Light Troops Ally With Pirates in War

Just recently, UCCP, an army that recently took tenth place in the CPAC top ten, declared war on the Pirates for making fun of their spot in the top ten, as well as harassing them in comments. The war has been going on for 3 days, and both armies showed great sizes and a few perfect tactics at the battle for Migrator. Both armies called themselves victors, andthe UCCP have scheduled a new invasion: the invasion of Mammoth.

UCCP and Pirates battle for Migrator


However, the Pirates decided a sneaky plan to wipe out UCCP. Since Waterkid100 just recently got 3ic in the Light Troops, he decided to ally the Light Troops with the Pirates to gain a huge advantage against UCCP and try to destroy them. It seems that the LT troops do not mind his decision, and many of them are preparing for war.


Waterkid stating that LT will help the Pirates


As for now, the situation is not very good for UCCP, which might have to fight off the Pirates and LT. More news about the UCCP- Pirates war to come!

Army of the Week: Red Vikings

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on a rising small army with chances of becoming medium-sized.  The Red Vikings have been busy this month, after passing their 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago, this army has been at war with the Shadow Warriors.  RV is also recently had 3ic elections.  Does this army have what it takes to become a medium army?

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The Red Vikings were created as the Club Penguin Pink Alliance on July 19, 2011 by Lime Pumpkin and Morggg1234.  CPPA began to rise in October 2011 during their “War Era” when they were at war with RDA.  In November 2011 they entered their Golden Age and achieved great sizes.  After that, they began to fall, so in January 2012, they became the Scouts of Club Penguin.  The Scouts didn’t work well, so after a year of CPPA’s creation, they became the Red Vikings.  RV made it into the medium top ten for two weeks, but then went back down to small.  However, they’re still thriving, and have the possibility of rising to medium again.

Current Leadership:

RV are currently led by one of their creators, Lime Pumpkin.  She seems to be doing a good job leading the army which can be seen by RV’s good sizes in recent events.  She also seems to work well with the other owners, so the leadership of RV looks pretty stable.  Also, in recent 3ic elections, Epicorange1 was elected as the new RV 3ic.

Recent Events:

RV was recently at war with the Sky Troops, so they have had many events recently.  One of the battles was the battle of Pine Needles.  Both RV and ST claimed victory.  RV claimed to max 15-16 and that ST only had 7 troops.  ST claimed some of RV’s troops could have been bots or that they were just people who weren’t in the army. 

RV also claimed victory in the battles of Bobsled and Yukon.  ST was a no-show to the battles.

More recently, RV ended their war with ST and are now at war the Shadow Warriors.  The two armies battled on Parka recently.  RV claimed to have won the battle, and had sizes of 7-8.


I think RV has been doing well lately.  I think they have what it takes to beat SW in their war.  I also think they can rise to be a powerful medium army, though eventually they will fall to be a small army again, unless they get a boost in active troops and become large.  Overall, they have been doing good in recent events.  I think people looking for intense wars and battles would join RV.

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How do you think RV have been doing?  Can they win their war with SW?  Can they rise to the top of medium armies?  Comment with your opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

ST and ACP Battle for Alpine

In the second battle of the ACP/ST war, both armies fought for the ACP server Alpine.

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Checkmate, My Friend.

Checkmate,My Friend.

In the game of chess the one possible way of winning is capturing your opponents King. Once your King has been captured he shall be knocked over and your opponent will obviously say, “Checkmate” with a grin creeping across his or her face. The outcome of him/her table flipdoing is so will cause you to be angered and flip the chess board causing pieces to fall to the floor, and possibly break beyond repair. Or you may be a good sport and accept defeat and walk away or plan a rematch for another day.

Many Kings in the past of CP Armies have fallen, stepped down, accepted defeat, or painfully knocked out of their position as, Supreme Commander, Sensei, Leader, or most likely Dictator. Take UMA for example, each generation of the Underground Mafias Army since Pink Mafias was leader was cursed with treachery, betrayal, or Coup d’états, as a result of all this, in total they have 62 leaders. While another “King” we all know as Iceyfeet1234 has held out for 5 years up until recently he gave up his leadership to Albert147. He has faced a myriad of rebellions and revolts, a multitude of attempts to overthrow the Ice Warrior Leadership; each plot to metaphorically assassinate this army legend has failed. He is the true King of CP Leadership Survival.

Like the UMA, ACP has also been damned to a hell in which Second in Commands struggle to become the next leader.Let’s go over the Kings who have risen and fallen. Ah. July 1st, Slider was suppose to be sworn in as the new Supreme Commander of what is known as the “Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin(DRACP)” but before he was truly declared as leader he retired a long with 60% of the ACP Leadership. Leaving Icey Cold27 as the soul leader he attended and occasionally led battles up until his so called “Final” retirement on July 31st 2012. The chaos begins and expands to a point in which no one can stop it but the question is, does anyone see the true chaos? That very day Funks is declared the official leader of DRACP, another unexpected face Capn is promoted to 2ic. Before going on Holiday, Funks promotes Capn to 1.5ic and gives him the title of USA Leader. Immediately he exploits his power by setting down a new set of rules which are a tad stricter than the current one’s ACP uses, and creates a new rank. The Queen Capn attempts to metaphorically slit the throat of ACP’s King, Funks, but his failure has lead to him exiling himself and being removed from the ranks of ACP.

Additionally, Capncook has decided to leave on his own accord following his ill-fated coup announcement to CPAC.

Déjà Vu?

As a result, Ek the only capable owner in ACP Leadership was promoted to Supreme Commander. Along with him returns our good old friend Icey Cold who is currently the 2ic of the ACP, though Funks has been demoted to 2ic and is partially unaware of most of  what has happened in his absence.

It is a shame to lose such a noble game, but you cannot last forever. You may withstand the evils which approach you such as Iceyfeet. Or you may fall from your throne and plummet into the black Abyss of exile, or forced Retirement.Is it possible the ledge in which CP Army Leaders hold onto for there life,is being oiled up like a European Underwear Model?You decide in the comments below.

I Bid You Adieu.



UCCP Go To War with Pirates

Greetings, CPAC. You may or may not have noticed that the United Countries of CP (ranked #10) have decided to declare war on the Pirates (ranked #9). This could turn out to be very interesting, as these armies are rather similar in size. But who will come out triumphant in this war? We must wait and see….

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Addressing the Issue Regarding CPWI

It has come to our attention that a fellow news site, CPWI, has been defaced. The culprit posted on the site, blaming the hack on Woton and the rest of the CPAC staff. We at CPAC had NO PART in the hacking of CPWI, and we do not condone or allow such actions on our site. We are launching an investigation to find out who hacked the site and tried to frame us.



CPA Central CEOs

Live Coverage: ACP v. ST – Battle of Mammoth

In this first battle of the ACP/ST war, both armies are expected to make strong showings in an event that could possibly set the tone for the rest of the war. Here at CPAC, we’ll br bringing you live coverage of the battle, complete with play-by-play information on both armies. Coverage begins officially at 11:30 AM EST, so stay tuned for then.



What Happens?

Haidere, as you may know my last two posts were about troops and their actions. Well, remember how I was talking about chat recruits, this is the sequel. Sit back, take a load off and get ready to do some hardcore consideration. It will test your mind and your willpower.

Have any of you EVER thought about what happens in a few years when the current chat recruits we know today are in charge. Most of our chat recruits have no idea of what Club Penguin Armies even are, what our history as a community was like long ago, and what our basic morals are. If you have ever thought this, you would wonder “Will we die?” or “How different will it be?” Many of these can be answered with many different theories. Just think though….. Chat recruits that you may have recruited off of a tracking chat just yesterday or the day before will be the icons of Club Penguin Armies one day. It will be something beyond our reach, nearly all of us will be gone someday and our current “Noobs” will be in charge.

How will things change? Well there are many possibilities. They may learn off of us now and grow into us, inspired by us, following our teachings and discipline. Or… They may go back to old habits, back to their stamp collecting and mascot following. We must think though, who we call noobs, who I have made fun of (Lulz) are the future. They are to determine whether or not to continue our existence. Now I will share some interviews with some very popular icons in the Club Penguin Army world.



Me: So Mchappy how do you think Club Penguin Armies as a community will change as a community when our current “Chat Recruits” In years to come are the foundation and structure of Club Penguin Armies.

Mchappy: I think we’ll be quite small, and then a few armies will have power surges when there are mascots on the island but other than that we will be relatively small.

Me: How do you think in the future they will deal with threats to the Club Penguin Army community such as hackers/doxers/etc.

Mchappy: I think there won’t be many ways to deal with it and that hacking will be a very common thing.

Me: Thank you for your time. Anything else you’d like to add before I close this interview?

Mch: Nope


Our next interview is with Boomer20



 Me: So Blue how do you think Club Penguin Armies as a community will change as a community when our current “Chat Recruits” In years to come are the foundation and structure of Club Penguin Armies.

Boomer: I personally believe we’re in trouble unless we can train our recruits well and prepare them for the day when they’ll have to take over the reigns so to speak.

Me: How do you think in the future they will deal with threats to Club Penguin Armies, such as Hackers,Doxers, etc.

Boomer: I think we’ll be fine as long as people use their heads and don’t fall for the common hacker “tricks” and are also careful with their private information.

Me: Thank you for your time. Anything else you’d like to add before this interview comes to an end?

Boomer: Thank you for your interview. Always happen to contribute :O


Well, there you have it. As you can see their opinions on both questions differ, although in the future we may be trouble. Our actions now, even if they can be as small as teaching a chat recruit what you know, can make a huge difference someday. Now, I may expect “Z0MG NOB WE KNOW DIS!!111!!!1!” Well, just thought I would bring it out in the open. This concludes the trilogy of my 3 posts about our troops, and the future. Until then, keep raging in these good old CPAC comments.

Our future:


Shadow Troops Declare War on ACP

Just when ACP thought it was all over…

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Sky Troops vs. Red Vikings

Hello CPAC readers!  I have gone way too inactive recently and I am planning on making a few posts in the next week to make up for it, but with that all aside, let’s focus on today’s post!  The Sky Troops and Red Vikings have been going on in a long raging war for the past few weeks, and currently, it shows no signs of stopping.  There is a bitter rivalry between these two armies as they are competing for a top ten spot, and to kill the other army.


On August 12th, 2012, Alex Cone, the Sky Troops leader, made this post declaring war on the Red Vikings.  The Red Vikings quickly retaliated, making their own post officially declaring war on the Sky Troops.  This sparked a lot of posts between owners of the two armies with banter directed at the other army.  So far in that department, the war has not disappointed at all.

There have been a lot of events between the two armies so far, with each of them winning their own fair share of events.  The Red Vikings say that their goal is to kill the Sky Troops, and they claim that they can do that because when Alex Cone isn’t at Sky Troop events, then they are a much weaker force.  There is a little bit of proof, but not a huge amount to say that it will be a war changer.

The Sky Troops also have the same goal, to kill the Red Vikings.  So far during the war, they have been the more dominant army winning a slight amount more of the events than the Red Vikings.  This may be due to their more formidable worldwide force with active troops in Australia and in the UK.  There have been events from both armies where they have had poor sizes, although most of the battles have been very close between the two armies.

Here are some of the best pictures so far:


The two armies have had relatively small sizes but they did both find themselves just sitting outside of the top ten with the Red Vikings in 11th and the Sky Troops in 12th.  Talking to Alex Cone, the Sky Troops leader, he said there was still room for improvement as he wants them back into the top ten armies very soon.  The Red Vikings, were very satisfied with getting into their first top 15 and hope to build on it and possibly making it even further.

What do you think will happen in this war?  Comment with your opinions!

SWAT Declares War on Miners and Sky Troops

Earlier today, SWAT announced that they would be declaring war on two mid medium armies, the Sky Troops and the Miners.

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Top Ten Armies: 08/27/12

Rankings were done by Bluesockwa1 and descriptions and pictures were done by Zak. (hello bbys<3) Another interesting Top Ten this week, as we see even smaller sizes making it into the Top Ten, and no army being worthy of the 14th or 15th spot. Continue reading

Pretzels Close for a Hiatus

Just one week ago, the Pretzels of CP were on top of the world following the coup d’etat of longtime leader Lord Pain. However, after a disturbing fall and a forfeit from the Legends Cup, the army has closed for a hiatus.

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Sunday’s Comic

Click to Enlarge.

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BREAKING NEWS: CP Army Legend Iceyfeet1234 Changes Sex


In a stunning move, former IW leader and legend Iceyfeet has decided to turn into a woman. As of right now we don’t know why, but sources are saying he’s in an intimate relationship with former ACP leader Shaboomboom, but this cannot be confirmed.

I’d tap that.


P.S. Please don’t fire me for this.