Ice Warriors Declare War on Water Vikings; Battle for Husky Ensues

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Nation – The Ice Warriors, seeking action after a few slow weeks, have declared war on the Water Vikings, leading to a battle on Husky today.  Continue reading

Christmas Chaos Weekend One Recap


KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – The first official weekend of battles in the Christmas Chaos tournament are over and we’ve now cut sixteen armies down to just eight. Read more to find out who those eight armies are, and what happened in each respective battle.

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Statement In Regards To SWAT’s Place In Christmas Chaos

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Following the recent multilogging investigation on Special Weapons and Tactics, the CP Army Central Administration has decided to take action against SWAT by removing them from the Christmas Chaos tournament.

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Top Ten Armies: 11/29/15

NOTE – Major edits have been made in the bottom five of the Top Ten, and corresponding edits have been made on SMAP’s Top Ten.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After the holiday weekend for the US, as well as the opening day for the Christmas Chaos V tournament, this Top Ten features some significant shifts in positions.  Continue reading

CPAC Special Report: Here We Go Again

Note: We apologise for the delay to the Top Ten but due to fairness, we had to make this our main priority so that no one gets ranks that they are undeserving of.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A number of weeks ago, a special report was released concerning the multilogging accusations surrounding SWAT, which were proven true after several confessions. However, people inside SWAT seemed to unanimously pin the fault on Verum, who was leading SWAT at the time. Now, sans Verum, SWAT finds themselves in the same position again.

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RPF Surrenders War against AR: Full Recap

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital – After a week of several battles, the Rebel Penguin Federation surrendered their fight against Army Republic, ending what turned out to be possibly the hardest fought war in months. Read more for the full recap of the war.  Continue reading

The Tide Settles – Water Vikings and Doritos War Ends

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – after many back-and-forth invasions which tired leaders and troops alike, the Doritos and Water Vikings have agreed to a treaty, bringing an end to a month-long war.

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Christmas Chaos V: First Round Times


As December draws near, it’s time for one of the larger tournaments of the year: the annual Christmas Chaos. This tournament carries interesting implications, as the top three seeds have yet to win a CPA Central-sponsored tournament. Read below for the times and matchups.

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Editorial: Why An Army Can’t Kill An Army

Klondike, DrMatt’s Office – Today we are looking deep and thinking real hard. Why can’t an army kill one army? Even though we say it in all of the declaration posts. Can we actually kill an army?

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Top Ten Armies: 11/22/15

As the annual Christmas Chaos tournament prepares to start, we bring you another Top Ten. This week we see a large shake-up throughout the Top Ten, as every single army has changed positions. There is also a short message at the bottom of this page that I highly encourage you to read.

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The Relevance of CP Army Politics

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – Love is like a bomb, baby, come on get it on- Oh, my apologies.. I was just.. uh.. testing the audio! CP army politics surrounds this community quite a lot, yet none of the members notice it very frequently. Even though politics maybe somewhat unnoticeable, many say that it is the foundation of our community.

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Army Republic Initiates War on Rebel Penguin Federation || Army Republic Take SnowBoard

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Empire – For the past weeks, the Army Republic have been very quiet while hovering around the bottom half of the Top Ten, but things have now taken a sharp turn, with them having recently launched a a huge war against the Rebel Penguin Federation.  Continue reading

Ryan Steps Down From The Dark Warriors

Frosty, DW Nation – After only being leader for 3 weeks, Ryan steps down and retires from the Dark Warriors. We also see the return of a former leader.

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ACP Multilogging Investigation Leads To Authority Crumble

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Army of Club Penguin Nation – Following a CP Army Central Special Report, changes have been made to the Army of Club Penguin. These changes include the retirement of Trader who had been placed on very thin ice following his part in the multilogging and also the firing of Max43810 who also took part in the unwritten crime.

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Whats Up 11 Overthrown from Doritos

Summit, Doritos Nation – It was only a few weeks ago, we saw former DCP Leader, Mustapha10x, step down. Since then, Whats Up 11 has taken his place, only to be overthrown by Sprite.

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