Controversy In The Making: Autotyping, or Laziness?

Before I begin this article in the making, I would like to announce my return to the Club Penguin Army Central community. I am glad to accept the role of a philosopher, and I hope that the audience enjoys my writing.

On the subject, autotyping has been on the rise lately. Some autotyping enthusiast crown autotyping the reason armies flourish today, others dispose of the autotyping method.

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Dark Warriors vs. Doritos – The War So Far

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Dark Warriors declared war on the Doritos on the 15th of September. Since then many battles have taken place.

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Champions Cup III – Battle Two Information


Click HERE for the Battle One Review

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Champions Cup III – Battle One Review

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Vo Yo & XxToysoldier Return To The Dark Warriors

FROSTY, DW Empire – Following the retirement of Drake, DW Legends Vo Yo and XxToysoldier have announced their return to the Dark Warriors. This post will cover why Drake retired and what Toy and Vo Yo’s reasons were for coming back to DW so suddenly.

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CPAC Invasions Review: 09/28/14

The only war this week to report is the war between the Dark Warriors and the Doritos.  Doritos had no posts on any of the defenses/invasions recorded on their website while DW did. 

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Editorial: The Last Lecture

Full disclosure before we begin, folks — this post will focus on my career, my reflections, my personal thoughts, and will be extremely me-centered. If you don’t like me, you won’t like my anything; in which case, this post isn’t for you and I encourage you to skip past it.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 09/28/14

Another lackluster week creates some surprises in this week’s edition of the CPAC Top Ten, which includes two former number one armies dropping off entirely.

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Autotyping: ACP’s Controversial Recruiting Program, The Backlash, and The Council’s Declaration

REMINDER: Don’t forget about the Champions Cup battles today!

This is Part 2 of a three part series on the complete history of autotyping in Club Penguin Armies. To read Part 1, “Person1233, The Anti-Bot Bill, and the Birth of a Controversy”, click HERE.

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Club Penguin Resets Passwords of Users Who Used Item Adder

Update [9/28/14, 2:30 pm EST]: Lolnok has been referred to the CPAC website and provided us with some further information in a comment.

“I received an email directly sent from a higher up support member of the Club Penguin team who requested that I hand over my list of people who have used my adders, or face the consequences. Let this also be a lesson to the people who used their main penguin account(s).”

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Many Changes In The SWAT Army

Update 3 (9:51pm EST): Nitro has been fired/quit from SWAT and has joined DW as high moderator. DW/SWAT alliance might possibly end. Nothing official yet.

Update 2 (9:40pm EST): Interviews added

Update 1 (9:00pm EST): Badboy and Doms  were removed from SWAT.

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – The SWAT army went through a lot of changes during the last week. They hired a lot of new owners and leaders which ended up by the removal of 3 owners and a new chat. To learn more about the current situation of the SWAT army, continue reading.

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Practice Battle In Review: Golds against SWAT

KLONDIKE, CPAC HEADQUARTERS – On the server of Klondike, the SWAT [9] and Golds [?] have a strong practice battle with both armies showing their true colors and a bit of joking along with this practice battle. What does this mean for SWAT and Golds next?  Continue reading

Light Troops Declare War on ACP, DW, SWAT, RPF, DCP, IW and GT

ICE BOX, LT Capital – The deteriorating condition of Light Troops continues as they declare war on 7 Club Penguin major armies, which are ACP, DW, SWAT, RPF, DCP, IW and GT.

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Mikester Appointed As Commander In Chief In The ACP || Second Triumvirate Established

BREEZE, ACP Capital – The Army of Club Penguin have been a successful army earlier this year when their triumvirate was instated with Sercan leading UK, Jerry leading US and Flipmoo leading AUSIA. However, they fell apart when most leaders quit. However, a second triumvirate has formed; Mikester leading US, Purpleslime4 leading UK and Mrtchy leading AUSIA.

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Golden Troops – Temporary Shut Down

Update (7:00 PM EST): Jerry has released a post on GT site announcing the new leadership of the Golden Troops. Lord Pain and Lord Jay will both be returning to lead GT with Rishron.

Update (5:30 PM EST): Interview with Jerry added.

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Following the last temporary shut down of GT that was ignited by the retirements of Sercan, Vivek, Dinesh, and Tempah, and the coup d’état of Lord Pain, the Golden Troops have once again temporarily shut down.

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