CPAC Sweet Sixteen Tournament- Rounds 5 and 6 Times [IMPORTANT NOTES INCLUDED]

With the conclusion of many shocking, and upsetting battles in round 3 and 4. We are now left to two more battles until the finals.


Before I began the post I would also like to say that bad sportsmanship conduct is not tolerated in the tournament. Many armies (eliminated/un-eliminated) have broke this rule.

For the next 3 rounds, the judging will be accounted differently, which will be noted further in the post. So, if we find various reasons for overturning a decision by an *appeal, we will thoroughly review all pictures and the reasoning. If the army was loud-mouthing and insulting CPAC, the opponent, and the VOLUNTEER judges, their appeal will be ignored.

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UMA vs. AR | Golds vs. LoL | Today’s Battles

 The battles to win the Sweet Sixteen Tournament continued on as each army that battled yesterday faced elimination from the tournament completely. Only two armies were able to move on, and those two winners may surprise you. Read on to find out who!

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CPAC Sweet 16 Tournament First Semi Final | Who Will The Victor Be Battling?

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Ice Warriors On The Rise?

Hi! I am Antant98 and I just got the job of being the first CPAC Reporter. This is my first article and I hope I have done a good job to entertain you guys. Well, Have fun my first article.The Ice Warriors have now taken the Nachos number two in the CPAC Top Ten. People thought that after Iceyfeet1234’s retirement, the Ice Warriors would start to fall. However, this army has proven that they were not going to fall, but were going to rise. Sure Iceyfeet1234, first leader and creator of IW was a good leader to the Ice Warriors. He has given five years of service to his army, but unforunatly had to retire due to school. This was a shocking and sad retirement for the Ice Warriors, but they had to forget about it and think about the future for their great army. Albert is currently the leader of IW and has done a great job to make this army prosper again, but is it true?  In the CPAC Sweet 16th Tournament people expected IW to go out in the early stages. Also people thought that IW would go out of the CPAC Top Ten soon. Iceyfeet1234 stated that his goal for the summer is to get IW sizes of 100+, and as of now, he’s definitely on the right track.

The Ice Warriors have done great in the CPAC Sweet 16th Tournament. They had some tough battles, but have managed to pull it throw and go forward. In this tournament IW sizes have started to increase and their tactics were impressive. The most toughest battles they had in this tournament were against the Ninjas and the Nachos. The Ice Warriors have made it to all the way to the finals and are waiting to see who they will face next. Here are some of their pics during this tournament:

Ice Warriors doing a text bomb (“LOL HI”).

Ice Warriors doing joke bombs on the Ninjas!

Nice Sick bombs to cover the Nachos war face.


As you can see, the Ice Warriors have gained sizes and improved on their tactics in this tournament under new the leadership of Albert. The Ice Warriors sizes for the tournament battles are 30-40 troops on CP. They need to show the same performances, but even better in the finals. The Ice Warriors are looking good so far, but is it enough to say that they will most likely win this tournament? We would just have to sit back and see what happens in the finals. The date and times for the CPAC Sweet 16th finals will be posted on the site later on this week.


Interview- Daleboxtel Ice Warriors 3ic





Do you mind if I interview you for my CPAC Post?


Sure thing.


How has IW been doing after Iceyfeet1234’s retirement?


We’ve been doing all right, but not good enough. People sometimes won’t listen to Albert, and Icey has to come in and tell them to do so.


What do you think about IW’s performances in the Sweet 16th Tournament?


Well, we’ve been doing okay. We have good sizes, but we must get better. Although I am known for my harshness, I say that without a doubt.


How has Albert been doing in his new role of being the leader?


Albert has been leading his battles with expertise, but I think maybe he could be SLIGHTLY more active.


How do you think IW will do in the CPAC Sweet 16th Finals?


We are hoping to at least get second, but we are expecting to get first because of our Secret Operations.


Thanks for your time.


No problem.

Well, after this interview, we know that things are not going great in the current leadership of Albert. You will think that Ice Warriors are doing well with their new leadership but they are not. As you can see, Iceyfeet1234 has to come in and make everyone listen to Albert. Albert has been a little inactive when he had got leadership. But he needs to get more active to prove that he is the best person to take Iceyfeet1234’s place of being leader. The Ice Warriors think that they could win the tournament with their “Secret Operations” which we do not know what that is at this point. But the Ice Warriors also have doubts that they will get second place as well.

Will the Ice Warriors win the CPAC Sweet 16th Finals with Albert as leader? What is the “Secret Operations” IW have in mind? How will IW get along with Albert’s leadership in the future and will it lead to a fall or a rise of this army? Comment about your thoughts towards this issue.

S.W.A.T~The Fallen?

Herro Cpac,

Holo2 here, recently the Special Weapons And Tactics Army have been on a fall, why you ask? Seems to be unknown, well until now. Lets go farther into the story of why the S.W.A.T have fallen.

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Light Troops-Back On Track?

Hello CPAC,

My name is Holo2, I am a former Cpac Reporter, Blue has so kindly given me a Trial Run, so I am going to do the best I can to prove my self, but enough about me, let’s get to my topic. Light Troops-Back On Track?

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CPAC Sweet 16 Tournament Battle| Nachos vs SWAT| Ice Warriors vs Ninjas

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Setting Things Right

This post is not to be drafted, edited, trashed, or in any way altered from its original form by any member of the CPA Central Staff.

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Army Insider – Week 1: Nachos

Hey guy’s It’s Ederan here doing a new thing I like to call the “Army insider” which I will do once a week for one army, so it will go on like this: A.I. week 1 Nachos, A.I. week 2 Ice Warriors, etc. Etc.. A. I. To be covering the army history, former legends, upcoming events, their recent events, and  why I chose them. Enough of the talking, lets get on with the post shall we?

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Upcoming Nachos and Army of Club Penguin war?

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Army Rankings – Top Ten Armies 6-25-12

Hey, guys time for a new top 10! Again, I apologize for the site being so inactive, and the top 10 being late.Puck is still on vacation, and I’ve been busy this week due to unexpected family issues. This week, I’ll be free! So I’ll get back to posting regularly again! 😀 Click on “continue reading” to view the top 10

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Do We Limit Some of The Basic Human Rights?

To answer the question in the title you have to ask yourself a question.


Obviously rights are basic things that any human being can do in his life. A very big right that people always make a big deal is about the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! The Freedom of Speech is the right given saying that you can say whatever you want without getting in trouble for it. You can protest with words, you can write whatever you want about someone and simply no one can stop you. Of course the GOVERNMENT has put some restriction to it; like you can’t verbally harass someone.

So what does this have to do with Club Penguin?

Well since you asked I will tell. If you haven’t noticed armies very strictly control the power of speech on army chats. An army that I always thought very strongly controls the freedom of speech is the Army of Club Penguin. No swearing, no advertising, no inappropriate language, etc.  Of course they do all this to make their army seem more child appropriate for the younger people in armies. But really, when you think about, it is just plain censorship. Also I find this problem in every army: No Advertising! You can not link a chat without getting banned, why? Mostly because everyone is a worry wart and thinks they are going to lose half the chat, which rarely happens.

So my question to you guys? Do you think CP Armies are too controlling of what is said on their chats and in posts? Do you think some of these chats are really enforcing censorship too much? Can you think of any other rights that are being restricted (any country)?

That’s it and have a nice day everybody, this post in not made to make armies look bad, remember, in armies, you will always have the right to bear arms!

Albaro Lord

The Rising People’s Republic Army

This Time, I’m going to talk about an army that is slightly larger than The Sharks but it’s kind of important. Some People say that People’s Republic Army is an alliance but really they are an incredible army! If you never heard of them then read this post… Continue reading

Restoring Mammoth: Signups

This post is just for signups for the Mammoth Restoration Project. In order to sign up, your army must get 5+ at ALL events. When commenting, you will need to include the following information:


1. Your CP Name

2. Your Army and Your Rank in the Army

3. Average number of troops over the past week at events


NOTE: When signing up, everyone is asked to reply to their own comment on Friday with updated averages of your armies size.

NOTE 2: If your army doesnt get 10+ at events, then you will automatically be placed in the battling group on Mammoth and can simply post the date/times on your site.

In order for this to work out, we will close sign ups on Friday so that we can begin scheduling events for the following week. The first set date will be Friday, July 5th. All information will be posted on next weekend for times and information.

Remember, armies will be split into 2 groups depending on their size and rotate RANDOMLY. You will either be placed in a battling group or in a recruiting group.

Battling group: Battles anyone on Mammoth in your assigned rooms. You will be able to fight anyone on Mammoth, but you will have to fight in certain rooms in order to attract attention.

Recruiting group: Recruits on an assigned server at your assigned rooms. You will be given phrases to say which you will pass onto your troops. Larger armies will be given higher popualted servers and more rooms to recruit in.

After the sign ups are complete, there will be 1 post with the master list of armies, and it will include which armies are fighting and which armies are recruiting. As of now, from July 6th-July 8th, armies will stick with their group and wont rotate until the following week so that there isnt any confusion. There will be 1 post for the battling group and 1 post for the recruiting group. It is up to the leaders of the armies to post the correct information given, which is why they are required to read the master list with their assigned group, followed by the date/time post later this weekend.

Armies that have currently signed up:

Ice Warriors: 35-40
ACP: 35-40
Nachos: 35
UMA: 15-20
– SWAT: 15-20
Army Republic: 15
Golds: 15
DCP: 15
– Shadow Troops: 15
Metal Warriors: 10-15
Pizza Warriors: 10
Pretzels: 10
Water Raiders: 10
Elites: 10

PC me on IW chat or comment with any questions.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

An Important Announcement

Splasher: Apologies for so many stickies, but we’re still running 2 tournaments, updating our pages and hiring staff. 

An important announcement from SMAC’s Head of Site.

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