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It is with regret that I have to announce Bmf is being removed from the site.

I have received a bombardment of calls for this for a number of weeks now, and this site was set up to appease the viewer. If the viewers are not happy, then this site is not working effectively.

In order to replace him, I will be holding a Mini-Author application.

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That is all.


CP Armies vs Disney?// Falling Legends


If you’ve been a club penguin army veteran you would know Club Penguin was better for armies before Disney took over it. For example the Dojo where many Club Penguin Army battles were battled was spoiled by Card Jitsu. And army’s cant recruit with all the filters and rumors say armies get kicked of the server or banned by moderators if they recruit on club penguin. Also many penguins blame Disney for “membership”…

Thats One point of view, and I have seen many times before people post almost the exact thing and sometimes hold protests ! But hang on what has Disney done for Club Penguin. Nothing is perfect and although Disney has brought us some downs what has it done FOR us.

Disney may not help armies but has brought some great things , for example we now have the EPF and many many mini – games ! Sure card – may have cluttered the dojo a little but Card Jitsu is a great mini – game !

Disney are simply bringing more entertainment (that may get in the way of armies) and making club penguin safer for little kids. So we should move on and look for the benefits out of this.

Those are both sides of the argument , as for MY opinion I support the 2nd argument.


I would also like to discuss some of armies that are falling that used to be some of the biggest armies in club penguin history !

UMA :  Foundered by the famous Pink Mafia the person who introduced Snowball Fights to club penguin armies. UMA I think is the biggest fall in Club Penguin Army History right down from 2nd or 3rd right down to 10th or even Medium. How did they fall : They were always slowly falling but their biggest drop was after a rebellion (now known as the RPF) but I will always remember them and their tremendous size just as all Club Penguin Army members should.

RPF : Funnily enough I was just talking about them. They experienced many leadership problems and eventually split in two ! With two RPF’s sites and two armies their size split in half. Many people retired in the confusion and although it is trying to be revived it remains a medium.

There are also many other armies who fell but not at the extent the above did. For example the BB – Black Bandits , RFW – Roman Fire Warriors etc.

I also apolgise for my inactivenss due to many events (exams , trips etc.) but Im back !


Battle for Brumby Results


Today, 24th of June, Nachos, along with their allies (which now include Golden Troops, whom sided with the confederation after the leaders allowed their soldiers to chose who to side with in this post HERE, but Golden Troops did not participate in this particular invasion, but have shown their support for the Confederation for the battle of Mammoth)


In the Battle announcement post HERE, by Nacho Co-Leader Pie1530, he said the reason for their declaration of invasion is as follows:

Due to the fact that we have done nothing other then defend our servers from raids, we’re going to invade Brumby tomorrow.

He also added a little bit of the Nacho’s history on this server:

Well, to me it is important because it proved the turning point for the Nachos in January of 2009, when we were at war with FGR.

If you would like to read a more detailed background of the war on a whole, please take a look at the “Background” section in my Mammoth post HERE. This is the first battle in this war, which some have deemed to be/could be a world war.

In this battle, the participating armies are:

Nachos and Allies:


Ice Warriors

Team Gold

Other Small Armies

ACP and Allies:

Army of Club Penguin

Doritos of Club Penguin

Other Small Armies

As I have said before, Golden Troops did not participate in this battle, but they will be participating in the invasion on Mammoth.

Pre-Battle Build Up:

This battle is under the same Pre-Battle circumstances as the Mammoth war, so if you want to read about that, once again I redirect you to my other post HERE.

The Battle:

Both ACP and Nachos made follow up posts with the results of the battle. I have taken the pictures below from the ACP post HERE and the Nacho Post HERE.

Pictures from ACP site where size is distinguishable:


Pictures from the Nachos site where size is distinguishable:


3 Random Pictures from the ACP site:

3 Random Pictures from the Nachos site:

Chat size Pictures:

10 minuites after start of battle:

The number of users on the chats 10 minuites after the battle officially started. ACP maintained 2 chat boxes throughout the battle (see more below)

1 hour after start of battle:

The number of users on the chats one hour after the start of the battle.


An hour after the start of the battle, ACP has maintained the two chat rooms that it had since the start of the battle.

My Opinion:

In considering my opinion I have to consider numerous factors. ****Note: When I use the term “Nacho’s” or “ACP” I am using it as a shortcut to saying the Nacho or ACP side of the battle, quicker than saying ACP and Allies etc. every time.****

Firstly, ACP was the defending army. Therefore, to lose the server, it would require for them to be beaten without doubt. Without this clearly distinguishable margin of defeat, or victory in Nacho’s case, there is therefore no right to award the server being defended to the attacking army. In this instance, I believe Nacho’s were, without using the word weaker, not stronger than ACP were, and henceforth, the server was not conquered. As a result of this, the Nachos (evidently) did not succeed in their aim.

Secondly, ACP showed a conquering and imposing force, as did the Nachos side, yet full and proper battling was nigh on impossible due to the sheer size of the two sides. This is a frequent problem when major armies/alliances meet, and can lead to a spoilt war, where no clear winner is evident. On these occasions, due to the lack of warfare fighting, a greater focus is put on size than there would be otherwise. If this battle were to be adjudged wholly 100% on size, ACP would probably prevail, and such is the Nachos long lasting and well served reliance on tactics. As I have said, this favours against them when major armies meet, but something that cannot be avoided.

Also, there was the issue that I said could be a problem before the battle (and for the Mammoth battle) that was raised by Tanman of Nachos in their post. Tanman said:

This was a kind of unfair battle due to Brumby being nearly always full or laggy due to all the people. ACP logged on like an hour before battle so they were able to get all their troops in before people started logging into Brumby. When Nachos NW IW and TG tried logging in only the member troops were able to get in. ACP would not agree to go to a less populated server but still be fighting for Brumby so we didnt have a choice and just chose to deal with it. We had a good turnout for ONLY member troops though we averaged 25 the whole time. I feel if we would have had our nons we could have had 40.

In response to which, former ACP Leader Oagalthorp said in a comment:

We had a nearly all-members fighting force today aswell. Notice how we only had 50-60 rather than 80-90. Also, why would we move it to a smaller server? The point was to invade Brumby, not have a head-to-head face off.

As you can see, there was clear disagreement as to whether the battle was just and fair, with both sides claiming they were victims of this. Other than this, for the reasons I have stated above, I believe the victor of this battle, or at the very least the army that is keeping Brumby is:

The Army of Club Penguin

Comment with YOUR opinion!


Admitting Defeat? A look into WWIII


Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Interviews
  3. Poll


For years, admitting defeat has been a constant struggle among armies. Who decides who won? How does one decide who won? Well, I won’t be getting into those questiosn here. Instead, I will present the other side of the metaphoric coin: Should armies admit defeat at all?

I’ll be using Club Penguin WWIII as a basis for my examples. Those of us who remember WWIII remember it fondly as the greatest war Club Penguin armies have ever waged. It raged from late 2006 until June 25th, 2007, at the Battle of Wool Socks. But what exactly set this war apart from other wars, and even other World Wars? Besides the vast scale in which it was fought, the main component of the war’s “success” was the lack of contact between soldiers. Leaders of the opposing forces rarely had any contact beyond arguments, and–since Xat chats had not yet been widely used–ACP soldier never had the opportunity to talk to UMA soldiers face-to-face.

Why did no contact between armies enhance the lifespan of WWIII? Because when a you fight a friend, you are more likely to admit defeat or accept victory humble, then go back to being allies. On the other hand, when you fight a stranger you are more likely to fight until one of the armies is completely destroyed. War at its finest. And up until the summer of 2007, neither the  ACP and RPF nor the UMA would ever admit defeat ( excluding the Battle of Mammoth [click for video], where the ACP clearly lost ) at any battle, no matter who should have won by today’s standards.

That’s right, not admitting defeat helped prolong a war for SEVEN MONTHS. Isn’t that the kind of war we strive for today? At the Battle of Breeze [click for video] the ACP, RPF, and CPAF claimed to have defeated (ACP post, RPF Post) the UMA. However, the UMA claimed to have won aswell. Did this affect anyone? Not really. The ensuing arguments just set the stage for the next monumental battle, and so on.

Not until the Battle of Wool Socks [click for post] did the war finally end. Oagalthorp ( 3rd person ftw! ) talked with the new UMA leader, Mpenguin123, and because of this friendship the war ended with an ACP-UMA alliance. Had the two not become friends, the war might have raged on for another 2 or 3 months until the UMA war completely destroyed.


Interview with Fort57, former ACP leader & WWIII veteran . . .

Oagal: How do you feel about armies admitting defeat? Should the leaders take the high road and admit when they lose–risking a loss of soldiers and an end to the war–or claim to win the battle so as to continue the war and keep up troop morale?

Fort57: I think that if you know you’ve lost you should admit defeat, plus I hate it when the other side doesn’t admit defeat when they lose.

Oagal: Well put. But what about in WWIII, when admitting defeat meant the possibility of losing the entire war?

Fort57: I suppose that’s a different circumstance. Besides, most of the battles were very close, and alliances played a big factor in the whole war.

Oagal: True, true. When you led the ACP, how did you decide whether to admit defeat or claim victory after a battle?

Fort57:  The only time I could ever admit defeat in a battle is if we are completely outnumbered by the other side, and if everyone has to leave and can’t be there to continue the war.

Oagal: Good call. Well, thank you for your time. Any final statements?

Fort57: Nope!

Oagal: xD

Interview with Hollow (Shadow 2447), former Nacho leader and WWIII veteran . . .

Oagal: How do you feel about armies admitting defeat? Should the leaders take the high road and admit when they lose–risking a loss of soldiers and an end to the war–or claim to win the battle so as to continue the war and keep up troop morale?

Hollow:  Winning is different in everybody’s eyes. Over the course of the past year I’ve felt that the winning army is obviously the more aggressive army. It’s not about exact numbers, but how big your numbers look and how they’re used. Battles these days are just drills that can be ran over and over.

Oagal: Interesting perspective. What about in WWIII, when admitting defeat meant the possibility of losing the entire war?

Hollow: Back in WWIII it was different. Of course we didn’t want to end a war so we did our best to win every battle, whether it be unscheduled or scheduled. The unscheduled battles obviously became as big of a role as the scheduled ones did as a matter of recruits came.

Oagal: Agreed. When you led the Nachos, how did you decide whether to admit defeat or claim victory after a battle?

Hollow: The Nachos were never a gigantic with 40+ at every big battle back then. We had some great unscheduled battle runs though. We were never really the army for the official-show-up-at-a-certain-time gig. Winning in my opinion was accomplishing the mission we set out to do. If it was a raid on Mammoth and we did a good job it was a win, but if we failed to protect a server it was a loss.

Oagal: I see, I see. Well thank you for your time. Any final statements?

Hollow: The methods used to judge a battle are over-interpreted decision methods from the past.

Interview with Boomer 20, former ACP leader and WWIII veteran . . .

Oagal: How do you feel about armies admitting defeat? Should the leaders take the high road and admit when they lose–risking a loss of soldiers and an end to the war–or claim to win the battle so as to continue the war and keep up troop morale?

Boomer 20: I feel it’s important for army leaders to admit defeat when their army loses, because if no one did this, it would be complete chaos and no one would want to go to war in the first place knowing they would have to deal with that. If you do have to admit defeat, I think it is important to use it as motivation with your soldiers in order to encourage them to work even harder.  You can’t become discouraged if you are defeated one time, train harder and come back stronger the next time.

Oagal: Good point–the ACP used this strategy after their loss at the Battle of Mammoth and more recently the loss to the IW in that practice battle a few weeks ago. But what about in WWIII, when admitting defeat meant the possibility of losing the entire war?

Boomer 20: I think in the case of World Wars it becomes a little more complicated.  You can admit defeat in the battle, but you will not have lost the war (necessarily).  I think it’s important that you don’t surrender however, just keep fighting until you gain the upper hand and hopefully win the war.  I think the only time admitting defeat in a World War would be the better option is if staying in the war and being annihilated on a daily basis is going to serious damage to the army, and you need to surrender in order to rebuild and/or prevent collapse.

Oagal: I see where you’re coming from. When you led the ACP, how did you decide whether to admit defeat or claim victory after a battle?

Boomer 20: The easiest way is to talk to the other leader(s), and if they agree that you won, then obviously you say you won. If both of you disagree, then I would go back to the pictures that were hopefully taken (I always made sure to have plenty as evidence to support my case).  I looked at size first (I’m not sure if ACP was ever truly outnumbered while I was leader), then at our ability to attack the opponent (if our charges were more effective than theirs, etc.).  I would only admit defeat if we were truly outnumbered/outmaneuvered by the opponent.  I think the only times we were defeated or were close to being defeated were during the unscheduled battles of the ACP/Nachos war in April 2009, which ended in a tie/cease fire.

Oagal: Great insight. Thanks for your time, it’s been great to catch up. Do you have any final statements?

Boomer 20: Thank you for this opportunity, I’m looking forward to the post!


Here’s a quick poll where I will ask you your opinion: If a battle is close, should the disadvantaged army admit defeat or claim victory to continue the war?

If a battle is close, should the leader of the disdvantaged side admit defeat or claim victory?
 Admit defeat: It leads to less arguments and ends wars. 
 Claim victory: It helps troop morale and might continue a really good war. 


Comment with your opinion!


Welp, I hope you enjoyed reading my first post! I look forward to continuing to help you all better understand the history of CP armies.

~ Oagalthorp
Thanks for reading,
March on!

Army Rivalries||Y.O.P.

Hi guys, Folay here again, and I want top talk about army rivalries. But before I talk about rivalries I want to tell you the true meaning of a rival, the free dictonary says a rival is: 1. One who attempts to equal or surpass another, or who pursues the same object as another; a competitor.2. One that equals or almost equals another in a particular respect. I believe a rival is someone who you compete with, a friend, that has someting you want, so you try to get better, etc. Kind of like jealously. He has it, you want to be better. A rivalry consits of determanition, jealousy, and sometimes friendship, as each person pushes to be better. The army rivalries are the same way. For example (*NOTE* These 2 armies were made up) The Green Army (Not ACP) and the Pink Army have a rivalry. The Pink Army is #1, and the Green Army is #2, and both armies want #1. This is a rivalry in my opinion. I went around and asked some troops from different armies what a rivalry was to them:

Question: What is a rivalry?


Speeder109-2 people that always compete with eachother.

вυ¢кℓєувєaηѕ-A rivalry is basically 2 people always trying to be better than eachother, sometimes not your enemy, they can be your friend.

§a¡уåмaη•X¢(Also GT leader)- A Rivalry is someone you go aganist with, which can be good or bad. You try to suprass him/her and be better.

м¢нaρρу- When 2 people have a competition between eachother/both have a goal to get to.


Angel- A rivalry is when 2 people are on different sides, and they hate each other.


ItzAl3x-Rivalry is a competive competition between things, for example, and arch-rival is like someone that has been trying to be better than you, like Mr. Krabs and Planton in spongebob, they have been rivals for a long time.

Well, I want to know your opinion. What do you think a Rivalry is. Leave a comment telling me your opinion,


Battle for Mammoth: Preview


Just a disclaimer, I haven’t been here for agesssss so I sorta don’t know everything, but I will post on what I know. :D


The Nachos, coming off the back of a recent war with GT, has initiated a battle with ACP for Mammoth. This has to be one of the most contraversial and sought after servers in all of Club Penguin. You can read history, debate, and all the posts you want, but the ownership of the server will be decided on this battle.

Nacho Co-Leader, Pie1530, has made the battle post, which can be viewed HERE, and laid down the mantle for ACP to pick up. He states that Nacho’s and her allies shall be known as the “Confederation of Mammoth” and consists of the following armies:

  • Nachos
  • Ice Warriors
  • Team Gold
  • Golden Troops – UNDECIDED
  • Night Warriors
  • Doritos of Club Penguin

There has been some debate of this though, as ACP seem to believe in their post, which can be viewed HERE, that DCP have made the choice to side with ACP. If this is true, the sides would be:

The Confederation:

  • Nachos
  • Ice Warriors
  • Team Gold
  • Golden Troops – UNDECIDED
  • Night Warriors

ACP and Allies:

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Doritos of Club Penguin
  • Golden Troops – UNDECIDED

On the other hand, GT have still not decided (at the time of writing) which side they will fight on. There was a post released by Saiyaman, GT Leader, in which the GT soldiers would vote who to side with. The post can be viewed HERE. It includes both the pro’s and con’s of joining either side in the war, and the outcome is currently undecided.

Head to Head History:

The history between these two armies has been patchy to say the least. Arguably, ACP has had the better of the luck between the two, as in the recent war in March which also involved Blue Alliance and Red Alliance, ACP was generally thought to have the size advantage when they were against Nachos on their own. There was though a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of joke bombs. This is what the Nacho’s used to claim victory in several of the battles due to their numerical disadvantage. The outcome of this war was probably victory ACP, but this was not really accepted on Nacho’s behalf, and the result just plunged into oblivion.

As for more recently, there hasn’t been many battles between ACP and Nachos. ACP has had a recent PB against GT, in which it showed and impressive size, reportedly around 80+ between all rooms, and 20+ for GT.

Pre-Battle Assesment (Of Main Armies involved):

Army of Club Penguin:

Haven’t had any large surge of activity recently, but did beat both GT and Nachos in Practice Battles, and have had good showings and unscheduled events. More than 50 people is the minimum expected from many ACP soldiers, but whether that will be enough against the force of the Confederation remains to be seen.

Nachos of Club Penguin:

The Nachos are coming into this war off the back of a war with GT. Ironically, the same people they are now siding with in this assault on Mammoth. Showed reasonable numbers, which rarely exceeded 30. Alone, they would struggle to defeat ACP, but along with the other armies in the Mammoth Confederation, do stand a good chance of overhauling ACP’s rule on Mammoth.

Ice Warriors:

Have been largely inactive on Club Penguin in recent times, their last significant battle of any sort their Practice Battle with GT. This was unfortunately cut short due to banning by CP mods. They showed a good size, but whether they still have this large following will be shown at the battle.

Golden Troops:

Have rather strangely decided to side with Nachos, despite being in a war with them for the days leading up to the declaration of the invasion of Mammoth. Were matched in size byNachos, with no clear winner prevailing. Similiarly to Nachos, would most likely not defeat ACP alone, but the powers of the Confederation combined will almost certainly prove to much for ACP.

Pre-Battle Build up:

  • Major problems arising due to the fact Mammoth is almost constantly full. Getting all armies in with full representation will require something of a miracle.
  • Even if all armies are capable of getting into Mammoth, once in they will face the same problem that is faced on any server, but enhanced by Mammoth’s popularity. Getting armies in the same rooms. At some times ACP can fill a whole room on its own, no matter fighting other armies. And when the Confederation is together, they too will most likely fill a whole room. This will lead to little fighting, and most likely no clear winner.
  • Where possible, the attendance of the different armies will be measured, and their size will most likely contribute heavily to their Top 10 ranking.
  • This is only the first of a series of planned and, as of yet, unplanned battles between the rival forces. If possible, this war will range on for long. Although, this longevity is threatened by the factors I have mentioned above, which if do become issues, will have to be dealt with in one way or another.


I managed to get an interview from all of the leaders of the main armies involved. :D

Matre10 – ACP Leader

What size are you expecting from your army in this battle for Mammoth?

About 80-90, just like we had recently

Is Mammoth an important server for your army?

One of the most important we have, for sure. For it’s history and it’s incredible use for recruiting.

If you lose this battle, do you plan to re-invade?

Most likely there will be a re-invasion if we lose, I can’t say yet. We’re all going for the bright side knowing and hoping to fight together and succesfully defend Mammoth on Saturday.

Do you think a full battle will be possible due to how popular a server Mammoth is, and the size of the armies involved?

Im positive it will be a good, big battle. Although its a weekend with Rockhopper. That will make Rockhopper very full.

Billy Mays – Nachos Leader

What size are you expecting from your army in this battle for Mammoth?

Anywhere between 35-50

Is Mammoth an important server for your army?

For all armies it can because the re-rise of armies I think ACP is being selfish with it. If we can control Mammoth we are remaking it nuetral.

If you lose this battle, do you plan to re-invade?


Do you think a full battle will be possible due to how popular a server Mammoth is, and the size of the armies involved?

Yes, the armies have to go into other rooms and fight.

Iceyfeet1234 – Ice Warriors Leader

What size are you expecting from your army in this battle for Mammoth?

Well, we recruit from Friday-Today, and we obtained 35 troops at our last scheduled battle, but it was scheduled on the same day of the battle, plus we had no european troops because of the time. So I am expecting probably 40+ troops to attend.

Is Mammoth an important server for your army?

Yes, it is good for recruiting on certain days of the week and to have fun unscheduled battles with noob armies that roam throughout the server.

If you lose this battle, do you plan to re-invade?

Probably not, because we have other plans soon.

Do you think a full battle will be possible due to how popular a server Mammoth is, and the size of the armies involved?

The sizes will obviously very different, I doubt non-members will be able to get on, and some members might not be able to get on aswell.

Sklooperis – Golden Troops Leader

What size are you expecting from your army in this battle for Mammoth?

At least 30. We’ve been holding a steady size lately of 30+, and got a few recruits today. If we get below 30, I’ll be extremely dissapointed.

Is Mammoth an important server for your army?

Yes, we don’t have  a big recruiting server like Mammoth, which is important for gaining troops, which seems to be our problem.

If you lose this battle, do you plan to re-invade?

I’m not entirely sure about that yet. I guess we’ll just have to see. I wouldn’t want to.

Do you think a full battle will be possible due to how popular a server Mammoth is, and the size of the armies involved?

I think the battle will be completed this time. If we’re talking about CP Mods getting in the way, I think the bigger the battle the less likely they are to bug us. They don’t want all of us complaining.



CPA Central Movie and Club Penguin Conflict

Two sections for all viewers to read!

One: Wars and Club Penguin stopping them

Two: CPA Central Movie!

1.Ok so a change of topic from all that interviewing and all past stuff in Club Penguin in wars lets get down with the real thing because GT, also known as the Golden Troops, had a treaty with Nachos after a big war. There were equal amounts of people at the war. This was taken from the GT site-

Today we invaded Nachos’ server Fjord. We had equal amount of numbers and it was a pretty close war. Everything was going fine until suddenly people were getting kicked out and banned. We logged off and had a discussion with pie. We came up with a peace treaty which comes with the following-

– Nachos and Golden Troops are now at peace.

-Golden Troops get 50% of Aurora

-Golden Troops and Nachos are equal in size to this date

-Golden Troops and Nachos are now allies

Now what happened also was Club Penguin  kicked and banned some troops leading to some problems Club Penguin have had enough of this “War” and want more peaceful stuff according to Club Penguin they want Club Penguin to stay safe and let kids go there and have fun. I think  a new game in  Club Penguin called “Club Penguin warfare” In which throughout the top ten you choose your own side and fight with snowballs and good tactics then at the end of the battle the most tactics and snowballs used wins the game!


2.Based on Wontons popular story of the CPA saga comes a movie. This movie is gonna be big, and its gonna be created by some of the biggest  Club Penguin YouTubers of all time. I have asked them too work with me on this brand new movie. Now, some things will change  from the story and some things will stay the same. It will not be like an hour and a half movie but it will be long and good(Skloop’s Edit: That’s what she said :lol: ). I can’t tell you who’s editing it, that will be released next month(July). We hope you are getting ready for this movie because its gonna be big!

Extra News and Fact: Almost armies are gonna try to take over ACP’s server, Mammoth. Will they succeed, yes or no?

Here is the info taken from their website: “Along fighting with us will be the major powers of the Nachos, the Ice Warriors, the Golden Troops, the Dorito Army of Club Penguin, the Night Warriors, and many more. We will invade the “sacred” server of Mammoth to prove that the Confederation of Mammoth is a powerful force. We will prove that ACP is not the most powerful army in Club Penguin. Hope you will be there because I sure am gonna come ;) .”

Q: Why do Penguins carry fish in their beaks?

A: Because they haven´t got any pockets.

Have a good day!

Early Army History || The Romans || An Important Revision

As voted in the poll at the end of my last post, most of you want to learn about the early history of the Romans.  So learn you shall.  Unfortunately, due to the disorganized nature of the early Romans, there are few official records, merely personal retellings of the events as they occurred.  I will be doing my best to piece together these stories to form, as best I can, a history of one of Club Penguin’s earliest army powers.

Early Army History || The Romans

The history of the Romans dates back about as far as the roman helmet has been on Club Penguin.  They began as a clan, simply a group of rogue penguins wreaking havoc on the server of Mammoth.  Stories tell of an early war between the Romans and two other strong clans, the Vikings and the Agents.  The Romans were the strongest of the three and their influence was widespread, however they lacked basic organization and did not have any single leader.  It wasn’t until a penguin named Explorer7777 founded the first organized group of Romans on the Miniclip Forums in the fall of 2006 that the clan could be recognized as an army.  Unfortunately (possibly due to a moderator named RFS, who shut down ACP’s original thread), all of the old Club Penguin threads on the Miniclip Forums were deleted, so no records of these early threads exist.  After this occurred, armies were forced to move to the new Club Penguin Miniclip Forums, which eventually banned army activity anyway.

Building on their success on Club Penguin with their new-found leadership and center on the Forums, the Romans grew fast, soon overtaking another army founded around the same in size, the Army of Club Penguin.  The Romans, feeling threatened by ACP’s growing size, declared war.

“Within a few days, he [Explorer] had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’d ‘grind us into dust’ if we did not surrender.”

~Taken from The ACP Saga

On October 13, 2006, the Romans met the ACP for battle, marking the beginning of WWII.  After three hours of fighting, ACP defeated the Romans in The Battle of the Igloo, a video of which can be seen below.  Famous ACP legends like Oagalthorp, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, and Gorond can be seen in the clip.

WWII continued into December of 2006.  During this war, more modern tactics were developed, as Oagalthorp, Leader of ACP, broke the trend of stationary warfare in order to more effectively attack the often larger Roman army.  Hit and run tactics were employed, as ACP moved from room to room to recruit, regroup, and strike again, as well as using the first instances of organized charges.  The Romans were defeated, their organization began to fall apart.  Many clans still existed with some strength on Club Penguin however.  They can be seen here [Pic 1] [Pic 2] in a battle with CPR, CPAF, and UMA dating back to March 11, 2007.  In Pic 2, you can see Angel G8i, a future leader of UMA, as well as ALI, the beta, in Roman uniform.  Despite their presence on Club Penguin, they lacked a solid central leadership.  The Romans once again existed only in rogue clans.  That is, until one soldier decided to move them to a website.

On June 11, 2007, after over 6 months of disorganization, a soldier named Djgtjvgyhxgy (shown HERE with his army in January 2008) created the first Romans website.  The first post can be seen HERE.  Despite their past history as enemies, the Romans chose to ally with ACP during WWIII to fight UMA.  After the war, they returned to former loyalties, allying with UMA and RPF, with ACP as an enemy.  During most of their history after this point, the Romans, under consistent leadership from Dj, as well as others like Nickpooch and Smiley 40, were usually in the medium army range, occasionally growing to larger sizes, though never achieving true major army status.  At one of their strongest points, the Romans went to war with SSACP, the spy agency belonging to ACP, over territory in the U.K.  ACP came to SSACP’s aid, defeating the Romans during their invasion of Mittens on January 27, 2008 [Pictures HERE].  Oagalthorp posted about the battleHERE, and Mazachster, the SSACP Leader, posted his own summary HERE.  Some famous soldiers from both sides can be seen in the picture, including ACP legends Oagalthorp, Fort57, Mazachster, Cooltiger413, and Lucario98765.  Nachos legend Shadow2446 and future UMA Leader Batista1822 can also be seen in ACP uniform, as well as Djgtjvgyhxgy, Smiley 40, Penguin23800094, and Ice Warriors Leader Iceyfeet1234 in Romans uniform.  The Romans fell somewhat after this defeat, and through merges with the Spartans and a brief stint as TWA, or The Warriors Army, the Romans have hung around as a medium-sized army for over 3 years.  After being hacked and suffering a loss of a significant number of posts from their original site, the Romans moved to their new site, Roman Central.  Although they don’t appear to be in a position to return to power in the immediate future, should Club Penguin bring back the roman helmet, we could see a resurgence from one of Club Penguin’s oldest armies.



Oagalthorp (ACP Creator and Army Legend)

What do you remember about the founding of the Romans on the Forums?

I remember that the Romans thread was written by Explorer7777 on the Miniclip Forums just a few days after I wrote the ACP thread.  Instantly Explorer declared war on the ACP, and it was understood that one battle would decide the victor. And even more drastic, the loser would basically have to disband. Luckily we won, which resulted in the Romans thread dying out and about half of their soldiers joining the ACP.

Which army do you think was organized first, ACP or the Romans?

The “Romans” group has been around since the Roman helmet entered the catalog.   So you could technically say that the Romans have been around since before the ACP.  As I said, however, the CPA–a Roman army–and Explorer’s Roman Army–were both formed just a few days after the ACP was formed.  So the Romans didn’t have any true organization until after the ACP become organized.

What strategies were most important in defeating the then larger Roman army?

Well, at the start of the war, most of the strategies consisted of standing at opposide sides of the Dojo and simply firing and recruiting.  However, once the theater of war started to transition into the Snow Forts, I found the need to work my way around the Romans’ superior numbers. So thats when the ACP created the “charge” tactic, which threw the Romans into consfusion and led to a lot of successes.  Also, as Roman numbers became more vast, the ACP formed the “raid” tactic; we’d face off against the Romans, move to another room, gain troops, then move to the next room.  Soon enough, we’d double in size then directly face off against the Romans once again. This was our most successful tactic.

Djgtjvgyhxgy (Romans Leader and Army Legend)

When did you first join the Romans and how would you describe the army at that time?

Well, I joined when they first started, and their size was very similar to ACP in scheduled events.

What made you decide to try to unite the Romans on a website?

Exactly June 11th, 2007, way after the original Romans died, because Romans were very important in my life.  Without Romans, I would be nothing.

Do you think the Romans have the potential to rise to power again?

If people start joining again and if the Roman helmet comes back, yes.


UPDATE: Some of the following information has since been proven inaccurate. For a complete analysis of the earliest armies, please click HERE.

After doing research into the history of the Romans, I came across a post about CPA, or Club Penguin Army, that predated what I had thought to be their original post.  As it turns out, CPA was created August 24, 2006 (or possibly earlier) by Icy Fresh 2 [Revision: The information contained in the post was added in October and replaced what was originally about the introduction of the purple puffle to Club Penguin (See URL). Additionally, the URLs of the CPA images display “2006/10”, meaning they were uploaded in October. As it stands, the CPA was created on October 2, 2006 as seen on the original post HERE]. The post, which can be seen HERE, predates the creation of ACP by over a month, and is likely older than the organized Romans army created by Explorer7777.  Can CPA be credited as Club Penguin’s first organized army?  This answer is still in question due to the fact that CPA’s first recruits did not join until October 7, 2006 and later, after the creation of ACP (and possibly the Romans as well).  Although a post about CPA was made on a site, the site did not belong to CPA, and they did not yet have a set of ranks or a site of their own yet.  CPA can be credited as one of the earliest armies, however it is not the first organized army.  If Oagal’s report about the original Romans is correct (and he is basically the only one left who would know), the Romans were organized by Explorer7777 a few days after the ACP was organized on the Forums, and then CPA shortly thereafter.  As of right now, it appears the earliest organized army in Club Penguin was ACP.  Let me know what you think!

Feel free to explain your point of view for the poll questions and on whatever else you want.  You can also see the results from the poll “Which army do you think came first?” HERE.


Top 10 Armies & Medium Top 5 || Legend Page Inductees: You Vote

GP: I’d like to return as a… something for a bit. Can I?

EDIT: Check out this cool Club Penguin Forum made by Chris!

Edit: I’m effing tired of this. I KNOW I USED THE N.E.D. EVENT PIC FOR THE NACHOS, OK? I GET IT. How many people do I need to tell? I LOVE the Nachos, they’re funny, I hate that GT’s at war with them, I’m not biased at all. Face it though, Nachos biggest battle this week was when they maxed 25 at their PB with GT. DCP got 30 and had multiple events this week, and GT got 40 a few times. ACP is just ridiculously large. So yeah, you’re 4th, deal with it.

Also, about IW being 6th, READ THE DESCRIPTION.  “This Top 10 is difficult. IW isn’t much smaller at all than the 3rd place army, but they disappointed me this week.“. That was taken directly from what I said about IW IN THIS POST. I know they’re right up there with the others, it’s basically a 3 way tie for 4th. IW just wasn’t very active this week, that’s all.

Hey Guys! Skloop here, again. I’m gonna attempt to make a Top 10, this is my first attempt, so please don’t yell if it’s bad xD. I AM trying my best.

Top 10 Armies

1. ACP: There’s no doubt about it, ACP dominated the Top 10 this week. They had a huge rise in average troops, now getting 70+ at all of their events this week. They invaded Frozen from IW and NW, and at some points during the battle they topped out with over 80 troops. They also had a PB with GT, where they topped out near 75-80. They are currently going though active counts. They are doing brilliantly well, and currently have no competition whatsoever for their spot.

2. GT: Call me what you may, but this is no bias report. GT had a big rise this week. In the practice battle with ACP, they had a less impressive turnout, maxing 25. However, they invaded Fjord from the Nachos, maxing out at 40, but the invasion wasn’t completed because of CP Moderators. They also had about 35 at an unscheduled recruiting session. Ganger, one of the leaders, is trying to create a new medal system, and Saiyaman is attempting to clean up the chat a bit because they think they’re pushing away recruits with their bad language.

3. DCP: This may be a surprise to some, and you may complain, but I don’t feel bad at all about this. DCP is climbing towards world power status. Currently, they have 55 on their active post, which is what GT had on their last one. They maxed out at 30 in their battles against IT, and have recently declared war on RPF, with UMA by their side. They also plan to invade Summit from the Elites on Saturday. They’re also having government elections.

4. Nachos: Nachos have fallen quite a bit since their battle against ACP on the 5th, where they maxed at 50. They’re still considerably large, however. They maxed 25 during their battle with GT, and 15 against CPN. They have also elected a new 3ic, Icebird.

5. TG: The TG have stayed about the same size. They had a PB with NW, during which they almost reached 30 on chat, and maxing out at about 25. They also recently achieved 100,000 hits.

6. IW: This Top 10 is difficult. IW isn’t much smaller at all than the 3rd place army, but they disappointed me this week. The highest they got at any battles this week was about 20-25, which isn’t terrbile, not at all actually. They could just bump it up about 7=10 troops and be #3 army. They are also launching a new “Experience Points” system which, if I read right, will show who has the most authority judging by what battles they attended that week.

7. RFW: BIG NEWS. LOL merged in to RFW :o I wanted to rank them higher, but they haven’t had an official event yet for me to judge their new size by, except for an unscheduled PB with ACP, which was a TIE. Very impressive. They are invading Yeti from DCP, holding Government elections, and are creating divisions. They also held an active count, which reached 58 comments, 21 of which came from the merge. I expect a lot from this army, schedule an event as quick as possible, I expect Top 4 material.

8. NW: NW had a little below average week. Although they maxed about 20 at the TG PB, and got 33 on their active count, they had an extremely mediocre preformance at the defense of Frozen. only maxing at about 8. I hope to see them averaging at least 15 over the next week, they have the potential. They would’ve been 6th or 7th if they had done better at the defense of Frozen.

9. Elites: Elites had an ok week. They maxed about 15 at their invasion of Ice Cold. They also reached 24 on their active within the first 2 days after it was posted. They have also recently declared war on IT. We will have to see how this war goes before we can judge.

10. IT: I am very disappointed by this army. I am allowing them to keep their Top 10 position because they haven’t prove- Reclaiming Ice Cold Saturday, 45 on last active count, at war with Elites, No posts in 5 DAYS

Medium Top 5 (11-15)

11.WW: Still falling a bit. Maxed near 10 at PB with RFW, and recently held a recruiting contest. I expect more from you guys.

12. SFCP(Snow Fighters): A rather new army that doesn’t get much recognition. They only need about 5 more the be bigger than Elites. Recently won a small army tourny.

13. PACP(Pretzel Army): I see a lot of potential here. PACP can easily get 8 at events, and with just a little more recruiting could be in the Top 10. They alread have 8 on active count that was posted TODAY(The 16th).

14. Elite Romans: Formed from a merge of the Golden Spartans and the CP Power Raiders. They maxed 8 at a recent UNSCHEDULED event, and are still on the rise. Good Luck to then.

15. UMA: Guys, I need PICS. I have faith in UMA, but they have no pics to prove their size. They have 21 on their recent active count, and elected Wgfv as a new leader.


What do you guys think, did I do a good job in the Top 10?

Also, I want your opinion on if we should continue doing the Medium Top 5 or not.


Now, time for Army Of The Week ;)

Army Of The Week

CP Warriors

The Club Penguin Warriors caught my eye recently, not exactly for size, but for determination. They were created 1 month ago, and within 3 weeks they already had about 20 active troops. They just need to get a few more active troops to be fighting with UMA and IT for the tail end of the Top 10. Their site can be foundhere.


Ok, now for a bigish event. There have been some requests for certain people to be on the Legends page, so I will be listing each person, describing what they have done for Warfare, and then YOU vote if they should be on the Legends page. If at least 85% of people vote yes, they will be added.

•*¨*•.¸¸LEGEND INDUCTEES¸¸.•*¨*•

Icey created the first sucessful “Warriors” army in Club Penguin Warfare, the Ice Warriors, along with the Fire Warriors, which helped pave the way for other armies of the same nature. Thier name also probably lead to the creation of future armies of a similar nature, like the Icy Troops, Snow Troops, etc. Icey has also singehandedly lead IW for 3 years on his own, keeping them in the Top 10 for years. The creation of this big army also brought more comptetion to warfare.

New Position: Army Historian || An Introduction || Early Army History

I guess first I’ll start with an introduction.  My name is Boomer 20, I’ve been in armies since January 2, 2008 when I joined ACP.  I went on to lead most notably ACP, SSACP, RPF, and WW.  I led ACP two separate times, and under my leadership, ACP was army of the year in both 2008 and 2009 when we won the Christmas Tournament and CPA Central-run Decade End Tournament.  At the Decade End Tournament, we set records for largest battle turnout (150 soldiers) and largest chat (103 people, 3 rooms).  I also co-led SSACP for a while with Shaboomboom, also of ACP, and a short stint as Leader of RPF along with Oberst543.  Also, along with Lucario 564, I helped lead the Watex Warriors to become (officially) the 4th largest army, and (unofficially) the 2nd largest after we defeated the Ice Warriors.

As for why I am here, I have always had a fascination for army history, and in my early days with ACP I spent a lot of time looking through the ACP Archives, as well as researching the history behind some of Club Penguin’s most famous wars.  In addition to keeping a record of every soldier ranked in ACP from its creation up until the summer of 2008 (I stopped keeping up with it when I became Leader), I also became interested in the early history of many other armies.  Thanks to Ias, I now have the title of Army Historian at CPA Central, as well as the privilege to inform others of some pieces of little known army history from the early days.

You will notice my posts are full of links to numerous sites, so rather than just telling you about what I have found, I give you the ability to see firsthand what I have discovered.  Here is my first piece for CPA Central.  Hope you enjoy!


After re-reading the ACP Saga, I decided to look into the history of ACP’s first ally, CPM, or the Club Penguin Marines. CPM was led by Sf1998, who gained a fair amount of recognition for his army (there is a picture of him with some of his army HERE). I had originally thought that they were the first army with a WordPress site, being from November 20, 2006. As it turns out, another army was first.

CPA or the Club Penguin Army was created via the site of Icy Fresh 2, who already had his own WordPress blog. The army was created and based on WordPress starting October 2, 2006, just 3 days after the creation of ACP on the Forums. The original CPA post can be viewed HERE. You can see the first comment on the post is by Bunnyboy123, who worked on Icy’s site. If you are familiar with the ACP Legends page, you may know that Bunnyboy123 was one of ACP’s earliest soldiers and a former Colonel (which was just 2 ranks below Leader at the time), and is inducted in the Hall of Fame. The original CPA site was hacked by someone named 1 Fiddy and deleted completely by early January 2007. CPA then adopted another WordPress site, created by Indy 11 on January 10, 2007, which can be viewed HERE.

Another early army I came across was called CPR, or the Club Penguin Rebels, a group formed by soldiers angered with Sf1998′s leadership of CPM. The group was created on December 23, 2006 by Uio9trhijgvn, a CPM soldier. Their first post can be viewed HERE. CPR went on to form alliances with CPM on December 26, 2006 and the Nachos on January 8, 2007. CPR can be seen pictured HERE with Nachos soldiers, including Happy Ree and Tom Wolf.

Another army I came across was called CPF, the Club Penguin Forces, created on December 28, 2006. The army was led by Neltron1234, with a familiar name in Happy Ree at Co-General. One picture I found from their site shows a large army called CPS (perhaps the Club Penguin Seals) taking over a server. The picture is dated February 26, 2007 and can be seen HERE. CPF can also be seen fighting them HERE.

I will be doing more research into the early history of many armies, which I will post when I feel I have enough information.