Midnightwave Returns to Redemption Force

THERMAL, RF Capital – After a short amount of time of retirement, Midnightwave has eventually returned to the Redemption Force on the 27th of April 2015. His position as an RF Leader has been established once again. Click ‘Read More’ for more details.

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Top Ten Armies of April 2015

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – After we settle back into school following the Easter Holidays, several armies have seen rises, falls and also deaths. We’ve seen the return of legendary armies such as UMA and Army Republic this month – but which army has done the best in April 2015?

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The Seven Kings: Under Them All

The Club Penguin Army Central has been a part of the community since July 28, 2009, when Woton first introduced the site to the community. Woton was the founder and first CEO of CPAC, and since then there have been six others that have followed. Very few can say that they worked under every CEO of CPAC, but I have had the privilege of doing so, so without further ado, let me give you the insiders look on the CP Army Legends I call “The Seven Kings”, or as you know them, the CEOs of CPAC.

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Retirement of XxDan1000

SUBZERO, IW Empire – After recent retirements from several Ice Warriors Leaders, IW Ausia Leader Dan has resigned his position to retire for personal reasons. Along with his retirement, he has given his trust to his comrade, Ravenpaw, to be given full responsibility for the Ice Warrior’s AUSIA Divisions. Click ‘Read More’ for more details.

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Marines – On Another Road for Glory?

FROZEN, Marines capitol – The legendary Club Penguin Marines have returned to fulfill their legacy, once again. The current leaders who are planning to lead this army back to the top ten are Revan/Totidile, Darkstar262, and Nitrohammer.

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IW and LT Issue Warnings to UTA for Troop Stealing

SNOWFALL, UTA Empire – As of today, two major armies have published posts accusing the United Troops Army of troop stealing. They have also threatened to take action if it continues.  Continue reading

Hiring Outsiders to Your Army

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – You look on the ranks page of an army’s site, and you expect to find the members, the mods, and the owner ranks – and let’s not forget to mention the legends and advisors! You expect all of those individuals to be in their positions because of dedication and hard work, but is that always true? 

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Hacking and How to Avoid It

KLONDIKE, Tax’s Philosophy Desk- After several controversial point of views, we often now see several forms of hacking in the community, sometimes involving major army leaders. What is really hacking and how can you avoid it?

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CP Armies – World Powers and What Makes Them Qualified

Klondike – Grapes of CP/Bluesockwa Warriors Nation/CPAC HQ

Hello, today we will be discussing what makes an army a world power, what are the world powers, and what should we consider superpowers. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 04/26/15

In a week that saw two of last week’s armies fade away, one being temporary and the other seemingly for good, we bring to you another Top Ten. This week, an army returns to the Top Ten for the first time in well over half a year, but perhaps the most shocking development is the skyrocketing of an army that was in SM Army Press to a high position in our Top Ten this week.

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Edd64 Retires From Nachos

Fjord, Nachos Empire – Nachos leader, Edd64 made his final post on Nacho’s site, announcing his retirement as leader and how he will move on with his life. Without Edd’s leadership, what will happen to Nachos in the future?

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PSA: Recent WordPress Issues

Greetings CPA Community! As some of you may have noticed, CPAC’s website, along with many other sites, hasn’t been working. In order to solve this, the majority of our administration went searching for a solution, something we can honestly say was found. Before we provide you with the answer, here is the issue being faced:

All Digg 3 websites, which are running on a long discontinued theme, are malfunctioning, whether or not they have CSS. If you have a Digg 3 site that you think works, check again by clicking on a post or page, then try clicking again on something else or commenting. Exactly

We here at CPAC, along with most of you all out there, are frustrated because there is basically no interaction with our audience. Thankfully, there are 2 solutions that we have prepared for you. The first of which is time, just wait a while for WordPress to solve the issue. The second solution is as follows:

Log out of your WP account

Once you’ve done that, you can click/comment on anything. And if you want to use your account, just put the info into the comment section or use a mobile device, as both of these solutions work perfectly fine. All browsers work as long as you aren’t logged into your account. Also, you can still be logged onto your WP account while using a mobile device, just make sure you’re viewing the mobile version of the site.

Now that you hold the answer, spread the news any way that you can, so that our community can proceed to function as normal, for however long this issue persists. Here are some ways to spread the word:

  1. Re-blog this post — Link it around
  2. Tell your troops/leaders
  3. Use the Twitter thingy
  4. Hide both your children and spouses



CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

A Life Without CP Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – There comes a day when everyone in this community retires or leaves unexpectedly.  Most worry about life without CP Armies, life without something they have grown up around.  This post plans to shine light on this unknown beast that everyone is bound to encounter.

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Nachos Battle Water Ninjas on Cold Front [PB Review]

COLD FRONT, WN Capital – The Nachos army logged onto Cold Front with the Water Ninjas for a friendly practice battle. This post will be about what happened the battle and who won at the end. Both armies logged onto the server Cold Front at 8pm EST.

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Light Troops Battles United Troops Army on Icebox [PB Review]

ICEBOX, LT Capital – Today, the Light Troops and United Troops Army logged onto the server Icebox for a nice little battle. The practice battle began at 4:00pm EST, with both armies logging on 10 minutes early. The tactics from both army were amazing and they had great numbers, Light Troops maxing 22 with a average of 20 and United Troops Army maxing 20 with a average of 18. Continue reading