Light Troops Declare War on Rebel Penguin Federation

ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital – With the rising tension between the two, the Light Troops have finally taken it upon themselves to declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Continue reading

Teutons Accused of Using Bots

COSY, Battle Arena – After an AUSIA practice battle with the ACP, the Light Troops have accused Teutons and their leader Earthing of using bots in order to boost their sizes and take advantage of the top ten system here at CP Army Central.

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Shadow Troops Recreated

PARKA, Former Shadow Troops Empire – One of the most famous Club Penguin armies of all time a and major Black Alliance member, the Shadow Troops, have returned once again under Bigmail former ACP 2ic. But will this generation of the Shadow Troops be successful, or will it fail like many past generations? Continue reading

[PB In Review] – Golds Face The Water Vikings

FROZEN, Golds Empire – The Golds and the Water Vikings, two armies who have recently entered the CPAC Top Ten, face off in a friendly battle on the server Frozen.

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Light Troops Raid Ice Warriors Capital Sub Zero

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – As the agitation between the Light Troops and Ice Warriors grows today saw another raid take place as the Light Troops converged onto Sub Zero to ‘send a message’ to the Ice Warriors.

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Tensions Rise Between IW and LT

SUB ZERO, ICE WARRIORS Capital – With both armies having great sizes and with Ice Warriors’ soon to be battle against the Dark Warriors in the Champions Cup, tensions have been rising between the two armies known as the Ice Warriors and the Light Troops an old rivalry.  Continue reading

[PB In Review] Ice Warriors vs. Army Of CP

SUB ZERO, Battle Territory – On Monday, October 28, 2014, the Ice Warriors battled Army Of Club Penguin in a exciting and very close AUSIA practice battle.

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Fire Warriors Launch a Comeback

ROCKY ROAD, Fire Warriors Empire – A former Top Ten army, the Fire Warriors, have recently decided to return into the army community three years later after being declared dead.

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Pirates Merge Into Dark Warriors

UPDATE, 5:29 PM EST – We have received conformation that the Pirates leaders (Andrew24, Final Chaser, Silverburg, Hulk, Tempah, and Ghost) do not plan on following Waterkid and Pongo’s proclamation and still plan on reviving the Pirates once they unmerge.

UPDATE, 3:16 PM EST – Pongo and Waterkid, Pirates Legends, have proclaimed Pirates as dead and have stated that only they can recreate the army. Andrew24, Final Chaser, Silverburg, Hulk, Tempah, Ghost and Spy have been ‘forever banished’ from the army on top of this announcement.

Migrator, Pirates Army – The Top 5 army, The Pirates, have decided to merge into the Dark Warriors. What will this mean for the Dark Warriors?

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Pirates Site Redirected

Migrator, Pirates Capital-  After the shocking return of Waterkid in Pirates, the pirates got a big problem to face as the Pirates site got defaced by there own legend, Waterkid.

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Top Ten Armies: 10/26/14

Following two exciting Semi-Final battles in the Champions Cup, the Final is approaching as one former World Power returns to the top ten and 11 armies find themselves in this weeks top ten.

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Pirates vs. Ice Warriors: War is Over

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After an intense and extremely eventful week of war, the Ice Warriors and Pirates announced on the 25th of October that it was time for their week-long clash to be brought to an end. Kingfunks4 – Leader of the Ice Warriors and Andrew24 – Leader of the Pirates, settled on the denouncement of the war with the final result consisting of a disputed war score with both armies claiming to win.

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Champions Cup III – Final Information

Click Here for the Semi-Final Review

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Champions Cup III – Semi-Final Review

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The October 2014 Legend Induction Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – For the past week, you have been voting for who you think deserves to be voted in as the new army legends, alongside the Legends Committee. The votes have been close with some narrowly achieving legend status and a few coming just short on the required total.

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