Legends Cup IV: Results of the Championship Battle

In one of the largest battles in army history, the battle for supremacy in the Legends Cup IV has concluded. 

The Legends Cup IV Championships was one of the most hyped battles in the history of armies, with the Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Doritos battling it out for the title. These three armies, who currently made up the Top Three, were all hoping for the win this battle. Edd64 and Bam, Leaders of the Doritos and Nachos respectively, also announced that this battle would be their last, only raising the stakes even higher.


The battle lasted forty minutes, beginning at 3:30 EST. All three armies logged on somewhere in the 3:10 — 3:20 range, with the Nachos stationed at the Berg, the Doritos in the Plaza. While the RPF’s size was arguably the largest, their tactics were chaotic in the beginning. The Doritos size, while large, was largely made up of the Purple Republic, who planned to raid. The Nachos, in the beliefs of many judges at this point, showed the best combination of tactics as soon. However, as you know, the Pre-Battle isn’t considered in the final results. 

Apologies to RPF and DCP, RPF did not post any pre-battle pictures and I’m not exactly sure which of DCP’s are pre-battle. 

First Half:

As the battle began, the Nachos and RPF immediately charged the Mine for a showdown of epic proportions as the Doritos did their own thing. The Nachos and RPF faced off in the Mine for the first 20 minutes of the battle — the battle, at this point, was largely bombs and other charges, so it was difficult to evaluate who was winning. The locked out Nachos and RPF troops also skirmished outside the Mine. At this point, the battle was up in the air between the Nachos and RPF, with DCP trailing behind. However, must judges believed that at the :20 mark, the Nachos were winning.



dcp madfaces forts legends cup

Second Half:

The second half of the battle was by far the most chaotic. Due to the fact that the Doritos had not yet battled anyone, the RPF and Doritos charged the Stadium at the same time and skirmished there for awhile, the RPF being the clear winner of this skirmish as the Nachos regrouped. The Doritos, about ten minutes after their battle with the RPF began, retreated to to cove, but were intercepted by the Nachos. Soon after, the battle came to an end and the judges met to deliberate.



Final Verdict:

While the Doritos put up a valiant fight, it was an obvious consensus among the judges that they placed third. The decision as to who won between the Nachos and RPF, however, was more difficult. As the judges debated, CPAC chat filled to a brim, with four pools and 96 users online — which I’d think is some sort of record. 

At the end of the day, the tally was zero judges voting for DCP, two judges voting for the Nachos, and seven judges voting for the Rebel Penguin Federation. Which means, in a 5-2-0 vote, the Rebel Penguin Federation are the victor of the Legends Cup IV. 


Congratulations to RPF, and now comes time for the End of Summer fun. The polls for CPA Central’s Annual Summer Awards will be released soon, so make sure to cast your votes!


CPA Central CEO

25 Responses

  1. Zero the Hero baby


  2. “furries_den1” LMFAO


  3. And may the Rage begin.


  4. Funks’ the Nachos will not be promoting you.


  5. Go die in a hole RPF… just kidding, well done. I wasn’t there thanks to stupid broadband connection, but ehh, seems like ya did good so yeah xP
    I still think CPAC should really name a pool after me ;P
    Oh and I can’t wait wait for the Summer Awards!


  6. RPF won the finals 😀


  7. Looks like Nachos won to me but the judges for this tourney always think tje opposite of me




  9. Funny how furries_den1 has 69 people on chat.


  10. banana


  11. Good job RPF


  12. great job rpf


  13. Congrats RPF


  14. Gratulations rpf.


  15. If your a nacho and you hate RPF do thumbs up!


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