Top Ten Weekly Armies/Are World Powers All That’s Left?

Sorry I’ve been a little short on posts this week; it’s been really chaotic! Also, my internet kept going on and off, which I think may be due to a virus that got on my computer the other day. I’m pretty sure I got rid of it though. Anyway, I’m back on track with this weeks Top 10 Army List!

I know Kj just posted Army News, but for this week’s Top 10 List I will NOT be going over all of the army’s weekly events, I will simply be stating why they are ranked what they are:

  1. Nachos: The Nachos have been on a fairly continuous rising pattern. They fell a little when all of their former leaders retired, but they have been continuing to rise.
  2. ACP: The ACP has definitely been falling. They’ve gotten much less comments on their site, much less people on their chat and much less people at their battles. Some of this is due to them not having much going on and some of it is probably even due to what happened with the New Gen. ACP a while ago. At their current rate, the IW may overtake them sometime soon.
  3. IW: Out of all the armies in Club Penguin, the IW are on the quickest rise. They’ve been getting more comments on their site (almost as much as ACP), more people on their chat (almost as much as ACP and Nachos) and more people at their battles (almost as much as ACP). At their current rate, they might overtake the ACP soon!
  4. UMA: The UMA have risen quite a bit but really fell again the last week. They recently wrote a post titled “We’re Dead Again” but it was deleted. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with them.
  5. WW: The WW have also definitely fallen the last week or so. They’ve been getting a lot of comments, but not many people on their chat.
  6. Reds: I’m slightly hesitant to put the Reds in this position since none of us are really sure actually how large (or small) they are. However, they still seem to be around and kicking.
  7. BP: These guys are really been out of the big news lately haven’t they? Truthfully, they haven’t been doing much and they are in danger of falling if they don’t get some action started.
  8. OR: I know that this is a huge jump for these guys, but I think they deserve the position. DPR and OW merged a week ago and made the Orange Rebels, which have turned out to be a fairly large success. They challenged the Reds to a PB and were about the same size as them.
  9. IMAF: The IMAF have admitted that they’ve fallen a lot lately. This is probably partially due to that they’ve been really inactive lately. We’ll have to see if they’ll get ranked down soon.
  10. RPF: The RPF rose some, but then fell again last week, and has been continuing to fall. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to them too.

World Powers: Nachos, ACP, IW.

Major Armies: WW, UMA, Reds, BP.

Large Armies: OR, IMAF, RPF, ST.

Army of the Week

Black Troops of Club Penguin!

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Are World Powers All That’s Left?

School started for a lot of people this past week and at least 90% of the people in Club Penguin armies are in school by now. I’ve been looking over all of the armies chats the last couple of weeks and have been really disappointed. Almost ALL of the army chats are dead. Only the Nachos, ACP and IW chats still have a full chat. Everyone else’s chats have 2 – 4 people on them.

Yes, it’s not like the armies themselves are dead. Most armies still may be able to get 10 or so people at their battles, but they’ll still all have to be struggling not to fall. This is going to be a really interesting next couple of months…

Golds/DW/SWAT/Reds – What’s Up?

This site isn’t going to be used for ranting on certain armies; that’s not the point of it. However, I think that this is an issue that may need to be addressed. Obviously, the Golds/DW/SWAT/Reds have never exactly been the most liked army. They’ve fought will tons of people in Club Penguin armies and are really the only people that actually have a bunch of armies on their “enemies” list. Maybe this is a good thing; without them Club Penguin armies might be just that much more boring. Then again, maybe it’s not such a good thing.

The Golds/DW/SWAT/Reds have been known for having a slightly negative look on things, being unnecessarily rude to other armies and not always playing fair. Many armies have attempted to wipe them off the face of Club Penguin but never have been able to, since they would just keep re-staring themselves.

I’m not really quite sure myself where I’m going with this, but I just wanted to show you the following picture of a some comments Person1233 and I tried to leave on the Red’s site which were both rudely edited:

¡WARNING: This picture contains explicit language that may not be suitable for young children!


(Click here to view the post this was on)

What my comment ACTUALLY said was along the lines of:

“Zzztops never surrendered to you. We didn’t even think the SWAT/Reds were still trying to invade since your site was deleted and you never posted anything about it again. :?“

Person’s comment probably also said something similar to that.

So I want to ask YOU. Do you think that was really necessary of the Reds to do? 😕 I also want to end this with a poll similar to the one on the Nacho’s site.

Which army do YOU think is the most annoying?


Make sure to comment telling saying WHY you voted for the army that you did!

Nachos: Well these guys have been planning alot for Cp Domination. This means Nachos are either bringing back the past, or making a new era. And by this they may be going to war with they’re old rival ACP 8O!

ACP: Well these guys are actually alive still. After they’ve posted nothing but about Cp movies and stupid crap. Kpk has also retired from ACP I see why :I ACP will have a battle underground for old time sakes with divisions.

IW: Omg these dudes have been rising like crazy. This is the biggest they’ve been ever since the start! A very old friend of mine is retiring his name is Rugrat13 bai meh friend. Also theyre entering UMA’s Capture the Capital thing. They’re going to war with this n00b army called Viking or something like that.

UMA: Well UMA has been rising and rising and suddenly stopped. Ever since school started their chat hasn’t been crowded as much. They better hurry before the fall begins. But they already have a solution! They are hoasting a Capture the Capital. So far IW has only entered. They also re-invaded Tuxedo which was a trick to get everyone on to recruit on random servers.

BP: I don’t care what you say these guys are totally 5th. WW may say their not but who cares. BP has proved alot to me. WW only recruits, they dont have no real troops there. But anyways these guys have been improving some. They started off with promos, and now are going to have a training session, wonder if they’ll have a good amount.

WW: Well these guys first of all have been doing nothing. Yes they posted a recruiting session but has been up for days. They had promos and stuff but just nothing there.

Reds: Ok these guys have made a big improvement, first they start off with a downfall, now they have proven them selfs to not be at the bottom. Yeah they’re 7th for now but Im sure they’ll make their way up. They have an active count of 23, and also they pwned OR(Orange Rebels) in a PB.

Im only doing the top 7 armies cause I don’t feel like doing any more lol. But heres pics of the OR vs. Reds match:

OR charges to Snowforts Reds regroup

War Faces and 2pwnage lines

Ownage charge

They charge with 4 or 5 people interesting

So who do you think won? Heres the OR and Reds site if you need anymore proof:

Comment what you think

Do We Still Use YouTube?

As you probably know, everyone’s been talking about how we should try to get back into the “Golden Ages” of Club Penguin armies and such. I feel like a major part of the Golden Ages were having other “extracurricular” Club Penguin army sites besides the armies blog and chat. That’s part of the reason why I made this blog. So that people would be able to discuss what’s going on in Club Penguin armies on a neutral ground that’s not another armies blog or chat. I feel that being able to do that will help to draw us back into the “Golden Ages.”

Another type of “extracurricular” type of thing we would have going on in the the Golden Ages was YouTube videos. YouTube used to be a huge part of Club Penguin armies, and it really isn’t as much these days. Sure, people will still make a video nowadays of some battle or crappy recruiting video, but it’s not like it used to be.

I don’t really have a point to this post except to put together a collection of some old and memorably videos for you:

War Videos:

I’m sure some of you are familiar with Fever’s series of battles filmed during the “Watex Wars:”

This is an old video back form early 2007:

A more recent video of the WWFF from early 2009:

Ogalthorp’s Last Battle:

ACP, UMA and RPF war from early 2007:

Recruiting Videos:

An old WW recruiting video made by Shab:

An old ACP new-recruits video:

Old RPF Recruiting Video from late 2007:

Obviously, you don’t want to just sit through all of these videos since you would probably waste like an hour, but they are fun to just flip thru.

Also, check it out! I found myself in the first Club Penguin army battle I was ever in:


How about you? Can you find yourself in any of these videos? Do you remember any of these events?

Is IW a World Power?

Lately, IW have been improving. A LOT. They’ve been getting more people at their battles, more people on their chat, more comments on their site and more of pretty much everything. They’ve been improving so much that I think it’s safe to say that they are a World Power. They aren’t like the Nachos and ACP World Power, but I still think they are one. My reasons for this declaration:
  • While most of the other armies in Club Penguin have been falling, IW has continued to rise and is still rising.
  • IW has an average of 25 – 30 people per battle, Nachos and ACP have only 10 – 15 more people than them on average.
  • IW have about the same amount of people on their chat on average as the Nachos and ACP, sometimes it’s fairly empty, but it’s mostly extremely full.
  • IW have about the same amount of comments on their site as the ACP gets.
  • The IW have a strong leadership, good tactics and a long history in Club Penguin armies.

IW at their latest scheduled event:

Snowy River Invasion.2 IW form a large line, I don’t think the Nachos or ACP could do much better.
Snowy River Invasion.3 IW form two lines, just one of those lines is the most any army below them could even hope for.

IW obviously played it by the book in this invasion, while also doing some nice tactics. This just proves that IW can easily follow commands, has great tactics and a huge size.

IW at an unscheduled PB with the Nachos:

PB with Nachos.1 The IW prove how large they can be at even an unscheduled event.
PB with Nachos.5 Even during the midst of confusion and disorder the IW still manage to stay organized (the Blue Puffles are their line).

I was at this battle and let me tell you, it was epic. The Nachos began by milling about in the Snow Forts, while the IW secretly grouped in the Town. Suddenly, IW after IW came pouring into the Snow Forts and were soon neck in neck with the Nachos. Those pictures don’t even show the full extent of the IW. This battle proved that they can have a ton of people even at unscheduled events, that they have amazing tactics (almost as good as the Nachos and better than the ACP) and that they are great at listening to commands.


Now that you’ve heard my opinion and seen the evidence, I want YOUR opinion. Obviously, I’m not saying that IW is bigger or even the same size as the Nachos of ACP, they are not, but I want to know if you agree with me that they are a small-sized World Power.

Do YOU think that the IW are a World Power?
They will be soon…

QuantcastIf IW continue at their current rate and are soon nearly the same size as the Nachos and ACP, this will really change Club Penguin armies. It will no longer be the constant Nachos vs ACP struggle because (even though IW is pretty good about not sticking it’s head where it doesn’t belong) the IW will probably be able to help decide the outcome of certain events, depending on who’s side it takes. Who knows? Maybe someday the IW will be the most powerful army in Club Penguin!

Make sure to comment with YOUR opinion!