AR vs. RPF: Is the War Really Over?

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire — Over the summer, many emotions that were shared by each member of both the Army Republic and the Rebel Penguin Federation flew back and forth, until approximately a month ago those emotions seemed to calm. When the dispute which was never settled, and remains a popular topic of argument between the two seemed to be just a distant memory, seemed to carry over to ignite a new war, and renew many of the same emotions most members of the army previously felt. Continue reading

Universal Army Rules: Are they Necessary?

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters –  Hello CPAC viewers.  Today is finally the day that we address the issue of Universal Rules in Armies.  This community was built by kids with ambition and the question of, “What could happen?”  Now, we take all of that for granted.  There is chaos within this CP community that we all cherish.  All due to the fact that we don’t have rules and guidelines set for all of us to use.  Back in the day, we had something called the “Council.”  (Their website can be located HERE.)  This is where a group of veterans moderated the CP army community.  Much like what a Moderator does on chats.  They analyzed the events for that week and declared the “winner.”  Along with set rules down for everyone to follow. But this council was short lived. Continue reading

CPAC Christmas Chaos Livestream

Status: Ended

Sorry for not being able to stream the first battle, but from then on I will livestream them.

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BREAKING NEWS: Dark Warriors Declare War on the UMA

IMPORTANT UPDATE: UMA has surrendered the war even before the Dark Warriors had their first invasion, making this post null and void (bummer). After seeing a couple pictures, the cause of UMA’s surrender seems to be centered around the fact that they are in a “rebuilding” phase. A picture was provided on both the UMA and DW site, and is as follows:

UMA agreeing to surrender.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Territory- Shortly after the promotion of Lord Pain to UMA Leader, the Dark Warriors take action on the infamous leader by declaring war.

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CPNext Added To Mobile

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Armies could be in trouble sooner than expected as Club Penguin announces the changes to the mobile CP and that it will soon add the Town to the CP Mobile. CPNext is also being introduced to other devices over the next few months and it is expected to “take a year” to see the whole project completed.

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CP Army Central Invasions Review: 11/27/13

CPAC Headquarters – With the Christmas Chaos Tournament right around the corner, we have the latest on invasions and defenses. (Now with a new look and on a new day!)

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Isolationism in CP Armies – A growing trend?

CPAC OFFICE – Hello, if you haven’t noticed already, recently a lot of major armies have been entering the stage of isolation. Isolationism is basically when an army enters a self-imposed stage of not getting involved in other army’s wars and conflicts.  Continue reading

Greek Sheeps Declare War on Water Ninjas || ACP & DW Alliance?

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Territory – The Greek Sheeps, a recently risen AUSIA army led by Superaalden, have declared war on the Water Ninjas, a constant Top 10 contender.

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CPA Central Thanksgiving Giveaway


Times for the giveaway have been updated. PLEASE CHECK THIS POST AGAIN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WINNING. 

This is a much smaller precursor to the large-scale Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway which will take place late December, but here at CPA Central we are giving away one power for this American Holiday. Read on to find out how to win it.  Continue reading

AR: ‘RPF Is No Longer An Army’

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire- Boomer, currently an AR 3ic, declares that the RPF is no longer an army. Continue reading

78562cool, RPF Leader, Retires

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – Today, Sunday, November 24, 2013, 78562Cool retired from his position in the Rebel Penguin Federation, which was Rebel Commander (leader). 78562Cool, says in his retirement post that his reasoning for his retirement is that he is getting older and he is currently experiencing conflicts and problems in his real life.

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Flipmoo Announces Leave From The ACP, Temporarily Converts to USA Division

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Following Cas’s removal and the creation of the “Sercmoo” leadership, Flipmoo has announced he will be leaving the ACP for two weeks due to school and has promoted Slime, longstanding ACP owner, to temporary leader in his absence. While this is only a temporary leadership, this will be the first leadership consisting of two UK leaders, the first ACP duo leadership with people of the same timezone since Nono and Rapidy.

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Top Ten Armies: 11/24/13

As armies prepare to move into the Thanksgiving Holidays for American troops, we have another edition of the CPAC Top Ten.

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Overinflated Size Estimates: How Bad Is It?

For modern armies, the Top Ten is everything. An army’s placement can make or break morale, start wars, boycotts, and coups. Is this rational? Hardly. But how far will armies go to influence their Top Ten positions off the battlefield?

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CPAC Christmas Chaos 2013 || First Round Times

CHristmas Chaos 1

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