Revolution in HSA! | P.o.V.: “Noobs” – Nuisances, or Backbones?

Hey everyone, Playa here with the latest news and P.o.V.!

Recently, another revolution has started to go underway. The Hot Sauce Army former leader, dudex, attempted to come back to HSA to pull them out of their recent slump. However, the now-leaders of the HSA didn’t allow him to come back. So now, the new HSA led under dudex is here! Check in future posts for more details.

A lot of the time, noobs (new players to Club Penguin Armies) are referred to as a bother, a burden, and just plain annoying. But ask yourself this – are they really annoying? or are they the backbone of any army, and especially armies like ACP, Nachos, and IW? I went not-so-undercover and took a few pictures of “noob abuse,” and then I’ll give you the interviews!

As you can see, most of the moderators on the Big Three are intolerant of new players, and we’re here to get your opinion on it! Note: The conflict did not involve any armies, so all interviewees are neutral.

Interview with Omega39

What are your thoughts on “noobs?”
I categorize noobs into two different phylum. The newcomers and the ones that are just… stupid. The newcomers are inexperienced, yet they try to achieve yet on the other hand, you have others that are inexperienced but do not give any effort to achieve.

Do you think of “noobs” as the backbone of armies or bothers?
Both. They both act as the backbone of most armies and often make them the more “in your face” type. They usually make up the basic infantry or in my terms “cannon fodder.” Want an example?

Why do you think “noobs” get treated so horribly?
They get treated horribly because they can get annoying, say stupid things, or do stupid things. If they took time to think before they speak or do, in addition to decreasing the nuisance bar, they can be more respected in the Club Penguin Army Community.

Would you treat a “noob” the way they usually are treated?
It really depends. If they were from the first phylum, I respect them because they try. If they are from the second phylum, I have nothing to do with them due to their annoying attitudes as they show no effort to be mature.

Interview with Lucario64

What are your thoughts on “noobs?”
Noobs are important to CP Armies, we need new people.

Do you think of “noobs” as the backbone of armies or bothers?
It depends, sometimes there are just really annoying ones you just want gone, but other are awesome.

Why do you think “noobs” get treated so horribly?
I think people treat noobs badly because they’re new and don’t know most things, and use caps and symbols instead of regular letters.

Would you treat a “noob” the way they usually are treated?
No, like I said before, armies do need more troops and everyone starts off as a noob. Even I was a noob once, and I wouldn’t want to be treated badly.

As you can see, both of our interviewees gave thorough answers. Thanks guys! Now,comment with your opinion on today’s P.o.V. and revolution! and tune in in a few days for a P.o.V. on chats!


Tactics Drive – YOU Can Win!

Recently, a lot of people have been talking about how people in Club Penguin Armies should develop some new tactics to keep things interesting since there hasn’t been much change to the tactics we’ve been using for a long time. Here at CPA Central, we have a lot of power to be able to influence Club Penguin Armies, so I introduce to you the first ever Tactics Drive!

How it Works:

  • YOU can submit as many tactics as you want by filling out the form below and commenting it on this post.
  • Next weekend, Woton and a couple of other judges will choose their top 12 best tactics submitted and they will be put into 6 different polls, which you will get to vote for.
  • The six winning tactics will be performed by the ACP, Nachos and IW in one of their training sessions. Pictures and videos of the tactics will be taken and be posted on their sites, along with the CPA Central site. In addition, the people that submitted the winning tactics will be added to the the V.I.P. Site!

The Form:

If you would like to submit a brand new tactic, just fill out the following form in a comment on this post:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your Tactic’s Title:
  3. Number of Troops Required:
  4. How it is Executed:
  5. Other Info:

Make sure to be as creative as you can, and really think about how your tactic works! Remember, you can submit as many tactics as you want!