The IW Invades the WW / ACP’s Army Rights Movement / Major Site Updates!

Yesterday, we posted about the IW vs OA battle on Sub Zero and how the IW could make any move they wanted from here on. Well, they have.

The IW Invades the WW

After yesterday’s massive win for the IW on Sub Zero, they decided that they would finally play their complete offensive in this war. At first, they were thinking about invading the GW, as they are the largest army in the OA and the only one that was an actual threat to them at this point, however they decided to instead invade the WW since they have been “causing trouble” with them. They will start off Cabin, Crystal, Marshmallow and Parka. This definitely isn’t a tactical move for the IW, since none of these servers are very large or posses much value, it is simply showing the OA that this war is still blazing and to show everyone else that the IW are still here, large as ever.

However, due to the WW site’s domain expiring and Wii not being around to renew / remove it, WW has been unable to edit or post anything on the site for the past few days and were largely unable to prepare troops for the battle or notify other armies in the OA. This puts them at an even larger disadvatage and, in some ways, makes IW invading them simply unfair. This exact same thing recently happened to the RPF, and they are also unable to acess their site. The RPF were also about to enter the war against IW and to get their server, Tudra, back (even though the IW was actually the original owner of Tundra for a long time), which could have possibly changed the corse of this war. At this point, the OA needs all the troops they can get.

However, the real question is if any other armies will intervene at this point. As you know, the ACP was previously going to help the IW in this battle since they thought the OA were going to completely invade them, however they most likely won’t attempt to enter this war again (since the other reason the ACP was going to help the IW out was because they were their long time allies). However, other armies still could. We’ll have to see how this war continues to play out.

ACP’s Army Rights Movement

Apparently, the ACP never actually joined the Anti-Disney Federation, which was formed by the Nachos. Dr Nono Jr PMed Gamer about the ACP and Nachos working together on trying to save Club Penguin Armies, which lead Gamer to writing his post and starting the ADF and Forerunners. Quoting Dr Nono Jr:

“It’s foolish and futile to think that we can overthrow Disney. As long as they’re making money off us, the best thing to do is to fight for ourselves, not against them.”

For now, the ACP’s main focus is going to be on CPA Central’s Global Parade, although they are creating a new group called the Army Rights Movement. The APM’s objective is to save Club Penguin Armies, however not many more details have been released about them, besides that they are accepting any army that wants to join.

Major Site Updates!

I know that this has been a pretty boring post so far, so I’m finally going to announce the final updates to the site!

  • All of the current permanent Top 10 Armies have been updated on the Leader Profiles page.
  • Many new stories have been added to the Stories page.
  • The About page has been completely updated with a bunch ofnew stuff.
  • The V.I.P. Site has been updated with a TON of new stuff. All V.I.P.’s check it out!
  • The Toolbar has been completely updated. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

However, there are still a couple of HUGE and exciting events coming soon:

  • This weekend, there are going to be applications for at least four NEW Reporters!
  • CPA Central and Gwami, of Club Penguin Apps, are working together to develop an all new iPhone application!
  • A bunch of new graphics are coming very soon!

Tomorrow, there’s going to be a special length post all about site graphics, where you’ll get to rate and discuss all of the Top 10 Armies graphics, including a special section about the new FW site! Make sure to check it out soon!

UMA vs RPF – A War To Come (Exclusive Interview with Elitesof) / What To Do When Your Domain Expires (YOP)!

UMA vs RPF: War to Come

The Underground Mafias Army recently declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. This is part of what Harvin13 posted:

Usaully RPF can handle us but this time no! UMA has our best man, Rockhopper. UMA will invade this for Pride Glory and for whats right.

Not much reason was given by UMA on why they wanted to declare war on RPF at this particular time. They are still angry about what the RPF did during WWIII, which crippled UMA from being the ancient version of ACP, to a smaller army that is no longer in the Top 10. UMA has waited until this time because their main color is red, and since Rockhopper has arrived, everyone will turn red if they shout “TURN RED FOR ROCKHOPPER!” Berat2Beti, a high UMA owner rank, encourages armies to invade servers from RPF because they are a dying empire.

They are also asking armies to not help RPF in this war. The UMA have scheduled an invasion of Tuxedo, RPF’s capital server on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 5:00 PST. I have an interview with Elitesof, an RPF 2iC, to see what he thinks of this upcoming battle.

Interview with Elitesof – RPF 2iC:

What do you think of the UMA/RPF war to come?

Elitesof: Uhh, I think that the war to come is going to be a big disappointment for RPF considering they are going after ALL servers. And RPF is well gone..

Do you think UMA is justified in declaring war?

Elitesof: Is UMA justified? NO, they arent, because look – do you see RPF on CP anymore or see any people on chats with RPF anything in there name? No, RPF is gone.

Does UMA have the power to make the war NO allies?

Elitesof: NO, they don’t have the power to make the war no allies because if you ask me, war is war and if they really can’t handle allies then why are they picking RPF?

Who do you think will win the war and why?

Elitesof: I think UMA will win this war. Unless RPF pulls some strings and gets on top of things. Which is close to impossible.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Elitesof: Anything else I would like to say… Well one thing I think about is that what UMA is doing is cowardice… they wait until an army is off the grid and can’t defend themselves, to attack. Thats cowardice. And they got onto FGR publicly for defending RPF… Since when is it that okay to attack a defensless army..Isn’t that what most army stand for..the good of CP? Well RPF is part of CP like every one of us and those who aren’t in Armies. We should be standing up for RPF not standing by.

More news on this war will be coming as soon as it continues!

What to Do When Your Domain Expires

I have recently seen a few websites having this problem, namely the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Watex Warriors. When your domain expires, but you do not have the money to renew it, your site is basically “lost”, in the sense that you can no longer post on it. Remember, this following guide only applies to those blogging on the platform.

Step 1: When you are a contributor, author, or editor and you try to access the website, you get redirected to the Dashboard. In order to access the website, you will have to log out of your account first. The problem is, you can not do anything in the Dashboard, because clicking a link such as “Make New Post” will not work.

Step 2: When you are an administrator who views the website, you get taken to your wp-admin/paid-upgrades.php?page=domains&expiredredirect=1 page. At the bottom of this page, it says:

One or more of your domain subscriptions has expired. Domain mapping of your own domain may be renewed by clicking the “Renew” link on this page. If your domain registration has expired you should contact support immediately.

Step 3: You should do exactly what it says, which is contacting support via this link. They will most likely only listen to an administrator, though I am pretty sure it does not have to be the buyer/owner of the domain. Ask the staff to un-link, or remove, the domain from your blog. Remember to provide both the domain and the base URL ( link).

Good luck to all of those with site problems!

Your Opinion Please!

Today’s Question:

What do YOU think of the upcoming war between UMA and RPF?

Spiff313 Said:

“RPF has the guts, but they dont have the numbers to win, even though it would be awesome if they did, sadly I doubt that would be true.As they’ll be defending from a a fierce onslaught from UMA, and not only that, but on all there servers.They will have to quickly redeploy if they want to even get a TIE. I they could just amass at their capitail server and have a last stand, I like that idea.”

Klug1234 Said:

“The RPF 2ic claims that its not fair that they should be declared war upon when they have barely any troops. His defending statement is that they dont get enough people on CP, which is totally true, but doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a bad thing if your saying that it’s not fair that your having war declared on you and you guys don’t go on CP. And as to that RPF is dieing, no crap. RPF has more or less been dead since Commando retired last April, I believe. The only reason they’ve been talked about by sites such as CPA Central is because of their infamous ignoring ACP idea, and the fact that they were heading an alliance that featured the Nachos, yet the RPF seemed to be running it. All in all, RPF is dead, and it’s not coming back. They shouldn’t be surprised that some armies want their servers.”

Pinguino2357 Said:

“As an ACP soldier, the RPF aren’t exactly my best buds, but what UMA is doing is just wrong. Really, trying to destroy an army while at their weakest? They’re pretty much trying to take away other solder’s ability to go on CP and have the most common way of fun around here. Anyways, I KNOW UMA is all bark and no bite. They have for weeks at one time, just been plotting and saying “The time to strike is NOW. We’ll take them straight off their throne and into the dust !” and not even declared war! The RPF may loose, but UMA deserves it more.”

IW vs OA Battle on Sub Zero / Anti-Disney Federation – Looking at the Facts!

A lot of events have been happening around Club Penguin Armies lately, and we’re here with the full scoop on them! First of all, I’d like to personally appoligize for not having many posts in the last couple of days. It’s just been incredibly chaotic, however I would like to say that tommororow we have some really exciting news about some huge site updates and new workers! I also promise that we’ll have the news as soon as it comes this week. Onto the news…

IW vs OA Battle on Sub Zero

Recently, the IW and OA fought it out in yet another battle, today on Sub Zero. The battle lasted for a while, however the IW dominated throughout it.

At the beginging of the battle, the IW forms a large line accross the Dock, while the OA attempts to attack them.

The IW forms an L Line in the Forest, a tactic first developed by the FW, that takes a fair ammount of skill for an army to pull off.

The IW forms two lines through the Ice Rink, each line equaling a good sized major army. The OA have very small numbers by this point.

Battle Summary:

This battle greatly changed the course of this war bettween the IW and OA. Although the IW were the ones that declared war on the OA, it was fairly clear that the OA thought that they had the advantage in this war and that they were the ones playing the offensive. However, this battle definately changed that. From here, the IW could do anything they want, including beginging to invade the OA.

Battle Winner:

In the IW’s post on this battle, they clearly stated that they think they completely won. The GW were the only army so far to post about the battle, and they also agree that the IW won, however they did say that they were the only army that even showed up at the battle. Although they may have been somewhat exagerating, it was confirmed that they made up almost all of the OA’s forces.

The winner of this battle was the Ice Warriors.

Note: You may notice that the form of posting about battles has changed quite a bit, to increse the maximum news capability. First, the battle will be described from beginging to end. Next, a Battle Summary will be provided and finally, a Battle Winner will be pronounced ONLY if there is 100% evidence that both sides have agreed on who won. If not, a poll will be posted for YOU to vote on.

Anti-Disney Federation – Looking at the Facts

The Anti-Disney Federation or the “Forerunners” has continued, after Gamer57 published a very emotional post about Disney taking over Club Penguin Armies recently. Right now, the armies involved in the ADF include the ACPNachosUMA and various smaller armies (LW, CBF, VCP and NCP).

While some people may be slightly over-reacting about this situation, there is definately a good chance that Club Penguin IS trying to shut us down. I mean, look at the facts:

  • Over the past couple of years, the average age of people playing Club Penguin has dropped significantly.
  • All of the army sites use vulgar language quite often and the chats can be unsafe for young children at some times.
  • Most people in Club Penguin Armies look down upon “n00bs” and regular players of Club Penguin that aren’t in armies.
  • We are constantly trying to break and evade Club Penguin’s rules (such as trying to advertise our army’s sites online).
  • Club Penguin Armies aren’t really about Club Penguin. We mostly just use Club Penguin as a platform to fight on, and besides that, don’t really give two craps about actually playing the game.

As you can see, Club Penguin Armies aren’t really exactly what Club Penguin itself approves of, and big companies like Disney can’t take a chance. While we could just be misreading these signs (our events crashing could just simply be due to server malfunctions, increased filters simply so that we won’t advertise, new Dojo just so that Disney can make more money selling cards, the Club Penguin staff not answering our emails because they just don’t have time, etc.), there is also a good chance that Club Penguin really is trying to shut down all Club Penguin Armies.

That’s why we’re holding the first ever Global Club Penguin Parade (read lower posts). Even if Club Penguin isn’t actually trying to get rid of us, it’ll still be a great way to prove our size and get some new recruits while we’re at it.

Make sure to comment with YOUR opinion on Club Penguin trying to shut us down!

Global Parade Info!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Leaders, be at to conference and decide on orders. Also, if you are involved in this, post it on your website!

Hey everyone! I’m glad to see a large portion of our community participating in this parade! Here is the information for our parade: Note: If your server is nearly full and your are in the Top 10, PC me.

When: March 14, Sunday, 2010
Times: (in PM)

  • 3:00 PST
  • 4:00 MST
  • 5:00 CST
  • 6:00 EST
  • 9:00 UK
  • 4:00 AM Western Australia
  • 7:00 AM Eastern Australia
  • 10:00 AM Hawaii
  • If you need any other time zones, comment.

Now, here is the complete list of armies and their server assignments. Note: the bigger the army, the less crowded server they receive.

  • Militia Soldiers of Club Penguin, Purple Heads, Vikings, Club Penguin Defenders, Fort Ghost Recon, Red Warriors – Server: Fog
  • Penguin Dynamite Warriors, Fire Warriors, Flamer Surfer Army – Server: Down Under
  • Pizza Warriors, Golden Troopers, Club Penguin Sun Troopers – Server: Ice Breaker
  • Snow Troops, Golden Warriors, Impossible Mission Army Force – Server: Ice Palace
  • Club Penguin Power Warriors, Flame Vikings, Free Club Penguin,Imperial Warriors, Shadow Force, Hydro Warriors – Server: Hibernate
  • Club Penguin Union, Team Gold, Black Panthers, True Green Army –Server: Ice Age
  • Club Penguin Chicken Crusaders, ACP Alpha Division, Club Penguin Patriot Force, Snow Fighters – Server: Ice Berg
  • ACP Echo Division, ACP Delta Division – Server: Powder Ball
  • Tacos, UMA – Server: Snow Bound
  • Ice Warriors – Server: Icicle
  • Watex Warriors, Nacho Navy Hot Sauce Army – Server: Northern Lights
  • Nacho Army, Nacho Air Force – Server: Walrus

Well, those were all the armies that signed up. During the parade, I will be on if you have any questions. Just get on your server and have some fun! :D


A Small Update

GP: Hey guys, a small update. We have about thirty armies participating, but most of them are small-medium with a few exceptions. I was planning to schedule today, but here’s the problem: not enough Top 10 armies are signingup. I am officially inviting the following armies to join our cause:

  • Nachos
  • Ice Warriors – Attending
  • Golden Warriors
  • Impossible Mission Army Force
  • Fire Warriors – Attending
  • Hot Sauce Army
  • Snow Troops
  • Tacos – Attending
  • Watex Warriors
  • Underground Mafias Army – Attending
  • Rebel Penguin Federation

If the leaders of the above aforementioned armies accept their invitation, I’d be more than happy to assign you a server. Just comment here with your response. All of us need to pitch in to save ourselves and have some fun while we’re at it!

Hey everyone! Welcome to a very special edition of my posts. Lat night, I was on the Nacho site and I read Gamer’s inspirational post from top to bottom. I think we need to do something about our cause, and what he’s saying is true. For that reason, I am organizing Club Penguin’s first ever Global Parade to save us from destruction. Basically, the Parade is aimed to do two things:

  1. Unite CP Armies and save each other from Disney Doom.
  2. Cover at least a few servers and just walk around having fun to show Disney they are making a mistake.

If we can cover some of the major servers, and have another couple of smaller servers crowded, it can show Disney’s Club Penguin that we really enjoy this aspect of the game, and we ask that they don’t try to make our community die out. I know that I have not been around Club Penguin Armies a long time, but I was on Club Penguin at the time it owned itself, so I know the changes.

To join the parade, comment on this post with:

  • Army Name
  • Website

The way this is going to work is that when I organize all of the armies participating onto servers, I’ll just assign a time and date, and each army will receive their assigned server in the same post. When you log on, whatever you do is up to you! Note: This is not a world war or a recruiting opportunity. Do not recruit or battle any armies. More information will be supplied in a future post.

Now, lets move on to today’s P.o.V.: Chats! A lot of the time, armies are judged by their chat activeness, and I wanted to get a few of your opinions on the matter. No armies are really involved, so all the interviewees are neutral.

Interview with Capncook

Do you think it is fair for Armies to be judged on because of their chat?
Yes, because no one really goes on CP anymore and when they do it’s almost impossible to talk. On chats troops can truly express themselves, up to an extent of course.

Do you think chats are necessary in CP Armies? Why?
Chats at this point of time are crucial because without them how would leaders give commands without the constant fear they would not show on Club Penguin. 

Do you come on your main army’s chat often?
Yes, I do.

Do you believe that chats are used to abuse troops sometimes?
I’ve never abused people on chats but I ALWAYS see it.

All my other interviewees logged off ( :| ) so I guess next until next time! Comment with your opinion on Chats!


A New HSA – With Massive Leader Changes (YOP)!

The HSA is a fairly new army that was created only a short while ago, but quickly rose to great hights. However, it recently has been falling a lot, mostly due to that it’s just been getting quite inactive. However, the former HSA Leader, Dudex, has decided to create a new site for the HSA. Here’s the full story:

Dudex219 retired a bit ago and was known as one of the HSA’s better leaders. However, he recently came back quite suddenly and immediately posted about creating a new HSA site. Quoting him, “I’m going to help bring HSA back to it’s Golden Days.” However, he is apparently not going to be leading the new HSA (although his name is on the ranks), and is instead hiring a completely new staff of leaders for the new HSA. He also has created a new chat.

The biggest difference about the new HSA is definitely the ranks. All of the Leaders are different and many of the 2ic’s and 3ic’s are also different.

The OLD HSA’s Ranks:

Leaders: Hypermext54, Panthers Bas

2ic’s: Wexfief

3ic‘s: Dude18643, Zipper1000, Mrtchy

The NEW HSA’s Ranks:

Leaders: Dudex219, Saragigy427, Chuckisthe2, Texasgirl27

2ic’s: Dude18643, Panthers Bas

3ic’s: Mrtchy

The new HSA’s owner ranks seem quite a bit less experienced than the old one’s, although there are some familiar faces in there. However, the two leaders have been demoted quite a bit:

Panthers Bas has been demoted from Leader to 2ic, which can be quite a drawback.

Hypermext54 has been demoted from Leader to Marshall (a member rank), which is pretty much the lowest rank the new HSA has right now.

It doesn’t really seem like too many of the old HSA’s owner ranks are too happy with these huge changes, but we want YOUR opinion! Do YOU think the new HSA is a good idea?

Do YOU think the new HSA is a good idea and will help bring the HSA back?

Just comment with your opinion on this post. Try to make it at least three sentences long and make sure include WHY you think either army is larger! If your answer is really good, it has a good chance to get up here!


381nascar Said:

“I think HSA’s new “era”, so to speak, will bring most of them back. They were falling terribly because of Hypermext54, and I think everyone was waiting for this to happen. Expect HSA to rise again.”

Pippy212 Said:

“I think HSA’s new idea works out. A rebellion, and their size. They’ll blow the charts off if they keep this up. Good job, HSA!”


Funkss4 Said:

“I say no. This is becuase i think the old HSA ranks were pretty exprienaced, and that they were doing an “ok” job. However the new leaders are pretty un-expirenced! And it is unfair to change the ranks completly! I mean making a leader (how is doing a good job) a marshle just isnt fair!”

Panthers Bas Said:

“I think it was a bad idea for Dudex to make a whole new HSA -.-. We could have easily compromised to make HSA larger and stronger then ever before, but since he made a new site and chat HSA will end up failing because the army is slit in two.”

Responses will be added as soon as possible!

Showdown on Husky / Club Penguin Trying to Shut Us Down? / A Note from Woton!

Today, at approximately 8:00 PM, the forty-minute showdown for Ice Warrior’s server, Husky, began. To tell you the truth, the battle was not too exciting, however, a “hidden” army called the Elites was discovered, and was a major helper for the Ice Warriors. Also, the OA turned out in massive numbers, so we’ll leave the voting up to you :P . Please take into consideration that Club Penguin was freezing the server, so a lot of troops were not able to log on. Instead of relying on the other armies biased pictures, I came on at about 8:15 EST to take my own. Luckily, I got the good stuff:

The OA and IW fight at the Cove:

The Elites form a large line across the Snow Forts:

The Elites form another line at the Cove, while the OA and IW fight in a different room:

The OA and Elites make a line.

However, this battle has been very controversial, so we’re going to need YOUR opinion! Who do YOU think won the Battle of Husky?

Comment with your opinion on the outcome of the Battle of Husky!

In other short news stories, many CP Army players have come up with a new theory: Club Penguin is trying to shut armies down. Some say that filters recognize uniforms, and purposely shut down or slow down connections on a server. This was proven today when the battle was forced to come to an end because of connections. If this is in fact true, then CP Armies are definitely facing a crisis. Comment with your opinion and a possible solution!


A Note from Woton:

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been around for a couple of days, but I’ve actually been working on some really awesome projects, and I have a couple of things / posts planned for soon! Also, I’ll make sure to get on with my incredibly huge length posts soon, but honestly, there hasn’t been much going on lately, has there?