Army Building 101: The Website

The website for your army is probably the most important thing you will ever need (other than your chat) in order to maintain your army. They’re normally beautiful, with appealing graphics and quality posts sitting on the front of the exquisite site. So, the question is, how can you get your website to top quality? Continue reading

Warning // Reporter Applications

This is a warning to all staff members that if you don’t post this week you will be fired (unless you inform us why you aren’t posting). Also, I would like to hire five new reporters who have to post on a regular basis. As a reporter, you must have good posting techniques and be active, if you don’t produce both of those you will be fired quickly. Here is the applications for the five reporter positions:

  1. What name do you go by?
  2. Write a REPORT (not a philosophy) about a recent war between two armies:
  3. Do you promise to be active at CPAC and inform the heads when you are on leave or want to leave?

The report should be 200 – 400 words long as a sample of your work. It should include the techniques you will use as a reporter and show-off the skills you have. Reporters, please take my warning or you will be fired straight away. The top ten will be up tomorrow.

Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

SMAC Evaluations Week (THIS WEEK!)

Hello SMAC,

If you didn’t see last week’s post, this week is SMAC Staff Evaluations Week. The basic idea is that every reporter (except for the ones who posted last week) must post on any day this week with their best quality, and they will be evaluated.

Staff, if you don’t really get what this is, see last week’s post. Again, only the reporters who did not post last week will have to post this week. If you do not post this week, you have until the end of NEXT week to email me (my email is on my About widget) with a legitimate excuse. Post with your best quality, and good luck. Continue reading

122344a Celebrates 6 Years in CP Warfare

Hello SMAC,

Today, April 28th, 2012, 122344a, founder of the Army Republic (now deceased) and Color Wars veteran 122344a celebrates his 6th and last year in CP warfare.

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122344a Celebrates 6 Years in CP Warfare

Note: This post is a copy of the original post made on SMAC.

Hello CPAC,

Today, April 28th, 2012, 122344a, founder of the Army Republic (now deceased) and Color Wars veteran 122344a celebrates his 6th and last year in CP warfare.

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SMAC Staff Evaluations Week

Edit #2: I’ve changed my mind. You do not have to post on a specific day for Evaluations Week next week, as long as you post.

Page maintainers, please help out in fixing the old posts so that they belong to the correct user. If that user has already been removed, just leave the post as belonging to Pungy.

Hello SMAC,

SMAC, I’m really disappointed in this week’s activity. Monday to Friday and I only see 3 posts, 3 of them being philosophy posts. Also they all had great quality, this simply isn’t an acceptable thing for SMAC. I’ve also been noticing a declining amount of activity during the past few weeks, so I’m going to be having Staff Evaluations Week to fix this up. Reporters, please all read this post. Continue reading

Where is the WAR?

Hello Club Penguin Army Central Viewers.  Today I come here to talk about a topic we really haven’t covered very much here, where has war gone?  The annoying thing that I think is why we have no war is that armies are very worried that a war could destroy their army if they lose too many of the battles.  Well, I will today go in-depth about how you can start a war and other things about WAR!  I hope you enjoy!

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Army of Club Penguin and Nachos Upcoming Showdown

ACP have held the number one position in the top ten for several weeks now.  The Nachos have been rising over the last few weeks and reached number two in the top ten.  Now both armies will battle this Saturday in a practice battle, and we’ll see who the true number one army is.

ACP, currently being led by Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000, are ranked 1st in the top ten.  They have reached sizes of 40+ in events and have showed marvelous tactics.  They recently ended their war with the Pirates.  They now are defending Klondike on Saturday from the Metal Warriors and have a training and recruiting session on Sunday.  They plan on being on the top of their game in order to defeat the Nachos.

The Nachos, with the leadership of Chrisi Blule, Dashing Snow, and King Kinz10, are ranked 2nd in the top ten.  They have been showing sizes of 30-35 at events and have been on a rise.  They recently finished their war with the Pirates and have had several training sessions recently.  They have upcoming events for all timezones to increase troop size and so their tactics won’t get sloppy.  The Nachos are going to give it all they got in hopes of taking down ACP.

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Attention Reporters / Bear With Us

Attention All CPA Central Reporters:

You are all free to continue posting as you were on the old site. A new CPAC Staff Site will be released soon, which I’ll release the details to you all about when it’s online. For now, continue posting as normal. Once we get the new site up, you can all focus on adjusting to the new posting details.

For all of our viewers, we know the site has been a mess lately, and we apologize. We’re still planning on a site overhaul, but that will take a bit of time to fully complete also. For now, please just remain patient and stick with us. We promise that, after this is done, CPA Central will be better than it ever was before.


Yeah, I’m back.Also I’m really sick. This is a post on noobs, click read more.

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Top Eight Armies: 23/04/12

Due to a lack of large armies, I have reduced this week’s “top ten” to a “top eight”. Also, if you didn’t notice the top ten is on a Tuesday from now on.

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Return of the Ajman!

Hello CPAC!  Your former Head Reporter now Reporter Ajman9011 is thrilled to be given the opporunity to write reports for CPAC again!  I am overjoyed with this all so, shall we get on with the post?

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What CP Armies Teach Us

Hello guys it is your reporter here with a special philosophy post. As you may have known, Club Penguin is starting to degrade armies, with filtering our sites search terms and even putting a party even week.

Today, I will post about why Club Penguin should not do this. There are many reasons for this. As Club Penguin is supported to help young kids, armies help kids grow, if you think about it.

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Hai guys!

This post will be split into two parts , one part will be about the return of Water Raiders. The other part well , read on to find out….

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Massive Stories Page Update

Bluesockwa here, to lay out the groundwork for a massive update to the CPAC Stories Page. Continue reading