW at stage, IW retreats to Dojo.

IW’s size declines rapidly.

Now, then at this point, thebattle has barely started. IW seemingly has only about 5 soldiers left. They now give up and log off the server.

ACP begins to celebrate their victory over IW. Then, after about 10 minutes, someone in ACP checked the Town on Sub Zero. IW was still there. And they were HUGE. This is debatably one of the best tactics in history, though it’s fairness is questionable. Nevertheless, ACP attacks IW at the Town.

ACP now regroups at the Forts, while IW remains at Town.

IW J-bombs the Dock

ACP chases IW from the Dock to the Town, where both armies clash.

ACP and IW now battle each other moving throughout the Dock, Beach, and Village.

ACP now follows IW through the underground, and then to the Iceberg.

Now the two armies chase each other rapidly through the Stadium, Ice Berg, Pet Shop, Beacon, and finally, to the Night Club.

Now, both ACP and IW focus on claiming rooms for the last 10 minutes of the battle. Both armies have more than 5 rooms that remain theirs.

At this point, the battle ends. Both armies disagree on who won. ACP says IW cheated by logging of, using the below picture as support.

They also say that, even if IW didn’t cheat, they still won. IW says they didn’t cheat, and that they were the winners.

So, who won?

Well, ACP was definitely larger, so they get that point.

ACP:1 IW: 0

As far as rooms claimed go, both armies are even. So, they both get a point.

ACP: 2 IW: 1

Tactics. This one, although both armies had very good tactics, also goes to ACP

ACP: 3 IW: 1

But wait, what about IW’s fake surrender? That’s definitely a point of its own. But, is it even allowed…? Technically, an army admits defeat when they log off, and cannot undo that move… Ah, well, we’ll give them a point for trying this new and, though useful, slightly unfair tactic. We shall see if this becomes an issue…

ACP: 3 IW: 2

Well, the scores are in. Although IW put up an incredible fight, the winner is:

The Army of Club Penguin

I’m still not sure if IW admitted defeat, but based on what I saw, ACP were the winners. I know both armies will still say they won however. But this is my judgement.

Congrats to ACP. And, to IW, great job as well.

Let the hate comments begin.

~♣||»Sιя_Bℓυєsσ¢кωa_тнє_2η∂«||♣, New Secondary Head of CPAC

Army of the Week 9/24/10

Skloop To Lsund and Blue: Lsund, we already tried to have a chat, and it didn’t work. It was just a waste of site space. Also, Blue, my name is “Sklooperis”, no ‘K’ 😉

Hey, Blue2 here to post this week’s Army of the Week.

So, without further ado, this week’s winner is…

the Golden Troops!

Now, I know you’ll say that GT don’t need this and they are already quite big and so one and so forth. But, GT really has been rising lately.


GT is an army mainly consisted of merges. At first, GW, CPSS and CPF merged to make GW. GW lived on their own, and rocketed into the Top 10 as a large army. They were pretty successful there, and they were always in the Top 5 for every week, consistently. Then, more recently, the army known as CPST was dying, even though they were once in the Top 10. The leaders of both armies had a meeting and decided to have a trial merge. They merged together, and found that they were so successful that there was no point in even considering canceling the mere. The CPST site was made into a memorial, with only 1 memorial post still published, and a page dedicated to memories of good times in the army. By the next Top 10, GT had shot up to 2nd largest army. The merge has continued to be successful up to this date, and they were holding their World Power spot strong. However, recently GT underwent a major fall. They are rising now, however, and are working had with recruiting and other events to get their place back in the Top 5 Armies.


The creators of GW and CPST were Flipper and Sklooperis. Other leaders involved in the creation of GT were Ganger, Saiyaman Xc, and Jerry2Cool. Ganger had been considered a great leader at first,  however, recently the other leaders began to dislike Ganger’s methods. He had been fired before, and then given a second chance. They decided to impeach Ganger and remove him from the site. GT then began rebuilding after they had fallen considerably. The current leaders of GT are Sklooperis, Flipper, Saiyaman Xc, Sercan 44444, and 123nico26.


The Golden Troops are an Oligarchy. This means that leaders will choose their replacements, and pass any bills given by citizens by themselves. The leaders must all agree on a decision, if one needs to be made. Everything else is technically democratic. Most major decisions will be released to the public, so citizens can state their opinions.


<img title=”gtbanner” src=”” alt=”” width=”175″ height=”400″ />


A month or so ago, the GT site was “hacked”. For a few hours, everyone was trying to figure out why it had happened and who did it. however, the hacker had said on the site that they were “here to help”. Eventually, a few of us began to think it may have been a test. Then, Flipper came on and said that GT was starting all over. This began their rebuilding, which has, to this day been very successful.


The reason I decided on GT was that after they fell from the Top 5 Armies, they began to try to rebuild. Since then they have grown greatly, and, in my opinion, have a great shot to be in the Top Ten very soon.

Interview to be added very soon.


Army History: Order 67

Hello, Articsledder Here. Right now we are going to look at an important event in Army History, that is actually quite forgotten.  Without it, armies would be quite different.  This post was written from the eyes of someone who watched it happen, and would like some of the armies that stood up against ANTA to be recognized.

Order 67 was created in early July, 2008.  The name was a spoof of Star Wars, Episode 3, where Order 66 is given, to destroy all the Jedi. similarly, Order 67 was to destroy all small Armies.

The Sides


Anta was an alliance created by what was then called Major Armies; the Top 5 armies.  It Included ACP, RPF, UMA, Nachos, and IW.  There reasons were

1. Most of you have not tried to make a good commitment to the ANTA or the bigger armies.

2. You are stealing ANTA assigned servers w/o officially declaring war and making a scheduled battle.

3. Smaller armies are starting to think they are better and are mocking it and then they get their butts kicked later. Most of you want war, so we’re going to give you a war.

Basically small armies were being annoying, and claiming Mammoth and Other servers as their own.  Some even claimed victory against ACP in battle, which was the last straw.  They gave a few armies Pardons so they wouldn’t be attacked, but for the most part it was these 5 armies only in the Alliance .

Small Armies/CPUN/CPNGAA

Going against ANTA was basically every other army. Notable ones would be Red Raiders, Club Penguin Rangers, and other members of CPUN, which at the time was almost exclusively small armies.  You may be thinking ”Wow ANTA is screwed”  but back then, A small/medium army had around 5 at a battle. They were given the options of:

Option 1: Surrender your army and end it

Option 2: Surrender your army and start following ANTA rules.

Option 3: Go to war, get unified, and have a chance of winning or losing

A lot chose the 3rd option.  CPUN was where most of it was organized, though in the later days CPNGAA was the name of their alliance.  The CPUN put Ktman (Club Penguin Rangers Leader), Itachi6dark (Red Raiders leader), and Jedimaster17 (a CPUN member) in charge of leading these armies.

Notable Battles

Small Armies last stand

This was supposed to be the battle where all was decided, and if small armies lost, they would have to disband, and ANTA would back off if they won.  The only problem was it didn’t happen. Instead we will look at the plans, and try to see who would have won.

CPUN plan

The small armies came up with a plan a few days later, codenamed Operation Revolution.  It assigned rooms to small armies, and they would defend these rooms. Here was the list

Dojo: MW, ROCP, Union, IPDC, DPA

Ice Berg: LCP, Rebel Warriors

Mine Shack: UT

Mine: MUA, CPD


Forest: RPA, MCP

Plaza: Aqua Warriors, CPAR, CPA

Snow Forts: CPB, CPA

Town: CPW, CP Wolves, SA

Dock: CPR

Beach: UPA, IACP

Ice Rink: NMA

Lighthouse: Red Raiders

Lighthouse Beacon: MOCP, ECPA

Ski Village: Vikings

Ski Lodge: CPBA, CP Assains

Mountain: Sleet Empire

Sport Shop: Bounty Hunters, Ice Vikings

Dojo: MW, ROCP, Union, IPDC, DPA

Ice Berg: LCP, Rebel Warriors

Mine Shack: UT

Mine: MUA, CPD


Forest: RPA, MCP

Plaza: Aqua Warriors, CPAR, CPA

Snow Forts: CPB, CPA

Town: CPW, CP Wolves, SA

Dock: CPR

Beach: UPA, IACP

Ice Rink: NMA

Lighthouse: Red Raiders

Lighthouse Beacon: MOCP, ECPA

Ski Village: Vikings

Ski Lodge: CPBA, CP Assains

Mountain: Sleet Empire

Sport Shop: Bounty Hunters, Ice Vikings

A few days later Extreme the Great made a plan for ANTA, and it was posted on Nachos site. (click to enlarge)

A few days later, Order 67 was ended,  and this battle never happened. For a while the Small Armies wondered about who would have won, and whether or not it would have saved them (a lot of these armies, notably CPR and Red Raiders fell within a year)

At the time, army sizes were around

ACP: 30

RPF: 25

Nachos: 25

UMA:  20

IW: 15

CPR: 10

Red Raiders: 10

Most other small armies: 5 or under, sometimes 7 or 8, maybe 10, (a lot of the armies in Operation Revolution were 1 or 2 man armies)  Judging with this, it would have been difficult for small armies to win. It is possible that if they realized they were outnumbered in 1 on 1 battles they may have grouped up, but that would have been difficult with many small armies not having chats.  They would probably max out at 40, while ANTA would probably have around 80. Either way it would have been a heck of a battle.

Order 67: canceled

About a week after it was posted, Order 67 was canceled. Some believe ANTA thought they could lose, while others think they had made their point.  The official ANTA reason was given by Shadow2446

Today, the ANTA decided to end Order 67. Our main secret purpose has been fulfilled and we plan on allying with the smaller armies and forming them into a major smaller army alliance recognized by the ANTA ( which is the original outcome for those of you people who think we’re still evil ). We have a meeting set up.” – Shadow2446

The results

Today Order 67 is quite forgotten, yet it revolutionized CP warfare.   Without it, the 5 ANTA armies would have likely reigned forever, with no room for any new armies.  When the CPUN stood up to them they proved there were other armies that were ready to take on the Major armies.  unfortunately, just about every one of those armies never got their chance to be recognized, and died a slow and painful death, Armies like the Club Penguin Rangers or Red Raiders.  Fortunetly, they do live on. Itachi6dark (RR leader) went on the to lead UMA along with Benu2, a CPR soldier.  Ktman (CPR leader) and Jedimaster17 went on to ACP, and I (CPR soldier) went to IW.   These armies were replaced by armies like GT, HSA, and RFW.

Very long posts 2 days in a row FTW!!!