Controversy Arises in Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In what has been a relatively stable army throughout the past few months, a small bump in the road occurred tonight, as a small controversy has arisen in the Dark Warriors that could result in a leader departing.

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2014 List of Dates

lod2014As we approach the beginning of 2015, we now reflect on the year that was 2014. This year has gone by faster than anyone could’ve conceived, and has contained more twists and turns than I’d originally thought. For the second year in a row now, in order to reminisce on this year, we’ve compiled a list of dates, a list of everything that’s happened during this year. We’ve made it a day by day guide of this year as to make it easy to read. We hope you enjoy this little piece of nostalgia. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 List of Dates.

Project Leader: Zakster

Project Contributors: Bluesockwa1, Lord Jay, Vo Yo, Lord West, Tompenguin6, Zing King To

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The Decades End Tournament: 5 Year Commemorative

Contained within these lines is a never-before-seen glimpse into the legendary Decades End Tournament, one of the greatest battles in the history of Club Penguin Armies. Let us go back, 5 years to the day, as we celebrate the anniversary of the historic climax of the 2009 Golden Ages.

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CPAC Special Report: The New Black Alliance and Its Blatant Disregard for Community Progress

UPDATE: Jez, Former Dark Warriors Moderator, has spoken to CPA Central in response to the accusations made about him on the Light Troops site. Information has been added at the bottom of Part II.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — Over  the past few weeks, the conflict between the Dark Warriors and Light Troops has involved more than just those two armies. It has forced many in this community to pick a side; it has involved botting groups and brought DDoSing back to large prominence. A war that bolstered the sizes of two armies simultaneously chipped away at the core of this community, and never before has it been at a worse time.  Continue reading

The Retirement of Tylund1

 ICEBOX, LT Capital – The Light Troops, who is currently ranked 2nd in the Top 10 of the Year, face the retirement of their LT Leader Tylund1, a long-time soldier and a legend.

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Christmas Chaos IV – Final Results

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The Top Ten Armies of 2014

NOTICE: Over the past 2 days, a gyazo link has been going around. This is an IP grabber so if someone private chats you or puts a link to gyazo for any reason, I would not click it. The two people that were proven to give it out were Camelogical and Waterkid. 

In a turbulent year for CP Armies, with the high of the summer and the low of the winter, a top ten armies of the year list has been put together to see what armies have done well and which armies haven’t done as well as they would’ve liked.

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Did Armies Die in 2012? A Look Back


So I was extremely bored and decided to look at CPAC’s archives, specially during January – March 2012 where the Light Troops were at conflict with ACP and their allies. When I was looking at the old posts and comments, I realized something strange – the community back then was a whole lot better.

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Top Ten Armies: 12/28/14

We’ve reached our last Top Ten of 2014, as we see one army at their lowest position in a long time.

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Editorial: Postponing the Obituary

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Doritos Return

SUMMIT, DCP Empire – After shutting down due to a deficit of experienced leaders, the Doritos shut down on the 24th of November. A month later, long time DCP leader, Mustapha10, decides to revive the army for one more time.

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Christmas Chaos Final – Round Two

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CPAC Special Report: Unraveling Botgate Part Deux

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – When I initially released the infamous “Botgate Part Deux” post, I failed to put much information into it. There were barely any of these pictures that I spoke of, and as such, I put forth a terrible argument. But since then, I’ve also received new information that shed some light on this new scandal. This post gives much more information than my previous post.

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2014 Year in Review [Satire]

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CPA Central Person of the Year 2014


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