Christmas Chaos Round 1 Predictions

Because I have nothing better to do until Club Penguin Herbert announces the new updates, I will be helping cover the CC. Prepare for me writing the overview of the Rounds and my own predictions along with those of other members of CPAC by looking at the size of the armies were the previous week and looking at their sites!

Tap’s color

Riot’s color

Blue1’s color

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

This battle in my eyes will be close. Judging by the statistics of last week’s top ten, I cannot predict who will win. I did check the sites of both armies and DCP, maxing 15, will have to pull off something to get up to the 20+ IW had in the defense of sub zero. My vote here goes to IW, but DCP could still pull it off.

I agree with Tap. It will be a pretty close battle, and it will probably come down to the last minute. In my opinion, IW will have a much better chance at success for the moment. DCP has its chances, but they need to go through on a good day.

IW’s my pick for this one. While DCP may pull out a win, it would take one of the miracles that they’ve experienced over the past two months. Unless DCP can pull off sizes of 30-35, the Ice Warriors will take the win.

Shadow Troops vs. United Countries of Club Penguin

Rankings are a small glimpse of what the army looks like, and while I know a bit about IW and DCP, both ST and UCCP are relatively new to the scene nowadays even though both have been around for a while. While ST got 1st this week with their 25, they had another even averaging 15 and I think that could be a sign that it was a possible flux. I did check both sites and ST had 11 compared to UCCP’s 15 so it could go either way. If I must pick, I am going for Shadow Troops.

Do I even need to explain? Shadow Troops are for my vote.

Shadow Troops would be a very easy pick for this, however three of their leaders are currently on leave, and the army has seemingly been experienced some internal turmoil. Of course, this can only be speculated, but private/password protected posts can sometimes account to that. Nevertheless, I think the ST will experienced an easy win here against UCCP.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Metal Warriors

Ah the Metal Warriors. How difficult it was trying to read their site even with it translated. I checked it and they have been getting 8-9. ACP have been getting 10-15, so this battle could be one of the upsets and I will not be surprised if it is so. My vote here goes for MW, because they could pull it off.

A bit of a toughie. MW may not look like much, but It crushes some fairly good size margins (in the past). Im not going to bother with their site, but ACP has my vote on this one.

I don’t think this battle will be as close as it is presumed to be. The times are friendly for both ACP’s US Force and their UK Force, and while the Metal Warriors have been known to pull out some upsets, I believe this will be a pretty easy battle for the ACP.

Army Republic vs. SWAT

First battle I can honestly say that one army will win over the other. I am certain that AR can defeat SWAT easily. 35 is the max AR had and easily a contender for first next week. SWAT on the other hand had 17 at their last training session.

SWAT might have their chance at this one, but this one will be somewhat of a close battle. AR has the bigger size, so I agree with Tap by saying AR has a slight advantage for the win.

I don’t want to completely rule out SWAT’s chance to win, but I think that unless AR has an off day, they will take the win here.

Light Troops vs. Dark Warriors

Light Troops vs. Dark Warriors. Just the idea of this battle is making me laugh because it is light versus dark. Now my prediction for this one is a toss up much like the WW/GT battle in the legends tournament. DW could easily win with pure size, but in order to do that LT will have to be smaller than their last event (10-12) or have no tactical organization whatsoever. On the other hand DW could have an off day or LT could get several more troops and defeat DW with ease as long as they get a decent amount of people and perform good tactics.

I honestly do not know for this battle. The LT and the DW are great armies, both of which averaging great sizes, both known for being the legendary armies that they are. If I had to narrow it down to the final straw though, DW has my vote. If you compare the two’s sidelines and sizes, you get DW.

This, as the above two said, will be one of the closest battles of the tourney, and may be the hardest battle for these two armies. The LT and DW both have been averaging great sizes, the LT having been around for awhile, and the Dark Warriors only recently recreated. When it comes down to it, I believe the Dark Warriors will pull out a win, as they’ve been known to surprise us all, but this one is entirely a toss-up.

Air Force of Club Penguin vs. Golden Warriors

I won’t Lie. I have never heard of these two armies in modern times. Back in my noob days GW was a good army that eventually became GT and AFCP was like Navy, marines and coast guard of CP. ACP rip offs. I cannot give an opinion for I have no knowledge of their sites or sizes.

These are real?

The truth of the matter is, this armies are more on the small/medium border of our ‘large’ Top Ten, and as with any small armies, one day they’re flying high with 10-15, and the other day they’ve hit rock bottom again. The only thing I can predict is that neither army will reach sizes above 15, and that this battle depends entirely on every single troop that shows.

Nachos vs. Ninjas

Does anyone remember the days when the Ninjas were 3rd? Now they struggle to get active ever since they began dying down. Nachos on the other hand are quite powerful and probably will win this easily.

Nachos, no question.

Easiest of the tourney. Ninjas have struggled to make it into the Top Ten. Nachos, for sure.

Underground Mafias Army vs. Pirates

If we were to go by Statistics, than Pirates would be the victor in this battle because the only thing UMA has done the past weeks is deal with site being defaced. I am going for pirates because I think they have the better shot of winning.

This one’s harder. The UMA and the Pirates both have fantastic sizes and tactics, with the rebellion thing being real, I have to go with a dead even tie. If that sounds bad, then my vote goes in for Pirates.

This battle could be a toss-up, however I think the Pirates will pull through, even though their battle is rather late UK. The UMA has been experienced some internal turmoil (as always), and if they can work through that, they may be able to beat the Pirates, but if they cannot, CPPA will easily take the win here.

Woton Warriors vs. Blue Brother Alliance

The battle we all want to see. This one is not going to be on club penguin but in the CPAC staff room where The blue brother alliance consisting of Blue1, 2 and funks will be challenging the tyranny of the Woton Warriors, consisting of Woton, Skloop and Godplaya in the fight over stale donuts and s*tty coffee.

Update: The Bluesockwa Haters Association will be Crashing the Event

Clearly the Blue Brother Alliance will win, since only I know where the shotgun is. Besides, Woton usually likes to get boozed up during these tourneys, and a drunk Woton is a scary, scary man. Nevertheless, the Blue Brother Alliance will pull out the win.

The Vikings Strike Back

Behind the shadows of the current World War, is a new army rising, that many call the ‘Vikings Of Club Penguin.’ They also recently took 10th spot in the latest Top Ten. Lets jump in.

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SWAT Defaced Again

This week, the SWAT Site was defaced. Lord Pain, recently made SWAT Leader, had this to say of the matter on the site.

If you cannot read it, here is it typed up.

On the day of 11/29/12 Swat was once again defaced and we all stood still and froze at the idea that the legendary CP Army leader Lord Pain would ever deface a site. However, I did not someone hacked into my wordpress account and deleted our posts and pages. Posts and pages which I happily restored. It is not yet known who truly defaced us, however this act will be punished and Swat will have its revenge. Let it be known only a coward uses hacking/ddosing/doxing as a weapon in CP Armies. You will not intimidate us with that, nothing intimidates Swat. If you have a problem with Swat then declare war with an army and battle us honorably otherwise you are nothing. If this was some sort of pathetic attempt at getting me removed from the leadership YOU have failed. Everyone in CP Warfare knows of my honor and integrity and that I have never and will never deface an army site. People of Swat I tell you now that we will have justice, I know your all sick of us getting defaced. From this day forward more security precautions will be taken, as a result I request that all leaders change their password to a numbered password, something that is IMPOSSIBLE to guess and even crack. That is all I have to say, march on troops!

The major difference between this defacing, and…many others, is that it is not yet clear on who accomplished the deed.

Interview with Reece, SWAT Leader

I will be Blue, he will be Red

Would you mind giving an interview about the recent defacing of the SWAT Site?

I would love too but im in the dark about this. I just got on, and still need to get main. Just heard someone hacked pain’s wp.

Well, do you have any idea of who might have had the motive to do this? Any information would help.

A hater of Pain or SWAT

Thank you very much.

No Problem.

Click Here for a pic of the Interview.

Interview with Kyle, SWAT 2ic

I will be Green, He will be Orange

Do you mind giving an interview on the recent SWAT deface of the site?


Do you have any idea of why someone would do this?


Do you have any idea on who did this?

yes, I think someone hacked Pain account to deface the site. But I would think that SaW or Doiz did it.

Thank you for your time.

No Problem.

Click Here for a pic of the Interview.

As you can see, it is still quite a mystery on who did this. Not even Pain himself seems to know at the moment. More information will unravel as it unravels itself from wherever it is unraveling. We may or may not even ever find out on what or who or when or how or why this may have happened.

For any information on the topic, feel free to contact a SWAT Owner/Leader.

This post is dedicated to the many victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

Army of the Week: Army Republic

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on an army that has recently fallen but have been rising once again.  AR recently had war with armies such as LT and ST, and more recently had a war with DW.  Though their place in the top ten has fallen, they have been getting good sizes at events and have a good chance at rising.  Can AR stay a powerful army?  Or will they fall like in the past?

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On August 18, 2007, AR was created by Mr Geggie and 122344a.  In September 2007, AR went to war with the Sun Clan.  Later that month, the army defeated the Sun Clan.  In October, AR went to war with the Snow Troops.  They were losing battles left and right, and soon after Mr Geggie retired.  However, Bluejays1236 was recruited, and managed to recruit many more to AR.  AR after that won the war.  122344a led the army through many wars over the next year, including the Nachos and RPF.  AR began to fall after going to war with ACP.  In 2009, they officially died.  122344a attempted many times to bring back AR, but they failed.  In July 2009, he managed to get them to slowly rise.  The army fought ACP several times.  They soon fell again and randomly died and resurrected.  In July 2010, 122344a returned and brought back AR.  For the rest of 2010, AR had leaders including Austin, Grant42, and Buritodaily.  AR eventually fell.  Vinny and Buritodaily led the army until it fell to the point where they turned it into CPA.  In 2012, Vinny and 122344a managed to make AR rise.

Current Leadership:

AR is currently led by Capncook, Vinny, and Austin.  Vinny and Austin recently returned to help lead the army.  Though the army recently took a big fall, they seem to work well together and plan to make the army rise, and so far the army has.

Recent Events:

AR has recently battled multiple armies in war, most recently DW.  On Tuesday, AR defeated DW in a battle.  They defended their server Toboggan.  Below are some pictures from the event:

On Thursday, AR defeated DW with sizes of up to 32.  This battle ended the war.  Below are some o the events highlights:


I think that as long as AR stays active, they can stay a powerful army.  They seem to be able to get good sizes at events, so as long as they’re active, they can stay a powerful army.  I think people looking for intense battles would join AR.

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How do you think AR have been doing?  Can they manage to stay a powerful army?  Will they rise back up in the top ten?  Or is falling a possibility around the corner?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

What The Armies of Today Are Facing Now

All armies have a problem – matter how big or small. Every army has a problem. But the thing is, today, armies have very serious problems that arise. As such could be, leadership turmoil, hacking/scamming, favouritism etc and may even be lacking good enough leadership. Well, what I really want to clarify is WHAT REALLY  IS WRONG WITH CP WARFARE TODAY.

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The Riot Journals [Week 4]: Creatively Messy

Good morrow, friends. Riot here with yet another edition of the Riot Journals. If you recall, last week I discussed the basics of a decent empire, and how you can postpone the dreaded decline. Read on for this week’s issue of Philosophy, and Happy Holidays (Technically Christmas starts in August according to stores across the world).

A Notice About the CPAC Christmas Chaos:

The Christmas Chaos is in the making, and armies from all over have been asked to participate in the Tournament. For the Full Christmas Chaos post, click here. The CPAC Christmas Chaos will include exciting, must-see battles, such as the Army of CP vs. Metal Warriors and many more interesting, historical armies fighting face to face with each other.

For any more information, read one of the Christmas Chaos Post, or contact an administration member of the tourney.



4.1 – Organization in CP Armies



Essential Question:

Is Organization crucial to the CP Army World? (ie. Posts?)


Efficient – Lazy


Posting has always been a crucial part of CP Armies. Whether you are a legend, retired, a noob, a middle-classed moderator, or a leader, you must be able to frequently visit/update sites in our community in order to establish a visible/reliable source of infinite knowledge.

Without posting, well, we’d all fall into an abyss of some-sort. One Army would attack another army, and that one army would be ten times bigger than that other army, and chaos would soon erupt.

The Human brain processes things for three to five seconds. If you log onto a web page, and the navigation is at the bottom (or side) and your brain doesn’t see/knowledge the information you seek within that time limit, well, you will click off.

Now imagine if your site has only buttons on the side and no main navigation stream on the top (believe it or not I’ve seen that happen before). Half of your buttons will cut off of the original video screen (so that you have to scroll down in order to see them).

Humans are lazy….I mean efficient when it comes to things like that.

In order to create a semi-organized environment on your “efficient”  web page, it’s recommended by actual web designers to have navigation on the bottom, top, and side (buttons) for quick and easy access so that us efficient humans can be able to point out what we need when we need it.

If your site isn’t necessarily organized, and your troops don’t receive the news they need, then your troops are not considered organized. So, you shouldn’t expect decent results if you have to say this:

Yup. Organization is used in every aspect of CP Armies. Posts, Wars and even the basics of our virtual lives, being the simplest of things such as links and the creation of a new site.

As an intermediate-leveled web designer, I can say that I’ve seen and even made a few sites which were pure garbage. Not organized whatsoever. Don’t be the site that has broken links, error 404 messages, no navigation, or even the CLASSIC error of putting dark background color with dark fonts or light background with light fonts.

Would You Read This:

Not that it actually goes in with organization, but mostly of common sense. Especially if your using a black and white printer.

The main reason web designers suggest organization is for one of these following reasons:


✓The Efficient Factor of Not Being Able to See What We Want

✓The All Dreaded Common Mistakes of Stupidity


Lipsum can be used to test for readability and/or organization if you need to test preview before posting.

Organization is perhaps the most important thing in the Posting Division of CP Armies.

Don’t Be This Guy ^


Although it seems unnecessary at first, Club Penguin Armies rely on respected, responsible news. Without organization, news would be confusing, uninteresting, and just plain boring. Somewhat like a card game I used to play. Organization, while a pain, is needed and used in any way, whether a classic mistake with lighting or the simple navigation errors we think make the site look more amazing.

Happy Early Holidays, and May Your Lights (or Tree or whatever else you may have) stay up ‘Till April.

CPAC Christmas Chaos- Round 1 Times

Blue1: Bracket has been added at the bottom of the post. Sorry for the delay on this.

Here are the round one times. Seeing as VCP has failed to meet the deadline, they are disqualified and have been replaced by the Ninjas. The RPF has also failed to accept, and they have been replaced by the Golden Warriors. Continue reading

Recap: SWAT Rises

Once a great army, always a great army.

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ACP and Light Troops Agree to a Cease Fire

On November 26, 2012, the Army of Club Penguin and the Light Troops agreed to a cease fire until December 24, Winter Break.

This was an unexpected move by the Light Troops, them being the ones who requested the cease fire. But why? Well, earlier that day, Light Troops Leaders Roberto and Ioioluk made an announcement that they were going on leave until Winter Break, making Spiderguy22 the temporary leader until then. Before leaving, Ioioluk declared a cease fire with ACP due to him and Roberto being on leave. Based on my guess, they were afraid the Light Troops would not do as well as they would with them, and they would lose the war. What will they be doing during the cease fire? According to newly appointed leader Spiderguy22, “We (Light Troops) will be recruiting and training, and basically trying to stay alive.” When asked how he thinks the Light Troops will do without Roberto and Ioioluk, he said “Well, if the troops are active, we should be able to at least maintain 15+.”

The ACP have posted a short but elaborate post on the cease fire. It states that each server either army has won will remain in their possession until the cease fire ends. However, ACP claims they’ve lost no servers to the Light Troops, but have won 4 servers themselves. Even though there is a cease fire in effect, the ACP are anything but done with this war. Though the Light Troops are not invading, the Pirates still are. Would War VI seems to be far from over, even after the removal of half of the Black Alliance.

This cease fire may become an important part of World War VI. Without the Light Troops, the Pirates are left alone to fight for themselves against the ACP. But with Waterkid back in the Pirates, they could easily rise and defeat the ACP, who are still struggling to regain their previous perch at Number 1. But could the cease fire bring an end to the war? By the time the Light Troops return to World War VI, the war may very well be over. However, we will have to see how the holiday month of December plays out. Will the Light Troops die without Roberto and Ioioluk to lead them? Will the ACP crush the Pirates and end the war? What do you think? Leave your comments below. Until next time.

Auf Weidersehen,

Zak, CPAC Editor In Chief


Shadow Troops and Ice Warriors Battle for Sub Zero

It’s been quite some while since one of the biggest and legendary armies, Shadow Troops had an event. They came back just some while ago. They had their first battle against Ice Warriors and, interesting it was. I was able to have an interview with their UK leader, Lord Max. What happened? Well, read on to find out!
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Leadership Turmoil Arises in Newly-Restored Pirates

On November 12th, Waterkid100, then-Leader of the Pirates, announced his intention to retire, stating that he planned to spend his time working on his army news website CPWN. Tensions quickly rose between the new leaders and Waterkid himself. William112 referred to Waterkid as a “bully”, prompting Waterkid to retire immediately, putting Coolster114 in power, along with Thalia and William112. Only two days later, Coolster announced he had no interest in leading the Pirates, and retired immediately.

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Recap: WW6


Better than the last post.

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CPAC Christmas Chaos

It’s about that time of the year again…. Continue reading

Army of the Week: Ice Warriors

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on a strong army that is one of the oldest armies in Club Penguin Warfare.  IW have been battling in World War IV but recently took a break.  They are currently a top three army.  Can IW continue to stay powerful?  Or will they possibly fall?

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The Ice Warriors were created by Iceyfeet1234 around the time of June 2007.  IW since then became a very powerful army.  They were one of the big five armies along with ACP, Nachos, UMA, and WW/RPF.  IW have been number one in the top ten many times throughout their existence.

In 2008, IW were part of the Army National Treaty Alliance.  Later that year, they issued Order 67, declaring war on all small armies.

IW was one of the main armies involved in the Great Alliance against ACP in World War IV.  IW successfully defended their capital Sub Zero from ACP with the help of some allies.

In the summer of 2o11, IW won the 2nd Annual Legend’s Cup in a giant three-way battle.  The Legend’s Cup II was one of CPAC’s largest tournaments.

In June 2012, Iceyfeet1234 retired from IW.  He had been the leader of IW since their creation and had led for five years, longer than anyone else has ever led.  He passed on his leadership to Albert417, who is currently leading them.

Current Leadership:

IW are currently led by Albert417.  He is the only person since Iceyfeet1234 to lead IW.  IW are still doing fine and are ranked second in the top ten.  He has been doing a great job leading the army as seen by IW’s performances.

Recent Events:

IW have been one of the main armies involved with the war.  However, this week they took a break from all the battles as the war is dying down with the death of some armies. Instead, IW recently had a few training sessions throughout the week.  Below are some pictures from the events:

More recently, IW had a more successful recruiting session, with sizes of 25+.  Below are some of the event’s highlights:


I think IW have been doing very well recently.  Though they fell to third in the top ten, they are still a powerful army.  As long as they stay active and have good troop sizes, I think they can maintain being a top three army.  I think troops looking for intense battles and hard work as well as a lot of fun would join IW.

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How do you think IW have been doing?  Can they help the Alliance win the war?  Can they hold on to their power?  Or is the possibility of falling nearby?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

Top Ten Armies: 11/25/12

With a history-making tie for first, and very close rankings in the Top 5, this is sure to be a very interesting Top Ten. Continue reading