A Look Back in History: Tundra Wars

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We’re going to travel back in time to late 07′ early 08′ and take a look at the Tundra Wars. They were a series of battles that would take place between RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation), BB (Black Bandits), FGR (Fort Ghost Recon), and WW (Watex Warriors).These battles would start randomly start on the Server Tundra (hence the reason it was called the Tundra Wars) and would last for hours, and not just one or two hours but sometime 6 to 9 hours at a time. Those battles were over a disagreement over who actually owned Tundra. RPF claimed they did and so did WW and the same goes for FGR and BB.
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Purple Republic Raid Light Troops and Ice Warriors PB

ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital – With the Purple Republic now becoming a key army within our community, they decided to raid the most recent Light Troops and Ice Warriors Practice Battle.

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Supposed Hackers Take Over the Doritos Chat

Summit, Doritos Capital – It appears something strange is going on over in the Doritos army. I went over to the official chat to see the chat background gone. Curious, I checked their website to find out what happened. What I found out was quite surprising.

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UMA Declare Victory in War Against the Light Troops

MITTENS, UMA Capital – In a war that started way back on June 13th the UMA has declared victory following an assault on the Light Troops nation.

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CPA Central Invasions Review – 6/29/14

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following last week, we see both of the wars continue to thrust through the community, as another war within the bottom of the Top 10 begins to grow.

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Statement Regarding the Purple Republic

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Top Ten Armies: 06/29/14

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Dark Warriors Battle For Breeze – Purple Republic Raid

BREEZE, Disputed Territory – In the first battle of the war between the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin, the newly formed Purple Republic raid.

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As RPF Descends Into Anarchy – Snaily5 Retires from Armies

UPDATE 9:16 PM EST: Katty, RPF 2ic has been promoted as RPF Leader to fill a needed spot in the Ausia division. As of now RPF’s Leadership is Blake, Waffles, and Katty.

UPDATE 6:16 PM EST: Brady/Dpd2000 has announced that he would be leaving the Rebel Penguin Federation. The current leaders of the RPF are Mr. Waffle 45 and Blake/Vdmman.

TUXEDO, USRPF – Less than twenty-four hours ago, Bquik was removed from his position as leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation by Snaily5, Chief Justice of the RPF. Now in a turn of events Snaily5 has announced her own retirement from both the RPF and armies all together.

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Purple Republic Stages First Raid at Golds/Chaos PB

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After announcing their return yesterday the Purple Republic staged the first raid of many today at the practice battle between the Golds and Chaos.

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Snaily Ejects Bquik As RPF Leader || Is RPF Divided?


TUXEDO, USRPF – Yesterday, in an unexpected turn of events – RPF Veteran & Leader Bquik was removed from his position as Rebel Commander by the “RPF Chief Justice” Snaily. This is hardly unprecedented – only a few weeks ago there were leadership reshuffles in the army, however the public and community at large have been shocked by this leadership change – probably because of its timing and circumstances.

Here at CPA Central, we bring you all of the coverage.

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Purple Republic Returns (Again)

UPDATE 2:17 PM: The Purple Republic has just raided a practice battle between the Chaos Army and the Golds Army. Their steam community shows posts describing how they would dress up in yellow, and at a certain signal, would reveal themselves. More updates when available.

UPDATE 11:40 PM: Click read more to see several leaked pictures revealing important things related to the Purple Republic and it’s enemies.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The legendary Purple Republic, foe to the Club Penguin Army Community, has returned. It all started on June 25th when a post on the PR steam community group was made by user “Icarus”. But this was only the first in a series of several posts made within 48 hours. With countless comments, and this being the first notable activity of the PR since mid-Spring, this could be the full-scale return that the PR has been planning for… Or is it?

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Dark Warriors Declare War on Army of CP

UPDATE: The Army of Club Penguin have brought up a treaty signed by Spi and Silverberg while they were in office, and have officially announced that they will be voiding/invalidating any offenses by the Dark Warriors. Flipmoo also stated that he would like for the DW leaders to withdraw their declaration of war, and would be open to any kinds of negotiations to work on solving the issue(s) that disconcerted the Dark Warriors leadership.

(Also http://prntscr.com/3wljca)

BREEZE, ACP Capital– The Army of Club Penguin have been declared war upon by the Dark Warriors this June 26th of 2014 as tensions have been rising with both armies. The recent alliances of the Black alliance and IANH have given signs of the DW vs ACP war to be anticipated by many. The Dark Warriors seek to draw first blood.

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How to Stop Controversy, Or Not

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk- Controversies in Club Penguin armies have happened every day.  From voting to events.  Club Penguin armies could be the home of Controversies!  But what IS a controversy?  More importantly, how can you stop it?

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Andrew24, Spyguy202, Freezie66 and Final Chaser Retire from Armies

UPDATE 3:13AM EST: The Pirates have supposedly merged into the Light Troops, as Waterkid100 owns both the website and the chat.

UPDATE 1:32AM EST: Ghost, Pirates 2ic has been promoted to Pirates leader.

MIGRATOR, Pirates Capital – Soon after the RPF/CPPA war ended, Dpd2000 was overthrown from the Club Penguin Pirate Army. Later that night, Andrew24, Spyguy202, Freezie66 and Final Chaser make an unexpected leave from armies all together.

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