Fired Reporters || Warned Reporters || Applications – A chance to work at CPAC

Ajman9011: Do you think we should post a server update this week?  The page looks very outdated.

Blue1: Funks, I apologize. I will definitely make one or more posts before the 7th.

If you don’t want to make a post in comment form, just make a post on an un-used site (Not CPAA, SMAC, CPAE, CPUN)

A few reporters and philosophers have not taken the warning and some people are literally on a last warning. If you are not a member of staff you can skip to the end of the post for the applications.

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A Look at Graphics: Nachos

A Look at Graphics is a new thing I will be doing.  Each post will focus on an army’s graphics on the site and chat, as well as the army’s uniform.  Today, I will be taking a look at the Nachos’ graphics.

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Your Opinion Please: CPAC Christmas graphics 2011


Hello everyone, Tomb here.

I’m writing this post to inform you that the CPAC Christmas 2011 design is being drafted, but I want your opinions on what the design should consist of. But before we get into that, let me talk to you about a few things:

  • I do not like writing “Happy Holidays” on any holiday graphics. I prefer naming each individual holiday by what it is, not being politically correct. So, I need your help here. Leave a comment stating what holiday (if any) you celebrate! This is to avoid naming extra holidays that no one may even celebrate, and including the ones that you do!
  • As you all may know, Christmas colors are usually represented by the colors Red, Green and White. I’m known to make the base color of my Christmas graphics mostly red. This, as I have learned in the past, can hurt many peoples’ eyes. So include in your comment if a lot of red really does hurt your eyes.
  • I know that the CPAC Halloween graphics were released a bit early, and we kind of struggled to bring the original CPAC design back. I apologize for that inconvenience, and I hope you can forgive me. 🙂 For Christmas, my design company, Thunder Ant Studios, is going to transform CPAC into something amazing! I say something because I don’t know what’s going to happen yet! xD
Now for the fun part!
In your comment, name all the things and specific details you’d want to see on the Christmas graphics. This is something new as I don’t think anyone has asked for your opinion on what we should add in the past. 😀 And to keep the suspense, all the comments will be left un-moderated, so no one will know what ideas we’re going to follow. Once they are published, we will reveal the person(s) that suggested the design. Remember, the sky is the limit on this. Even if it seems impossible, something awesome can come out of the most illogical idea!

DCP: What is Going On?

That’s what’s going through my head right now. The DCP site was up and then down and now it’s up again with only one post, by Alfrondo, who was recently fired from DCP. Alfrondo is claiming he is the true leader of DCP, and that he will bring the army into its next stage. Continue reading

The Next Purple Republic?

The ‘next Purple Republic’ could be around the corner after former Metal Warriors 2ic Ivjak made an army called the Black Republic. Click ‘Read More’ for more on this story.

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Battle of Mammoth||Light Troops and Nachos at War

The Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) battled for ACP’s famed server Mammoth yesterday, and though they are not yet at war, it appears this may soon escalate into full-fledged war.

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Practise Battle Report: Ninjas vs Shadow Troops

Yesterday the ‘close to top ten’ army Shadow Troops took on the 7th army Ninjas in a close practise battle. If you want to see how each army did, just click the ‘read more’ button.

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Recovering: The Warnings

I have become aware and it has become apparent that CPAC is on the fall. CPAC’s quality has gone down and some of the reporters are not CPAC standard. I will give a warning to those people, and to almost all CPAC staff, including Bluesockwa1 and Etac14. Other news sites are getting bigger, and CPAC needs to step up our quality. If you are a staff member I advise you click the ‘Read More’ button.

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An Idea.

Hey everyone. I have a CP army idea that is pretty important and would have very big effects, so please read this.

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Top Ten Armies: 25/11/11

NOTE: A certain DCP high-rank has been recruiting on other chats and once on Nachos chat for a top ten picture. If this happens again DCP will be out of the top ten.

Welcome to another top ten list on CP Army Central with Kingfunks4, Hurricane and Flipper!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, yes, I’m not stupid, this is an American holiday. But it has been posted about previously in CPAC history, so here we go. Today is Thanksgiving, and after a nice large piece of pumpkin pie I’m going to start this post. Continue reading

A Battle between two Veteran forces

Today, NW and AR, both veteran forces in the CP army world and CPAC Top 10, faced off today to fight for the long known NW capital, Fog.

NW and AR face off

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Servers: The New Era

Kingfunks4: I added the “read more” for you

First off I decided to write this post because for some of you may know I use to be a server regulator for SMAC ( for about 8 months) Ever since then I learned a lot more about servers and peoples opinions about them. I thought of this idea yesterday and the impact it could do with armies. ❤ server regulators : )  Here is the format to my post:

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Occupy the Dojo: A Battle Between Three Armies

On ACP chat one day, several soldiers had the idea of Occupy the Dojo.  Flipper decided it was a good idea, and it became an actual event.  The purpose was for armies to battle in the Dojo and block people playing Club Penguin from playing Card Jitsu.  This would show Disney that even though they ruined the Dojo, they were able to fight back.  The Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, and Ice Warriors all took part in this amazing battle.

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My Predictions for Christmas Chaos

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is your host Whiteboy7thst talking today about the best online Call of Duty gun.  Just kidding.  See, I tricked you, you wanted to learn about the best Call of Duty gun.  Today we will be looking into the Christmas Chaos battles in full depth with predictions, stats, and facts.

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