Monsters University Takeover

This post will have much vulgar language. If you are a member of ACP, Pirates, IW or Lord Pain then Parental Discretion is advised.

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Top Ten Armies: 6/30/13

As we near the month of July, which is known to be a yearly peak for armies, let’s take a look at the last Top Ten for June.  Continue reading

Chaos Capital of the World

ICE BOX, Light Troop Enterprises — While already fighting the Water Ninjas, the Chaos are confronted by a new enemy; the Light Troops.

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Water Vikings and Dark Warriors War Ends

FROSTY- After declaring war on the Dark Warriors along with the Nachos and Army Republic, the Water Vikings have ceased fire with DW in their war.

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The Legends Cup IV

The largest and most anticipated tournament of the year is coming to CPA Central again this summer. Everything you need to know is below.

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Army Warfare League: Results of the Finals

In the finals of the Army Warfare League, the Ice Warriors faced off against the Dark Warriors for the title of AWL Champion.

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Nachos Targeted: RPF and DCP Declare War


UPDATE 1: ACP calling off their side of the invasions! and AR to Ally with Nachos.

Hey guys, Paco here with some breaking news, recently posted on the RPF and DCP sites has been a briefing of what seems to be a war post on the Nachos. The ACP also appear to be involved but not yet confirmed as no post on their site has been posted at this time. The RPF and DCP have issued a war for resources and have listed it as “Alpha Priority.”

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Army Republic and Dark Warriors: The Fight for the Win

Update: The Army Republic and Dark Warriors war is over.

TOBOGGAN – The Army Republic declared war on the Dark Warriors, but are they ready to give the Dark Warriors their nightmares? Continue reading

Coming July 2013

Twenty four armies. 

A month long clash between the world powers.

A five thousand xat prize to the winner, and the title only two armies currently hold. 

Are you ready for the Legends Cup IV? 

Updates on the Second WA/BA War


Update 6 – June 29th 5:00pm EST: WV’s invasion of DW’s capital, Frosty, has been added to the post. The ending of the war has also been added onto the post. Conclusion editted.

Update 6 – June 29th 10:00am EST: WV’s invasion/DW’s defense of Sled has been added to the post.

Update 5 – June 29th 5:15am EST: The Nachos and Army Republic end the war with the Dark Warriors, making it a 1 v. 1 war between DW and WV.

Update 4 – June 28th 5:15pm EST: WV’s defenses/invasion/DW’s invasions/defense of Snowboard, Snowbound, Arctic, and Polar Bear has been added to the post.

Update 3 – June 28th 7:30am EST: WV’s defense/DW’s invasion of WV capital, Sparkle, has been added to the post.

Update 2 – June 28th 3:30am EST: WV’s defense/DW’s invasion of Oyster has been added to the post.

Update 1 – June 27th 8:00pm EST: An interview with ACP’s new leader, Capncook, has been added to the post. The battle of Snow Globe and the battle of Marshmallow has also been added to the post.

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Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO – The Ice Warriors, who are yet to stake a stand in World War VII, dueled out against the Rebel Penguin Federation for an old-styled practice battle which featured throwing snowballs and chanting various war rhetorics.
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A New Dominance in the Making?

COLD FRONT, Reds Empire – After reporting about this medium army merge yesterday on SMAC between the Pretzels and Pink Ice to create Reds, they have shocked the army world by already hitting sizes of 30 in their first event. This event came just days after they were created and Taco describe this as “an AMAZING event”. With a top ten spot surely already secured and possibly in a high position, there is optimism in the army on how they will do. 

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Second Black Alliance vs. White Alliance War: Day 2 Results

FJORD, SNOW FORT, FROSTY- As things begin to heat up in the newly risen war, the second day was full of events, raids, and battles that have risen tensions between the two alliances. Continue reading

Army Advice for Dummies: Graphics

Prepare for a 2 In 1 Post!

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Mchappy to Retire From Army of CP

UPDATE 6:34 PM EST: The ‘falsified’ post was a joke, Mchappy’s retirement is confirmed and Tori and Capncook are indeed the leaders of ACP.

UPDATE 6:00 PM ESTIt appears that Flipper has falsified Mch’s retirement post, Flipper has been removed from the site and as of now Mch is still ACP leader and chat has been reset once again.

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Following Mchappy’s AWOL during last week, which led to Shab and Flipper temporarily promoting Flipmoo and Capncook to Leaders, he has retired from the Army of CP for a third time. This was widley described as a “general cycle” of Mchappy and many have not been shocked following the end of his third reign. Capncook and Tori have been promoted to the rank of Leader, resulting in the second duo USA leadership since Dryvit and Saint. Within the other owner ranks, Monsoon has been promoted to 3ic and Flipmoo has been promoted to 2ic.

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