The Life and Times of Club Penguin Armies

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The End

Hello, Club Penguin Armies.

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The End of Our Incredible Story

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Acknowledged by Know Your Meme

Club Penguin United Nations

Greetings to all!

Dee here. It has come to my attention that Know Your Meme has an entry on it’s website called “Club Penguin Armies”. It mentions the Club Penguin United Nations a great deal and has been viewed over 10,000 times. I’ll share a link to the article below.

The article basically covers the history of Club Penguin armies – from the Color Wars to the aftermath of Order 67. Note that even though Order 67 marked just the beginning of our organization’s history, the events that transpired were probably some of the most important of all Club Penguin Army History. Here is a snippet of the article detailing the CPUN response to the ANTA decision:

On July 9, 2008, the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW issued Order 67. Order 67 was a declaration of war on small armies by the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW.

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This is the story about how my entire school found out about my Club Penguin life.

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The End of a Saga || Extinguishing the Torch

Sub Zero, the Final Destination – Here I am, less than 6 hours away from the closure of Club Penguin. It has been 11 years on Club Penguin, that’s just unbelievable and something truly incredible to think about. Standing at over 18 years old now, this has just been a wild journey I’ve been on in my life and I’m glad you were all part of it.

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CPA Central All Time Awards – The Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After many days of voting, we have spent dozens of hours counting and we can now bring you the results of the All Time Awards.

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Why This Mattered

“Club Penguin armies”, some retirees never fail to say, “is a waste of time”. Some more enamoured with the supposed wisdom of the elders believe them. Many others still invested in the game, of course, do not. How could anyone say that all hours they spend every day were meaningless? All the time spent chatting on Xat, recruiting in unscheduled events, attending battles and reading CPAC posts: is it all for naught?  Continue reading

2017 Final List of Dates

As Club Penguin will be shutting down soon I thought I would release the final list of dates. This will only includes the months January, February, and most of March. If some events or posts were not included it was because of the deface.

Project Leader: SH
Project contributors: No one because I decided to do this on the last day

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Ask Shab Answered (Finally)

Apparently I forgot to post this when I finally answer these in 2014…..this has been a long time coming.

So apparently back in 2011 I did an “Ask Shab” post and never got around to actually answering the questions so I decided there’s no time like the present, why not answer them now! (so many memories) Disclaimer: I didn’t answer them all because there were way too many so I tried answering at least from everybody! Continue reading

Live Blog: The Final Day

 All the latest updates as armies prepare for the closure of Club Penguin. 

3/29/17: 5:25 PM – Armies are coming to a close after today. Club Penguin is almost gone. And now this blog. From all of us here, good night. Enjoy the last day on Club Penguin, ever.

3/29/17: 12:00am PST – Club Penguin is preparing to shut their doors and penguins are to be taken offline for the last time. Club Penguin will be offline at 12:00am Penguin Standard Time, enjoy the last day of Club Penguin. Several posts to come out within today and tomorrow from the CPA Central regarding the state of the community, stay tuned and check in regularly.

3/28/17: 4:51 PM – The Ice Warriors are holding their final event on Wednesday, they’ve relocated their chat to the original and the Ice Warriors site is accessible again.

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CPUN Testimonial Post (Preview)

The following is a post from Army Legend and founder of CP United Nations, Mr Deedledoo. In this post, which is to be updated and yet to be completed, he summarises the history of his journey and that of his historic website. CPA Central is proud to have worked with CP United Nations in the past and wishes to publicise this post to the whole community.

Club Penguin United Nations

READ: I wanted future generations to see this Testimonial Post when they would come to this site that is pretty much a ruin, but the higher-ups of the corporate establishment that is Disney decided that our race ends here. In fear of losing an audience, I will be publishing the first part of it now. Join me now as I look back at the adventures of the last decade. Enjoy reading, and be sure to savor the last few moments of your life as a penguin.

Greetings. I am Mr Deedledoo. After many years, I have made the decision to publicly retract my position as Head of the Club Penguin United Nations, as with my busy life I can no longer fulfill my duties as a key figure of this establishment. I also am writing this because I want to honor its rich and wonderful history. It was an amazing journey for…

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Taking a Look at Club Penguin Private Servers

It is well known the resentment CPPS communities hold towards Club Penguin Armies. They view us simply as spammers. On the other hand, the Club Penguin Rewritten community, including both staff and members, are not this way, especially considering they have some of their own Armies. What may come as a surprise to us all however, is that there are exceptions even on mainstream CPPSes.

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Where Can We Go Now?

With the end of Club Penguin only three days away, where can we go now? You guys already know my stance on this, that we should move to NationStates unless Club Penguin Rewritten listens to my suggestions. I do think, however, CPPSes should be used as a temporary refuge. Why can’t they be permanent? That’s what I’ll be investigating in this post.

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The Top Ten Armies of 2017 – Statistical Overview

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – The year is only just short of three months in, but with Club Penguin shutting down in three days time the final Top Ten to ever be made on CPA Central was posted earlier today, signalling the effective end of competitive CP Armies. As we have each year, in the most significant year for CP Armies, we have compiled a statistical list of the Top Ten Armies of the Year.

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